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Hidetaka Nanao, Hiroaki Amanuma, Kurumi Yoshida, Osamu Sato, Aritomo Yamaguchi, Masayuki Shirai
2017 Clay Science  
JCSS-3101 and JCSS-3102, which are montmorillonite-type clays, were active for the furfural production in biphasic water and toluene solvents over 493 K.  ...  Sample Surface area (m 2 g −1 ) Pore volume (cm 3 g −1 ) JCSS-3101 18.9 0.091 JCSS-3102 53.0 0.17 K10 254 0.39 Table 4.  ...  The surface area values of K10 and JCSS-3102 were 13 and 3 times larger than that of JCSS-3101 and the pore volume values of K10 and JCSS-3102 were twice and 4 times larger than that of JCSS-3101, respectively  ... 
doi:10.11362/jcssjclayscience.21.2_35 fatcat:kvcseojgjbg2nll3xo4ga6ell4

Particle Size Distributions of JCSS Samples

井上 厚行
1994 Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan (in Japanese)  
測 定 した 試 料 JCSS-1101:カ オ リナ イ ト(栃 木県 関 白 産) JCSS-1301:デ ィ ッカ イ ト(広 島県 勝 光 山 産) JCSS-2101:パ イロ フ ィ ラ イ ト(広 島県勝 光 山産) JCSS-3101:モ ンモ リロ ナ イ ト(山 形 県 月布 産) JCSS-5101:セ リサ イ ト(島 根 県鍋 山産) 2.  ...  Cumulative percentage curve and relative percentage frequency of kaolinite (JCSS-1101) particle size distribution by volume, which were determined by laser scattering (A) and centrifugation (B) methods  ... 
doi:10.11362/jcssjnendokagaku1961.34.108 fatcat:kehbfdxxz5bungkw7zc2jrellq

Heller, Mark, Tamari, Dov et Eytan, Zeev (Ed.) The Middle East Military Balance 1984. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, 1984, 324 p

Hélène Galarneau
1985 Études internationales  
Il a pour mission la promotion et la valorisation de la recherche. second volume intéressera davantage celui ou celle qui veut analyser le règlement des conflits internationaux par le  ...  Le directeur du JCSS, le majorgénéral de réserve Aharon Yariv, y insiste sur la menace syrienne et sur la nécessité pour Israël de se consacrer à l'amélioration de la qualité de ses forces armées afin  ... 
doi:10.7202/701957ar fatcat:4oqnahbkwvdspowohsbuuhheoe

A new density standard replaced from water

Kenichi FUJII
2009 Synthesiology English edition  
, internal volume, and concentration.  ...  Conventionally, the density of silicon single-crystals had been calculated from buoyancy force measurement in a liquid [24] , using the volume standard realized by steel spheres whose volumes had been  ... 
doi:10.5571/syntheng.1.187 fatcat:lt2bgy6hnzfzdkrjsbyrkrbu7a

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. World Armament and Disarmament : SIPRI Yearbook 1985. Solna-London, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute-Taylor and Francis Ltd, 1985, 692 p

Hélène Galarneau
1985 Études internationales  
Hélène GALARNEAU second volume intéressera davantage celui ou celle qui veut analyser le règlement des conflits internationaux par le truchement de la Cour internationale de justice et du Conseil de Sécurité  ...  Le directeur du JCSS, le majorgénéral de réserve Aharon Yariv, y insiste sur la menace syrienne et sur la nécessité pour Israël de se consacrer à l'amélioration de la qualité de ses forces armées afin  ... 
doi:10.7202/701958ar fatcat:ln2idtfsbzgvjk3bgbohkagwdi

Purity Evaluation of Alkylphenol Primary Standards Based on Japan Calibration Service System by Subtraction Method

