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Introduction to the Special Issue: "Research and Development Progress in 3D Cadastral Systems"

Peter van Oosterom, Efi Dimopoulou
2018 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
After the workshop, authors of selected papers (or in some cases, two teams of authors of quite related papers) were invited to publish in this Special Issue, which is devoted to the legal, organizational  ...  One finding was that interaction tasks were easier to perform in purely legal or physical models compared to integrated models, while on the other hand, integrated models provide a more visual communication  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijgi7020059 fatcat:my2ij6arhvgvdowlayoqdhuuzy

Introduction to the special issue on legal text analytics

Jack G. Conrad, L. Karl Branting
2018 Artificial Intelligence and Law  
Acknowledgements The guest editors of this special issue wish to thank the numerous contributing reviewers of both accepted and not accepted papers.  ...  Without their thorough scrutiny, this special issue would not have come together in the effective manner that it has. We are truly grateful for their efforts.  ... (Accessed: 13 April 2018).Introduction to the special issue on legal text analytics 101  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10506-018-9227-z fatcat:enffk7unzvevjd3caz7mai5adm


Bernard S. Jackson
2013 International Journal for the Semiotics of Law  
Van Schooten presents her theoretical model, together with a series of case studies discussing its application.  ...  He regards 'visualization' of legal rules not merely as a supplement to our account of traditional legal interpretation, but as providing the basis of an alternative account. Inspired by  ...  We hope that readers of this Special Issue will join the conversation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11196-013-9336-7 fatcat:7m3nz325hbesxfpbmijqtqasxy

Introduction to the special issue on the 18th international conference on model driven engineering languages and systems (MODELS'15)

Jordi Cabot, Alexander Egyed
2017 Journal of Software and Systems Modeling  
Out of the accepted papers, we invited the best ones for this special issue. This invitation was based on a careful Committee.  ...  The authors of these best papers were then asked to prepare a substantial improved and extended version for this special issue.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10270-017-0577-x fatcat:ejdbenbxnbet5ec4ubqjyp3tru

Economic Disputes Resolving Models by Courts in the Post-Soviet Countries

2021 Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government  
The article is devoted to the study of models for resolving economic disputes by courts in the countries of the post-Soviet space (i.e. individual countries).  ...  In turn, economic cases are lawsuits disputes arising from civil, land, financial, and other legal relations), cases arising from administrative and other public legal relations, cases on the establishment  ...  The specified normative legal act classifies disputes arising from economic legal relations to the category of civil cases.  ... 
doi:10.47750/cibg.2021.27.02.443 fatcat:ta2uf2hlo5ekhl7qfqbza5mece

Introduction to the Special Section on Civil Capacities in Clinical Neuropsychology

George J. Demakis
2016 Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology  
The article by Syme, Lichtenberg, and Steele on this latter capacity is likely to be new territory to neuropsychologists, but provides a useful introduction to aid the clinician in performing sexual consent  ...  In each case, the neuropsychological evaluation played an important role in clarifying relevant capacity issues and informing the trier of fact on the same.  ...  Finally, Mart's article on testamentary capacity addresses the historical, legal, methodological, and neuropsychological issues related to these types of evaluations.  ... 
doi:10.1093/arclin/acw054 pmid:27474025 fatcat:kc4yzruoebbk3lkc53h2komzla

Legal Status of Artificial Intelligence Across Countries: Legislation on the Move

A. Atabekov, O. Yastrebov
The study stood on the comparative legal analysis, integrated legal interpretation and modeling.  ...  The research argues that special emphasis should be laid to the prospective of treating AI as an autonomous legal personality, separate subject of law and control.  ...  Therefore, the first stage focused on two models of the current mechanism of state regulation of AI that were selected as subject to study: -introduction of AI in legal relations, as a subject of law without  ... 
doi:10.35808/ersj/1245 fatcat:mkxyeiogpvddzn6vcjwhclxdzi

Editorial for the Special Issue on "ROBOETHICS"

Spyros Tzafestas
2018 Information  
The purpose of launching this Special Issue was to publish high-quality papers addressing timely and important aspects of roboethics, and to serve as a dissemination source of novel ideas demonstrating  ...  The papers finally included in the Special Issue deal with fundamental aspects and address interesting deep questions in the roboethics and robophililosophy field.  ...  Acknowledgments: The guest editor would like to express his sincere thanks to the authors for their high-level contributions, to the reviewers for their effort to provide deep and constructive reviews.  ... 
doi:10.3390/info9120331 fatcat:dc4nfzwdjjecdli2ohzfhyfrp4

