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A Note on Parameter Estimate Comparability

Insu Paek, Sun-Joo Cho
2014 Applied Psychological Measurement  
., Cho, Cohen, & Bottge, 2013; Cho, Cohen, Kim, & Bottge, 2010; Finch & Finch, 2013; Leite & Cooper, 2010; Maij-de Meij, Kelderman, & van der Flier, 2008 , where a statistical procedure was applied as  ...  The example above used a relatively small data set and results from Cho et al. (2010) to identify the three class-invariant items.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0146621614549651 pmid:29880998 pmcid:PMC5978511 fatcat:lnroxp53nzbd3geqj2ewgiszc4

Monopole condensation inSU(2)QCD

Y. M. Cho, D. G. Pak
2002 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We review the quantum instability of the Savvidy-Nielsen-Olesen (SNO) vacuum of the one-loop effective action of SU(2) QCD, and point out a critical defect in the calculation of the functional determinant of the gluon loop in the SNO effective action. We prove that the gauge invariance, in particular the color reflection invariance, exclude the unstable tachyonic modes from the gluon loop integral. This guarantees the stability of the magnetic condensation in QCD.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.65.074027 fatcat:s3cs4sbws5dipdtwudp5fqnudy

How does leadership affect information systems success? The role of transformational leadership

Jeewon Cho, Insu Park, John W. Michel
2011 Information & Management  
We examined the positive impact of transformational leadership on IS success in organizations via two psychological mechanisms of system users' -perceived organizational support and systems self-efficacy. Our conceptual model was assessed using a sample of 251employees from a multi-national bank in Korea. Overall, our results supported the hypothesized relationships: Transformational leadership was positively related to system users' IS success, and both perceived organizational support and
more » ... ems self-efficacy of the system users mediated the relationship between transformational leadership and IS success. The results call for manager's attention to the importance of transformational leadership development in organizations.
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:5rnpajjmjzawxdz5gkzpmvv3qm

Analysis of Vertical Stiffness Characteristics Based on Spoke Shape of Non-Pneumatic Tire

Jongkeun Sim, Jiyeon Hong, Insu Cho, Jinwook Lee
2021 Applied Sciences  
Recently, research regarding non-pneumatic tires that are resistant to punctures has been actively conducted, and the spoke structure design of non-pneumatic tires has been found to be a crucial factor. This study aimed to analyze the vertical stiffness characteristics of a non-pneumatic tire based on the shape of the spoke under the application of a vertical load. The three-dimensional model of a commercial non-pneumatic tire was obtained from the manufacturer (Kumho Tire Co., Inc., Gwangju,
more » ... rea), and the vertical stiffness characteristics of the three tire models with modified spoke shapes were compared and analyzed based on a reference tire model. Results show that the vertical stiffness of the fillet applied model is most appropriate. Furthermore, the vertical stiffness characteristics of the analyzed tire models indicate that if fillets with a minimum size are applied to the spokes, the stability of the non-pneumatic tire is expected to improve.
doi:10.3390/app11052369 fatcat:56rr6xi7arffbp5cgul5kzimiu

Sustainable Idea Development Mechanism in University Technology Commercialization (UTC): Perspectives from Dynamic Capabilities Framework

Insu Cho, Young Hoon Kwak, Jaehyeon Jun
2019 Sustainability  
Universities pays a lot of attention and investment in the technology commercialization for its sustainable development and social contribution under Korean government-driven policies. However, when compared to US or European universities, the outcomes of the technology commercialization in universities are relatively inactive. Therefore, this study aims to propose a new idea-oriented framework of University-Technology Commercialization (UTC). To achieve this, this study explores the
more » ... mechanism from idea to technology commercialization in the volatile environment by employing dynamic capabilities framework. This study employed structural equation modeling (SEM) to identify causal relationships among the variables with a 2014 to 2016 dataset from 'Higher Education in KOREA'. This study collected national and cross-sectional data from different time periods to design our longitudinal study. Our study examines UTC activities related to sustainable idea development mechanism from dynamic capability framework. The results show the importance of start-up clubs as a first step for idea exploration in university technology commercialization and patents as important for both technology transfers and start-ups. Our findings offer new UTC directions for university policy makers.
doi:10.3390/su11216156 fatcat:yckaq7zgobfrbk47x32ilqrx3q

