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A Methodology for Assessing Procedural Security: A Case Study in E-Voting

Komminist Weldemariam, Adolfo Villafiorita
2008 International Conference on Electronic Voting  
This paper presents a methodology for procedural security analysis in order to analyze and eventually tryt o make elections more secure.  ...  This paper presents the approach and demonstrates with an example taken from the e-Voting procedures enacted within the ProVotE project, current trial of the Italian legislation.  ...  serve both as the basis for the deployment of the solution and for the definition of the laws that will govern the electronic election.  ... 
dblp:conf/ev/WeldemariamV08 fatcat:nehts6f5cjftpoeepblidabkma

Proving the monotonicity criterion for a plurality vote-counting program as a step towards verified vote-counting

Rajeev Gore, Thomas Meumann
2014 2014 6th International Conference on Electronic Voting: Verifying the Vote (EVOTE)  
Specifically, we give an ML implementation of a votecounting program for plurality voting; we give an encoding of this program into the higher-order logic of the HOL4 theorem prover; we give an encoding  ...  We show how modern interactive verification tools can be used to prove complex properties of vote-counting software.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT We thank Jeremy Dawson for his guidance in the use of the HOL4 theorem prover.  ... 
doi:10.1109/evote.2014.7001138 dblp:conf/ev/GoreM14 fatcat:l6yrawg7mbc57k6scxwpyqdidm

Pressing the button for European elections: verifiable e-voting and public attitudes toward internet voting in Greece

Alex Delis, Konstantina Gavatha, Aggelos Kiayias, Charalampos Koutalakis, Elias Nikolakopoulos, Lampros Paschos, Mema Rousopoulou, Georgios Sotirellis, Panos Stathopoulos, Pavlos Vasilopoulos, Thomas Zacharias†, Bingsheng Zhang
2014 2014 6th International Conference on Electronic Voting: Verifying the Vote (EVOTE)  
During the experiment, which took place on May 25th 2014, 747 people voted with our system in special voting stations that were placed outside two main polling places in Athens, Greece.  ...  We present the initial set of findings from a pilot experiment that used an Internet-based end-toend verifiable e-voting system and was held during the European Elections 2014 in Athens, Greece.  ...  to trust the implementation of an electronic voting for general elections.  ... 
doi:10.1109/evote.2014.7001141 dblp:conf/ev/DelisGKKNPRSSVZZ14 fatcat:2fxb6wogujcgpjb3gr35qdpqzq

Blockchain-Based Electronic Voting System for Elections in Turkey [article]

Rumeysa Bulut, Alperen Kantarcı, Safa Keskin, Şerif Bahtiyar
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Lastly, the waiting time for results decreased significantly in the proposed Blockchain voting system.  ...  They are not fully secure since it is easy to attack votes. It threatens also privacy and transparency of voters. Additionally, it takes too much time to count the votes.  ...  Electronic voting was used in elections of Austrian Federation of Students in 2009 [2] and in some elections in Switzerland [3] .  ... 
arXiv:1911.09903v1 fatcat:qcwwmy5r2ra65bln2bds725iz4

Vote casting device with VV-SV-PAT for elections with complicated ballot papers

Melanie Volkamer, Jurlind Budurushi, Denise Demirel
2011 2011 International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Electronic Voting Systems  
As none of the existing electronic voting systems seem to be feasible for this kind of election we propose a new approach in this paper.  ...  Some ballots such as those for local elections in Germany contain more than 500 candidates, allow for more than 70 votes and the system allows voters to perform cumulative voting, vote splitting and crossing  ...  The authors would like to thank Richard Frankland for proof reading the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/revote.2011.6045910 dblp:conf/re/VolkamerBD11 fatcat:cfqniyrxb5ditichtwkwvim3bq

A Document Analysis System for Supporting Electronic Voting Research

Daniel Lopresti, George Nagy, Elisa Barney Smith
2008 2008 The Eighth IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems  
As a result of well-publicized security concerns with direct recording electronic (DRE) voting, there is a growing call for systems that employ some form of paper artifact to provide a verifiable physical  ...  Issues in Electronic Voting Research The system we are building consists of a number of software components for supporting voting research centered around paper ballots.  ...  Left: interpreted as a vote for Clinton 15% of the time and a vote for Giuliani 2% of the time. Right: interpreted as a vote for Clinton 10% of the time and a vote for Giuliani 12% of the time.  ... 
doi:10.1109/das.2008.75 dblp:conf/das/LoprestiNS08 fatcat:uavzerws6nevxnslk462ldqfxm

Ballot stuffing in a postal voting system

Veronique Cortier, Jeremie Detrey, Pierrick Gaudry, Frederic Sur, Emmanuel Thome, Mathieu Turuani, Paul Zimmermann
2011 2011 International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Electronic Voting Systems  
A fixed postal voting system has been quickly proposed by Tagg Informatique in collaboration with the CNRS, preventing this attack for the next elections.  ...  We review a postal voting system used in spring 2011 by the French research institute CNRS and designed by a French company (Tagg Informatique).  ...  We also thank the election group (Organisation des élections) at CNRS for their reactivity and their willingness to understand, test, and correct the flaws in the voting system in use.  ... 
doi:10.1109/revote.2011.6045913 dblp:conf/re/CortierDGSTTZ11 fatcat:oft6bcnqxjas3djev7iiedo4jq

