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Fabrication Strategies of 3D Plasmonic Structures for SERS

Seungki Lee, Inhee Choi
2019 BioChip Journal  
Fabrication of Sponge-like Plasmonic Structures via Capillary Interaction As another method for 3D hybrid plasmonic networks, Lee et al. recently proposed use of water-soluble templates formed with sugar  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13206-019-3105-y fatcat:cyhbocgvnzgz3ms4jjsufeslgy

Interfacial liquid-state surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Kihoon Kim, Hye Soo Han, Inhee Choi, Chiwon Lee, SoonGweon Hong, Sang-Hee Suh, Luke P. Lee, Taewook Kang
2013 Nature Communications  
Oriented assemblies of functional nanoparticles, with the aid of external physical and chemical driving forces, have been prepared on two-dimensional solid substrates. It is challengeable, however, to achieve three-dimensional assembly directly in solution, owing to thermal fluctuations and free diffusion. Here we describe the self-orientation of gold nanorods at an immiscible liquid interface (that is, oleic acid-water) and exploit this novel phenomenon to create a substrate-free interfacial
more » ... quid-state surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Dark-field imaging and Raman scattering results reveal that gold nanorods spontaneously adopt a vertical orientation at an oleic acid-water interface in a stable trapping mode, which is in good agreement with simulation results. The spontaneous vertical alignment of gold nanorods at the interface allows one to accomplish significant additional amplification of the Raman signal, which is up to three to four orders of magnitude higher than that from a solution of randomly oriented gold nanorods.
doi:10.1038/ncomms3182 pmid:23864000 fatcat:lxufiijkkbcsvaw2z5534ji4oq

Ion Concentration Polarization by Bifurcated Current Path

Junsuk Kim, Inhee Cho, Hyomin Lee, Sung Jae Kim
2017 Scientific Reports  
Published: xx xx xxxx OPEN 2 Scientific RepoRts | 7: 5091 |
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-04646-0 pmid:28698651 pmcid:PMC5505964 fatcat:io7xvk65hjhxjm4p4ve7ivkl6i

Estimating older people's labour supply decisions in Korea

Inhee Lee, Almas Heshmati
2020 Society and Economy  
Many studies have shown that pension systems have a negative impact on beneficiaries' work supply before retirement (Choi 2006; Lee -Choi 2007) .  ...  In Korea, many companies have the mid-50s as the retirement age, which means that on average employed people retire around 55 years (Lee -Bang 2009 ).  ... 
doi:10.1556/204.2020.00003 fatcat:47xm7phnazczdpiglotydwd474

Proteomic Profiling Reveals Upregulated Protein Expression of Hsp70 in Keloids

Ju Hee Lee, Jung U. Shin, Inhee Jung, Hemin Lee, Dong Kyun Rah, Jin Young Jung, Won Jai Lee
2013 BioMed Research International  
Background.The biochemical characteristics of keloid-derived fibroblasts differ from those of adjacent normal fibroblasts, and these differences are thought to be the cause of abnormal fibrosis. Therefore, we investigated the characteristic proteins that are differentially expressed in keloid-derived fibroblasts using proteomics tools.Objective.We attempted to investigate the novel proteins that play important roles in the pathophysiology of keloids.Methods.Proteomics analysis was performed to
more » ... dentify differentially expressed proteins in keloid-derived fibroblasts. Keloid-derived fibroblasts and adjacent normal fibroblasts were analyzed with 2-DAGE. We validated these proteins with immunoblot analysis, real-time RT-PCR, and immunohistochemistry.Results.Sixteen differentially expressed protein spots were identified in keloid-derived fibroblasts. Among them, heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) was specifically upregulated in keloid-derived fibroblasts. Also, immunohistochemistry and western blot analysis revealed increased Hsp70, TGF-β, and PCNA expressions in keloids compared to normal tissue.Conclusion.Hsp70 is overexpressed in keloid fibroblasts and tissue. The overexpression of Hsp70 may be involved in the pathogenesis of keloids, and the inhibition of Hsp70 could be a new therapeutic tool for the treatment of keloids.
doi:10.1155/2013/621538 pmid:24260741 pmcid:PMC3821890 fatcat:nufzxgoofbbxhji24icem5smdu