b→sγdecay inSU(2)L×SU(2)R×U(1)extensions of the standard model

Peter Cho, Mikołaj Misiak
1994 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
The rare radiative decay b → s γ is studied in SU(2)_L × SU(2)_R × U(1) extensions of the Standard Model. Matching conditions for coefficients of operators appearing in the low energy effective Hamiltonian for this process are derived, and QCD corrections to these coefficients are analyzed. The b → s γ decay rate is then calculated and compared with the corresponding Standard Model result. We find that observable deviations from Standard Model predictions can occur in SU(2)_L × SU(2)_R × U(1) theories for a reasonable range of parameter values.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.49.5894 pmid:10016916 fatcat:ozkznmjtgvdc3eeclk2psd3ppy

Sepsis-induced cardiac dysfunction: a review of pathophysiology

Reverien Habimana, Insu Choi, Hwa Jin Cho, Dowan Kim, Kyoseon Lee, Inseok Jeong
2020 Acute and Critical Care  
It is well known that cardiac dysfunction in sepsis is associated with significantly increased mortality. The pathophysiology of sepsis-induced cardiac dysfunction can be summarized as involving impaired myocardial circulation, direct myocardial depression, and mitochondrial dysfunction. Impaired blood flow to the myocardium is associated with microvascular dysfunction, impaired endothelium, and ventriculo-arterial uncoupling. The mechanisms behind direct myocardial depression consist of
more » ... ulation of β-adrenoceptors and several myocardial suppressants (such as cytokine and nitric oxide). Recent research has highlighted that mitochondrial dysfunction, which results in energy depletion, is a major factor in sepsis-induced cardiac dysfunction. Therefore, the authors summarize the pathophysiological process of cardiac dysfunction in sepsis based on the results of recent studies.
doi:10.4266/acc.2020.00248 pmid:32506871 pmcid:PMC7280799 fatcat:noxofzxgsreadcaw5nrtshm6wm

Characteristics of Battery SOC According to Drive Output and Battery Capacity of Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Insu Cho, Jinwook Lee
2020 Applied Sciences  
To mitigate global warming caused by vehicles, emission regulations have been implemented for all automobiles. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are being designed to meet consumer demand for eco-friendly vehicles that offer increased power and improved fuel efficiency. HEVs are powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) in combination with one or more electric motors that use electrical energy stored in a secondary battery, which is typically a lithium-based battery. With the use of such a
more » ... brid drivetrain system, the fuel efficiency can be improved over that of conventional ICE vehicles. In this study, we conducted a vehicle-driving experiment to evaluate a transmission-mounted electric device (TMED) type parallel HEV using a chassis dynamometer and on-board diagnostics (OBD) signal-measuring equipment. In addition, we performed a numerical analysis using the CRUISE vehicle simulation code with experimental data. In our analysis, the engine output, which affects the torque of the drive motor, and the capacity (energy density) of the lithium-ion polymer battery were set as variables that affect the fuel-economy performance. As a result of this numerical analysis, a hybrid power-drivetrain model based on CRUISE was developed, and the current balance was evaluated according to the change in the battery capacity. We found that the battery state of charge (SOC) dropped because of a decrease in battery capacity. Thus, we predicted that the lithium-ion battery capacity would be reduced.
doi:10.3390/app10082833 doaj:b4b54d4bf20f4039a3dcf5a3a56626b6 fatcat:rryk7scmf5fqhntx4r7zya5kca

