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Local Government E-Procurement Practices in Indonesia: Accountability, Efficiency, and Barriers

Rachmat Hidayat
2015 Journal of US-China Public Administration  
the role of the government monitoring unit. 106 regencies in 33 provinces in Indonesia which used e-procurement in government goods and service bidding.  ...  user (end user of e-procurement) and the mediator [Procurement Services Unit-Unit Layanan Pengadaan (ULP) of each government institution].  ...  This instruction obligated all Indonesian government institutions to use e-procurement, with a clear objective.  ... 
doi:10.17265/1548-6591/2015.02.003 fatcat:fc32ozqpjfguxph55kmjt3fmmi

Reform of the Indonesian Civil Service: Looking for Quality

Prijono Tjiptoherijanto
2019 Journal of US-China Public Administration  
Important aspects toward restoring trust in government among others are the role of leadership in building the credibility of reforms implemented after 1988 in Indonesia.  ...  Since the Reformation Era, the objectives are improving democratic and local governance, moving governance closer to the people, and strengthening transparency and accountability of the government, and  ...  Ranks I through III are divided into four grades (a, b, c, and d), and Rank IV has five grades (a, b, c, d, and e), making a total of 17 grades from I (a) to IV (e).  ... 
doi:10.17265/1548-6591/2019.02.003 fatcat:4nvfikdklvfpfg7xq6l2rejz3a

The Problem of Access to Government Procurement Markets in the Indonesia-European Union CEPA Regarding the Obligation to Use Domestic Products in Indonesia

2022 Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization  
This study aims to explain whether these different arrangements will eliminate the obligation to use domestic products in Indonesia if the I-EU CEPA is agreed.  ...  is required in the government procurement and is discriminatory against foreign products and suppliers.  ...  NPPA as an institution in charge of implementing the development, formulation, and determination of government procurement policies has been appointed to represent the Indonesian government in negotiating  ... 
doi:10.7176/jlpg/118-11 fatcat:b2m3g2rorrhdxoncnr23rmfc4a

Why the Growth of Qanun Jinayah in Aceh was Slowly? An Analysis Using Structural Functionalism Theory

Yuni Roslaili, Suparwany Suparwany, Amirulhakim Bin Ahmad Nadzri
2021 Al-Risalah  
The local government ratified only five qanun Jinayah. In fact, within that time, Aceh Government had imposed 177 qanuns and the crime rate in the region is increasing.  ...  By using qualitative and descriptive-interpretative methods, to examine interpretations and experiences of the subjects, in this case the sharia institutions, including Islamic Sharia Office, the Ulama  ...  However, this study also uses a snowballing system; if later links are found with other institutions and people involved in implementing Islamic law, these institutions and people will also be studied  ... 
doi:10.30631/al-risalah.v21i2.928 fatcat:5mdze6e73bh2lmu57gurpwcs7e

Audit System Development for Government Institution Documents Using Stream Deep Learning to Support Smart Governance

Imam Cholissodin, Arief Andy Soebroto, Sutrisno Sutrisno
2019 Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science  
One of the examples is the documents created by various government institutions whether local, city and central government.  ...  In the editing process, however, a person may not be able to escape from making mistakes that result in the existence of writing errors after the editing process before the submission.  ...  using a computerized system, in which there are some of the following cases (District Government/ City Government Service, 2018): a.  ... 
doi:10.25126/jitecs.20194173 fatcat:nk6yo3m74nhybfbu6ueypoixue

The Comparison of the Sentences Written by Journalists using English as Native Language and Journalists using English as Foreign Language. As seen on their articles published as news

P.C. . Sudarmadi
2022 e-LinguaTera  
The language used in this publication may vary from local language to international languages, such as the English language.  ...  English is a global language learned and used by many people around the world therefore, mass media using English as their platform will cover more readers than those using local language as their platforms  ...  However, the difference gets less and less because many Indonesian young people nowadays can go abroad to study and those who don't go abroad can learn English online from many sources of training institutions  ... 
doi:10.31253/lt.v1i2.917 fatcat:zebz2pfbc5fy7ekgoylw2kbru4


Eko Subowo, M Syamsul Maarif, Yandra Arkeman, Kirbrandoko Kirbrandoko
2019 Jurnal Aplikasi Manajemen  
Respondents of this study are experts and leaders representing Ministries/Institutions, DPMPTSP, Technical Offices, Local Governments, and business actors, which total up to 36 respondents.  ...  Further research is needed to study the implication of time and cost saving could be made if the new models were implemented.  ...  Therefore, further research needs to be done to study in detail the implication of time and cost saving that could be made if the new models were implemented.  ... 
doi:10.21776/ub.jam.2019.017.04.02 doaj:d60ab08c24f347298e8d42561c9457f4 fatcat:35qb6mp44rbljmsgdfjvz37s4m

Evaluation of E-Budgeting Implementation in Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta Using CIPP Model Approach