Hsp70 Knockdown by siRNA Decreased Collagen Production in Keloid Fibroblasts

Jung U Shin, Won Jai Lee, Thanh-Nga Tran, Inhee Jung, Ju Hee Lee
2015 Yonsei medical journal  
Purpose: There are currently no consistently effective treatments for the excessive collagen produced by keloid fibroblasts. Previously, we reported that heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) is up-regulated in keloid fibroblasts and keloid tissue. We, therefore, investigated whether Hsp70 is related to excessive collagen production in keloid fibroblasts. Materials and Methods: We inhibited Hsp70 in keloid fibroblasts by RNA interference and examined the resulting collagen expression. Thus, we selected
more » ... small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) specific for human Hsp70, transfected them into keloid fibroblasts, and evaluated the resulting phenotypes and protein production using real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Western blot, and a collagen assay. Results: The siRNAs dramatically suppressed Hsp70 mRNA expression, resulting in a decrease in collagen production in the keloid fibroblasts compared with controls. The siRNAs did not influence the viability of the keloid fibroblasts. Conclusion: Hsp70 overexpression likely plays an important role in the excessive collagen production by keloid fibroblasts. RNA interference has therapeutic potential for the treatment of keloids.
doi:10.3349/ymj.2015.56.6.1619 pmid:26446645 pmcid:PMC4630051 fatcat:ano6c3bdpbaxjb3tb6sjzzxpui

Fast image scanning method in liquid-AFM without image distortion

Inhee Choi, Younghun Kim, Jong Ho Kim, Young In Yang, Jeongjin Lee, Suseung Lee, Surin Hong, Jongheop Yi
2008 Nanotechnology  
doi:10.1088/0957-4484/19/44/445701 pmid:21832743 fatcat:rw2hl54kfnfzjj3ozmrvfgxz2a

ThiL is a valid antibacterial target that is essential for both thiamine biosynthesis and salvage pathway in Pseudomonas aeruginosa [article]

Hyung Jun Kim, Hyunjung Lee, Yunmi Lee, Inhee Choi, Yoonae Ko, Sangchul Lee, Soojin Jang
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) is an essential cofactor for various pivotal cellular processes in all living organisms, including bacteria. As thiamine biosynthesis occurs in bacteria but not humans, bacterial thiamine biosynthesis is an attractive target for antibiotic development. Among enzymes in the thiamine biosynthetic pathway, thiamine monophosphate kinase (ThiL) catalyzes the final step of the pathway, phosphorylating thiamine monophosphate (TMP) to produce TPP. In this work, we
more » ... y investigated ThiL in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a major pathogen of hospital-acquired infections. We demonstrated that thiL deletion abolishes not only thiamine biosynthesis but also thiamine salvage capability, showing growth defects of the thiL mutant even in the presence of thiamine derivatives except TPP. Most importantly, the pathogenesis of the thiL mutant was markedly attenuated compared to wild-type bacteria, with lower inflammatory cytokine induction and 103~104 times decreased bacterial load in an in vivo infection model where the intracellular TPP level is in the submicromolar range. In order to validate P. aeruginosa ThiL (PaThiL) as a new drug target, we further characterized its biochemical properties determining a Vmax of 4.00.2 nomolmin-1 and KM values of 1118 and 8.03.5M for ATP and TMP, respectively. A subsequent in vitro small molecule screening identified PaThiL inhibitors including WAY213613 that is a noncompetitive inhibitor with a Ki value of 13.42.3 M and a potential antibacterial activity against P. aeruginosa. This study proved that PaThiL is a new drug target against P. aeruginosa providing comprehensive biological and biochemical data that could facilitate to develop a new repertoire of antibiotics.
doi:10.1101/2020.03.04.976639 fatcat:r3uhsnqq25hvtj3ovyfwnyybke

The usefulness of patient-specific 3D nasal silicone implant using 3D design and order form

Inhee Lee, Norihiro Ohba, Hyejeong Lee, Kyu-Sung Lee, Munjae Lee
2022 Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology  
Since my advisor, professor Kyu-sung Lee is a professor at Samsung hospital, I was able to conduct IRB at Samsung hospital and the actual case study was processed at Primo Azabu-Juban clinic, Japan.  ... 
doi:10.2147/ccid.s344284 pmid:35140494 pmcid:PMC8818549 fatcat:fq6rtm5qwrf2lgzakh5nmtouly

