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Investigating parallel genetic algorithms on job shop scheduling problems [chapter]

Shyh-Chang Lin, Erik D. Goodman, William F. Punch
1997 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The approach produced excellent results on standard benchmark job shop scheduling problems. We further tested many models and scales of parallel GAs in the context of job shop scheduling problems.  ...  This paper describes a GA for job shop scheduling problems.  ...  Introduction Job shop scheduling problems (JSSP's) are computationally complex problems.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bfb0014827 fatcat:e3gbq77bf5awvaganvo2m3cew4

An agent-based parallel approach for the job shop scheduling problem with genetic algorithms

Leila Asadzadeh, Kamran Zamanifar
2010 Mathematical and computer modelling  
The job shop scheduling problem is one of the most important and complicated problems in machine scheduling. This problem is characterized as NP-hard.  ...  Meta-heuristic methods such as genetic algorithms are widely applied to find optimal or near-optimal solutions for the job shop scheduling problem.  ...  In this paper, we propose an agent-based parallel genetic algorithm for the job shop scheduling problem.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mcm.2010.04.019 fatcat:bo5lqhdsavhypgmbq3jgyqzm2y

Two meta-heuristic algorithms for flexible flow shop scheduling problem with robotic transportation and release time

Seyedeh Sarah Zabihzadeh, Javad Rezaeian
2016 Applied Soft Computing  
In this research, flexible flow shop scheduling with unrelated parallel machines at each stage are considered.  ...  New methodologies are investigated for solving the proposed model. Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) with double pheromone and genetic algorithm (GA) are proposed.  ...  They also developed a random key genetic algorithm to effectively solve the problem. Hekmatfar et al. [35] considered a two-stage reentrant hybrid flow shop scheduling problem.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.asoc.2015.11.008 fatcat:oyevf33slzfohabf4s2djg4jhm

A hybrid of genetic algorithm and bottleneck shifting for multiobjective flexible job shop scheduling problems

Jie Gao, Mitsuo Gen, Linyan Sun, Xiaohui Zhao
2007 Computers & industrial engineering  
Flexible job shop scheduling problem (fJSP) is an extension of the classical job shop scheduling problem, which provides a closer approximation to real scheduling problems.  ...  The genetic algorithm uses two representation methods to depict solution candidates of the fJSP problem.  ...  The flexible job shop scheduling problem In the job shop scheduling problem (JSP), there are n jobs that must be processed on a group of m machines.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cie.2007.04.010 fatcat:53qqlrf4ijcuzgywxkenhypl5a

A dual encoding-based meta-heuristic algorithm for solving a constrained hybrid flow shop scheduling problem

Antonio Costa, Fulvio Antonio Cappadonna, Sergio Fichera
2013 Computers & industrial engineering  
In this paper the scheduling problem of a hybrid flow shop with m stages, inspired to a truly observed micro-electronics manufacturing environment, has been investigated.  ...  solving HFS scheduling problems.  ...  Introduction In the last 50 years a huge amount of literature addressed the traditional scheduling problems as flow shop, flow lines, job shop, and parallel machines shops.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cie.2013.01.004 fatcat:dnwmzxg3qfhwhlramvlx5k7g6m

Genetic Algorithms with Feasible Operators for Solving Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Yoginath R. Kalshetty, Amol C. Adamuthe, S. Phani Kumar
2020 Journal of scientific research  
In Job Shop Scheduling (JSS), the operations of the jobs are ordered. Genetic algorithm (GA) is a popular heuristic algorithm investigated to solve different scheduling problems.  ...  Index Terms: Genetic algorithm, generalized order crossover, job shop scheduling problem, scheduling problem.  ...  In literature different heuristic algorithms are investigated to solve different variations of job shop scheduling problem.  ... 
doi:10.37398/jsr.2020.640157 fatcat:go7lsd2kongrdnckvwb4bkwb6m

A Literature Review of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Manufacturing Systems

Paolo Renna, Sergio Materi
2021 Applied Sciences  
., manufacturing system subclasses (single machine, flow shop, job shop, etc.) or the assembly line, the developed energy-saving policies and the implementation of the renewable energy sources in the studied  ...  This review aims to summarize the most important papers on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in manufacturing systems published in the last fifteen years.  ...  [103] modeled the job shop scheduling using game theory and solved the problem using a genetic algorithm. H. Wang et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11167366 fatcat:utvylqdpdbgdppmdkiqcjyi57y

An effective heuristic for flexible job-shop scheduling problem with maintenance activities

Shijin Wang, Jianbo Yu
2010 Computers & industrial engineering  
Most production scheduling problems, including the standard flexible job-shop scheduling problem (FJSP), assume that machines are continuously available.  ...  In this paper, a flexible job-shop scheduling problem with machine availability constraints is considered.  ...  A hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed to solve the problem.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cie.2010.05.016 fatcat:2bfx2nc43rawfplfiqbezr5nei

Page 235 of The Journal of the Operational Research Society Vol. 60, Issue 2 [page]

2009 The Journal of the Operational Research Society  
A genetic algorithm applicable to large-scale job-shop problems. In: Manner R and Manderick B (eds). Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN’2).  ...  Genetic Algorithms, Sci Am July: 44-50. Huang KL and Liao CJ (2006). Ant colony optimization combined with taboo search for the job shop scheduling problem.  ... 