Rama Andika Thio Rahman, Gugus Irianto, Rosidi Rosidi
2018 Journal of Accounting and Investment  
Information and communication technology in government sector is a tool used to operate governmental process.  ...  This qualitative research employs a case study approach and collects the data through interview and documentation.  ...  In addition, this study provides information for consideration and learning to other local governments in implementing an e-Budgeting policy as part of e-Government.  ... 
doi:10.18196/jai.2001110 fatcat:6pwu33tmpbhy5jdizp4hansfqa

Study of Omnibus Law on the Legal Politics of the Indonesian Government in Using Foreign Workers

B. Woeryono
2020 Open Journal for Legal Studies  
The Employment Law Cluster in the field of foreign workers, as summarized in the Employment Creation Law, as a result of the Omnibus Law method, is very important to implement because the existing regulations  ...  have become chronically obese, obese rules but many hinder investment, so that development and progress of the Indonesian state is hampered, even though Indonesia has declared that it is part of the ASEAN  ...  Acknowledgements This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public commercial, or not-for-profit sectors. The author declares no competing interests.  ... 
doi:10.32591/coas.ojls.0302.06143w fatcat:xaww7kzftvha3ml5m7rd7y6fbi

Actor-center framing on measuring land use conflict visibility

Muhammad Alif K. Sahide, Nurhady Sirimorok, Karno Batiran, Micah Fisher, Bart Verheijen, Mitalia Nonza Sulu, Fatwa Faturachmat, Supratman Supratman, Ahmad Maryudi
2021 MethodsX  
This paper proposes a novel framework for exploring what is implied by latent and manifest tensions between local community and land use government institutions in greater depth.  ...  In light of this deficiency, we establish a technique to measure the degree of both latent and manifest conflicts using the actor-centered framing.  ...  Acknowledgements Thanks to Kemenristekdikti for the research support grant Supplementary material and/or Additional information: not applicable  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mex.2021.101450 fatcat:yghxltmvxjfa7g6xk5h2i5evbi

Abbreviations and Acronyms [chapter]

1984 Energy Policy and Land-Use Planning  
In all other cases, governments should require a simple integrity pledge from all bidders and their subcontractors.  ...  In either case, the affected country's government should arrange for uniform tracking and monitoring procedures, irrespective of the source of funds.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-08-026757-9.50009-x fatcat:tjz7atxc6fbhdjgzms2zaw7aj4

Developing "Sekolah Peternakan Rakyat" Program Using the Business Model Canvas Approach (Case Study: Bojonegoro Regency)

Friesgina Wiska, Rizal Syarief, Lukman M. Baga
2016 Indonesian Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship  
by utilizing information technology and existing business partners; 7) establish training centers and services as a resource in the field of SPR and beef cattle; 8) utilizes a strong partnership to change  ...  the mindset of farmers; 9) increasing leadership skill and the ability to use communications technology in the management of SPR. aBstraK SPR Maju Bersama adalah salah satu lokasi penerapan konsep Sekolah  ...  (Case Study: Bojonegoro Regency) The research is expected to be able to assist the SPR to be developed as a place for local breeder to increase their product competitive potency and selling value through  ... 
doi:10.17358/ijbe.2.2.69 fatcat:ljpfdiod7jbrrkfbigoiorw2ia


2022 Zenodo  
The purpose of this study was to analyze the significant contribution of the communication system in the form of information sharing (X1), collaboration (X2), and coordination (X3) to the use of media  ...  This research method uses a survey method with a quantitative research approach.  ...  can be calculated using the following formula: e = 1 -R 2 e = 1 -0,574 e = 0.426 using exogenous independent variables in the form of a communication system in the form of information sharing, collaboration  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6601212 fatcat:jwaanuchejgjjcqdp2cawu2q2y

Abbreviations and acronyms [chapter]

2015 Biosafety and the Environmental Uses of Micro-Organisms  
In all other cases, governments should require a simple integrity pledge from all bidders and their subcontractors.  ...  In either case, the affected country's government should arrange for uniform tracking and monitoring procedures, irrespective of the source of funds.  ... 
doi:10.1787/9789264213562-2-en fatcat:7qszg2mpvjbj3kzeucrdjueiye

Village Funds After the Emergence of the Village Law (Study of the Use of Village Funds in Providing Cash Direct Funds 'BLT' in Kelet Village during the Pandemic)

Rokhman Adi Putera Nugraha, Nuria Siswi Enggarani
2021 Law and Justice  
Objective: Knowing the basis for implementing the use of village funds in providing Cash Direct Funds (BLT) in Kelet Village and examining the effectiveness and barriers to using village funds in providing  ...  The data collection method uses the literature study technique, which is carried out by searching, recording, taking inventory, and analyzing the material content data from the body and previews contained  ...  From the results of the study, information was found related to the implementation of the use of village funds in providing Cash Direct Funds in Kelet Village, namely in its implementation Cash Direct  ... 
doi:10.23917/laj.v6i1.13409 fatcat:6hvhhlvazbhvnloqya47giitni
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