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2016 Applied Computer Science  
One of the most important issues in product planning is to identify customer needs and combine them with product technical and trade characteristics.  ...  The Quality Function Deployment method was suggested to be applied as a product and production process data integration tool, where engineering characteristics of a product are combined with its trade  ...  A customer defined main product requirements which were divided into categories according to Kano's model.  ... 
doaj:177071a053dc411bb9558f97bfb5ccdc fatcat:kouycjxbszeq3dirj47xiznmoe

Adaptive Concept Map Approach for Software Requirements Validation

Ahmed A. Ahmed, Faculty of computers and information, Helwan University, Egypt, Ayman E. Khedr, Sherif A. Kholeif, Faculty of computers and information, Helwan University, Egypt, Faculty of computers and information, Helwan University, Egypt
2019 Future Computing and Informatics Journal  
There are some commonly used bases to validate user requirements such as: Natural language, Design description languages, Graphical notations and Mathematical specification languages.  ...  Requirements validation is one of the most significant and critical parts of the requirements engineering.  ...  Kano's model enables one to explore the components of product or service quality that affect customer satisfaction, the characteristics of the product or service have a major role in the degree of customer  ... 
doi:10.54623/fue.fcij.4.1.4 fatcat:ikp5ha6cfbhsnaopmjb4lxmsjy

A hybrid Kano-fuzzy AHP method for measuring customer satisfaction: A case study of transportation system

Mohammad Hemati, Fozieh Ghorbanian
2011 Management Science Letters  
In this paper, we present an empirical method based on an integrated Kano and fuzzy analytical hierarchy procedure to rank suitable alternatives.  ...  An increase competition on today's economy has created motivation for many organizations to look for different alternatives on better serving the customers.  ...  Li et al. (2009) presented an integrated method of rough set, Kano's model and AHP for rating customer requirements' final importance.  ... 
doi:10.5267/j.msl.2010.04.003 fatcat:abn4m3fbyfcvbedkcjmoutfsxu

A comparative Kano analysis on customer satisfaction based on customer and employment perspectives

Sakineh Noorinasab, Mohammad Hemati
2012 Management Science Letters  
The study determines 25 different attributes, categorizes them in three different groups based on Kano model, and ranks them in terms of customers and employees' perspective.  ...  We implement the proposed model of this paper for one of Iranian banks called Bank Melli Iran.  ...  We are also grateful for the comments made on earlier version of this paper, which made it more comprehensive.  ... 
doi:10.5267/j.msl.2012.05.012 fatcat:3s45mmhtrvhctjzismymimvucy

How Kano's Performance Mediates Perceived SERVQUAL Impact on Kansei

M. Hartono
2018 2018 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)  
Recent studies on the integration of Kansei Engineering and Kano model in services show that Kano model is used to filter the performance of each service attribute regards to customer perception [see  ...  Stochastic Arrivals Based on Fuzzy Logic Eliana TORRES DUQUE, Zicheng FEI, Junfeng WANG, Shiqi LI, Yuanfang LI 1503 Analysis of Product Designs for Product Recovery Using Linear Physical Programming Aditi  ... 
doi:10.1109/ieem.2018.8607459 dblp:conf/ieem/Hartono18 fatcat:xoskhmskjrcpbbydpj355e6umu

Integrating Quantitative Techniques Into Quality Function Deployment For Determining Of Importance Weights Of Customer Requirements In The Design Of A Baby Diaper

2021 Academic Platform Journal of Engineering and Science  
In this study, an approach integrating the Kano model into the planning matrix of QFD using Fuzzy logic, was proposed.  ...  Quality Function Deployment (QFD) has turned out to be a key methodology to design products by getting the voice of the customer in the first place, as well as converting the customer's voice into product  ...  of Kano model into QFD Since Kano model is helpful for explaining the relationship between the degree of satisfaction and the fulfillment of customer requirements, integrating the Kano model into the  ... 
doi:10.21541/apjes.896648 fatcat:g3bfaxz5zvdeboalmmqohcd2bm

Customization design method for complex product systems based on a meta-model

Rong Li, Haizhu Zhang, Shengfeng Qin, Guofu Ding, Xin Han
2019 Advances in Mechanical Engineering  
based on knowledge accumulation in the field of customization design.  ...  configuration design on different layers and variant design for generating new products.  ...  Based on the product-pedigree and meta-model, we propose a rapid customization design technology for CoPS based on configuration design and variants.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1687814019882207 fatcat:ksqc3yalwrgbfc5l5yrqv2mgue

Product Module Attribute Parameter Configuration Model considering Customer Requirements Preferences

Yang Qin, Ye Zhaofa, Li Xuzheng, Zhang Zufang, Chang Weijie, Ruan Sheng, Mahmoud Mesbah
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In the process of modular product configuration, it is necessary to transform customer requirements into product module attributes (PMA) parameters.  ...  By integrating the weights of the above-mentioned nodes, the similarity of the product case is obtained, and a more satisfied case of the customer is obtained.  ...  In order to obtain configuration schemes of products, designers need to use scientific analysis methods to transform customer requirements into product model parameters, because the requirements of products  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/6632057 fatcat:ra62g2vmc5ca3fwleihdwvyy5u

