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Integrated direct output current control switching converter using symmetrically-matched self-biased current sensors

Yat-Hei Lam, Suet-Chui Koon, Wing-Hung Ki, Chi-Ying Tsui
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 conference on Asia South Pacific design automation - ASP-DAC '06  
A non-inverting flyback converter using an integrated symmetrically-matched self-biased current sensor was fabricated in a 0.35µm CMOS process.  ...  It operates in pseudo-continuous conduction mode and employs a direct output current control scheme to achieve excellent line transient response.  ...  SM SELF-BIASED CURRENT SENSOR A symmetrically-matched (SM) self-biased voltage mirror current sensor (Fig.3) [3, 4] is employed in the design.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1118299.1118327 fatcat:fqrcehpbabdk5fkbyxjwmfzf7y

Linearized differential current sensor in low-voltage CMOS

Neil Naudé, Saurabh Sinha
2017 Microelectronics international  
Purpose -This work improves upon the linearity of integrated CMOS current sensors used in switch mode power supply topologies, using a low cost and low voltage (less than 1.2 V) CMOS technology node.  ...  Improved sensor accuracy contributes to efficiency in switched supplies by reducing measurement errors when it is integrated with closed-loop control.  ...  In integrated switched mode boost-buck power supplies with closed loop control, efficiency is determined by device characteristics and control loop design.  ... 
doi:10.1108/mi-12-2015-0098 fatcat:6t2jfj4m7vdpnkh5npgc2wdi2q

Highly sensitive Hall magnetic sensor microsystem in CMOS technology

Z.B. Randjelovic, M. Kayal, R. Popovic, H. Blanchard
2002 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
It provides an amplification of the sensor signal with a resolution better than 30 V and a periodic offset cancellation while the output of the microsystem is available in continuous time.  ...  A highly sensitive magnetic sensor microsystem based on a Hall device is presented.  ...  While the sensor is biased by a constant current source, the sensor offset voltage is directly proportional to the input sensor voltage (12) This property of the Hall sensor can be used for the sensor  ... 
doi:10.1109/4.982421 fatcat:worrpflbl5babgunnbxqs2j34a

BLDC Motors – A Survey of Topologies, Control Applications

Babu Ashokr, Mahesh Kumar B
2016 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are widely used from hard disc to hybrid electric vehicle.  ...  Machine control and drives could be optimized by applying different control techniques.  ...  Multiple outputs provide the possibility of feeding different loads simultaneously. It is used in sensors, controls and safety equipments.  ... 
doi:10.17577/ijertv5is030016 fatcat:kocovycv5fbglngac6nfvb6vny

The Kirchhoff Data Link

K. C. Smith, A. Sedra
1972 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement  
ease of signal switching.  ...  The system features buffering or impedance matching of the signal source, fundamental noise immunity to radiated and ground noise, integral power supplied along the signal lines, as well as fundamental  ...  It uses two identical FET's that are more easily matched and exhibit better thermal tracking than complementary pairs. In this circuit T2 is self-biased via R2.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tim.1972.4314018 fatcat:i4kzlaoimrfxhatzkdifk7qzbm

Temperature sensors and voltage references implemented in CMOS technology

G.C.M. Meijer, Guijie Wang, F. Fruett
2001 IEEE Sensors Journal  
His current research interests are temperature sensors, band-gap references and the study of the piezojunction effect in silicon.  ...  Furthermore, it is shown that dynamic element matching and auto-calibration can solve the problems related to mismatching of components and 1 noise.  ...  Together with the comparator and controlled switches, a charge-controlled relaxation oscillator is formed which linearly converts the voltages into periods of the oscillator output signal.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsen.2001.954835 fatcat:4bk6pdn4cnesja26z44ifsmtqi

A 2.5 nJ/bit 0.65 V Pulsed UWB Receiver in 90 nm CMOS

Fred S. Lee, Anantha P. Chandrakasan
2007 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
A noncoherent 0-16.7 Mb/s ultra-wideband (UWB) receiver using 3-5 GHz subbanded pulse-position modulation (PPM) signaling is implemented in a 90 nm CMOS process.  ...  Using duty-cycling, adjustable bandpass filters, and a relative-compare baseband, the receiver achieves 2.5 nJ/bit at 10 3 BER with 99 dBm best case sensitivity at 100 kb/s.  ...  Thus, the integrator is always set to the switching threshold at the beginning of each integration and integrates in the same direction from the self-mixer rectified output.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2007.908723 fatcat:mpaqvf6ym5eb5n4afqaldqjnxu

Practical circuitry for measurement and control problems [chapter]

Jim Williams
2013 Analog Circuit Design  
When the output voltage decays the set pin drops below V REF , causing A OUT to fall. This causes the internal comparator to switch high, biasing the oscillator and output transistor into conduction.  ...  At the next clock pulse (trace C) the flip-flop Q2 output (trace D) sets low, biasing the comparator-oscillator. This turns on the power switch (V SW pin is trace E), which pulses L1.  ...  A2's output drives the RMS/DC converter. The LT1088 based RMS/DC converter is made up of matched pairs of heaters and diodes and a control ampli- fier.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-397888-2.00035-3 fatcat:7jvlodovxjhztlnf4nvho5tuae

