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A branch-and-price approach for integrating nurse and surgery scheduling

Jeroen Beliën, Erik Demeulemeester
2008 European Journal of Operational Research  
First of all, we present a concrete model that integrates both the nurse and the operating room scheduling process.  ...  The operating room is considered to be the main engine and hence the main generator of variance in the hospital. The purpose of this paper is threefold.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the anonymous referees for their useful comments that have undoubtedly improved the quality of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2006.10.060 fatcat:snp2v3kjr5d4bibxuo5bejxkrq

Integrating Nurse and Surgery Scheduling

Jeroen Belien, Erik Demeulemeester
2006 Social Science Research Network  
The purpose of this paper is threefold. First of all, we present a concrete model that integrates both the nurse and the operating room scheduling process.  ...  It is our believe that integrating the operation room scheduling process with the nurse scheduling process is a simple, yet effective way to achieve considerable savings in staffing costs.  ...  Acknowledgements We acknowledge the support given to this project by the Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) -Vlaanderen, Belgium under contract number G.0463.04.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.875313 fatcat:4u2lhxuqp5f6bgcmpaacgnlfo4

Exact and heuristic methodologies for scheduling in hospitals: problems, formulations and algorithms

Jeroen Beliën
2006 4OR  
The scheduling of people and resources is a key issue in modern hospital management. Well-thought-out scheduling practices entail several financial and social benefits.  ...  Fortunately, the continuously growing computation power of PC's and the advances in database technology have opened up a treasure of opportunities to improve today's scheduling practices.  ...  Integrating different scheduling areas allocation of operating room blocks to surgeons or surgical groups in the operating room theatre.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10288-006-0006-4 fatcat:mj43yknfdzgt3gur7lgtjwdwca

Integrated Block Sharing: A Win–Win Strategy for Hospitals and Surgeons

Robert Day, Robert Garfinkel, Steven Thompson
2012 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management  
W e consider the problem of balancing two competing objectives in the pursuit of efficient management of operating rooms in a hospital: providing surgeons with predictable, reliable access to the operating  ...  The common solution to the first problem (in practice) is to grant exclusive "block time," in which a portion of the week in an operating room is designated to a particular surgeon, barring other surgeons  ...  Electronic Companion An electronic companion to this paper is available as part of the online version at msom.1110.0372.  ... 
doi:10.1287/msom.1110.0372 fatcat:eddxal3k45asrbhpqtccuchama

Robust allocation of operating rooms: A cutting plane approach to handle lognormal case durations

Guillaume Sagnol, Christoph Barner, Ralf Borndörfer, Mickaël Grima, Matthes Seeling, Claudia Spies, Klaus Wernecke
2018 European Journal of Operational Research  
The problem of allocating operating rooms (OR) to surgical cases is a challenging task, involving both combinatorial aspects and uncertainty handling.  ...  The main result of this article uses Hilbert's projective geometry to prove the convergence of this procedure under mild conditions.  ...  Acknowledgement The rst draft of this paper was prepared while the rst author was aliated with CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2018.05.022 fatcat:othiujmr7zgznmklnvsz2k4txm

Optimization and Simulation of Orthopedic Spine Surgery Cases at Mayo Clinic

Asli Ozen, Yariv Marmor, Thomas Rohleder, Hari Balasubramanian, Jeanne Huddleston, Paul Huddleston
2016 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management  
This variability along with patient preferences driving scheduling decisions resulted in both low operating room (OR) utilization and significant overtime for surgical teams at Mayo Clinic.  ...  at the time of case scheduling.  ...  Since spine surgeries tend to be long and variable, an operating room is dedicated to each surgeon on each day that he/she operates.  ... 
doi:10.1287/msom.2015.0564 fatcat:kbhvp2cpfndifmrzwisjx3eosi

Maximizing Operating Room and Recovery Room Capacity in an Era of Constrained Resources

Suzanne M. Sokal
2006 Archives of Surgery  
Hypothesis: Three parallel processing operating rooms (ORs) (concurrent induction and turnover) with a dedicated 3-bed mini-recovery room (mini-postanesthesia care unit [PACU]) will optimize patient throughput  ...  Setting: Academic medical center with 48 traditional ORs using serial induction and turnover and 1 experimental OR, the operating room of the future, with parallel processing.  ...  this article, and Kate Robertson for extraction of data from hospital databases.  ... 
doi:10.1001/archsurg.141.4.389 pmid:16618898 fatcat:k4vkambunzgmlamkqe25i3ylf4

Stochastic bi-level optimization models for efficient operating room planning

Amin Abedini, Wei Li, Honghan Ye
2018 Procedia Manufacturing  
Abstract Within a hospital, the operating room (OR) department has the largest cost and revenue.  ...  Abstract Within a hospital, the operating room (OR) department has the largest cost and revenue.  ...  We also appreciate the support from Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.promfg.2018.07.008 fatcat:ncyj4rmxifewbjtwqelv4jwhwq