Design and Application of New Quality Improvement Model: Kano Lean Six Sigma for Software Maintenance Project

G. ArunKumar, R. Dillibabu
2015 The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering  
KLSS helps to categorize the requirements based on the nature of the defect, to eliminate the requirements of non-value processes and to implement the main functionality to meet the expectations of the  ...  customer.  ...  The product design analyzed the customer needs, and configuration index made decision factor of product configuration design.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13369-015-1933-1 fatcat:e2bcrl3bzvfbzpuutm7v66wngi

An Integrated Method to Support PSS Designwithin the Virtual Enterprise

Eugenia Marilungo, Margherita Peruzzini, Michele Germani
2015 Procedia CIRP  
In such context, this paper presents an integrated methodology to support the PSS design process into a Virtual Enterprise (VE).  ...  Furthermore, the business model items can be defined in parallel along the design process and benefit the design itself by supporting decisionmaking, according to a concurrent engineering approach.  ...  business model definition) directly into the design stage.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procir.2015.02.021 fatcat:zylfx6xvh5ekdg2ynpiu5edceu

A method for software product platform design based on features

Hamad Alsawalqah, Sungwon Kang, Danhyung Lee
2013 Proceedings of the 17th International Software Product Line Conference co-located workshops on - SPLC '13 Workshops  
It generates, validates, and evaluates alternative product platform designs while considering market concerns (e.g., customer preferences) and technical product platform concerns (e.g., decisions regarding  ...  The method targets at identifying the optimized product platform design in order to maximize the cost savings and the amount of commonality while meeting the goals and needs of the envisioned customers  ...  Consequently, and based on our cost savings model, inserting this feature into Product 1 will add extra costs on the company.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2499777.2500723 dblp:conf/splc/AlsawalqahKL13 fatcat:cty4z43tdffvhhqrvrctgqpk4u

Delivering Mass-Produced Bespoke and Appealing Products

Thomas H. C. CHILDS, Kenneth W. DALGARNO, Alison MCKAY
2005 Proceedings of International Conference on Leading Edge Manufacturing in 21st century LEM21  
The challenge for leading edge manufacture is to create new product opportunities through integration of and new developments in technologM systems and design.  ...  Affective (kansei) engineering design offers approaches that can be used to bring the emotional responses of consumers into the design process.  ...  The system allows users to express preferences for sample frame designs and, based on a model of the user 's face, generates new designs that home in on a design that the user scores as being acceptable  ... 
doi:10.1299/jsmelem.2005.1.11 fatcat:a6eq5yurjbgt3p3ycwaem6uwgq

Application of Revised Importance–Performance Analysis to Investigate Critical Service Quality of Hotel Online Booking

Rong-Chang Jou, Yeong-Jia Day
2021 Sustainability  
The classification of the factors was based on the explicit importance, while the implicit importance was measured with the relationship of satisfaction by using the ordered probit model.  ...  This study integrates the three-factor theory and Importance–Performance Analysis (IPA) into a three-dimensional importance–performance analysis (3-D IPA) approach to identify the critical service quality  ...  [54] proposed Kano's two-dimension quality model, which divides quality elements into five categories: attractive quality, one-dimensional quality, must-be quality, indifferent quality, and reverse-quality  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13042043 fatcat:ss3377aijnbpzjvvh4hj622jki

Delivering Mass-Produced Bespoke and Appealing Products

Thomas HC CHILDS, Kenneth W DALGARNO, Alison MCKAY
2006 JSME international journal. Series C, Mechanical systems, machine elements and manufacturing  
The challenge for leading edge manufacture is to create new product opportunities through integration of and new developments in technology, systems and design.  ...  Affective (kansei) engineering design offers approaches that can be used to bring the emotional responses of consumers into the design process.  ...  The system allows users to express pref-erences for sample frame designs and, based on a model of the user's face, generates new designs that home in on a design that the user scores as being acceptable  ... 
doi:10.1299/jsmec.49.2 fatcat:e7oa6oeyj5hg5lpjksbe7cvari

Integrating a Voice of Customer to Create the Customer Needs Quality Function Deployment (CN-QFD) for a Sustainable New Product Development

Thanyatorn Fongsatitkul, Yasutaka Kainuma
2021 Operations and Supply Chain Management An International Journal  
Such information is required to develop the customer needs quality function deployment (CN-QFD) for creating a new sustainable one-handed lipstick packaging.  ...  Fongsatitkul & Kainuma: Integrating a VOC to Create the CN-QFD for a Sustainable New Product Development Operations and Supply Chain Management 14(4) pp. 520 -535  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The authors would like to sincerely thank all staffs and members of Kainuma Research's laboratory, Faculty of Systems Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, for their support while  ... 
doi:10.31387/oscm0470321 fatcat:2b4ufrnrtvemfmt4esrfdtiyce
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