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Inference Based on Type-II Hybrid Censored Data from a Pareto Distribution

Çağatay Çetinkaya
2020 Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies  
In this study, inference studies for the scale and shape parameters of the Pareto distribution under type-II hybrid censoring scheme are considered.  ...  Maximum likelihood and Bayes estimation methods are used with their approximate confidence intervals. Proposed estimation methods are compared numerically based on simulation studies.  ...  Acknowledgement The author would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions which were helpful in improving the paper.  ... 
doi:10.13052/jrss0974-8024.13243 fatcat:ad6o7krdrre3zgcux7wodtnqje

The Combined-Unified Hybrid Censored Samples from Pareto Distribution: Estimation and Properties

Khalaf S. Sultan, Walid Emam
2021 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, we use the combined-unified hybrid censoring samples to obtain the maximum likelihood estimates of the unknown parameters, survival, and hazard functions of Pareto distribution.  ...  Additionally, we use MCMC to obtain the Bayesian estimates of the unknown parameters. In addition, we calculate the intervals estimation of the unknown parameters.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the referees for their helpful comments which improved the presentation of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11136000 fatcat:lk42beedbjcgddxhpygcb62utm

On Estimation of Rayleigh Scale Parameter under Doubly Type-II Censoring from Imprecise Data

Abbas Pak, Gholam Ali Parham, Mansour Saraj
2021 Journal of Data Science  
The scheme of doubly type-II censored sampling is an important method of obtaining data in lifetime studies.  ...  Statistical analysis of lifetime distributions under this censoring scheme is based on precise lifetime data.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors are thankful to the referees for their valuable comments which led to a considerable improvement in the presentation of this article.  ... 
doi:10.6339/jds.201304_11(2).0007 fatcat:lo7rs3kxrra7dnhmllaxs3dz3u

Tail Estimation for Window-Censored Processes

Holger Rootzén, Dmitrii Zholud
2016 Technometrics  
We exhibit parametric conditional maximum likelihood estimators for the full distribution, develop maximum likelihood tail estimation methods based on a semi-parametric generalized Pareto model, and propose  ...  Thus the observed 0-intervals could be non-censored, right censored, left censored or doubly censored, and the lengths of 0-intervals which are ongoing at the beginning of the observation window have a  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Niels Keiding, Olle Nerman, Jeff Steif, two referees and an associate editor for helpful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00401706.2014.995834 fatcat:nzgfpffunvd3vipxuznvh7oyy4

Bayesian Interval Estimation for the Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution Based on the Right Type II Censored Sample

Shu-Fei Wu
2022 Symmetry  
The Bayesian interval estimation of the scale parameter for two-parameter exponential distribution is proposed based on the right type II censored sample.  ...  The predictive interval of the future observation based on the right type II censored sample is also provided.  ...  Data Availability Statement: Data available in a publicly accessible repository. The data p in this study are openly available in Wu [22] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym14020352 fatcat:m4ovywiiifem5c3dm72ys7v2he

Bayesian Inference of a Finite Mixture of Inverse Weibull Distributions with an Application to Doubly Censoring Data

Navid Feroze
2016 Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research  
Fernandez (2000) investigated maximum likelihood prediction based on type II doubly censored exponential data.  ...  On maximum likelihood prediction based on type II doubly censored exponential data. Metrika, 50(3), 211-220. 8. Fernandez, A. J. (2006).  ... 
doi:10.18187/pjsor.v12i1.877 fatcat:3helqd67iff65ij3ds4yvibnuu

Bayesian Estimation of the Parameters of Two-Component Mixture of Rayleigh Distribution under Doubly Censoring

Tahassum N Sindhu, Navid Feroze, Muhammad Aslam
2014 Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods  
The Bayes estimation of the parameters of mixture of two Rayleigh distributions (MTRD) is developed under doubly censoring.  ...  Recently, the Bayesian analysis of the two-component mixture of lifetime models under singly type I censored samples was discussed.  ...  Fernandez (2000) investigated maximum likelihood prediction based on type II doubly censored exponential data.  ... 
doi:10.22237/jmasm/1414815180 fatcat:cnkdse4ovrecxpqpqe6j4pdz54

The Mixture of the Marshall–Olkin Extended Weibull Distribution under Type-II Censoring and Different Loss Functions

Refah Alotaibi, Mervat Khalifa, Lamya A. Baharith, Sanku Dey, H. Rezk, Andriette Bekker
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
This paper considers a mixture of the Marshall–Olkin extended Weibull distribution for efficient modeling of failure, survival, and COVID-19 data under classical and Bayesian perspectives based on type-II  ...  censored data.  ...  Based on Type-II Censoring.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/6654101 fatcat:hn7dowpo2nd6jofcxhwxmz2xqa