Service-Led Model for the Activation of Smart TV: Case Study in Korea

Insu Cho, Jong H. Lee, Young H. Kwak
2019 Kvalita Inovácia Prosperita  
Purpose: This study explores the characteristics of STV service to empirically examine effects of the services on adoption and usage of STV to lead sustained growth of the STV industry.Methodology/Approach: This study employs structural equation modeling as a quantitative approach, to examine causal relationships between service characteristics and user intentions. The survey collects 212 data only from actual users of STV, who have experienced STV functions or services, in South
more » ... The results of service-oriented model based on extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) indicate that 'interactivity', 'content quality', and 'simplicity' as service characteristics influence intention to use STV.Research Limitation/implication: First, the STV industry should establish a distribution structure that generates sufficient profits for content providers as done in Smartphone market. Second, Services of STV should be provided to allow two-way communication and to allow users to engage in active interactions with other users.Originality/Value of paper: This study makes contributions to research on both new products and service adoption by providing richer explanations of the mechanisms acting on the actual use of STV. Given that STV is considered a key appliance for the next generation of social media and smart appliance, our findings offer new directions on how to realize high quality services in the STV industry.
doi:10.12776/qip.v23i3.1299 fatcat:mzh6jommuvejdbboxwuktpbsdy

The effect of pre- and post-service performance on consumer evaluation of online retailers

Insu Park, Jeewon Cho, H. Raghav Rao
2012 Decision Support Systems  
This study examines the effect of consumers' pre-and post-service encounter performance (SEP) on their satisfaction and repurchase intention in online markets. Specifically, we suggest that, in an online context, the different service performances: pre-and post-Service over time, affects consumer evaluation (i.e., overall satisfaction and repurchase intention) of a vendor. We introduce the experience-dissonance process in this research by integrating cognitive consistency theory as well as
more » ... tation-confirmation theory in order to investigate the consumer satisfaction formation processes in online transactions. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed. After researching many vendors who sold a particular digital camera, Mr. Williams ordered one from ABC Company, an online vendor. Because ABC offered excellent services, including general as well as detailed information about the features of the camera, its usage, and a free shipping option, Mr. Williams was satisfied with his choice of the vendor. However, the camera was delivered much later than the arrival date the vendor indicated, and while he was waiting for the camera, the order-tracking service was not available. He contacted the customer service center in ABC, but the recurring answering machine only wasted his time. Finally, he received the camera 10 days later than the original promised date without any reasonable explanation from the vendor regarding the delay. Overall, he was completely dissatisfied with the service from ABC. This example shows that the service encounters experienced by Mr. Williams occurred at two 3 different points in the process of ordering the product: pre-and post-services. Unlike offline vendors, online vendors' services engage in two basic functions, which include a relatively long time gap: (1) providing information regarding products and prices before the purchase that users can find and compare easily, and (2) delivering the product to consumers after the purchase [15] . Therefore, the services of online vendors include pre-and post-service aspects [82] . In Mr. Williams' situation, since he had perceived high levels of pre-service encounter performance (SEP) with ABC, he decided to purchase a camera from the vendor. After the purchase, however, the vendor's services were inconsistent with his pre-SEP perceptions. Therefore, Mr. Williams experienced cognitive inconsistency between the two different SEPs; the pre-SEP was high, while the post-SEP was low (pre-SEP > post-SEP). These aspects of online vendors suggest an important consideration: it is important to understand whether pre-and post-SEPs affect the consumer's satisfaction formation in different ways. Furthermore, note that, on evaluation, such different phases of SEP could play a distinct role in consumers' decision-making processes. In the example of Mr. Williams, pre-SEP played a crucial role in the decision to purchase the product from that particular online vendor, providing that the product is identical to what other vendors offer. However, his experience of the initial purchase decision was influenced more by post-SEP when he compared the given service qualities after purchasing from the chosen vendor to those prior to the purchase. In other words, in online transactions, pre-SEP may be influential in choosing a vendor, and post-SEP may be important in repurchase intention after comparing pre-to post-SEP. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of pre-and post-SEP on consumer satisfaction and repurchase intention for of an online vendor. Specifically, we focuses on two main issues. First, based upon cognitive consistency theory [62] and expectation-confirmation theory [51], we theorize that online consumers establish SEP that arises in multiple phases, and examine how it affects their overall satisfaction for an online vendor. We then examine how pre-and post-SEP influences consumer satisfaction via dissonance. This study has several implications for both theory and practice. First, this study applies a
doi:10.1016/j.dss.2011.10.001 fatcat:qlrxna7svjdk5inwvydvoh53ui

