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Mirsa Umiyati, Rika Purnama Sari
2020 Litera  
, deontic, and dynamic modalities.  ...  An abstract of research article should give information obviously. Modalities assist researcher to provide certain obvious information in an abstract.  ...  Epistemic Modality Epistemic modality is a modality that provides information in the form of possibilities, predictability, necessity, and certainty.  ... 
doi:10.21831/ltr.v19i3.30520 fatcat:4hkca2ygufa43afq5miemcjaje

What might be known: Epistemic modality and uncertain contexts

Laurent Roussarie
2009 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
From this assumption, it is possible to define the dynamic contribution of epistemically modalized declaratives as genuinely informative.  ...  This is precisely one of the insights of the dynamic implementation of epistemic modality.  ... 
doi:10.3765/salt.v19i0.2539 fatcat:2wx7gtxkbncvvhswnulgcwezre

What might be known: Epistemic modality and uncertain contexts

Laurent Roussarie
2015 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
From this assumption, it is possible to define the dynamic contribution of epistemically modalized declaratives as genuinely informative.  ...  This is precisely one of the insights of the dynamic implementation of epistemic modality.  ... 
doi:10.3765/salt.v0i0.2539 fatcat:qqlmpdavc5gltoqiqdkk6r2jla

An Update on Epistemic Modals

Malte Willer
2015 Journal of Philosophical Logic  
Epistemic modals are a prominent topic in the literature on natural language semantics, with wide-ranging implications for issues in philosophy of language and philosophical logic.  ...  Considerations about the role that epistemic might and must play in discourse and reasoning have led to the development of several important alternatives to classical possible worlds semantics for natural  ...  Acknowledgments For comments and discussion, I would like to thank Chris Kennedy, Peter Klecha, Seth Yalcin, and the participants of the University of Chicago Workshop in Semantics and Philosophy of Language  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10992-015-9364-8 fatcat:2lc6kxlcezasfjg7h3xrjotmw4

Dynamics of Epistemic Modality

M. Willer
2013 Philosophical Review  
I will demonstrate that a dynamic theory about might and must offers elegant explanations of a range of puzzling observations about epistemic modals.  ...  A dynamic semantics for epistemically modalized sentences is an attractive alternative to the orthodox view that our best theory of meaning ascribes to such sentences truth-conditions relative to what  ...  Beaver, Fabrizio Cariani, Josh Dever, Hans Kamp, Mark Sainsbury, Seth Yalcin, two anonymous Philosophical Review referees, and audiences at New York University, Northwestern University, the University of  ... 
doi:10.1215/00318108-1728714 fatcat:2ddporosmfaqzbslglc4xitix4

Epistemic Modality De Re

Seth Yalcin
2015 Ergo, An Open Access Journal of Philosophy  
The difficulties are resolved in a semantic framework that is dynamic in character. I close with a new class of problems about de re readings within the scope of modals.  ...  Focusing on cases which involve binding into epistemic modals with definite descriptions and quantifiers, I raise some new problems for standard approaches to all of these expressions.  ...  In the big picture, what the dynamic formulation gives us is an elegant way to model epistemic modals as exquisitely sensitive to intrasentential informational dynamics-a sensitivity they appear to have  ... 
doi:10.3998/ergo.12405314.0002.019 fatcat:q4cg27vi4zbjzilpum4cxcudja

Processing epistemic modality in a second language: a self-paced reading study

Nadia Mifka-Profozic
2017 International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching  
relates to online processing of modal auxiliary verbs in L2 English.  ...  AbstractThe current study brings together two novel perspectives: one is concerned with second language acquisition of complex modal semantics by learners of a Slavic (Croatian) language, and the other  ...  Among the accounts provided, Talmy's (1988) cognitive explanation of change from deontic to epistemic is based on his notion of force dynamics, such that root (deontic and dynamic) modals encode force-dynamic  ... 
doi:10.1515/iral-2017-0107 fatcat:qn454skzp5apvkdbhejlbl7loy