Integrated Anesthesiologist and Room Scheduling for Surgeries: Methodology and Application

Sandeep Rath, Kumar Rajaram, Aman Mahajan
2017 Operations Research  
This has increased the average daily utilization of the anesthesiologists by 3.5% and of the operating rooms by 3.8%.  ...  We consider the problem of minimizing daily expected resource usage and overtime costs across multiple parallel resources such as anesthesiologists and operating rooms, which are used to conduct a variety  ...  Sopher for their generous assistance in several aspects of this work.  ... 
doi:10.1287/opre.2017.1634 fatcat:csk4uvd4pnftdadeadpsjdssva

Surgery scheduling heuristic considering OR downstream and upstream facilities and resources

Rafael Calegari, Flavio S. Fogliatto, Filipe R. Lucini, Michel J. Anzanello, Beatriz D. Schaan
2020 BMC Health Services Research  
Surgical theater (ST) operations planning is a key subject in the healthcare management literature, particularly the scheduling of procedures in operating rooms (ORs).  ...  Our proposed heuristic is particularly useful to plan the operation of STs in which resources are constrained, a situation that is common in hospital from developing countries.  ...  Authors' contributions RC contributed to study design, heuristic conception, computational programming and draft of the manuscript. BS and FF contributed to the conception and design of the study.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12913-020-05555-1 pmid:32703210 fatcat:mlmhbwasqfdfpmfwqiaeupbgwq

Collaborative Operating Room Planning and Scheduling

Vahid Roshanaei, Curtiss Luong, Dionne M. Aleman, David R. Urbach
2017 INFORMS journal on computing  
Large-scale decomposition strategies for collaborative operating room planning and scheduling Operating rooms (ORs) play a substantial role in hospital profitability, and their optimal utilization is conducive  ...  We extend traditional single-hospital operating room scheduling to a coalition of multiple collaborating hospitals in a strategic network.  ...  Generalized operating room scheduling In Chapter 8, we study the problem of a singlehospital single-specialty multi-resource constrained integrated advance-allocation scheduling; we call this problem generalized  ... 
doi:10.1287/ijoc.2017.0745 fatcat:ozz4zlau5zh5zk4scs463gwmji

Dynamic Job Assignment: A Column Generation Approach with an Application to Surgery Allocation

Troels Martin Range, Niels Christian Petersen
2016 Social Science Research Network  
The model is highly relevant in the context of patient scheduling in an operating theater. For this reason patient scheduling constitutes the storyline in the development of the model.  ...  We develop an optimization model based on column generation for the assignment of known and future jobs to agents such that the expected cost of outsourcing is minimum.  ...  Both day and surgeon are decided upon as an integral outcome of the optimization procedure.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2798618 fatcat:vcjjqqhqgvh4jkjy4xw5bxbcge

An integrated approach for scheduling health care activities in a hospital

Robert L. Burdett, Erhan Kozan
2018 European Journal of Operational Research  
Highlights A scheduling approach has been developed to optimise the usage of hospital treatment spaces. An entire hospital is describable and schedulable in one integrated approach.  ...  Abstract To effectively utilise hospital beds, operating rooms (OR) and other treatment spaces, it is necessary to precisely plan patient admissions and treatments in advance.  ...  Their scheduling objective was to maximise the number of scheduled surgeries and to balance the beds and operating room workloads.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2017.06.051 fatcat:mpbmwh324jb7rj35mauqozzefu

Multidisciplinary teamwork is an important issue to healthcare professionals

Justin Bitter, Elizabeth van Veen‐Berkx, Hein G. Gooszen, Pierre van Amelsvoort, Monica Rolfsen
2013 Team Performance Management  
Purpose -The aim of this paper is to describe the factors that contribute to understanding how collaboration improves performance in operating rooms (ORs) after introducing the concept of cross-functional  ...  OR scheduling teams.  ...  The baseline Before the operating rooms at RUNMC were reorganised in 2004, a designated surgeon in the assigned medical profession prepared the OR schedule.  ... 
doi:10.1108/tpm-11-2012-0041 fatcat:r57rnz7mijhepcmkq2jqbwd5xi

Bi-criteria appointment scheduling of patients with heterogeneous service sequences

Alireza Saremi, Payman Jula, Tarek ElMekkawy, Gary G. Wang
2015 Expert systems with applications  
The proposed method departs from existing literature by optimizing the scheduling of patients by integrating mathematical programming, simulation, and multiobjective tabu search methods to achieve our  ...  The proposed method is then applied to actual data of a case study operating department in a major Canadian hospital and promising results have been observed.  ...  It is recommended to schedule cases of a surgeon in the same room Scheduling all patients of a surgeon in a specific room will provide the opportunity of having shorter turnaround time as most equipment  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2015.01.013 fatcat:hwx6ytuuejc6bokolflcvetspq
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