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iView: A Feature Clustering Framework for Suggesting Informative Views in Volume Visualization

Ziyi Zheng, N. Ahmed, K. Mueller
2011 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
The unguided visual exploration of volumetric data can be both a challenging and a time-consuming undertaking.  ...  Index Terms-Direct volume rendering, k-means, entropy, view suggestion, set-cover problem, ant colony optimization. and Imaging (  ...  It was also made possible in part by the imageVis3D software from the NIH/NCRR Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing, 2P41 RR0112553-12.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvcg.2011.218 pmid:22034313 fatcat:xhljz2lar5amndy7q4kb5pted4

Three-Dimensional Analysis of Morphologic Changes and Visual Outcomes in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Hyungwoo Lee, Aerin Jo, Hyung Chan Kim
2017 Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science  
Baseline BCVA, volume of IRF, and intact area of ELM were significant predictors for BCVA at month 12 (b ¼ 0.29, P ¼ 0.01; b ¼ 0.30, P ¼ 0.01; and b ¼ À0.28, P ¼ 0.01).  ...  At month 12, poor BCVA was associated with increased volume of IRF, reduced intact ELM area, and decreased EZ area (b ¼ 0.24, P ¼ 0.01; b ¼ À0.30, P ¼ 0.02; and b ¼ À0.37, P ¼ 0.004, respectively).  ...  Therefore, ELM area and IRF volume could be used as good prognostic factors for visual acuity at month 12.  ... 
doi:10.1167/iovs.16-20637 pmid:28241322 fatcat:r5j7nycl3fd5nj4zr5er7hy6m4

Information-Theoretic Characterization of Brain Registration and Structure- Function Relationships

Hiroki Yamamoto
2016 Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering  
Methods: fMRI retinotopic mapping was performed in 16 subjects to construct a model for 12 visual areas.  ...  Objective: This study quantitatively compared three registration algorithms-linear volume-based, nonlinear volume-based, and surface-based methods-using probability and entropy maps of human visual areas  ...  S1 Right S1 Left RESULTS The 12 visual areas were successfully identified for all 32 hemispheres.  ... 
doi:10.2174/2213385204666160628083230 fatcat:lsykes5st5el7agjfjy2ohxpwm

Towards improved ultrasound-based analysis and 3D visualization of the fetal brain using the 3D Slicer

R. Oyama, M. Jakab, A. Kikuchi, T. Sugiyama, R. Kikinis, S. Pujol
2013 Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology  
We acquired 3D ultrasound volumes from five healthy pregnant women at 12 (n=2), 14 (n=2) and 19 (n=1) weeks of gestation. Informed consent was obtained in each case.  ...  We provide a brief description of a workflow for semi-automated segmentation and 3D visualization of fetal ultrasound volumes in the second trimester using the 3D Slicer open source software 1,2 .  ...  We acquired 3D ultrasound volumes from five healthy pregnant women at 12 (n=2), 14 (n=2) and 19 (n=1) weeks of gestation. Informed consent was obtained in each case.  ... 
doi:10.1002/uog.12484 pmid:23576282 pmcid:PMC4032474 fatcat:owjcfpg2afbpfnzvrb5vhfpju4

Enhanced Gray Matter Volume Compensates for Decreased Brain Activity in the Ocular Motor Area in Children with Anisometropic Amblyopia

Weizhao Lu, Xueliang Yu, Lisheng Zhao, Yanli Zhang, Feng Zhao, Yi Wang, Jianfeng Qiu
2020 Neural Plasticity  
Our findings may suggest that PAA patients experience structural and functional abnormalities in brain regions related to oculomotor and visual-spatial information.  ...  Purpose.Anisometropic amblyopia usually occurs during early childhood and results in monocular visual deficit.  ...  The dorsal visual pathway is involved in visual-spatial information such as motion sensation and space recognition [28] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/8060869 pmid:32377181 pmcid:PMC7182973 fatcat:2xyhayxncrf3dfupw72xlwk3oa

When two worlds collide: Using particle physics tools to visualize the limit order book

Marjolein E. Verhulst, Philippe Debie, Stephan Hageboeck, Joost M. E. Pennings, Cornelis Gardebroek, Axel Naumann, Paul Leeuwen, Andres A. Trujillo‐Barrera, Lorenzo Moneta
2021 Journal of futures markets  
We introduce a methodology to visualize the limit order book (LOB) using a particle physics lens.  ...  Message-based data is used, rather than snapshots, as it offers numerous visualization advantages.  ...  , 2015, 9:00 AM -12:00 AM CT.  ... 
doi:10.1002/fut.22251 fatcat:f2ovn6bcnzfuxkvucwskoi3ome

Clinical applications of real-time volume rendering

Bradley M. Hemminger, Paul L. Molina, M. Patricia Braeuning, Frank C. Detterbeck, Thomas M. Egan, Etta D. Pisano, David V. Beard, Yongmin Kim
1995 Medical Imaging 1995: Image Display  
This ability enables the physician to look inside of the patients body to visually comprehend the information from radiological procedures, resulting in improved treatment planning.  ...  We have developed an application, SeeThru, that allows real-time volume visualization under the interactive control of the physician.  ...  0% (0/12) very bad match 0% (0/12) moderately bad match 0% (0/12) OK 25% (3/12) moderately good match 75% (9/12) very good match Was the 3D visualization clinically helpful based on the surgery?  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.207661 fatcat:vvro5qrjwvhhxjl7gaqpfh4k2q

