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2004 International journal of shape modeling  
Possible applications include texture mapping, surface fitting, arbitrary topology surface modeling, feature detection, and surface comparison.  ...  There are a variety of surface types (such as meshes and implicit surfaces) that lack a natural parameterization.  ...  These metrics can then be used for applications such as feature extraction, shape classification, and comparisons of 3D objects.  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218654304000602 fatcat:af5atjkm3zdfxbfaqcomfffkmq


2007 International journal of shape modeling  
We model the deformations of an object as isometries.  ...  The approach requires no prior knowledge about the shapes being registered or the initial alignment of the shapes. We consider surfaces that are represented by possibly incomplete triangular meshes.  ...  Ben Azouz Fig. 4 . 4 Models of teddy bears from the McGill 3D shape benchmark. Fig. 5 . 5 (b) shows the registration of model (b) with model (c).  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218654307000981 fatcat:yl24cj743rfsrfxckoeaa22rku


2009 International journal of shape modeling  
We describe a heuristic method for reconstructing a region in the plane from a noisy sample of points.  ...  Acknowledgements This work is part of the first author's M.Sc. work at IMPA. 11 The authors are partially supported by CNPq.  ...  The classical geometrical solutions for shape reconstruction from points, such as α-shapes 4 and β -skeletons, 8 work well in the absence of noise but are too sensitive to the presence of noise, because  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218654309001185 fatcat:slofr4v7u5fihozueb3ljmkzaa


2005 International journal of shape modeling  
We illustrate the power of our methods through a number of detailed studies of parameterized families of mathematical shapes.  ...  We define a metric over the space of such intervals, arriving at a continuous invariant that reflects the geometric properties of shapes.  ...  A portion of the work was done while the second author was at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany, and the third author was at Stanford University.  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218654305000761 fatcat:qdn4u3lzlbedxh7oqbqefqidzu

The role of the social dimension in life cycle engineering

Margot J. Hutchins, John W. Sutherland
2009 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
Sustainability recognizes the interdependence of ecological, social, and economic systems, and nowhere is the concept of sustainability more critical than in developing nations, whose economies rely heavily  ...  Software for life cycle assessment (LCA) is becoming increasingly effective in evaluating the potential environmental and resource impacts of design and supply chain decisions.  ...  There may also be opportunities for each of the stakeholders to have a role in guiding the values of the company (likewise, the company may help shape the values of its stakeholders).  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2009.023972 fatcat:lma45zusovf6fcfjchp5mgegce

An integrated approach to the Superplastic Forming of lightweight alloys: towards sustainable manufacturing

Fadi K. Abu Farha, Marwan K. Khraisheh
2008 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
This is carried out by a qualitative sustainability assessment of both process and material, with regard to the various elements of the comprehensive 6R approach.  ...  This paper brings to light the sustainability aspects of forming lightweight materials using the superplastic forming technique, emphasising the long-term potentials in reducing the adverse impact of the  ...  Acknowledgement The support of the US National Science Foundation, CAREER Award No. DMI-0238712, is acknowledged. An integrated approach to the Superplastic Forming of lightweight alloys  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2008.019225 fatcat:nrermxnojzclxe4ynvfxsesv7y

Optimal heat-reversible snap joints for frame-panel assembly in aluminium space frame automotive bodies

Mohammed Shalaby, Kazuhiro Saitou
2009 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
It is expected to dramatically improve the recyclability of aluminum space frame (ASF) bodies by enabling clean separation of frames and body panels.  ...  This paper presents a method for designing heat-reversible snap joints, locator-snap systems that detach non-destructively by heating a certain location of parts.  ...  The frame ( figure 8 (b) ) is made of extruded aluminum square tubes with 25 mm external sides. Figure 8 shows the FE model of the fender panel with P l , P s .  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2009.023976 fatcat:ju5xz6tcm5ahxowf3jnu67fy3m

Sustainable lightweight vehicle design: a case study of eco-material selection for body-in-white

Ahmad T. Mayyas, Abdelraoof Mayyas, Ala Qattawi, Mohammed A. Omar
2012 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
This study proposes a set of metrics for material selection that takes all sustainability aspects into consideration.  ...  The framework of LCA is constructed through a series of the Environmental Management Standards (EMS), introduced by the International Standards Organization (ISO 14000).  ...  Notes: α depends on the shape and dimensions of the panel (α = 1/2 for beam with specified length and shape and has free sectional area; α = 1 for beam with specified length and height and has free width  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2012.048586 fatcat:4ym7nibq4rdaphbjdyl7mf7gjy

