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Survival analysis of recurrent events on prostate cancer: facts from cancer genome

Farhin Rahman, Munni Begum
2018 Journal of Statistical Research  
In particular, we consider Andersen-Gill (A-G), Wei-Lin-Weissfeld (WLW), Prentice-Williams-Peterson Total Time (PWP-TT), Prentice-Williams-Peterson Gap Time (PWPGT) and Frailty models.  ...  We present and discuss the risk factors influencing the recurrence of tumors and their impacts in prostate cancer patients obtained from five commonly used models in this paper.  ...  model-provides a means of analyzing data with multiple event times (Amorim and Cai, 2015) , Accelerated Failure Time model-regresses the logarithm of the survival time over the factors (Wei and Glidden  ... 
doi:10.47302/jsr.2017510204 fatcat:nanm3bejufbjlfhh4i65hercmq

Cytosolic Self-DNA—A Potential Source of Chronic Inflammation in Aging

Mansour Akbari, Daryl P. Shanley, Vilhelm A. Bohr, Lene Juel Rasmussen
2021 Cells  
Here, we hypothesize that the stochastic release of various forms of DNA from the nucleus and mitochondria, e.g., because of DNA damage, altered nucleus integrity, and mitochondrial damage, can result  ...  Proper techniques and experimental models are available to investigate this axis to develop therapeutic interventions.  ...  Modelling at any level needs data for developing the model and importantly independent data to validate predictions made.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cells10123544 pmid:34944052 pmcid:PMC8700131 fatcat:po5pvzk3qnbpnal5pryqvlhqra

Systems biology of ageing and longevity

T. B. L. Kirkwood
2010 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
The systems biology approach combines (i) data-driven modelling, often using the large volumes of data generated by functional genomics technologies, and (ii) hypothesis-driven experimental studies to  ...  Ageing is intrinsically complex, being driven by multiple causal mechanisms.  ...  Firstly, biology itself has become much more of an informational science, as a result of the development of genomic (based on advances in gene sequence and expression data) and post-genomic (based on advances  ... 
doi:10.1098/rstb.2010.0275 pmid:21115531 pmcid:PMC3001307 fatcat:ecxsi3glcbbhzlvuwpu77ruea4

Oxidative stress, genomic features and DNA repair in frail elderly: A systematic review

María Sánchez-Flores, Diego Marcos-Pérez, Solange Costa, João Paulo Teixeira, Stefano Bonassi, Eduardo Pásaro, Blanca Laffon, Vanessa Valdiglesias
2017 Ageing Research Reviews  
Frailty is an emerging geriatric syndrome characterized by higher vulnerability to stressors, with an increased risk of adverse health outcomes such as mortality, morbidity, disability, hospitalization  ...  Variations of oxidative stress biomarkers were often associated to frailty status in older people. On the contrary, genomic instability seems not to be linked to frailty.  ...  The authors performed a genome-wide linkage analysis and fine-scaled association mapping of linkage regions, using the FI (34 deficits) as a quantitative measure of frailty in a population of 320 older  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.arr.2017.05.001 pmid:28487242 fatcat:m45kazb43fg2vgl64imj2mxrq4

Redefining Aging in HIV Infection Using Phenotypes

David M. Stoff, Karl Goodkin, Dilip Jeste, Maria Marquine
2017 Current HIV/AIDS Reports  
., disability, frailty, accelerated aging, successful aging) are also discussed in relation to comorbid aging and cognitive aging.  ...  We adopt a phenotypic redefinition of aging conceptualized within a broader context of HIV infection and of aging.  ...  As new discoveries and pathways are identified using complex systems analysis, functional genomics, and other emerging techniques, rigorous clinical trials will be necessary to demonstrate benefit of specific  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11904-017-0364-x pmid:28933001 pmcid:PMC5614907 fatcat:ytf5drtetzcpjjyri2dnfxg4fy

Biology of premature ageing in survivors of cancer

Margaret C Cupit-Link, James L Kirkland, Kirsten K Ness, Gregory T Armstrong, Tamar Tchkonia, Nathan K LeBrasseur, Saro H Armenian, Kathryn J Ruddy, Shahrukh K Hashmi
2017 ESMO Open  
Survivors have an earlier onset and higher incidence of chronic comorbidities, including endocrinopathies, cardiac dysfunction, osteoporosis, pulmonary fibrosis, secondary cancers and frailty than the  ...  We found multiple biological process of ageing at the cellular level and their association with cancer therapies, as well as with clinical effects.  ...  ageing process at an accelerated rate, leading to premature bone marrow failure.  ... 
doi:10.1136/esmoopen-2017-000250 pmid:29326844 pmcid:PMC5757468 fatcat:flr5nzg7srcwpdshq6f3mh3fxm

Quantitative measures of healthy aging and biological age

2015 Healthy Aging Research  
Although based on different numbers and types of health variables, frailty indices possess several common properties that make them useful across different studies.  ...  To facilitate the study of these factors, various descriptors of biological aging, including 'successful aging' and 'frailty', have been put forth as integrative functional measures of aging.  ...  Thus, it is considered to be more informative and productive to use the FI for an integrative genetic analysis than to use single or a small number of health variables.  ... 
doi:10.12715/har.2015.4.26 pmid:26005669 pmcid:PMC4440677 fatcat:vhl52y5vbrfthjjuz3cqobw47m

