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2011 Journal for the Study of the Old Testament  
It is good to see it being made available to a wider audience via this new edition. D.W.  ...  , and the Nile, which form the shape of a ‘perfect’ swastika with its vertex just north of the Azores, where Plato puts Atlantis (p. 11).  ... 
doi:10.1177/0309089211403225 fatcat:rpsbramxjnckpedamrklpiphwa

Interactive digital photography at scale

Brian Mark Summa
Interactive editing and manipulation of digital media is a fundamental component in digital content creation.  ...  of registered images into a seamless composite.  ...  An artist can interactively place a copy of Atlanta under shallow water and recreate the lost city of Atlantis. Data courtesy of the U.S.  ... 
doi:10.26053/0h-cpt7-rmg0 fatcat:c23yfnpypzc7liurygag7xay4a

Turning to Myth: The Soviet School Film Growing Up [chapter]

Hanna Paulouskaya
2021 Our Mythical Hope. The Ancient Myths as Medicine for the Hardships of Life in Children's and Young Adults' Culture  
the fact that "[v]ery few, if any, of us are able to see all of our hopes fulfilled".  ...  There you will find also an in-depth interpretation of the passage.  ...  Eliot, T.S. 37, 671, 679, 681, 713 Elizabeth I, queen of England 624 Elliott, Henry Wood 617, 618, 621, 622, 624, 626  ... 
doi:10.31338/uw.9788323552888.pp.387-412 fatcat:c3jbinfdlzeh5phk6tti4cthvm

Orphic Resonances of Love and Loss in David Almond's A Song for Ella Grey [chapter]

Owen Hodkinson
2021 Our Mythical Hope. The Ancient Myths as Medicine for the Hardships of Life in Children's and Young Adults' Culture  
[Project's website], http://omc. (accessed 15 July 2021). 30 In these sections I also make use of my reflections published in the  ...  Eliot, T.S. 37, 671, 679, 681, 713 Elizabeth I, queen of England 624 Elliott, Henry Wood 617, 618, 621, 622, 624, 626  ...  ., Selfhood and the Soul: Essays on Ancient Thought and Literature in Honour of Christopher Gill, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017, 33, 46.  ... 
doi:10.31338/uw.9788323552888.pp.645-668 fatcat:ortengt5ondvjk2cdx2lpzvcd4

The Idea of Historical Recurrence in Western Thought. From Antiquity to the Reformation

Charles Trinkaus, G. W. Trompf
1981 History and Theory  
Turnholdt edit. of S.  ...  He turned Jesus into a traveller of some consequence, engaged in something like a great missionary journey.  ...  ,iv,38-41 forms part of Luke's introduction to the healing ministry of Jesus, Acts, xxviii,7-9 represents the 'conclusion' to the healing ministry of the disciples.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2504771 fatcat:fsufojzfrnauzmob7qdszm3ose

The book of 528 - Leonard G. Horowitz

Victor Christianto
2020 Figshare  
Acknowledgment Jonathan Goldman deserves credit for inspiring this research into the term "apolcalypse," and subsequently the Ark of the Covenant from which these revelations emerged. 76 320 CCCLXI I I  ...  This simple thesis is solidly evidenced by science. For instance, Utea's work observes the interaction of light and sound based on the interaction of electrons with-sound.  ...  These are universal polarities sourcing from the Master Matrix made musically from simple math.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12423743.v1 fatcat:gemlykrhv5anpf37uxoqhuulky

JSE 26:1 Spring 2012 WHOLE ISSUE

Stephen Braude
2012 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
Acknowledgments This study is, in a sense, a trial of the completion of the 140-year-ol d unfi nished papers of Sir William Crookes.  ...  I would like to thank the reviewers and the editors of the Journal of Scientifi c Exploration for their constructive advice on ways to clarify any scientifi c ambiguities for acceptance of this paper during  ...  acute massive heart attack, and was brought in unconscious and cyanotic.  ... 
doaj:3805408e554848a49b405898fcbb33b4 fatcat:ikghsg76m5c6lcztp2r3ynbnri


Kylie Peppler, Brigid Barron, David Buckingham, Cathy Davidson, Drew Davidson, Joellen Fisherkeller, David Goldberg, Mike Hawkins, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Mitchel Resnick, Connie Yowell, Donelle Blubaugh (+12 others)
2013 unpublished
I owe an immense amount of thanks to: Michael Downton, for spearheading the literature review on the impact of new technologies on music learning as well as much of the work editing the final draft of  ...  In addition, we hosted a workshop on the topic of Interest-Driven Arts Learning in a Digital Age through the generous support of The Wallace Foundation.  ...  In turn, the dancers can control music interactively through their gestures.  ... 