On-Chip Fast Plasmonic Detection of Single Molecule Mirna for Cancer Diagnosis

Julian A. Diaz, Inhee Choi, Chi-Cheng Fu, Sang Hun Lee, Luke P. Lee
2014 Biophysical Journal  
Diaz, Inhee Choi, Chi-Cheng Fu, Sang Hun Lee, Luke P. Lee.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2013.11.3415 fatcat:yiwzswe5qzgjhh4jandqpc3oim

A 635pW battery voltage supervisory circuit for miniature sensor nodes

Inhee Lee, Suyoung Bang, Yoonmyung Lee, Yejoong Kim, Gyouho Kim, Dennis Sylvester, David Blaauw
2012 2012 Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSIC)  
We propose a low power battery voltage supervisory circuit for micro-scale sensor systems that provides power-on reset, brown-out detection, and recovery detection to prevent malfunction and battery damage. Ultra-low power is achieved using a 57pA, fast stabilizing two-stage voltage reference and an 81pA leakage-based oscillator and clocked comparator. The supervisor was fabricated in 180nm CMOS and integrated with a complete 1 mm 3 sensor system. It consumes 635pW at 3.6V supply voltage, which is an 850× reduction over the best prior work.
doi:10.1109/vlsic.2012.6243860 dblp:conf/vlsic/LeeBLKKSB12 fatcat:mzdviiypqndbbdamx7hitjg3uy

Categorization and SEU Fault Simulations of Radiation-Hardened-by-Design Flip-Flops

Ehab A. Hamed, Inhee Lee
2021 Electronics  
In the previous three decades, many Radiation-Hardened-by-Design (RHBD) Flip-Flops (FFs) have been designed and improved to be immune to Single Event Upsets (SEUs). Their specifications are enhanced regarding soft error tolerance, area overhead, power consumption, and delay. In this review, previously presented RHBD FFs are classified into three categories with an overview of each category. Six well-known RHBD FFs architectures are simulated using a 180 nm CMOS process to show a fair comparison
more » ... between them while the conventional Transmission Gate Flip-Flop (TGFF) is used as a reference design for this comparison. The results of the comparison are analyzed to give some important highlights about each design.
doi:10.3390/electronics10131572 fatcat:kb6s64porrfajiq645ldloz4ly

Estrogen Upregulates Slug to Enhance the Migration of Keratinocytes

Jung U. Shin, Ji Y. Noh, Shan Jin, Seo H. Kim, Dong K. Rah, Dong W. Lee, Jong S. Yoo, Kunhong Kim, Yun S. Lee, Inhee Jung, Ju H. Lee, Kwang H. Lee
2015 Journal of Investigative Dermatology  
In SCC, KNSTRN p.S24F is present in 19% of tumor precursors, suggesting that it arises early in disease progression (Lee et al., 2014) .  ... 
doi:10.1038/jid.2015.315 pmid:26291683 fatcat:rtppjupd3jcnteahzacmg34eia

Conformation-specific Antibodies Targeting Aggregated Forms of α-synuclein Block the Propagation of Synucleinopathy

Minsun Choi, Tae-kyung Kim, Jinhyung Ahn, Jun Sung Lee, Byung Chul Jung, Sungwon An, Dongin Kim, Min Jae Lee, Inhee Mook-Jung, Sang Hoon Lee, Seung-Jae Lee
2022 Experimental Neurobiology  
Abnormal aggregation of α-synuclein is a key element in the pathogenesis of several neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's disease (PD), dementia with Lewy bodies, and multiple system atrophy. α-synuclein aggregation spreads through various brain regions during the course of disease progression, a propagation that is thought to be mediated by the secretion and subsequent uptake of extracellular α-synuclein aggregates between neuronal cells. Thus, aggregated forms of this protein have
more » ... emerged as promising targets for disease-modifying therapy for PD and related diseases. Here, we generated and characterized conformation-specific antibodies that preferentially recognize aggregated forms of α-synuclein. These antibodies promoted phagocytosis of extracellular α-synuclein aggregates by microglial cells and interfered with cell-to-cell propagation of α-synuclein. In an α-synuclein transgenic model, passive immunization with aggregate-specific antibodies significantly ameliorated pathological phenotypes, reducing α-synuclein aggregation, gliosis, inflammation, and neuronal loss. These results suggest that conformation-specific antibodies targeting α-synuclein aggregates are promising therapeutic agents for PD and related synucleinopathies.
doi:10.5607/en21039 pmid:35256542 pmcid:PMC8907253 fatcat:pszqhpet7ja3bfblmwuwsqaisa

Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome Associated with Severe Anemia

Jin Young Huh, Inhee Kwak, Sung Sik An, Jeeun Lee, Byung-Chul Lee, Mi Sun Oh
2018 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association  
가역적뇌혈관수축증후군(reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, RCVS)은 반복적인 심한 벼락두통과 함께 신경계 증상 을 동반하는 증후군으로 뇌혈관 영상에서 가역적 다발성 국소 혈 관 협착을 특징으로 하며 뇌졸중의 원인이 되기도 한다. 1 RCVS는 다양한 원인에 의해 발생하며 만성 빈혈 환자에서 다량의 적혈구 수혈 후 발생한 RCVS 몇몇 증례가 보고된 바가 있었으나, 2,3 심한 빈혈이 원인이 된 RCVS의 증례는 매우 드물다. 4 저자들은 급성 심한 빈혈 환자에서 수혈과 관련 없이 벼락두통과 허혈뇌졸중으로 내원하여 RCVS로 진단된 증례를 경험하였기에 보고한다. 증 례 평소 건강하게 지내던 50세 여자가 내원 3주 전 벼락두통이 처 음 발생한 이후 15일에 걸쳐 반복되었으며, 내원 4일 전 발생한 왼쪽 편마비로 내원하였다. 내원 4일 전 가벼운 왼쪽 편마비가 발 생하였고, 내원 당일에는 왼쪽 편마비의 악화와 구음장애가 새로
more » ... 고혈압, 당뇨, 흡연, 심방세동, 편두통 등의 과거력은 없었으며, 피임약이나 경구용 호르몬 제제를 포함한 약물복용력도 없었다. 한 달 전부터 심한 하혈이 약 10여 일간 지속되었으나 당 시 지역 산부인과 의원 진료에서는 특이 소견을 듣지 못하였고 내 원 5일 전 건강검진에서 심한 빈혈(hemoglobin, 5.0g/dL)을 진단 받았다. 본원 입원 후 산부인과 진료에서 자궁근종을 확인하였고 자궁근종에 의한 급성 출혈이 빈혈의 원인이었음을 확인하였다. 신경계 증상 발생으로 응급실 내원 전까지 수혈을 포함한 빈혈의 치료는 받지 않았다. 내원 당시 신체검사에서 경부강직(neck stiffness)은 없었으며, 신경학적 검사에서 왼쪽 얼굴의 가벼운 마비, 구 음장애, 왼쪽 상하지의 Medical Research Council 등급의 II/II 위 약과 왼쪽 통각 저하가 있었다. 내원 당일에 시행한 뇌 컴퓨터단층 촬영(computed topography, CT)에서 거미막하출혈 및 뇌내출혈은 없었으나 오른쪽 중대뇌동맥 영역의 저음영이 관찰되었다. 그리고 확산강조영상(diffusion-weighted image)과 액체감쇠역전회복영상 (fluid-attenuated inversion recovery image, FLAIR)에서 오른쪽 중대 뇌동맥 영역에 고신호강도 병변이 있었고(Fig. A, B), 뇌 자 기공명혈관조영술(magnetic resonance angiography)에서 양쪽 두 개내 내경동맥, 중대뇌동맥, 전대뇌동맥을 포함한 전 두개내 뇌혈 관의 다발성 협착이 확인되었다(Fig. C). 관류자기공명영상 (Perfusion-weighted image)에서 뇌혈용적(cerebral blood volume, Fig. D) 감소, 평균통과시간(mean transit time, Fig. E), 최대농도 도달시간(time to peak, Fig. F)이 혈류감소를 뒷받침한다. 혈액검 사에서 철결핍성 빈혈이 있었으나 그 외 일반화학검사, 요검사, 혈
doi:10.17340/jkna.2018.3.25 fatcat:ta3tyqphmfdpvpm3nlikno6coi
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