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Defining the design requirements for an assistive powered hand exoskeleton [article]

Quinn A Boser, Michael R Dawson, Jonathon S Schofield, Gwen Dziwenko, Jacqueline S Hebert
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Quinn Boser was financially supported by a TD Bank Financial Group Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Studentship award.  ... 
doi:10.1101/492124 fatcat:3rcvubrq3bdhrf6pn6ogkut5wm

Genesurance Counseling: Patient Perspectives

Chelsea Wagner, Lauren Murphy, Jacqueline Harkenrider, Sandra Darilek, Eleazar Soto-Torres, Quinn Stein, Jennifer Hoskovec
2018 Journal of Genetic Counseling  
doi:10.1007/s10897-018-0211-2 pmid:29350312 fatcat:xsz65isy2rgndguck7cml3z75y

Substellar Multiplicity Throughout the Ages [article]

Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi, Kimberly Ward-Duong, Jacqueline Faherty, Alex Greenbaum, Federico Marocco, Adam Burgasser, Matthew Bate, Trent Dupuy, Christopher Gelino, Johannes Sahlmann, Frantz Martinache, Michael Meyer, Quinn Konopacky, Denise Stephens
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Substellar multiplicity is a key outcome of the formation process. The biggest challenge for the next decade will be to distinguish between the formation history, environmental conditions, and dynamical evolution leading to the least massive brown dwarfs and the most massive planets at the tail ends of their mass functions. In this white paper, we advocate for a comprehensive characterization of both the statistical distributions of the population of ultracool dwarf multiple systems and the
more » ... amental properties of their individual components as a function of age. A space-based precision astrometry mission in near-infrared wavelengths would provide the necessary measurements to identify and characterize age-calibrated populations of multiple systems.
arXiv:1903.06699v1 fatcat:22mmzdabjfhu7bmgxszya6g4ta

Motor learning shapes temporal activity in human sensorimotor cortex [article]

Catharina Zich, Mark W Woolrich, Robert Becker, Diego Vidaurre, Jacqueline Scholl, Emily L Hinson, Laurie Josephs, Sven Braeutigam, Andrew J Quinn, Charlotte J Stagg
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Although neuroimaging techniques have provided vital insights into the anatomical regions involved in motor learning, the underlying changes in temporal dynamics are not well understood. Using magnetoencephalography and Hidden Markov Modelling to model the dynamics of neural oscillations on data-adaptive time-scales, we detected specific changes in movement-related sensorimotor β-activity during practice of a self-paced sequential visuo-motor task. The behaviourally-relevant neural signature
more » ... eralised to another motor task, emphasising the centrality of β-activity in motor plasticity.
doi:10.1101/345421 fatcat:2au3r6rbfnevdj2xmdcmjxsx4q

Molecular Genetic Analysis of Plastocyanin Biosynthesis inChlamydomonas reinhardtii

Hong Hua Li, Jeanette Quinn, Duane Culler, Jacqueline Girard-Bascou, Sabeeha Merchant
1996 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Merchant Hong Hua Li, Jeanette Quinn, Duane Culler, Jacqueline Girard-Bascou and Sabeeha  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.271.49.31283 pmid:8940133 fatcat:jwxe4eatavbqvdgdkxsea5fuju

Electrostatic Beneficiation of Lunar Regolith: Applications in In Situ Resource Utilization

Steve Trigwell, James Captain, Kyle Weis, Jacqueline Quinn
2013 Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
Moscatello, AC., Captain, J.E., Quinn, J.W., Gibson, T.L., Perusich, S.A., and Weis, K.H. (2009). "Lunar Water Demonstration (LWRD) Test Results", Proc.  ...  ., Quinn, J.W., and Calle, c.1. (2007). "Tribocharging Lunar Simulant in Vacuum for Electrostatic Beneficiation", AlP Con! Proc., 880. STAfF 2007, Albuquerque, NM, 951-956.  ... 
doi:10.1061/(asce)as.1943-5525.0000226 fatcat:6lw7uts7pjatlnshgimfehfxpm

Generating accurate 3D gaze vectors using synchronized eye tracking and motion capture [article]