Electronic Elections: Trust Through Engineering

Carsten Schürmann
2009 2009 First International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for e-Voting Systems  
In particular, we propose a technique of trace emitting computations to record the individual steps of an electronic voting machine for a posteriori validation on an acceptably small trusted computing  ...  Electronic voting technology is a two edged sword. It comes with many risks but brings also many benefits.  ...  Acknowledgments: I would like to thank the two students who implemented a prototype of the electronic voting machine, Erik Cederstrand and Kenneth Sjøholm and the two other students who helped me conduct  ... 
doi:10.1109/re-vote.2009.4 dblp:conf/re/Schurmann09 fatcat:w4c3x43h7bckpitrunb3l4bebq

Just like paper and the 3-colour protocol: A voting interface requirements engineering case study

J Paul Gibson, Damien MacNamara, Ken Oakley
2011 2011 International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Electronic Voting Systems  
We report on the development of a novel electronic vote machine interface, with emphasis on the requirements engineering process.  ...  done using a traditional paper vote.  ...  A final issue arose from minor problems with the electronic pen -it was not 100% reliable and for a small number of votes (around 2%) there was inconsistency between the electronic and paper ballots.  ... 
doi:10.1109/revote.2011.6045917 dblp:conf/re/GibsonMO11 fatcat:5oanvrehp5hm3hkzugzbcnblpa

Modint: A Compact Modular Arithmetic Java Class Library for Cellular Phones, and its Application to Secure Electronic Voting [chapter]

Hiroaki Kikuchi, Junji Nakazato
2004 Security and Protection in Information Processing Systems  
ModI nt is a compact Java d ass designed for the arbit ra ry-precision modular arith metic operations used in secure cry ptogra phica l applications , including auctions and elect ronic voting.  ...  In this paper, we present a new electronic voting system using th e ModInt libr ary, in which vot ers have their ballots encry pted with th e public key of a trusted agent an d cas t them to an untrusted  ...  Electronic voting is also a prime example of a function suitable for a Java-enabled cellular phone.  ... 
doi:10.1007/1-4020-8143-x_12 dblp:conf/sec/KikuchiN04 fatcat:5467y6eq2ratxpp5zzkkmwix4a

Focus group views on Prêt à Voter 1.0

Steve Schneider, Morgan Llewellyn, Chris Culnane, James Heather, Sriramkrishnan Srinivasan, Zhe Xia
2011 2011 International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Electronic Voting Systems  
We are also grateful to Jeremy Clark and to Richard Carback for useful discussions on issues around this work.  ...  The focus groups were run by Surrey Social and Market Research, and we are grateful to them for their comments on the discussion guide.  ...  Trust in computer systems Attitudes to trust in computer systems generally will naturally be a factor in voters' trust in an electronic voting system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/revote.2011.6045916 dblp:conf/re/SchneiderLCHSX11 fatcat:ithmqxwmmfcwxcsncrpnxltqq4

Side-channels and eVoting machine security: Identifying vulnerabilities and defining requirements

Richard Frankland, Denise Demirel, Jurlind Budurushi, Melanie Volkamer
2011 2011 International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Electronic Voting Systems  
These have serious implications for voter secrecy. An attack based on electromagnetic leakage from Nedap voting machines has demonstrated that this type of leakage is a relevant issue within eVoting.  ...  As side-channel leakage is also not sufficiently addressed in the many available requirement documents for eVoting systems, we also define requirements for side-channels within the scope of eVoting machine  ...  internal electronic storage medium.  ... 
doi:10.1109/revote.2011.6045914 dblp:conf/re/FranklandDBV11 fatcat:qnjxwc3b5rf6jndpgsfuy3wk2e

Analysis Cryptographic for Electronic Votes in Systems of Distributed Architectures

2018 2018 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering (ICCSIE 2018)   unpublished
voting systems, so that the voter carries out the action of paying and this vote is keep intact and transparent for the system and for the general public, achieving high reliability and integrity of the  ...  It was determined the operation of the Smartmatic that allows to identify the methods when making the electronic votes around the world, each of these systems implements an exclusive security for their  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thanks to Universidad Politécnica Salesiana del Ecuador, to the research group of the Guayaquil Headquarters "Computing, Security and Information Technology for a Globalized  ... 
doi:10.23977/iccsie.2018.1024 fatcat:qxels3tnb5c5xdb5zloelns2ri

Authentication of Voters using the Domain Driven Design (DDD) Architecture for Electronic Voting Systems

Md. Abdul Based, Md. Mahabub Al Hasan, Md. Mazidul Islam
2017 Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Networks and Communication Technology (CNCT 2016)   unpublished
Thus, the electronic voting systems are becoming more demanding to overcome these flaws of paper-based voting schemes.  ...  Therefore, electronic voting systems need to provide a transparent and trusted authentication process.  ...  Introduction Electronic voting (e-voting) has become more popular day-by-day to overcome the flaws of existing paper-based voting schemes.  ... 
doi:10.2991/cnct-16.2017.109 fatcat:b3yexk2djjgx5bzmisognv33aq

An Integrated Platform for Tele-voting and Tele-consulting within and across European Cities: The EURO-CITI Project [chapter]

Efhimios Tambouris
Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
voting results and extract statistical information, etc.  ...  The platform empowers operators at local authorities to initiate a call-forvote on a local problem, to dynamically set-up secure networks of cities and initiate a call-for-vote on common problems, to monitor  ...  a common call-for-vote, to determine the eligible voters, to initiate a call-for-vote in different languages etc. • The Tele-voting Service allows citizens to vote, to request a call-for-vote, to extract  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-46138-8_57 dblp:conf/egov/Tambouris02 fatcat:esxw6ajlsnhd3mqmktb4yjo354
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