Introduction: Models for the Analysis of Legal Argumentation

Eveline Feteris
2008 Informal Logic  
The aim of this special issue is to give an overview of recent developments in research of legal argumentation and legal decisionmaking where models for the analysis and evaluation of legal argumentation  ...  Introduction In their classical works on argumentation the philosophers Chaïm Perelman and Stephen Toulmin presented the procedures and practices of legal reasoning as a model for a rational practice of  ...  The aim of this special issue is to give an overview of recent developments in research of legal argumentation and legal decisionmaking where models for the analysis and evaluation of legal argumentation  ... 
doi:10.22329/il.v28i1.509 fatcat:gme5unujk5f6phubzfa73wa3t4

Introduction Special Issue Stumbling Blocks in Empirical Legal Research

Gijs van Dijck, Sanne Taekema
2016 Law and Method  
This special issue aims to contribute to the advancement of empirical legal research by critically reflecting on the methods that empirical legal researchers may use.  ...  Introduction Special Issue Stumbling Blocks in Empirical Legal Research Gijs van Dijck and Sanne Taekema * Empirical research is common in fields such as criminology, victimology, law and psychology, and  ... 
doi:10.5553/rem/.000021 fatcat:5dk7pjbn6rfytha6mufa4ackvu

AI and Law: A fruitful synergy

Edwina L. Rissland, Kevin D. Ashley, R.P. Loui
2003 Artificial Intelligence  
This special issue reports on a range of projects, from those where the law motivates fundamental research and whose results reach beyond the legal domain, to those that partake of the benefits of techniques  ...  For instance, harnessing models of legal argument to teach law students how to argue has led to refinements to and extensions of the models.  ...  They, of course, acknowledge the abundant effort of all those who submitted articles for this special issue and those who reviewed them.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0004-3702(03)00122-x fatcat:xhpowlbbtrfota3cjm5dpsrodu

Law in the Face of Disruptive Technology, An Introduction

Marta Katarzyna KOŁACZ, Alberto QUINTAVALLA
2019 European Journal of Risk Regulation  
Thus, the legislator may decide to let judges decide cases according to pre-existing rules at first. Once the new dynamics are fully understood, new statutes may be drafted or old ones amended.  ...  Such innovations lead to a need to reassess the effectiveness of the existing legal frameworks and, if appropriate, to reform the law.  ...  Thereafter, the Special Issue focuses on the tension between existing legal rules applied to new circumstances and new legislative interventions tailored to specific innovations.  ... 
doi:10.1017/err.2019.23 fatcat:skykelq75nfclhmvubyv3fzxta

Prospects for the introduction of the ecological court in Ukraine

Buzunko Olena, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
2021 Law. Human. Environment  
Given the specifics of existing environmental problems, the article is devoted to the coverage of various forms and models of specialized environmental courts operating in different countries.  ...  The conclusion on prospects of introduction of ecological court in Ukraine is made.  ...  Accordingly, judges may consider cases arising from environmental legal relations, must have special knowledge.  ... 
doi:10.31548/law2021.02.009 fatcat:nndyaztasjgdpjexwjqay5ypcy


Barbara A. Babb, Gloria Danziger
2008 Family Court Review  
SPECIAL ISSUE: UNIFIED FAMILY COURTS INTRODUCTION TO SPECIAL ISSUE ON UNIFIED FAMILY COURTS Barbara A.  ...  Participants at the 2007 Summit discussed comprehensive subject matter jurisdiction, a hallmark of the UFC model, calling for all family-related cases to be heard by a specialized and separate family court  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1744-1617.2008.00195.x fatcat:ezisw3gp65fubjt27mfjg6vwyi

Introduction to the Special Issue on Emotion in Legal Judgment and Decision Making

Brian H. Bornstein, Richard L. Wiener
2006 Law and Human Behavior  
This Special Issue samples some of the ways in which emotion is relevant to legal issues.  ...  As Editors of this Special Issue, we find it encouraging that so many scholars, from diverse fields, are beginning to turn their attention to the role of emotion in legal decision making; and at the same  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10979-006-9023-2 fatcat:rjzomf4pwbfxzj5ernrmraqr44
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