A Likelihood Ratio Statistic for Testing Goodness of Fit with Randomly Censored Data

B. W. Turnbull, L. Weiss
1978 Biometrics  
Some examples are given including one on marijuana usage which needs an extension of the test to the doubly censored case.  ...  A likelihood ratio statistic is proposed for testing goodness of fit with grouped data which are subject to random right censoring.  ...  Kraemer for kindly providing the data for Example 3.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2530599 pmid:719120 fatcat:kttwqzrvpzgznejz22ncubhpwm

A New Unified Computational Approach to Intelligent Constructing Shortest-Length or Equal Tails Confidence Intervals under Parametric Uncertainty

N. A. Nechval, G. Berzins, K. N. Nechval, Zh. Tsaurkubule
2020 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation  
In detail, the Pareto distribution is discussed.  ...  A confidence interval is a range of values that gives the user a sense of how precisely a statistic estimates a parameter.  ...  The Type II censored sample may be singly censored or doubly censored, with both them 1 largest and m 2 smallest observations censored.  ... 
doi:10.26855/jamc.2020.12.012 fatcat:qtboqi7ts5ewbayidy3xpmim6e

Estimation of parameters of the 3-component mixture of Pareto distributions using type-I right censoring under Bayesian paradigm

Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Aslam, Zawar Hussain
2016 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka  
In this study, a 3-component mixture of Pareto distributions was investigated by considering the type-I right censoring scheme to obtain data from a heterogeneous population.  ...  Then, the performance of the Bayes estimators for different sample sizes and test termination times under different loss functions were examined.  ...  Feroze and Aslam (2014) presented the Bayesian estimation procedure for analysing the lifetime data under doubly censored sampling using a 2-component mixture of the Weibull distribution.  ... 
doi:10.4038/jnsfsr.v44i3.8013 fatcat:m5wvgmhb4ve7zh2nexljqy2uay

Accelerated Life Test Method for the Doubly Truncated Burr Type XII Distribution

Hua Xin, Zhifang Liu, Yuhlong Lio, Tzong-Ru Tsai
2020 Mathematics  
The proposed Bayesian estimation procedures are simple for practical use, and the obtained Bayes estimates are reliable for evaluating the reliability of lifetime products based on ALT samples.  ...  The Burr type XII (BurrXII) distribution is very flexible for modeling and has earned much attention in the past few decades.  ...  Wang [29] developed interval inference methods for estimating general lower-truncated distribution parameters based on double type II censoring samples. He et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/math8020162 fatcat:75jh35tipjezra5tmincnmql6u

Estimation for Entropy and Parameters of Generalized Bilal Distribution under Adaptive Type II Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme

Xiaolin Shi, Yimin Shi, Kuang Zhou
2021 Entropy  
In this paper, we consider the estimation of the entropy and the parameters with GB distribution based on adaptive Type-II progressive hybrid censored data.  ...  Recently, many authors focused on the estimation of entropy with different life distributions.  ...  [15] derived an estimation for the entropy function of a Rayleigh distribution based on doubly generalized Type-II hybrid censored samples.  ... 
doi:10.3390/e23020206 pmid:33567638 fatcat:oad73zcwbbhufoywfcglqqs2qy

Two-sample prediction for progressively Type-II censored Weibull lifetimes

S. Ghafouri, A. Habibi Rad, F. Yousefzadeh
2015 Communications in statistics. Simulation and computation  
Prediction on the basis of censored data has an important role in many fields. This article develops a non-Bayesian two-sample prediction based on a progressive Type-II right censoring scheme.  ...  the sth-order statistic in a future random sample (Y s ) drawn independently from the parent population, for an arbitrary progressive censoring scheme.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the referees for their careful reading and their useful comments which led to this considerably improved version.  ... 
doi:10.1080/03610918.2014.1002848 fatcat:cuwaubx6jjdrtckrfymu53wyzm

Estimation for two exponential life time models under joint multiply type-II censoring

Neha K. Gadhvi
2021 Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society  
Most of the tests used in life testing experiments are based on a single sample.  ...  In this article, we consider two exponential life time models under joint multiply type-II censoring scheme, which is a generalization of usual type-II censoring scheme, implemented on the two samples.  ...  Acknowledgements The author is thankful to the referees for their detailed comments and suggestions to improve the clarity of this paper. The author is also thankful to the editor of the journal.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s42787-021-00127-6 fatcat:xhwlto2gbjgy5cqr3q7iaezdzq
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