A Micropower Interface ASIC for a Capacitive 3-Axis Micro-Accelerometer

Matti Paavola, Mika Kamarainen, Jere A. M. Jarvinen, Mikko Saukoski, Mika Laiho, Kari A. I. Halonen
2007 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
The sensor interface consists of a front-end that converts the acceleration signal to voltage, two algorithmic ADCs, two frequency references, and a voltage, current, and temperature reference circuit.  ...  Index Terms-Capacitive sensor interface circuit, low-power circuit, microelectromechanical system (MEMS), switched-capacitor circuit, three-axis accelerometer, time multiplexing. Manuscript  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors wish to thank VTI Technologies for providing the sensor elements, together with assistance and equipment in the rate table measurements. In particular, T.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2007.908764 fatcat:nsswfcj55bayxhomcx4f5kzjei

ECCE 2020 Index

2020 2020 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)  
An Inductive Power Transfer System using Soft-Switched AC/AC Active-Clamped Half-Bridge Converter with Predictive Dead-Beat Grid Current Control [#0508] 5155 Direct Instantaneous Torque Control of  ...  Novel Boost Converter Topology with Non-Pulsating Input and Output Current [#0694] 4816 Comparative Topology and Power Loss Analysis on 48V-to-1V Direct Step-Down Non-Isolated DC-DC Switched-Mode Power  ... 
doi:10.1109/ecce44975.2020.9236355 fatcat:sbl4a4gonrf77kylohb3nbmhqa

CMOS Analog Front-End IC for Gas Sensors

Hyuntae Kim, Bertan Bakkaloglu
2011 Additional Conferences (Device Packaging, HiTEC, HiTEN, & CICMT)  
The amperometric sensor uses a potentiostat to apply constant voltage to the sensors and an I/V converter to measure current out of the sensor. The core area for the AFE is 2.65x0.95 mm 2 .  ...  The conductometric sensor uses a current driven approach for extracting conductance of the sensor depending on gas concentration.  ...  Basically, a current-steering converter is made up of an array of weighted current sources that are switched to the output by current-steering switches controlled by the input bits.  ... 
doi:10.4071/2011dpc-wp25 fatcat:k6lqrnkh3rhmdklep3w2qa3ioe

24 GHz low-power switch-channel CMOS transceiver for wireless localization

Tao Zhang, Amin Hamidian, Ran Shu, Viswanathan Subramanian
2014 International journal of microwave and wireless technologies  
Several power-saving techniques are implemented, such as switch channel and adaptive mixer biasing.  ...  The design aspects of the low-power circuit blocks and integration considerations are presented in details. The integrated transceiver has a chip area of only 2.2 mm × 1.7 mm.  ...  The VCO is self-biased as current source transistors could bring additional PN to the VCO.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1759078714001172 fatcat:glqu2i2yavczzlusaxlt7xmrwm

Integrated Smart Sensor Calibration [chapter]

Gert Van Der Horn, Johan H. Huijsing
1997 Smart Sensor Interfaces  
166 INTEGRATED SMART SENSOR CALIBRATION Conclusion  ...  The magnitude of the current is controlled by the switches of the DAC.  ...  The maximum symmetrical signal range that can be used goes from -(2'^-'-l)/2^-' to -i-(2'^--'-l)/2^"', avoiding the use of a constant (not-switching) bitstream signal.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4615-6061-6_5 fatcat:3idid4st3rbsxba7hpciul4cdq

Towards an airborne high temperature SiC inverter

Dominique Bergogne, Herve Morel, Dominique Planson, Dominique Tournier, Pascal Bevilacqua, Bruno Allard, Regis Meuret, Sebastien Vieillard, Stephane Rael, Farid MeibodyTabar
2008 Power Electronics Specialist Conference (PESC), IEEE  
Switching losses are measured using high precision shunt and voltage probes. A prototype is built and operation under full load (15A) is verified.  ...  SiC devices enable for high temperature operation of power converters.  ...  They may be based on SOI integrated circuit to convert control logic signals into voltage gate signal, with adapted gate current. Each JFET should be driven by a separate SOI integrated circuit.  ... 
doi:10.1109/pesc.2008.4592442 fatcat:adj3obn5grbpjisxjaze4txeua

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2022 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - II - Express Briefs  
Wu Optimal State Feedback-Integral Control of Fuel-Cell Integrated Boost Converter . . . N. Agrawal, S. Samanta, and S.  ...  Yavari A 1.05-to-3.2 GHz All-Digital PLL for DDR5 Registering Clock Driver With a Self-Biased Supply-Noise-Compensating Analysis and Design of the Novel Class-F/E Power Amplifier With Series Output Filter  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsii.2022.3150651 fatcat:trtezarnqre4xhjklggje6zvoy
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