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Iterated Vector Fields and Conservatism, with Applications to Federated Learning [article]

Zachary Charles, Keith Rush
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We study whether iterated vector fields (vector fields composed with themselves) are conservative. We give explicit examples of vector fields for which this self-composition preserves conservatism.  ...  We leverage this to derive novel convergence results for federated learning.  ...  As we will show, conservative iterated vector fields are particularly important for understanding optimization algorithms for federated learning. Notation.  ... 
arXiv:2109.03973v2 fatcat:qq5hhxjayfckbhmn4njhsjstwa

Use of force and civil–military relations in Russia: an automated content analysis

Brandon M. Stewart, Yuri M. Zhukov
2009 Small Wars & Insurgencies  
made by Russia's political and military leaders during the Putin period.  ...  Russia's intervention in the Georgian -South Ossetian conflict has highlighted the need to rigorously examine trends in the public debate over the use of force in Russia.  ...  Replication data and Appendix with additional estimation details are available on request from the authors.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09592310902975455 fatcat:b5mpc4hyrzhr3neiofjjx3ifrq

Stability of nonlinear 2D systems described by the continuous-time Roesser model

J. P. Emelianova, P. V. Pakshin, K. Gałkowski, E. Rogers
2014 Automation and remote control  
The obtained results are extended to the class of continuous-time systems governed by the Roesser model with Markovian switching.  ...  The problems of absolute stability and stabilization via state-and output-feedback are solved for linear systems of the above class.  ...  Exploration of 2D systems is motivated by their wide usage in different fields, in the first place, iterative learning control.  ... 
doi:10.1134/s000511791405004x fatcat:xqrqayvlbnhjpkknk4tgfht4yi

Fuzzy control turns 50: 10 years later

Thierry M. Guerra, Antonio Sala, Kazuo Tanaka
2015 Fuzzy sets and systems (Print)  
, and key applications.  ...  The second part shows where we arrived and what the improvements are since the milestone of the first 40 years. A last part is devoted to discussion and possible future research topics.  ...  The first industrial application was a cement kiln in Denmark [9] and thousands of them followed in various fields: Washing machines, cameras (Canon), vacuum cleaner (Matsushita)...  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.fss.2015.05.005 fatcat:23eokygcdjghlfzch5ofcdycdu

Word Embedding Visualization Via Dictionary Learning [article]

Juexiao Zhang, Yubei Chen, Brian Cheung, Bruno A Olshausen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Co-occurrence statistics based word embedding techniques have proved to be very useful in extracting the semantic and syntactic representation of words as low dimensional continuous vectors.  ...  In this work, we discovered that dictionary learning can open up these word vectors as a linear combination of more elementary word factors.  ...  solve them iteratively to learn the word factors: In practice, we use minibatches contains 100 word vectors as X.  ... 
arXiv:1910.03833v2 fatcat:lzwbcoex3zbw3aigew5ltd4sjy

Fitted Q-Function Control Methodology Based on Takagi-Sugeno Systems

Henry Diaz, Leopoldo Armesto, Antonio Sala
2018 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors are grateful to the financial support of Spanish Ministry of Economy and European Union, grant DPI2016-81002-R (AEI/FEDER, UE) and PhD. grant SENESCYT from the Government of  ...  Dynamic programming (DP) [1] , [2] and reinforcement learning (RL) [3] are powerful paradigms to obtain them, used in many applications [4] , [5] .  ...  learning [3] , such as value iteration, policy iteration, actor-critic setups, etc.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcst.2018.2885689 fatcat:rdxt6vvejjg25krrjbwk34rx5q

Alberta oil sands development conflict

Michele Heng, Keith W. Hipel, Liping Fang
2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics  
In particular, the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution (GMCR) is utilized to understand underlying development conflicts among stakeholders, which arise due to competing economic, environmental and societal  ...  A systems approach to integrative adaptive management of brownfields on Alberta's oil sands development sites is presented.  ...  Instead, adaptive management suggests that complexity and uncertainty should be handled with a deliberate iterative learning process that maintains a continuous cycle of plan, act, monitor, and evaluate  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsmc.2009.5345964 dblp:conf/smc/HengHF09 fatcat:6jsnen2wkfexlecupeqdy3orbu

A personal view of the development of system identification: A 30-year journey through an exciting field

2006 IEEE Control Systems  
The iterative schemes of identification and control design had a remarkably fast transfer into the world of applications.  ...  vector white noise sequence with covariance matrix = E{ε t ε T t }.  ...  On returning with the rubber, the tappers often found that their women had been raped by the "sentries" and/or had died from starvation or some disease.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcs.2006.252834 fatcat:k5zh5gwnbfcanmqzmhanom2ucm

The strength of weak leaders: an experiment on social influence and social learning in teams

