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Is advance knowledge of flow sizes a plausible assumption?

Vojislav Dukic, Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, Bojan Karlas, Muhsen Owaida, Ce Zhang, Ankit Singla
2019 Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation  
Most of this work assumes advance knowledge of flow sizes.  ...  These results indicate that a presumed lack of advance knowledge of flow sizes is not necessarily prohibitive for highly efficient scheduling, and suggest further exploration in two directions: (a) scheduling  ...  [7] , 2015 Thus, we explore this question in depth: Is advance knowledge of flow sizes a plausible assumption? Further, what happens when only information for some flows is available?  ... 
dblp:conf/nsdi/DukicJKOZS19 fatcat:4an4gyssbbb4nh2cfh7fhoxmke

Interstellar communication network. I. Overview and assumptions [article]

Michael Hippke
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This introduction to a series of papers makes the assumptions of the communication scheme explicit.  ...  If probes and planets with technological species exist in more than a handful of systems in our galaxy, it is beneficial to use a coordinated communication scheme.  ...  With these assumptions, we can argue for a range of plausible values of η−interesting (η i ), which is the fraction of stars which warrants sending a probe.  ... 
arXiv:1912.02616v1 fatcat:hxzgigngu5eq7mv53bcpd4pdqa

In Defense of Unrealistic Assumptions

Satoshi Kanazawa
1998 Sociological theory  
I discuss a recent theory of the value of children by Friedman, Hechter, and Kanazawa (1994) to point out how assumptions differ from scope conditions and how empirically plausible and realistic hypotheses  ...  I contend that this criticism probably stems from the confusion of a theory's assumptions with its scope conditions.  ...  The empirical accuracy or realism of an assumption set is thus an inverse function of its size.  ... 
doi:10.1111/0735-2751.00050 fatcat:d3itg2vvlvevfdavwtf2agtmyq

Questioning ten common assumptions about peatlands

University of Leeds Peat Club:, K.L. Bacon, A.J. Baird, A. Blundell, M-A. Bourgault, P.J. Chapman, G. Dargie, G.P. Dooling, C. Gee, J. Holden, T. Kelly, K.A. McKendrick-Smith (+7 others)
2017 Mires and Peat  
Sphagnum is the main 'ecosystem engineer' in peatlands; 8. a single core provides a representative palaeo-archive from a peatland; 9. water-table reconstructions from peatlands provide direct records of  ...  greater rates of net carbon accumulation; 4. different rules apply to tropical peatlands; 5. peat is a single soil type; 6. peatlands behave like sponges; 7.  ...  Given their area and the size of their C store , it is tempting to think of 'extra-tropical peatlands' as being mainly northern peatlands and, in turn, to think of these as Sphagnum bogs.  ... 
doi:10.19189/map.2016.omb.253 doaj:c860143b913b4da599b9056532af5f34 fatcat:wi6d5r7skjh2tplk3nrz377jqe

On Heuristic Models, Assumptions, and Parameters [article]

Samuel Judson, Joan Feigenbaum
2022 arXiv   pre-print
These artifacts are products of the particular algorithmic techniques and theory applied to solve a problem once it has been modeled, and their nature can imperil thorough sociotechnical scrutiny of the  ...  We describe three classes of objects used to encode these choices and qualifiers: heuristic models, assumptions, and parameters, and discuss selection of the last for differential privacy as an illustrative  ...  It is mostly composed of qualitative methods, although written by a scientific expert who uses advanced mathematical tooling at points in the narrative.  ... 
arXiv:2201.07413v1 fatcat:utzz5ywb6ba6lhkjamny4v3u5i

Extending the extended consciousness debate: perception, imagination, and the common kind assumption

James Deery
2021 Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences  
That is, the assumption that perception and imagination are of the same fundamental kind of mental event.  ...  I will argue that there are plausible alternative ways of conceiving of this relationship without drawing internalist metaphysical conclusions from their psychological theory.  ...  To my knowledge, proponents of the predictive approach offer no arguments for their endorsement of the common kind assumption.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11097-021-09738-x fatcat:oh4vgajfizhdrdlpihgkc2duia

Should we test the model assumptions before running a model-based test? [article]

M. Iqbal Shamsudheen, Christian Hennig
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Although such an approach is often taken in practice, much of the literature that investigated this is surprisingly critical of it.  ...  Statistical methods are based on model assumptions, and it is statistical folklore that a method's model assumptions should be checked before applying it.  ...  the sample size and prior knowledge about the data ("if there is a small possibility of gross errors").  ... 
arXiv:1908.02218v4 fatcat:iznufbfb5vg5zeyramymnycgoa

The Future of International Migration: Developing Expert-Based Assumptions for Global Population Projections

Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel, Fernando Riosmena, Ayla Bonfiglio, Graeme Hugo, Lori Hunter, Siew-Ean Khoo, Douglas Massey, Philip Rees
2021 Institut für Demographie - VID  
A discussion of the baseline data, assumptions and model specifications is followed by a summary of key result on projected numbers of future migrants.  ...  This paper explores alternative future trajectories of international migration by applying a multiregional flow model to a new set of estimates of global bilateral migration flows developed by the second  ...  The research presented here is part of a large project by the Wittgenstein Centre on projecting global populations until 2100.  ... 
doi:10.1553/0x003d06da fatcat:wg434vnzcjakbplhkqi4yyzt7e

Incompatible Assumptions: Barriers to Producing Multidisciplinary Knowledge in Communities of Scholarship

Corinne Bendersky, Kathleen L. McGinn
2007 Social Science Research Network  
Just as flows of knowledge within and across communities of practice improve the quality of new products (1991; Dougherty 1992; Kellogg et al. 2006; Wheelwright and Clark 1992), knowledge sharing among  ...  Our findings illuminate a continuum of open-systems to closed-systems assumptions underlying this micro-process research.  ...  It is plausible that the differences we observe arise from the focal questions or research topics, rather than the open or closed systems assumptions of a paper.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1077673 fatcat:3yrtovl2lzdfjlnji3qx46jo3i

Utilitarianism on the front lines: COVID-19, public ethics, and the "hidden assumption" problem [article]

Charles Shaw, Silvio Vanadia
2022 arXiv   pre-print
How should we think of the preferences of citizens? Whereas self-optimal policy is relatively straightforward to produce, socially optimal policy often requires a more detailed examination.  ...  We argue that ethical expertise has a direct role to play in public discourse because it is hard to adopt a position on major issues like public health policy or healthcare prioritisation without making  ...  Assumption 1. The first assumption is that a lockdown is limited to L ≤ 1.  ... 
arXiv:2205.01957v1 fatcat:dadyhsliefg2bkgdkjamiy5awq

QPE: Using assumption-based truth maintenance for qualitative simulation

Kenneth D. Forbus
1988 Artificial Intelligence in Engineering  
On the basis of our experience in developin g QPE and analysing its performance, we draw some general conclusions about the advantages an d disadvantages of assumption-based truth maintenance systems .  ...  mechanism for making closed-world assumptions .  ...  If we assume that each flow out is individually bigger than each flow in, then we can conclude that the sum of the out-flows is larger tha n the sum of the inflows, and hence the net effect is Ds = 1 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/0954-1810(88)90014-3 fatcat:b6asnudrbfck3mkdylg6l4wzj4

Conflicting Biomedical Assumptions for Mathematical Modeling: The Case of Cancer Metastasis

Anna Divoli, Eneida A. Mendonça, James A. Evans, Andrey Rzhetsky, Kevin Bretonnel Cohen
2011 PLoS Computational Biology  
This diversity of conceptions has clear consequences for advance and deadlock in the field.  ...  Considering the probability that two or more of these experts review an article or a proposal about metastatic cascades, the probability that they will disagree with elements of a proposed model approaches  ...  cells as the liver via blood flow.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002132 pmid:21998558 pmcid:PMC3188482 fatcat:cbfjhsc76bh4fplta533ehwoyy

Several sets of assumptions for the Monte Carlo simulation for a more precise analysis of enterprise risk

Jan Kaczmarczyk
2019 Econometrics  
The most important aspect of this method is the stage of taking up the assumptions.  ...  The Monte Carlo simulation is a clear answer to the limitations of traditional methods.  ...  that with a category (e.g. there is a low probability that cash flow will fall below 150 000 next year).  ... 
doi:10.15611/eada.2019.4.06 fatcat:5jkwwhfczjfupidgn2hv2oyxxm


2008 Academy of Management Proceedings  
Just as flows of knowledge within and across communities of practice improve the quality of new products (1991; Dougherty 1992; Kellogg et al. 2006; Wheelwright and Clark 1992), knowledge sharing among  ...  Our findings illuminate a continuum of open-systems to closed-systems assumptions underlying this micro-process research.  ...  It is plausible that the differences we observe arise from the focal questions or research topics, rather than the open or closed systems assumptions of a paper.  ... 
doi:10.5465/ambpp.2008.33649817 fatcat:23mjnnkz4jdohlxwanukng4njy

A critical analysis of the assumptions underlying the formulation of maximum potential intensity for tropical cyclones [article]

Anastassia M. Makarieva, Andrei V. Nefiodov
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Here it is shown that a different and more general relationship between the same quantities derives straightforwardly from the gradient-wind balance and the definition of entropy, with the proportionality  ...  From the two equations combined it follows (1) that the E-PI maximum intensity is proportional to the radial gradient of local air temperature at the point of maximum tangential wind and (2) that for the  ...  So, the further development in Section 3b is of little value. Unbalanced flow at the point of maximum wind is not an assumption, single observation or output of a numerical model.  ... 
arXiv:2206.12382v1 fatcat:ngo5jgvxfrchlfkk2yu3bvlnhe
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