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Ionospheric Turbulence and the Equatorial Plasma Density Irregularities: Scaling Features and RODI

Paola De Michelis, Giuseppe Consolini, Roberta Tozzi, Alessio Pignalberi, Michael Pezzopane, Igino Coco, Fabio Giannattasio, Maria Federica Marcucci
2021 Remote Sensing  
Ionospheric equatorial plasma bubbles are one of the possible irregularities.  ...  In this work, using data from the ESA Swarm mission, we investigate the scaling features of electron density fluctuations characterizing equatorial plasma bubbles.  ...  Acknowledgments: The results presented rely on data collected by ESA-Swarm mission. We thank  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13040759 fatcat:gtabmdatenchnpjbsn5ajdqt3y

Ionospheric Plasma Irregularities based on In‐situ Measurements from the Swarm Satellites

Yaqi Jin, Chao Xiong, Lasse Clausen, Andres Spicher, Daria Kotova, Steffen Brask, Guram Kervalishvili, Claudia Stolle, Wojciech Miloch
2020 Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics  
Due to different plasma processes, ionospheric irregularities at high and low latitudes show different distributions.  ...  At equatorial latitudes, ionospheric irregularities form two bands of enhanced plasma fluctuations centered around ±10°magnetic latitude.  ...  Acknowledgments The research is partially supported by the Research Council of Norway, Norges Forskningsråd (Forskningsrådet), under Grants 275655, 267408, and 275653.  ... 
doi:10.1029/2020ja028103 fatcat:vy5l2pmgsncx3mflsbwi32yu2e

Occurrence of GPS Loss of Lock Based on a Swarm Half-Solar Cycle Dataset and Its Relation to the Background Ionosphere

Michael Pezzopane, Alessio Pignalberi, Igino Coco, Giuseppe Consolini, Paola De Michelis, Fabio Giannattasio, Maria Federica Marcucci, Roberta Tozzi
2021 Remote Sensing  
Moreover, the strict relation of the occurrence of the GPS loss of lock events with defined values of both the rate of change of electron density index (RODI) and the rate of change of TEC index (ROTI)  ...  The scope of this study is, on one hand, to characterize the background conditions of the ionosphere for such events and, on the other hand, to pave the way for their possible future modeling.  ...  Moreover, in terms of RODI, the values are somewhat consistent with those recently found by studies focused on the turbulent feature of ionospheric irregularities, which suggests that LoL events are likely  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13112209 fatcat:2usygxtdd5b67d7wjzlxjis25a

PSTEP: project for solar–terrestrial environment prediction

Kanya Kusano, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Mamoru Ishii, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Shigeo Yoden, Hideharu Akiyoshi, Ayumi Asai, Yusuke Ebihara, Hitoshi Fujiwara, Tada-Nori Goto, Yoichiro Hanaoka, Hisashi Hayakawa (+39 others)
2021 Earth, Planets and Space  
AbstractAlthough solar activity may significantly impact the global environment and socioeconomic systems, the mechanisms for solar eruptions and the subsequent processes have not yet been fully understood  ...  This paper is a summary report of the PSTEP and describes the major research achievements it produced.  ...  We see small-scale turbulent features as well as large-scale motion (Hotta et al. 2016) succeeded in carrying out such a computation and evaluated the influence of the near-surface layer to the deep  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40623-021-01486-1 fatcat:ldq4h2kaifbnxlqxjlf46xiqdi