Nobuyasu HANARI, Keiichiro ISHIKAWA, Takashi YARITA, Satoko OTSUKA, Ryoko IWASAWA, Naomi FUJIKI, Masahiko NUMATA
2011 Bunseki Kagaku  
of impurities measured with GC-TOF-MS in alkylphenols Analyte Identified impurity Estimated impurity Unknown impurity Table 4 4 GC-FID GC HPLC GC-FID HPLC-PAD height 13 NP height 16  ...  alkylphenol measurements Instrument : Agilent Technologies 1100 series Column : Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute L-column ODS (250 mm 4.6 mm i.d., 5 μm) Injectior : auto sampler (injection volume  ... 
doi:10.2116/bunsekikagaku.60.877 fatcat:mthwuav2nvbktl75z5egpq52ri

Gross, Leo. Essays on International Law and Organization. Volumes I et II. New York – LaHaye, Transnational Publishers-Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1984, 1234 p

J.-Maurice Arbour
1985 Études internationales  
Volumes I et IL New York -LaHaye, Transnational Publish- ers-Martinus Nijhojf Publishers, 1984, 1234 p.  ...  Le directeur du JCSS, le major- général de réserve Aharon Yariv, y insiste sur la menace syrienne et sur la nécessité pour Israël de se consacrer à l'amélioration de la qualité de ses forces armées  ... 
doi:10.7202/701956ar fatcat:ea7i2a2nubajldoyl4dbzmgjj4


Viktar Tur, Andrei Tur, Aliaksandr Lizahub, Stanislav Derechennik
2020 Inżynieria Bezpieczeństwa Obiektów Antropogenicznych  
The maximum total load during one occupancy is obtained from the convolution integral:       max( ),1 max, ,1 0 () x s p s p F x F x z f z dz    (16) where f s (z) is the probability density  ...  For different occupancies, distribution parameters are tabulated inTable 7, according to JCSS PMC (2001).  ... 
doi:10.37105/iboa.77 fatcat:fdjdl6w3mjh4pfznnfxindfbfe

Calibration Reliability for the Determination of Each Volatile Organic Compound in Smaller Compound Number Mixture Solutions with Multi-Element Volatile Organic Compounds Mixture Standard Solution

Hiroko Ueno, Masaru Yamazawa, Kazuhiro Shikakume, Kin-Ichi Tsunoda
2010 Bunseki Kagaku  
技術論文 揮発性有機化合物の多成分混合標準液による 少数成分混合標準液への値付けの信頼性 上野 博子 Ⓡ 1 ,山 澤 賢 1 ,四角目和広 1 ,角田 欣一 2 現在,計量法トレーサビリティ制度( Japan Calibration Service System : JCSS)により揮発性有機化合物 23 種混合標準液が供給されている.JCSS 制度においては特定標準液から特定二次標準液,更に実用標準液  ...  への値付けが行われるが,この 23 種混合標準液から,それより少ない成分数の混合標準液に値付けを行う場 合の値付け濃度の信頼性について評価した.質量比混合法により調製した 16 種,12 種,10 種の混合標準液 を,揮発性有機化合物 23 種混合標準液により値付けを行った.調製濃度と測定濃度から求めた En 値は各標 準液の全物質で 1 以下となった.また,各標準液の 6 か月間の 5℃ での保存  ...  trichloroethane except 1,1,2-trichloroethane Carrier gas Helium Helium 2.9 mL min -1 (20 min) Flow rate 5 mL min -1 to 4.6 mL min -1 at 1 mL min -2 Injection On column On column Sample volume  ... 
doi:10.2116/bunsekikagaku.59.117 fatcat:rl2gsjyy6zb3tlx3batevy4bxa

Modeling near-infrared reflectance spectra of clay and sulfate mixtures and implications for Mars

K.M. Stack, R.E. Milliken
2015 Icarus (New York, N.Y. 1962)  
Fig. 16 . 16 Optimized particle diameter ratios calculated for each individual mixture within a series.  ...  As shown by Hapke (1993) , it can be assumed that the volume-average extinction efficiency, Q E , is equal to unity for a close-packed particulate mixture, so that the volume extinction coefficient, E  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2014.12.009 fatcat:xbpwp435jnabzf5hevmqlgpdny

F1000 Recommendations as a Potential New Data Source for Research Evaluation: A Comparison With Citations