Occlusion and Slice-Based Volume Rendering Augmentation for PET-CT

Younhyun Jung, Jinman Kim, Dagan Feng, Michael Fulham
2017 IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics  
Three-dimensional volume rendering approaches enable visualization of a two-dimensional slice of interest (SOI) from PET combined with direct volume rendering (DVR) from CT.  ...  Hence, we propose a new visualization algorithm where a SOI from PET is augmented by volumetric contextual information from a DVR of the counterpart CT so that the obtrusiveness from the CT in the SOI  ...  [16] recently used an elastic membrane to clip the volume to reduce the visual loss of contextual information.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jbhi.2016.2565502 pmid:28113733 fatcat:yhbblp2ygfc2ja3wvfqqriabqu

Volume Rendering of Segmented Tubular Objects [chapter]

Elizabeth Bullitt, Stephen Aylward
2001 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Depth information from an individual MIP view. No depth information is available with traditional "block" volume rendering (left), and the resultant image is confusing.  ...  Visualization The visualization method consists of two steps: front projection of segmented objects using a modified z-buffer algorithm, and subsequent volume rendering so that a pixel's ray is processed  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45468-3_20 fatcat:5wh5wt7m7be2tk5q7ffds4nqim

An adaptive graph for volumetric mesh visualization

Diogo T. Robaina, Mauricio Kischinhevsky, Sanderson L. Gonzaga de Oliveira, Diego N. Brandão, Esteban Clua, Anselmo Montenegro
2010 Procedia Computer Science  
The total-ordering of the mesh volumes used in the discretization and the visualization processes is by the 3D Modified Hilbert space-filling Curve.  ...  In addition, experiments are shown when visualization is made from inside and outside the volume. The results expose the efficiency of using this strategy.  ...  Figure 9 : 9 Mesh visualizations [12] : a) Mesh with 16 3 volumes; b) Direct Volume Rendering.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2010.04.196 fatcat:kflv3ncpkjhfxknsoqmu65jska

Towards the Design of Effective Haptic and Audio Displays for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Applications

Gang Ren, Side Wei, Eamonn O'Neill, Fenfang Chen
2018 Advances in Multimedia  
Visual displays can be ineffective or inappropriate in some situations such as walking or driving. Meanwhile, nonvisual modalities are becoming increasingly important in mobile user experiences.  ...  We evaluate several design factors including audio feedback device, volume, rhythm, and the target's horizontal and vertical position.  ...  Figure 12 : 12 Mean head movement angle for (a) Volume × Rhythm; (B) Device; (C) Device × Volume; (D) Device × Rhythm. Figure 13 : 13 (a) Mean user preference of Device, Volume, and Rhythm.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/4517150 fatcat:otysan34hbhx7c3tbvsffkoqc4

Insight into Data through Visualization [chapter]

Eduard Gröller
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Computer graphics, scientific visualization, information visualization, and graph drawing are areas which deal with visual information layout.  ...  They all use the remarkable properties of the human visual perception to rapidly absorb and analyse visual information.  ...  Volume Visualization, Flow Visualization Volume visualization and flow visualization are the major subbranches of scientific visualization.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45848-4_28 fatcat:az46d66vdnagzfexrsoqtzqxla

Environmentally induced changes to brain morphology predict cognitive performance

Thomas W. Pike, Michael Ramsey, Anna Wilkinson
2018 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
We then tested performance in a 37 cognitive task in which information from the two sensory modalities was in conflict. 38 Although the fish could effectively utilise both visual and chemical information  ...  Here, we non-invasively manipulated the 35 relative size of brain regions associated with processing visual and chemical information in 36 fish (the optic tectum and olfactory bulbs, respectively).  ...  We tested for 194 differences in brain volume, and the volume of individual brain regions, as a function of 195 treatment group (visually-unrestricted or visually-restricted), sex (male or female) and  ... 
doi:10.1098/rstb.2017.0287 pmid:30104432 fatcat:oymttdhcbbf4zawxhhrzjg27ie

Visualization of intraaneurysmal flow patterns with transluminal flow images of 3D MR angiograms in conjunction with aneurysmal configurations

Toru Satoh, Keisuke Onoda, Shoji Tsuchimoto
2003 American Journal of Neuroradiology  
Transluminal flow images showed 3D visualization of flow-related signal intensity distribution obtained from volume data of MR angiograms, so that qualitative information regarding intraaneurysmal flow  ...  Transluminal images of the vessel lumen were reconstructed with use of a parallel volume-rendering algorithm by selecting information on the margin of lumina from the volume data sets of 3D time-of-flight  ...  The second limitation is related to reconstruction of image data by using the volume-rendering technique (8 -10, 12, 13) .  ... 
pmid:12917142 pmcid:PMC7973683 fatcat:pzqsdjg4zrhphjnu3axkgqr2gm

إنشاء وحدات معالجة الرسومات للأغراض العامة ثلاثية الأبعاد لتصور الحجم في أنظمة الرسومات ثلاثية الأبعاد

أنس محمد العريقات أنس محمد العريقات
2020 journal of King Abdulaziz University Computing and Information Technology Sciences  
volume visualization 3D volume displays Volume scene information Algorithm for primitive's voxelization [11] Voxel Primitive Modeling and Simulating 3D volume displays Volume scene information  ...  Boundary volume information GPU based voxelized data visualization Our approach Fast parallel and GPU based voxelization 3D volume displays Volume scene information Parametric Method  ... 
doi:10.4197/comp.9-2.5 fatcat:dxoh5yh3xncobn6jdyvxrnxvke
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