Scott A. Stone, Quinn A Boser, T Riley Dawson, Albert H Vette, Jacqueline S Hebert, Patrick M Pilarski, Craig S Chapman
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Assessing gaze behaviour during real-world tasks is difficult; dynamic bodies moving through dynamic worlds make finding gaze fixations challenging. Current approaches involve laborious coding of pupil positions overlaid on video. One solution is to combine eye tracking with motion tracking to generate 3D gaze vectors. When combined with tracked or known object locations, fixation detection can be automated. Here we use combined eye and motion tracking and explore how linear regression models
more » ... nerate accurate 3D gaze vectors. We compare spatial accuracy of models derived from four short calibration routines across three data types: the performance of calibration routines were assessed using calibration data, a validation task that demands short fixations on task-relevant locations, and an object interaction task we used to bridge the gap between laboratory and "in the wild" studies. Further, we generated and compared models using spherical and cartesian coordinate systems and monocular (Left or Right) or binocular data. Our results suggest that all calibration routines perform similarly, with the best performance (i.e., sub-centimeter errors) coming from the task (i.e., the most "natural") trials when the participant is looking at an object in front of them. Further, we found that spherical coordinate systems generate more accurate gaze vectors with no differences in accuracy when using monocular or binocular data. Overall, we recommend recording one-minute calibration datasets, using a binocular eye tracking headset (for redundancy), a spherical coordinate system when depth is not considered, and ensuring data quality (i.e., tracker positioning) is high when recording datasets.
doi:10.1101/2021.10.22.465332 fatcat:dpwbdjab6fd7vfjq3invam2y4y

Quantification of Efficiency of Beneficiation of Lunar Regolith

Steve Trigwell, John E. Lane, James G. Captain, Kyle H. Weis, Jacqueline W. Quinn, Fumiya Watanabe
2013 Particulate Science and Technology  
Quinn, and C.1. Calle. 2009. The use oftribocharging in the electrostatic beneficiation oflunar stimulant. IEEE Trans. on Industry Apps., 45(3): 1060-1067. Williams RJ. & O. Mullins. 1983.  ... 
doi:10.1080/02726351.2011.641071 fatcat:f6zji7aqhve6bhwi73e2gzth3e

Imaging SKA-Scale data in three different computing environments [article]

Richard Dodson and Kevin Vinsen and Chen Wu and Attila Popping and Martin Meyer and Andreas Wicenec and Peter Quinn and Jacqueline van Gorkom and Emmanuel Momjian
2015 arXiv   pre-print
This data is in (Martin Meyer), (Andreas Wicenec), (Peter Quinn), (Jacqueline van Gorkom),  ... 
arXiv:1511.00401v1 fatcat:iru3ebybf5btxdiqbcgymqzbg4

Evaluation of Tribocharged Electrostatic Beneficiation of Lunar Simulant in Lunar Gravity

Jacqueline W. Quinn, Jim G. Captain, Kyle Weis, Edgardo Santiago-Maldonado, Steve Trigwell
2013 Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
Trigwell, S., Lane, J., Captain J.G., Weis K., Quinn, J.W., and Watanabe, F.' (2011).  ...  ., Quinn, J. W., and Calle, c.1. (2009). The use of Tribocharging in the Electrostatic Beneficiation of Lunar Simulant". IEEE Trans. Ind. Apps., 45(3), 1060-1067.  ... 
doi:10.1061/(asce)as.1943-5525.0000227 fatcat:rbvkjvzzlzdute2w5gcuau2gi4

Practicing during a pandemic: The role of a new pharmacy practitioner

Emily Messing, Nicholas Quinn, Dhara D Shah, Keith Veltri, Jacqueline Chirico
2020 American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy  
Disclaimer In an effort to expedite the publication of articles related to the COVID-19 pandemic, AJHP is posting these manuscripts online as soon as possible after acceptance. Accepted manuscripts have been peer-reviewed and copyedited, but are posted online before technical formatting and author proofing. These manuscripts are not the final version of record and will be replaced with the final article (formatted per AJHP style and proofed by the authors) at a later time.
doi:10.1093/ajhp/zxaa274 pmid:32761074 pmcid:PMC7454265 fatcat:rhpe5de3u5gfzja7j2bha7wtky