Validation and Reliability of the Korean Version of the Sport Anxiety Scale-2

Seongkwan Cho, Hunhyuk Choi, Robert C. Eklund, Insu Paek
2018 Journal of Human Kinetics  
The main purpose of the present study was to examine the validation and reliability of the Korean version of the Sport Anxiety Scale (SAS-2Kr) by evaluating its factorial invariance across gender. A total of 303 Korean collegiate athletes (198 males and 105 females) from 9 sports participated in the study, and they completed the demographic questionnaire and the SAS-2Kr containing 15 items to measure multidimensional trait anxiety and individual differences in the cognitive and somatic anxiety
more » ... xperienced by athletes. The results of this study indicated that the construct validity in the SAS-2Kr was well established in that the values of the standardized factor loadings, composite reliability, and average variance extracted values were above the recommended cutoff points. The multiple-sample confirmatory factor analyses showed the SAS-2Kr could be generalizable across gender in college samples. The results also indicated that the SAS-2Kr supported the original 3-factor model of SAS-2 in English consisting of somatic anxiety, worry, and concentration disruption, and thus this study provides useful information for researchers to understand the athletes' tendency to experience anxiety reactions in sport situations. Suggestions for future research on competitive trait anxiety are provided in the discussion section.
doi:10.1515/hukin-2017-0138 pmid:29599874 pmcid:PMC5873351 fatcat:4zuj7cduezcz7hts26xthsvka4

iCSDB: an integrated database of CRISPR screens

Ahyoung Choi, Insu Jang, Heewon Han, Min-Seo Kim, Jinhyuk Choi, Jieun Lee, Sung-Yup Cho, Yukyung Jun, Charles Lee, Jaesang Kim, Byungwook Lee, Sanghyuk Lee
2020 Nucleic Acids Research  
High-throughput screening based on CRISPR-Cas9 libraries has become an attractive and powerful technique to identify target genes for functional studies. However, accessibility of public data is limited due to the lack of user-friendly utilities and up-to-date resources covering experiments from third parties. Here, we describe iCSDB, an integrated database of CRISPR screening experiments using human cell lines. We compiled two major sources of CRISPR-Cas9 screening: the DepMap portal and
more » ... D ORCS. DepMap portal itself is an integrated database that includes three large-scale projects of CRISPR screening. We additionally aggregated CRISPR screens from BioGRID ORCS that is a collection of screening results from PubMed articles. Currently, iCSDB contains 1375 genome-wide screens across 976 human cell lines, covering 28 tissues and 70 cancer types. Importantly, the batch effects from different CRISPR libraries were removed and the screening scores were converted into a single metric to estimate the knockout efficiency. Clinical and molecular information were also integrated to help users to select cell lines of interest readily. Furthermore, we have implemented various interactive tools and viewers to facilitate users to choose, examine and compare the screen results both at the gene and guide RNA levels. iCSDB is available at
doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa989 pmid:33137185 fatcat:od5qi4rlrrcurdsy3tu5prfpdy