A contrastive analysis of epistemic modality in scientific English

María Luisa Carrió Pastor
2015 Revista de Lenguas para Fines Específicos  
As epistemic modals are used to indicate the possibility of some piece of knowledge, this paper focuses on epistemic modal verbs in order to detect if native speakers of English and non-native speakers  ...  The main aim of this research is to analyse if native speakers of English use epistemic modality in the same way than non-native speakers of English and to detect the most outstanding cognitive implications  ...  (NNW23) The modal can is frequently included in the domain of dynamic modality (Palmer, 1991, pp. 7-10) , and less frequently within the domain of epistemic modality (cf.  ... 
doaj:8377f318a47f4b078f0b0d29e9341300 fatcat:o2lli6pm3bc5pfedqrm7gx2nfe

Truth and Context Change

Andreas Stokke
2012 Journal of Philosophical Logic  
Focusing on presuppositions and epistemic modals, this paper points out some problems with how this project has been carried out. It then suggests a way of overcoming these problems.  ...  This involves appealing to a richer notion of context than the one found in standard dynamic systems.  ...  Truth and Epistemic Modals Modal CCPs Epistemic modals comprise another class of expressions that give rise to specifically dynamic effects.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10992-012-9250-6 fatcat:ewjhb2fwhzblnlgdpntmany7wu

Where's the Bridge? Epistemology and Epistemic Logic

Vincent F. Hendricks, John Symons
2006 Philosophical Studies  
systems, multi-modal systems, dynamic modal systems, epistemic capacities of active agents, and this is not an exhaustive list.  ...  An epistemic logic for n agents consists of n copies of a certain modal logic.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11098-005-4060-0 fatcat:xuuwa7as6fgy5orji4gy2r2xqy

Norwegian Modal Verbs and Attitudinal Modality

Ugnius Mikučionis
2009 Scandinavistica Vilnensis  
Hávamál Håvamål In this article, I present a semantic model of modality, where the starting point is the assumption that modality is a semantic category which deals with people's attitude towards the trustworthiness  ...  of propositions and / or the desirability of states of affairs.  ...  Returning to the question about the position of dynamic (and circumstantial) modality in my model, it seems reasonable to claim that dynamic (and circumstantial) modality is connected to epistemic and  ... 
doi:10.15388/scandinavisticavilnensis.2009.2.7 fatcat:ggjzsu2lkzb7tausjryvwwrydi

Means of Expression of Epistemic Modality in Russian Political Discourse

Živilė Nemickienė
2019 Respectus Philologicus  
Due to the structure of Russian, groups of particles and modal expressions conveying epistemic modality are analysed.  ...  This paper discusses the means of epistemic modality used in Russian political discourse.  ...  Finally, Biber (1999: 485) ascribes dynamic to epistemic modality.  ... 
doi:10.15388/respectus.2019.36.41.20 fatcat:obuwhzyyivh7bcyrshebkvrj5q

Talking About Knowledge [chapter]

Johan van Benthem
2017 Outstanding Contributions to Logic  
In this little piece, a programmatic sequel to van Benthem 2011 and a prequel to Baltag et al. 2014, I add some further perspectives and issues to this mix from dynamic--epistemic logics of information  ...  My aim is to show that we can have a yet richer agenda of epistemic themes, and a richer view of the interplay of logic and epistemology, when we make epistemic action a major focus on a par with knowledge  ...  Theorem The dynamic--epistemic logic of semantic information, relevance, and test is completely axiomatizable.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-47843-2_8 fatcat:ggnnvrn5svgf7jovrliyp32tui

The information in intuitionistic logic

Johan van Benthem
2008 Synthese  
Epistemic logic describes information of agents in terms of ranges of possible worlds, and its dynamic versions describe the informational processes that update these ranges: observation, conversation,  ...  Keywords Information · Intuitionistic logic · Epistemic logic · Dynamic logic Logic and information, a web of story lines The notion of information is not a standard theme in logic, but it really lies  ...  Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11229-008-9408-5 fatcat:c3k6w6pn7rfr7b67piq2paeyv4

Open Problems in Logical Dynamics [chapter]

Johan van Benthem
2006 Mathematical Problems from Applied Logic I  
In recent years, a number of 'dynamic epistemic logics' have been developed for dealing with information, communication, and interaction.  ...  Section 4 generalizes this to general dynamic-epistemic logic of actions or events whose observation conveys information.  ...  We have a universe of information states (static epistemic models) related by possible transitions: viz. announcement actions P! taking models M to submodels M|A.  ... 
doi:10.1007/0-387-31072-x_3 fatcat:f5il7g4k6zcdndjrl3ymqaetl4
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