Evaluating the effectiveness of a nutrition assistant role in a head and neck cancer clinic

Nicole Kiss, Sarah Gilliland, Phoebe Quinn, Lauren Atkins, Jacqueline Black, Jacqui Frowen
2018 Nutrition & Dietetics  
Aim: Acute toxicities secondary to (chemo)radiation for head and neck cancer can substantially impact nutritional intake. Nutrition is usually managed by dietitians, although time constraints may limit capacity to sufficiently deal with complex nutritional issues. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a nutrition assistant performing screening and intervention of patients in a multidisciplinary head and neck clinic. Methods: A model of care was developed to guide nutrition
more » ... assistant practice within the clinic, with training provided to nutrition assistants prior to the clinic's implementation. Outcomes, including amount of dietitian time managing high risk patients, weight change over the duration of treatment, timing of initiation of enteral feeding and patient satisfaction were compared pre-and postimplementation of the nutrition assistant role. Results: Ninety-one patients were included, 43 pre-implementation and 48 post-implementation. Overall, (n= 21, 44%) of patients met criteria for nutrition assistant screening or intervention. Mean weight change between groups was comparable both during (-5.6% vs. -4.7%, p=0.3) and post-radiotherapy (-6.6% vs. -6.49%, p=0.9). Following implementation of the role significant improvement was found for overall patient satisfaction (4.0 + 1.1 vs 4.6 + 0.61, This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. 3 p=.03), and the dimensions: patient perceived benefit (3.8 + 0.69 vs 4.4 + 0.62, p<.01) and dietitian/nutrition assistant interpersonal skills (3.91 + 1.1 vs 4.6 + 0.55, p=.02). Conclusions: The nutrition assistant role resulted in improved patient satisfaction and maintenance of nutritional outcomes demonstrating the effectiveness of this role in supporting the management of head and neck cancer patients within a multidisciplinary treatment clinic.
doi:10.1111/1747-0080.12462 pmid:30117245 fatcat:3two66jicnf5djenak4xbj5dk4

Disease-causing Mutations in Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein Cause an Unstructured Ca2+Binding Domain

Quinn Kleerekoper, Jacqueline T. Hecht, John A. Putkey
2002 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Quinn Kleerekoper, Jacqueline T. Hecht  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.m109944200 pmid:11782471 fatcat:ed2besitsrcrrcfagy7hnl4rbu

Poly[[tetrakis(μ2-pyrazineN,N′-dioxide-κ2O:O′)dysprosium(III)] tris(perchlorate)]

Benjamin G. Quinn-Elmore, James D. Buchner, Keith B. Beach, Jacqueline M. Knaust
2010 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
The perchlorate anions are located in channels that run perpendicular to (001) and (110) and interact with the coordination network through C-HÁ Á ÁO hydrogen bonds. metal-organic compounds m1106 Quinn-Elmore  ...  Quinn-Elmore, James D. Buchner, Keith B. Beach and Jacqueline M. Knaust S1.  ...  For the isostructural Nd, Ho and Er coordination networks, see: Quinn-Elmore et al. (2010) ; Buchner et al. (2010a,b) , respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s160053681003182x pmid:21588516 pmcid:PMC3007906 fatcat:r2skjneyf5gerbpzrka7sbicuq

Poly[[tetrakis(μ2-pyrazineN,N′-dioxide-κ2O:O′)holmium(III)] tris(perchlorate)]

James D. Buchner, Benjamin G. Quinn-Elmore, Keith B. Beach, Jacqueline M. Knaust
2010 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Quinn-Elmore, Keith B. Beach and Jacqueline M. Knaust S1.  ...  The background to this study is given in the first article of this series by Quinn-Elmore et al. (2010a). Quinn-Elmore, B. G., Beach, K. B. & Knaust, J. M. (2010a). Acta Cryst. E66, m1104-m1105.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536810031831 pmid:21588517 pmcid:PMC3007832 fatcat:ciu2j5t7pze6zornxosuimcpse
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