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Risk Analysis For Invasive Species And Emerging Infectious Diseases: Concepts And Applications

2005 The American midland naturalist  
While Allee effects may affect the chance of establishment for nutria, analysis of additional data will be required to reject the hypothesis that nutria dynamics follow the simple Ricker growth model.  ...  Quantitative risk assessment can exploit this conceptualization to calculate risk metrics such as the chance of invasion or epidemic and to study the potential effectiveness of rapid response interventions  ...  University of California at Santa Barbara and the State of California.  ... 
doi:10.1674/0003-0031(2005)153[0004:rafisa];2 fatcat:4pl75pbmuzbmfbwxxanzpkflfi

A diffusive SI model with Allee effect and application to FIV

Frank M. Hilker, Michel Langlais, Sergei V. Petrovskii, Horst Malchow
2007 Mathematical Biosciences  
In the model with Allee effect the spatiotemporal dynamics are more complicated and the disease has considerable impact on the host population spread.  ...  Two different types are considered: logistic growth and growth with a strong Allee effect.  ...  This work was initiated in February 1996 while M.L. was holding a visiting position at Kyushu University under a grant from the Japan Society for the Promotions of Science (JSPS).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mbs.2005.10.003 pmid:16387332 fatcat:sfcn7y34gzh45fywqgi4f24qbq

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Epidemic Transmission in a Predator-Prey System

Min Su, Cang Hui, YanYu Zhang, Zizhen Li
2008 Bulletin of Mathematical Biology  
Results show that a moderate Allee effect will destabilize the dynamics, but it is not true for the extreme Allee effect (weak or strong).  ...  The predator-prey dynamics amazingly stabilize by the extreme Allee effect. Predators suffer the most from the epidemic disease at moderate transmission probability.  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful to Gao M. for useful comments on earlier version of the manuscript, and the constructive comments received from the editor and the anonymous reviewer.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11538-008-9340-3 pmid:18696164 fatcat:oihhkwhlxzaxzbtnphzarsgxie

A note on semi-discrete modelling in the life sciences

L. Mailleret, V. Lemesle
2009 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences  
what they call 'invasion pinning': the spatial front of an invasion may be stopped by the strong Allee effect if the migration rate is too low.  ...  In the second example, the effects of pulsed and continuous immigration strategies on the invasion success of a population undergoing strong Allee effects are compared and contrasted.  ...  , as long as it stays below the Allee threshold K a .  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsta.2009.0153 pmid:19884180 fatcat:3ahhp2di7fcexptvn2cdtzuxra

Allee effects in a discrete-time SIS epidemic model with infected newborns

Abdul-Aziz Yakubu
2007 Journal of difference equations and applications (Print)  
(Contemporary Mathematics, 2006, 410, 297) to include both compensatory (contest competition) and overcompensatory (scramble competition) population dynamics with and without the Allee effect.  ...  We compute the basic reproductive number R 0 , and use it to predict the (uniform) persistence or extinction of the infective population, where the population dynamics are compensatory and the Allee effect  ...  Acknowledgements The author thanks the two referees for useful suggestions. This study is partially supported by funds from the NOAA-NEFSC in Woods Hole, MA.  ... 
doi:10.1080/10236190601079076 fatcat:4vbz5vdhardmjpvi7t7b7z7dfi

Its all about connections: hubs and invasion in habitat networks

Thibaut Morel‐Journel, Claire Rais Assa, Ludovic Mailleret, Elodie Vercken, José Marìa Gomez
2018 Ecology Letters  
We simulated 2x2 invasions for each network in our set, with either a = 0 (without 38 Allee effects) or a = 2.5 (with Allee effects), and with an introduction site which was either the 39 hub (the patch  ...  In addition, our simulations highlight the impact of 122 Allee effects, not only on the persistence of invasive populations, but also on the colonization 123 speed itself.  ... 
doi:10.1111/ele.13192 fatcat:bhosdbl77reebbbxfafz2kce6y

Allee Effects and the Evolution of Polymorphism in Cyclic Parthenogens

Magda Castel, Ludovic Mailleret, Didier Andrivon, Virginie Ravigné, Frédéric M. Hamelin
2014 American Naturalist  
Following an adaptive dynamics approach, we showed that positive density dependence associated with Allee effects in cyclic parthenogens promotes evolutionary divergence in the level of investment in asexual  ...  To explore the evolutionary implications of such a trade-off, we included recurrent mating events associated with seasonal interruptions in a simple population dynamics model.  ...  . component Allee effects associated with sexual reproduction.  ... 
doi:10.1086/674828 pmid:24561608 fatcat:pfp3lwaiyrctxhji6fewx2m23i