An integrated methodology for assessing physical and technological life of products for reuse

Fatida Rugrungruang, Sami Kara, Hartmut Kaebernick
2009 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
However, the implementation of reuse strategies has been hindered by the requirement of reliable methodologies to assess the remaining life and reuse potential of used components.  ...  The estimation of the remaining life is problematic as the useful life of a component is affected by several causes of obsolescence. The common causes are due to physical and technological issues.  ...  Mathematical modelling of an S-shaped curve Chapter 2 has already discussed a number of S-curve mathematical models.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2009.031365 fatcat:nadte52lljbx7afnc33tsfgk2a


2007 International journal of shape modeling  
Communicated by (xxxxxxxxxx) Symbolic computation of NURBS plays an important role in many areas of NURBSbased geometric computation and design.  ...  The specific topics we consider include zero curvatures and critical curvatures of plane curves, various ruled surfaces related to space curves, and point/curve bisectors and curve/curve bisectors.  ...  and modeling.  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218654307000932 fatcat:uu7qsnsyo5d37e7mr2parzsbum

Sustainable engineering master module – insights from three cohorts of European engineering team

Bartlomiej Gladysz, Marcello Urgo, Tim Stock, Cecilia Haskins, Felix Sieckmann, Elzbieta Jarzebowska, Holger Kohl, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Tulio Tollio
2020 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
The goal of this paper is to present results and lessons learnt from three cohorts of EET.  ...  Mobility and transnational migration are current social developments among the population of the European Union.  ...  Hypotheses are first assumptions for shaping theses different domains of the business model.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2020.107130 fatcat:s4cntoxgszb4vdr3da6vozdscm

Sustainable metal working fluid systems: best and common practices for metal working fluid maintenance and system design in Swedish industry

Martin Kurdve, Lorenzo Daghini
2012 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
through means of monitoring and system design.  ...  The article gives examples of how these recommendations translate into practical design features and requirements of monitoring, and maybe of interest for professionals and researchers working with machining  ...  Acknowledgements The work presented here was carried out within the project 'Analysis and Optimisation of Future Metal Working Fluids' financed by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2012.048582 fatcat:tnt4jnmx75cavnyf7cnijdtjwi

A review of surface integrity in machining and its impact on functional performance and life of machined products

R. M'Saoubi;, J.C. Outeiro, H. Chandrasekaran, O.W. Dillon Jr., I.S. Jawahir
2008 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
A summary of past and current modelling efforts is then presented along with projections for developing predictive models for SI and means for enhancing product sustainability in terms of its functional  ...  This paper presents an overview of the past research on Surface Integrity (SI) studies in the context of machined components from a range of work materials including stainless steels, Ni and Ti alloys,  ...  He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP) and a member of ASME, NAMRI/SME.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2008.019234 fatcat:bpoqj5at6ngf5akhmo5iphuhda

Integration of morphological analysis theory and artificial neural network approach for sustainable product design: a case study of portable vacuum cleaner

Mohd Fahrul Hassan, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman, Safian Sharif, Badrul Omar
2012 International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)  
However, proposed approaches are lacking in terms of sustainability aspects and difficulty in selecting the most sustainable product assembly model at the end of the methodologies.  ...  As a result from the case study, the most sustainable of new portable vacuum cleaner models can be systematically selected. M.F. Hassan et al.  ...  The 3D CAD models were drawn as same as the actual product; dimension and shape to avoid wrong assumptions about the mass of each component because the mass was used for component's detail in concept generation  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsm.2012.048585 fatcat:yb3zgipyefb2xhu25s7cw5cz24

Topic Modeling: How and Why to Use in Management Research

José Eduardo Storopoli
2019 Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia  
Second, I illustrate how to do topic modeling by applying topic modeling in an analysis of the last five years of published research in this journal: the Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management (  ...  Theoretical/methodological Contributions: I present the state of the art of the literature published in IJSM and also show how the reader can perform their own topic modeling.  ...  NPOs' Voice in CSR Partnership: An Exploratory Study Using Topic Modeling. International Journal of Business Communication, 00(0), 1-21.  ... 
doi:10.5585/ijsm.v18i3.14561 fatcat:ay2de63xfzafrikxfd3o2s3x6m
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