Ludo Waltman, Rodrigo Costas
2013 Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology  
Also, instead of ordinary JCSs, we use field-normalized JCSs.  ...  To measure the predictive power of JCSs, we should calculate JCSs based on publications from an earlier time period.  ... 
doi:10.1002/asi.23040 fatcat:xkrujj4hffhlnf7xcyh5rhykca

Novel Method for the Determination of SI-Traceable Characteristic Values of Organic Standard Materials Using Reaction Gas Chromatography

Takuro WATANABE, Kenji KATO, Tsuneaki MAEDA
2013 Bunseki Kagaku  
Carrier gas, flow rate He: 2.8 mL min 1 Oven temperature 50 a) Including the volumes of those acting as oxidizing/reducing reagent.  ...  GC-FID 3 34 40 JCSS 8 Table 5 8 Fig. 13 Table 3 3 Operating conditions for the post-column reaction GC-FID system (System 2 and 3) for acetone solution samples Condition of GC-FID Gas  ... 
doi:10.2116/bunsekikagaku.62.183 fatcat:dmr3g6ouk5b2foh53or3dowu2i

Rib Motions Don't Completely Hinge on Joint Design: Costal Joint Anatomy and Ventilatory Kinematics in a Teiid Lizard, Salvator merianae

J G Capano, S Moritz, R L Cieri, L Reveret, E L Brainerd
2019 Integrative Organismal Biology  
Results Costal morphology The presacral axial skeleton of S. merianae consists of 8 cervical vertebrae and 16 dorsal vertebrae.  ...  The rib rotated caudally during exhalation and cranially during inhalation, effectively folding back and decreasing the volume of the thorax and then rotating forward and increasing the volume of the thorax  ... 
doi:10.1093/iob/oby004 pmid:33791512 pmcid:PMC7780499 fatcat:5s3255fbn5bifhzypuk73hhami

Analytical Sensitivity Dependence on Chemical Species of Arsenic Compounds in Atomic Spectrometry

Tomohiro Narukawa, Takayoshi Kuroiwa, Koichi Chiba
2009 Bunseki Kagaku  
.化学形態に依存する分析感度差とその原因を考察するため,装置原理が異なる ICP MS,ICP-OES,GFAAS などを用いて,各分析法における分析感度の形態依存性を検討した.分析における 感度差の議論を厳密に行うため,いずれの分析法においても同一の元溶液を各分析法の定量感度まで適宜希 釈して測定した.As(III) 溶液には Japan Calibration Service System( JCSS  ...  )ヒ素標準液を用い,As(V) 溶液 には JCSS ヒ素標準液に HNO 3 を添加して加熱し,As(V) に酸化して調製した.アルセノベタインには Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements(IRMM)が頒布している認証標準物質 BCR CRM 626 ア ルセノベタイン水溶液を用いた.分析時間に依存する感度変動の要因を取り除くため,ICP-MS  ...  Fig. 4 4 III) には JCSS ヒ素標準液を用いた.この標準液を純 水で希釈し,20 mg/kg As(III) 基準液とした.As(V) は, As(III) 標準液と同じ JCSS ヒ素標準液をテフロンビーカー に量り,硝酸を加えて加熱酸化することで 20 mg/kg As(V) 基準液を調製した.各基準液から ICP-OES 用の分析溶液を 調製し,更にその一部を ICP-MS,GFAAS  ... 
doi:10.2116/bunsekikagaku.58.185 fatcat:45wd5k62pfdutcfxreo5fv5654

Skeletal kinematics of the hyoid arch in the suction-feeding shark Chiloscyllium plagiosum

Bradley Scott, Cheryl A. D. Wilga, Elizabeth L. Brainerd
2019 Journal of Experimental Biology  
Data from the JCSs, however, showed substantial LAR in both elements (Fig. 5) .  ...  Hyomandibula Rostral LAR (x-axis) 42 5.0 Protraction (y-axis) 65 3.5 Depression (z-axis) 16 5.2 Ceratohyal Retraction (y-axis) 52 8.5 Depression (z-axis) 52 4.5 Displacement (%) b Mean  ... 
doi:10.1242/jeb.193573 pmid:30824570 fatcat:hi77lpl4tfe6fhhs4ozty372ru
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