Allee effect makes possible patchy invasion in a predator-prey system

Sergei V. Petrovskii, Andrew Y. Morozov, Ezio Venturino
2002 Ecology Letters  
In this paper, we show that the patchy invasion appears to be possible also in a fully deterministic predator-prey model as a result of the Allee effect.  ...  The dynamics of interacting ecological populations results from the interplay between various deterministic and stochastic factors and this is particularly the case for the phenomenon of biological invasion  ...  Another question is whether the irregular spatial patterns arising in the course of patchy invasion in the predator-prey system with the Allee effect has chaotic features.  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1461-0248.2002.00324.x fatcat:5ujg7ssbmbdbfhtqd4io6xxq3u

Allee Effects, Invasion Pinning, and Species' Borders

Keitt, Lewis, Holt
2001 American Naturalist  
In both spatially continuous reaction-diffusion models and spatially discrete coupled ordinary-differential-equation models, the Allee effect can cause an invasion to fail.  ...  All species' ranges are the result of successful past invasions. Thus, models of species' invasions and their failure can provide insight into the formation of a species' geographic range.  ...  Work by M.A.L. was also supported in part by the NSF (grants DMS-9457816 and DMS-9973212) and by the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications with funds provided by the NSF. Literature Cited  ... 
doi:10.2307/3079259 pmid:18707272 fatcat:iw3rl55tbnfl5fhwq2o5zskg5i

The Characteristics of Epidemics and Invasions with Thresholds

Isla Cruickshank, William S.C. Gurney, A.Roy Veitch
1999 Theoretical Population Biology  
described by deterministic one-dimensiohal reactiondiffusion models whose dynamics include a threshold or Allee effect.  ...  work for a wide class of epidemic and invasion models including the SI and SEI epidemic models and the RosenzweigMcArthur predatorprey model.  ...  WSCG is grateful for the support and hospitality of the University of Calgary during the initial phase of the work.  ... 
doi:10.1006/tpbi.1999.1432 pmid:10607521 fatcat:rz2zkxtwofceli2dejmefnhjvu

Page 4564 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2002F [page]

2002 Mathematical Reviews  
The paper studies the speed of invasion into a population using a reaction-diffusion model with an Allee (or depensation) effect.  ...  Local stability criteria are also discussed.” 2002f:92031 92D40 92D25 Wang, Mei-Hui (1-TN; Knoxville, TN); Kot, Mark (1-WA-AM; Seattle, WA) Speeds of invasion in a model with strong or weak Allee effects  ... 

Selective Predation and Productivity Jointly Drive Complex Behavior in Host-Parasite Systems

Hall, Duffy, Cáceres
2005 American Naturalist  
Successful invasion of a parasite into a host population and resulting host-parasite dynamics can depend crucially on other members of a host's community such as predators.  ...  When predators strongly prefer parasitized hosts, the host-parasite system can oscillate, but predators can also create alternative stable states, Allee effects, and catastrophic extinction of parasites  ...  Tessier, and an anonymous referee for valuable comments on previous versions of the manuscript. Primary funding for this study came from National Science Foundation (NSF) grant OCE 02-35039 to C.E.C.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3473198 pmid:15744671 fatcat:kz4kdb4tcfe5venky2knc5l4r4

Page 43 of Biological Reviews Vol. 87, Issue 1 [page]

2012 Biological Reviews  
Tree mortality was not significantly lower in the Slovak region during an outbreak from 1993 to 1998, suggesting that classical forest protection favoured beetle epidemic dynamics through edge effects,  ...  Population dynamics of eruptive forest pests Roininen, 2007; Eriksson ef al., 2008; Hedgren, Schroeder & Weslien, 2003). addition of dead wood suggested that the species whose Restoration experiments with  ... 

Topological resilience in non-normal networked systems

Malbor Asllani, Timoteo Carletti
2018 Physical review. E  
We provide an illustrative application to ecology by proposing a mechanism to mute the Allee effect and eventually a new theory of patterns formation involving a single diffusing species.  ...  We prove that the non-normality character of the network of interactions amplifies the response of the system to exogenous disturbances and can drastically change the global dynamics.  ...  The circular topology and the Allee effect impede the outbreak of the epidemics.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.97.042302 pmid:29758716 fatcat:3yz7nxgyefhrblsr6dcy2ymokm

Multiscale analysis of compartment models with dispersal

Yun Kang, Carlos Castillo-Chavez
2012 Journal of Biological Dynamics  
We focus on the study of the impact of dispersal on the dynamics of populations that account for (a) induced Allee effects; (b) disease dynamics; and (c) spatial heterogeneity, using deterministic and  ...  Characterizing the population dynamics of animal populations and dispersal provides the underlying setting of this manuscript.  ...  partially supported by the grant number U54GM088558 from NIGMS to Marc Lipsitch and the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics.  ... 
doi:10.1080/17513758.2012.713125 pmid:22934939 pmcid:PMC4005400 fatcat:t4pen6icxbcf7fjvevahg24u6a
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