Berno Buechel, Stefan Klößner, Martin Lochmüller, Heiko Rauhut
2019 Experimental Economics  
We find that overconfidence and conservatism contribute to the fact that overly influential leaders mislead their team.  ...  We investigate how the selection process of a leader affects team performance with respect to social learning.  ...  Given the result by Aumann (1976) , such a model is expected to lead to more learning iterations, but to the same outcome in the long run.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10683-019-09614-1 fatcat:5jv4hotxa5gejoaeuksw7czkka

Task Offloading with Multi-Tier Computing Resources in Next Generation Wireless Networks [article]

Kunlun Wang, Jiong Jin, Yang Yang, Tao Zhang, Arumugam Nallanathan, Chintha Tellambura, Bijan Jabbari
2022 arXiv   pre-print
With the development of next-generation wireless networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving towards the intelligent IoT (iIoT), where intelligent applications usually have stringent delay and jitter  ...  A multi-tier computing model, with its main functionality and optimization methods, is presented in details.  ...  Online federated learning framework is recently utilized to learn in a distributed way, in order to solve the task offloading and communication resource allocation problem.  ... 
arXiv:2205.13866v1 fatcat:kt7zx34yljfejnxoqo3zjng23i

Revisiting the use of Robust Optimization for optimal energy offering under price uncertainty [article]

Fabio D'Andreagiovanni, Giovanni Felici, Fabrizio Lacalandra
2016 arXiv   pre-print
imposing full protection and defined over a sequence of nested subintervals of market prices: this method presents a number of issues that may severely limit its application and computational efficiency  ...  To tackle all such issues, our method provides for solving one single robust counterpart, considering an intermediate level of protection between null and full protection, and to make energy offers at  ...  Such advantages contributed to the wide success of RO in many application fields, including power system optimization, over the last decade (see [22] for an overview).  ... 
arXiv:1601.01728v2 fatcat:fi6m7uztiva3tjhi3554lkrmd4

Recent Publications

Arthur Bernhart, J. Korevaar, John C. Brixey, Banesh Hoffmann, Laurence H. Snyder, C. O. Oakley, Walter Rudin, Bruce E. Meserve, F. M. Mears, Banesh Hoffmann, L. Fox, John C. Brixey (+2 others)
1958 The American mathematical monthly  
with application to inhomo- geneous approximation, a quantitative Kronecker’s theorem and successive minima.  ...  redefining differential vector operators as limits of multiple integrals so that they will be applicable to nondifferentiable operands.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00029890.1958.11989224 fatcat:ea5phyn5xrcd5fq3c67kht4g2q

Dynamic Ideal Point Estimation via Markov Chain Monte Carlo for the U.S. Supreme Court, 1953–1999

Andrew D. Martin, Kevin M. Quinn
2002 Political Analysis  
Moreover, our ideal point estimates outperform existing measures and explain judicial behavior quite well across civil rights, civil liberties, economics, and federalism cases.  ...  To investigate preference change, we posit a dynamic item response model that allows ideal points to change systematically over time.  ...  The applications to standard time series data and time-series cross-section data (Stimson 1985; Beck and Katz 1995) are fairly apparent.  ... 
doi:10.1093/pan/10.2.134 fatcat:4itxiaftwrefxggjm5egzhblqu

The Intersection of Robust Intelligence and Trust: Hybrid Teams, Firms and Systems [chapter]

W. F. Lawless, Donald Sofge
2016 Robust Intelligence and Trust in Autonomous Systems  
Present theories of interdependence, like game theory or social science, are inadequate to formulate strategies to control teams; alternative theories like machine learning can control swarms with pattern  ...  Uncertainty is created in states of interdependence between social objects: at one extreme, interdependence reduces to independent agents and certainty but with asocial, low-power solutions generating  ...  The usual way to solve for the eigenvalue, λ, is with an iterative process: , where I is the identity matrix (i.e., ).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4899-7668-0_12 fatcat:5jg2wbkskzdc3dmld7i6ixealy

Polytopic LPV approaches for intelligent automotive systems: State of the art and future challenges

Panshuo Li, Anh-Tu Nguyen, Haiping Du, Yan Wang, Hui Zhang
2021 Mechanical systems and signal processing  
With more and more stringent requirements on driving comfort, safety and fuel economy, polytopic LPV approaches have become popular in intelligent automotive control systems due to their merits in dealing  ...  Finally, from recent advances on polytopic LPV control theory and automotive applications, future research directions and related challenges are discussed.  ...  R is the field of real numbers. For a vector x 2 R n and i 2 I n ; x i denotes the ith entry of x, and kxk 1 ¼ max i¼1;...;n x i denotes the infinity norm of x.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ymssp.2021.107931 fatcat:s46e4xp4obeflob5csshwer4pu
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