Instrumental Indians: John Dewey and the Problem of the Frontier for Democracy in Indigenous Education, 1884-1959 [article]

Matthew Villeneuve, University, My
by a vocabulary of savagery, the ideology of the vanishing Indian, and Frederick J.  ...  Contrary to this body of scholarship, this dissertation is an intellectual history that examines the philosophy of John Dewey through the lens of Indigenous history.  ...  Dewey made this point about the tension between pure imagination and cultural limitations in the nature of play, ironically, by making reference to Indians: "The play of imagery therefore has certain limits  ... 
doi:10.7302/2968 fatcat:kphomd4x2ncpzdkkzohj6tx56e

Theorizing economic Japanification in the post-2008 conjuncture

Brandon Takayuki Hillier
Secondly, Japan provides insight into the future institutional composition of the western political economic contexts it is invoked in; it reveals frictions in present systems of accumulation and their  ...  Now, as its economic miracle transitions into prolonged stagnation, Japan provides a cautionary tale and model for what (not) to do when faced with the prospect of decline.  ...  of interaction.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0402598 fatcat:ykjaevg7mvflzowbb4oz6zgjxm

ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Silencing Polo: Controversial Music in Post-Socialist Poland

Renata Pasternak-Mazur, Renata Pasternak-Mazur, Andrew Kirkman
2017 unpublished
of mutual and ongoing interaction with dominant groups.  ...  But later the people turned aside from the Lord their GOD, and made themselves craven images, and bowed down (…).  ...  of Gabriel Fauré (with which Rutter's Requiem has been compared unfavorably, however); and at the same section of the Benjamin Britten War Requiem.  ... 

The Fate of Invention in Late 19th Century French Literature

Ana Ilinica Oancea
Studying the figure of the inventor allows us to gain insight into fundamental 19th century French anxieties over the nation's progress in science and technology, its national identity, and international  ...  Chapter 1 focuses on the works of Jules Verne, elaborating a portrait of the inventor as he appears in the series of the Voyages Extraordinaires.  ...  Francis Bacon's New Atlantis (1627) proposes an early example of such a utopian society, the House of Salomon, in which the study of science is strongly supported by the government and where, in turn,  ... 
doi:10.7916/d86t0k97 fatcat:fmptes2qxzgxdipkrfn6rxcjh4

Jahrbuch für Antisemitismusforschung [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, Technische Universität Berlin, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Werner Bergmann, Marcus Funck, Dilek Güven, Juliane Wetzel, Adina Stern
Turned into a monstrous image, she is made to absorb immense losses. e life of the émigrés, "consumed by homelessness," as Marschalkó writes -their disintegrating bodies in "foreign soil" -is a nal loss  ...  up", says the title of this article. e past is an "Atlantis calling us", says another one -it is just emerging from the depth of alienation and amnesia. e present is a moment of sudden insight into the  ...  into account how they may work together to create cultural trends and beliefs and to predispose populations to bigotry and perhaps worse. 111 astly, I also understand why some may recoil at the suggestion  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-12542 fatcat:tbgtx6pxk5dx7fllv3k3zj25pq

Weight-related stigma in online spaces: challenges, responses and opportunities for change

Marissa Louise Dickins
The issue of adiposity is one of the most salient health issues within our society today.  ...  Because the medium of the internet is incredibly vast, however, the field of inquiry relevant to this thesis has been narrowed to that of weblogs (or 'blogs').  ...  edited within the process of creating the poster.  ... 
doi:10.4225/03/58b501e75d558 fatcat:a3w46iahird3bmzqlu4zvbicsu

The necessity of inspiration and the crisis of modern political communication

Alexandra Elizabeth Hoerl
My dissertation seeks to fully recover one of the most important elements of republicanism--and yet an element of republicanism that is overlooked in most of the literature--persuasive political rhetoric  ...  Finally, I create a multi-level model of political communication that incorporates rhetoric-as-movere and the republican ethos of civic education as well as certain aspects of deliberative democratic theory  ...  538 This concept of the "package of persuasion" is very important.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t31v5f9b fatcat:uk5fhbczwvdmvfiokqsrryym7a