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Page 503 of Household Words. a Weekly Journal. Conducted by Charles Dickens Vol. 4, Issue 99 [page]

1852 Household Words. a Weekly Journal. Conducted by Charles Dickens  
derived, it is declared that the tones pro- duced by Maelzel’s automaton were even |fuller and richer than those got out of a | trumpet by human lungs and lips ; because a man’s breath imparts to the inside  ...  It muddled the water with its beak, drank, and quacked to the life— From men and ducks Vaucanson descended to insects.  ... 

Automata Serialization for Manipulation and Drawing

Miguel Ferreira, Nelma Moreira, Rogério Reis, Marc Herbstritt
2016 Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies  
There is also support for communication with a command line embedded inside the GUItar.  ...  Vaucanson-G, Access date:1.12.2015. URL: http://igm. 10 Sylvain Lombardy, Yann Régis-Gianas, and Jacques Sakarovitch. Introducing Vaucanson. Theor. Comput.  ... 
doi:10.4230/oasics.slate.2016.15 dblp:conf/slate/FerreiraMR16 fatcat:m4jfsnzdeng7vcf3tzrvqf3ope

Planetary Potemkin AI: The Humans Hidden inside Mechanical Minds [chapter]

2022 Digital Work in the Planetary Market  
After his death, the secret was uncovered: there was no innovative chemical technology inside the duck; rather, there  ...  Inside was a human chess master who used magnets and levers to operate the Mechanical Turk; he simply hid behind the fake machinery when Kempelen opened the cabinet.  ...  Kempelen and Vaucanson would fit very well into Silicon Valley today.  ... 
doi:10.7551/mitpress/13835.003.0018 fatcat:az4zehz2ijfyvi5mbdyo27pzai

Page 515 of Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls Vol. 28, Issue 6 [page]

1901 Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls  
He studied all that was on record about the works of Jacques de Vaucanson — who had made a mechanical figure that played the trumpet, another that beat a tambourine, and a wonderful moving duck; and he  ...  While the inside of the Turk’s body was examined the officer was stowed in the box below; and he climbed up into the Turk when the box was inspected.  ... 

Humans, animals and computers: Minding machines?

Edward A. Wasserman
2011 Revista de Psicología  
My historical and philosophical discussions focus on five famous Frenchmen (Michele de Montaigne, René Descartes, Salomon de Caus, Julien offray de la Mettrie, and Jacques Vaucanson) and one famous american  ...  Vaucanson set out to create what he called a moving anatomy -anatomie mouvante.  ...  Vaucanson became quite rich as a result of exhibiting the duck and his other automata.  ... 
doi:10.5354/0719-0581.2009.17119 fatcat:2zhfj5rcizgkbljzjxmhi3ahnu

Page 47 of World's Work Vol. 58, Issue 2 [page]

1929 World's Work  
. © A Celebrated Faker In the eighteenth century one Jacques de Vaucanson constructed two human figures that played respectively on the flute and the tambourine.  ...  There was obviously no room inside the figure for a full-sized man.  ... 

The Ballistic Flight of an Automatic Duck

Fabienne Collignon
2012 Orbit : Writing Around Pynchon  
De Solla Price's subject is simulation and, by extension, containment: information stored inside automata that themselves spawn computerisations.  ...  Turning the duck into a "'Design' of quite a different order," Vaucanson clearly is a borderline character, whose "Ingenuity," "Attention to Detail" and "Fineness, passing some Critickal Value, enable'd  ... 
doi:10.7766/orbit.v1.2.23 fatcat:xjfsqqzudbasdiksndxkvu5isi

"Shitty Automation": Art, Artificial Intelligence, Humans in the Loop

Kris Paulsen
2020 Media-N, Journal of the New Media Circus  
Decidedly, Vaucanson was not only my master in mechanism, but I must bow before his genius for juggling." 8 Vaucanson had employed as much magic as machine in this automaton.  ...  INTRODUCTION In 1739, Jacques de Vaucanson, the French inventor already known for his extraordinary clockwork androids, debuted a new automaton.  ... 
doi:10.21900/j.median.v16i1.227 fatcat:vswnkhyoevbhtpu6se4gkw4rz4

Page 152 of New York Magazine; Or Literary Repository Vol. 1, Issue [page]

1796 New York Magazine; Or Literary Repository  
M. de Kempett makes no difficulty of shewing the inside of the machine, especially when he " finds  ...  M. de Kempett, excited, by the accounts he received of the extra- ordinary performances of the cele- brated M. de Vaucanson, and of some other men of genius in France and England, at, first aimed at’ no  ... 

The Automaton Duck of Vaucanson

1848 Scientific American  
:is country its circulation is not surpassed by fill the other mechanical papers combined. or:rFor terms see inside.  ...  It was the very machine made b y Vaucanson, and constructed by him in 1738, and which was then seen by all Paris.  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05061848-264f fatcat:mhro5mpwnfcmjbag3jffqpl5py

Page 207 of Spirit of the Times Vol. 22, Issue 18 [page]

1852 Spirit of the Times  
From men and ducks Vaucanson de- scended to insects.  ...  account is derived, it is declared that the tones produced by Maelzel’s automaton were even fuller and richer than these got out of a trumpet by human lungs and lips; because a man’s breath imparts to the inside  ... 

The ghost factories: histories of automata and artificial life

Edward Jones-Imhotep
2020 History & Technology  
Among the automata makers of his time, Vaucanson was unrivaled.  ...  Vaucanson didn't invent this opportunistically porous way of talking about automation and machinic self-action; at least not single-handedly. It was a collective enterprise.  ...  From inside that confined space, and so many others like it, we can easily forget that the clockwork at the heart of automata was not sui generis.  ... 
doi:10.1080/07341512.2020.1757972 fatcat:5q3imyxer5hxrpvtssdtsrw57e

Page 464 of All the Year Round Vol. 14, Issue 350 [page]

1875 All the Year Round  
He devised the means of copying, on the inside of a hollow block of wood, all the irregularities of the model, so as to produce a concave reflex of a convex object.  ...  We know that _ Vaucanson, the famous French mechani- cian, could imitate almost anything by means of automatic arrangements of wheels, axles, springs, ratchets,tubes, levers, screws, membranes, elastic  ... 

Des machines et des hommes

Alexis Tadié
2012 Sillages Critiques  
Les différentes gammes sont produites selon des principes que Vaucanson expose.  ...  Mais une partie de la théorie de La Mettrie s’appuie sur les œuvres de Vaucanson.  ... 
doi:10.4000/sillagescritiques.2808 fatcat:vfpkrwq5dzfn7dfurrc2n5i2lu

'It Would Be without Error': Automated Technology and the Pursuit of Correct Performance in the French Enlightenment

Rebecca Cypess
2017 Journal of the Royal Musical Association  
She is seated on a bench, and inside the bench is a pinned-cylinder mechanism -a product of the Jacquet-Droz family's expertise in clockwork -that causes her to move.  ...  Could he have judged this automated technology to be a curiosity, in the same way that Diderot viewed the automata of Vaucanson?  ... 
doi:10.1080/02690403.2017.1286115 fatcat:zcpegqiyznfqppkwmmp3dhyjem
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