Hybridization of Genetic Algorithm with Parallel Implementation of Simulated Annealing for Job Shop Scheduling

2012 American Journal of Applied Sciences  
The new genetic operator and a parallel simulated annealing algorithm are developed for solving job shop scheduling.  ...  Approach: In this study Genetic Algorithm (GA) is integrated with the parallel version of Simulated Annealing Algorithm (SA) is applied to the job shop scheduling problem.  ...  Lawrence (1984) Problem CONCLUSION In this study integration of genetic algorithm with parallel simulated annealing algorithm is implemented for job shop scheduling.  ... 
doi:10.3844/ajassp.2012.1694.1705 fatcat:ft5pcqqrqnerbjjjfhhzjeiuta

Genetic Algorithms for Solving Scheduling Problems in Manufacturing Systems

Anna Ławrynowicz
2011 Foundations of Management  
From the computational point of view, the scheduling problem is one of the most notoriously intractable NP-hard optimization problems.  ...  Therefore, many researchers have proposed methods with genetic algorithms to support scheduling in the manufacturing system. The genetic algorithm belongs to the category of artificial intelligence.  ...  Flexible job shop scheduling problem Genetic algorithms are also used as an optimization tool for solving the flexible job-shop scheduling problem (FJSP).  ... 
doi:10.2478/v10238-012-0039-2 fatcat:s47tk2aqtved3l4hoau5wkq6hu

Two meta-heuristic algorithms for solving multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling with parallel machine and maintenance constraints

Vahid Majazi Dalfard, Ghorbanali Mohammadi
2012 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
This paper focuses on the multiobjective flexible job-shop scheduling problem with parallel machines and maintenance cost. A new mathematical modeling was developed for the problem.  ...  Two meta-heuristic algorithms, a hybrid genetic algorithm and a simulated annealing algorithm, were applied after modeling the problem.  ...  Discussion and conclusions A multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling problem with parallel machines in the dynamic job shop combined with limitations on maintenance for the machines has been introduced  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.camwa.2012.04.007 fatcat:qno4zaurg5gbzeut5ukrci6j3i

Page 712 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2003A [page]

2003 Mathematical Reviews  
The paper considers the problem of scheduling n independent jobs on m unrelated parallel machines with the objective of minimiz- ing the makespan.  ...  In the job shop scheduling problem there are J machines which process / different types of jobs.  ... 

Hybrid Job Shop and Parallel Machine Scheduling Problems: Minimization of Total Tardiness Criterion [chapter]

Frederic Dugardin, Hicham Chehade, Lionel Amodeo, Farouk Yalaoui, Christian Prins
2007 Multiprocessor Scheduling, Theory and Applications  
., (1999) present a genetic algorithm to solve the flexible job-shop scheduling problem with a makespan criterion to be minimized.  ...  Hybrid Job Shop and parallel machine scheduling problems: minimization of total tardiness criterion 275 The classical job-shop problem, J m || , is a well-known NP-hard combinatorial optimization one,  ...  This volume contains four major parts that cover the following directions: the state of the art in theory and algorithms for classical and non-standard scheduling problems; new exact optimization algorithms  ... 
doi:10.5772/5227 fatcat:khcb45yk7nbjzfnr7okl5r5j6q

Flexible job shop scheduling with parallel machines using Genetic Algorithm and Grouping Genetic Algorithm

James C. Chen, Cheng-Chun Wu, Chia-Wen Chen, Kou-Huang Chen
2012 Expert systems with applications  
Based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Grouping Genetic Algorithm (GGA), this research develops a scheduling algorithm for job shop scheduling problem with parallel machines and reentrant process.  ...  This algorithm consists of two major modules: machine selection module (MSM) and operation scheduling module (OSM). MSM helps an operation to select one of the parallel machines to process it.  ...  Conclusion and future works A scheduling algorithm for type I flexible job shop scheduling problem is developed for parallel machines and reentrant process environment.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2012.01.211 fatcat:x7ruc2m4xfevnhugzotcrkmemi
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