Experimental Evaluation and Prediction Algorithm Suggestion for Determining SOC of Lithium Polymer Battery in a Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Insu Cho, Jongwon Bae, Junha Park, Jinwook Lee
2018 Applied Sciences  
The necessity of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles is widely known for reasons such as fossil fuel depletion, climate change, emission norms mandated by regulations, and so on. Expansion of the hybrid vehicle market is a realistic way to respond to fuel efficiency regulations. Hybrid electric vehicles are continuously challenged to meet cross-attribute performance while minimizing energy usage and component cost in a highly competitive automotive market. Current optimization strategy for a
more » ... arallel hybrid requires much computational time and relies heavily on the drive cycle to accurately represent driving conditions in the future. With increasing application of the lithium-ion battery technology in the automotive industry, development processes and validation methods for the battery management system (BMS) have attracted attention. The purpose of this study is to propose an algorithm to analyze charging characteristics and improve accuracy for determining state of charge (SOC), the equivalent of a fuel gauge for the battery pack, during the regenerative braking period of a TMED type parallel hybrid electric vehicle.
doi:10.3390/app8091641 fatcat:ced3rhdkvfbn3bfhstwh7cqbhm

Synthesis and Characterization of 1-D BiSI and 2-D BiOI Nanostructures

Juheon Lee, Bong-Ki Min, Insu Cho, Youngku Sohn
2013 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (Print)  
We have prepared 1-D BiSI and 2-D BiOI nanostructures, and characterized them by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction crystallography, thermogravimetric analysis/differential scanning calorimetry, and UV-visible absorption. Here, we first report clear HR-TEM image of BiSI. In addition, we first found that the growth direction of BiSI is [12-1] plane, with the neighboring distance of 0.30 nm. The crystal structures of BiSI and BiOI are found to
more » ... e orthorhombic (Pnam) and tetragonal (P4/nmm), respectively. The absorption band gaps of BiSI and BiOI are measured to be 1.55 and 1.92 eV, respectively. Our study could further highlight the applications of V-VI-VII compounds.
doi:10.5012/bkcs.2013.34.3.773 fatcat:mtuow3o6tjab7jtuoh3mfn6uem

Clinical Significance of Gray to White Matter Ratio after Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Children

Yun-Young Lee, Insu Choi, Seung-Jae Lee, In-Seok Jeong, Young-Ok Kim, Young-Jong Woo, Hwa-Jin Cho
2022 Children  
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) successfully restores systemic circulation approximately 50% of the time; however, many successfully restored patients have severe neurologic damage. In adults, the gray matter to white matter attenuation ratio (GWR) in brain computed tomography (CT) correlates with the neurologic outcome. However, in children, the clinical significance of GWR still remains unclear. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical characteristics of children who underwent
more » ... R for cardiac arrest according to the survival and to demonstrate the differentiation of grey/white matter by Hounsfield units of brain CT and to characterize the attenuations of grey and white matters. Methods: This is a retrospective single-center study. We enrolled those who underwent brain CT within 24 h after return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) from January 2005 to June 2018. Brain CTs were taken within 24 h of ROSC. We measured the attenuation of grey and white matter in Hounsfield units and calculated GWR. They were compared with healthy controls. Patients were analyzed as follows: survivors vs. non-survivors and better neurologic outcome vs. worse neurologic outcome. Results: Among 100 pediatric patients who had CPR, 56 met inclusion criteria. There were 24 patients who survived and 32 non-survivors. Our study revealed that the incidence of seizure, duration of CPR, and instances of hypothermia were significantly different between survivors and non-survivors. In both survivors and non-survivors, the attenuation of the caudate nucleus, putamen, GWR-basal ganglia, and average GWR were significantly different from controls. In regression analyses, the medial cortex and average GWR were the significant variables to predict survival, and the receiver operating curves revealed areas under curve of 0.733 and 0.666, respectively. Also, the medial cortex 1 was the only variable that predicted the neurologic outcome. Conclusions: There was some predictive survival value of GWR and medial cortex at the centrum semiovale level in early brain CT within 24 h after cardiac arrest. Although we could not find the predictive value of GWR in the neurologic outcome of pediatric patients, we found that the absolute attenuation of the medial cortex was low in patients with worse neurologic outcomes. Further prospective, multicenter studies are needed to determine the predictive value of GWR and the medial cortex.
doi:10.3390/children9010036 pmid:35053661 pmcid:PMC8774629 fatcat:mijr5wkskbbzbmoswpyv3xzh2u
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