Molecular and physiological manifestations and measurement of aging in humans

Sadiya S. Khan, Benjamin D. Singer, Douglas E. Vaughan
2017 Aging Cell  
This composite biological age score could be of use to researchers seeking to characterize normal, accelerated, and exceptionally successful aging as well as to assess the effect of interventions aimed  ...  This reduction manifests as a decreased physiological reserve in response to stress (termed homeostenosis) and a time-dependent failure of complex molecular mechanisms that cumulatively create disorder  ...  The funding sources did not have any role in the preparation of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1111/acel.12601 pmid:28544158 pmcid:PMC5506433 fatcat:2jxpr4gbljanvhegahjsa5kbxm

Frailty modeling of age-incidence curves of osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma among individuals younger than 40 years

Morten Valberg, Tom Grotmol, Steinar Tretli, Marit B. Veierød, Susan S. Devesa, Odd O. Aalen
2012 Statistics in Medicine  
Hougaard introduced a multiplicative frailty model, where the frailty of an individual was the product of two independent frailties [11] .  ...  The contribution of paper 1 is the modification of the Armitage-Doll model with random frailty, to account for an accelerated biological process in the host tissue of the cancer, at some point in time.  ... 
doi:10.1002/sim.5441 pmid:22744906 pmcid:PMC4052707 fatcat:plytgcfa4vawhmlqsobrpwvvm4

Review of statistical methods for survival analysis using genomic data

Seungyeoun Lee, Heeju Lim
2019 Genomics & Informatics  
model with high-dimensional genomic data.  ...  Only the occurrence of either time to event or censoring time is observed. Many traditional statistical methods have been effectively used for analyzing survival data with censored observations.  ...  A variety of parametric approaches are also available under the assumed survival distributions, such as an accelerated failure time (AFT) model.  ... 
doi:10.5808/gi.2019.17.4.e41 pmid:31896241 pmcid:PMC6944043 fatcat:dw7rubh7v5a3hcgptsyqnydk6a

A public health perspective of aging: do hyper-inflammatory syndromes such as COVID-19, SARS, ARDS, cytokine storm syndrome, and post-ICU syndrome accelerate short- and long-term inflammaging?

Arsun Bektas, Shepherd H. Schurman, Claudio Franceschi, Luigi Ferrucci
2020 Immunity & Ageing  
The short-and long-term sequalae following recovery from each of these conditions suggests that these syndromes lead to an accelerated state of chronic subclinical systemic inflammation often seen in aging  ...  (termed inflammaging) resulting in increased and worsening age-related conditions including frailty even in younger individuals.  ...  Using this set of data, it should also be possible to test the hypothesis that COVID-19 infection, similar to other types of severe infection, leads to accelerated biological aging and its consequences  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12979-020-00196-8 pmid:32849908 pmcid:PMC7443812 fatcat:xutf6lgkbrbdva3mz3xctw2vni

Taming the Unknown Unknowns in Complex Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Modeling, Analysis and Control of Complex (Biological) Collectives

Paul Bogdan
2019 Frontiers in Physiology  
All in all, the modeling, analysis and control of complex biological collective systems requires a deeper understanding of the multifractal properties of high dimensional heterogeneous and noisy data streams  ...  Despite significant effort on understanding complex biological systems, we lack a unified theory for modeling, inference, analysis, and efficient control of their dynamics in uncertain environments.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author thanks the reviewers for the extremely insightful comments and feedback on the initial version of this work, which contributed to the significant improvement of the manuscript  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphys.2019.01452 pmid:31849703 pmcid:PMC6903773 fatcat:taygxh3v5rhonbkhbzz5vhuxw4

The physical frailty syndrome as a transition from homeostatic symphony to cacophony

Linda P. Fried, Alan A. Cohen, Qian-Li Xue, Jeremy Walston, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Ravi Varadhan
2021 Nature Aging  
We focus on integrating the converging evidence on the conceptualization of physical frailty as a state, largely independent of chronic diseases, that emerges when the dysregulation of multiple interconnected  ...  Frailty in aging marks a state of decreased reserves resulting in increased vulnerability to adverse outcomes when exposed to stressors.  ...  ) and the frailty-focused Johns Hopkins University Claude D.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s43587-020-00017-z pmid:34476409 pmcid:PMC8409463 fatcat:k2vtrszwwndgdp4qybefwhc34m

Age-Related DNA Methylation Changes: Potential Impact on Skeletal Muscle Aging in Humans

Noémie Gensous, Maria Giulia Bacalini, Claudio Franceschi, Carel G. M. Meskers, Andrea B. Maier, Paolo Garagnani
2019 Frontiers in Physiology  
Sarcopenia is associated with detrimental clinical outcomes, such as a reduced quality of life, frailty, an increased risk of falls, fractures, hospitalization, and mortality.  ...  We will consider the possible use of the recently developed DNA methylation-based biomarkers of aging called epigenetic clocks in the assessment of physical performance in older individuals.  ...  aging and physical functioning have been carried out on whole blood samples, comprised of multiple cell types.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphys.2019.00996 pmid:31427991 pmcid:PMC6688482 fatcat:uobfwjqkyjakbptiv43rmvpwbi

Identification of 12 genetic loci associated with human healthspan [article]

Aleksandr Zenin, Yakov Tsepilov, Sodbo Sharapov, Evgeny Getmantsev, Leonid Menshikov, Peter Fedichev, Yurii Aulchenko
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Using the UKB sub-population of 300,447 genetically Caucasian, British individuals as a discovery cohort, we identified 12 loci associated with healthspan and reaching the whole-genome level of significance  ...  the end of healthspan of an individual depending on their age, gender, and the genetic background.  ...  provide an insight on the genetic architecture of exceptional life-and health-spans by use Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS).  ... 
doi:10.1101/300889 fatcat:6wi2mvn6xzaexhnvag5led65si
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