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Attributes Influencing the Reading and Comprehension of Source Code – Discussing Contradictory Evidence

Talita Vieira Ribeiro, Guilherme Horta Travassos
2018 CLEI Electronic Journal  
) on the source code readability and comprehensibility.  ...  Aims: To investigate source code attributes and their influence on readability and comprehensibility.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank CAPES and CNPq for supporting this research and the students at EEL873/UFRJ for taking part in the empirical study. Prof. Travassos is a CNPq researcher.  ... 
doi:10.19153/cleiej.21.1.5 fatcat:zy2vcbliundz7nxfadfyjsfw24

Measuring neural efficiency of program comprehension

Janet Siegmund, Norman Peitek, Chris Parnin, Sven Apel, Johannes Hofmeister, Christian Kästner, Andrew Begel, Anja Bethmann, André Brechmann
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 11th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software Engineering - ESEC/FSE 2017  
We found evidence of semantic chunking during bottom-up comprehension and lower activation of brain areas during comprehension based on semantic cues, confirming that beacons ease comprehension.  ...  We manipulated experimental conditions related to beacons and layout to isolate specific cognitive processes related to bottom-up comprehension and comprehension based on semantic cues.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Anke Michalsky, Andreas Fügner, and Jörg Stadler for fMRI data acquisition and all participants of our pilot studies and the fMRI study.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3106237.3106268 dblp:conf/sigsoft/SiegmundPPAHKBB17 fatcat:l737ucr34zdlncnakgkainezhu

Towards a Model to Appraise and Suggest Identifier Names

Anthony Peruma
2019 2019 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME)  
Unknowingly, identifiers in the source code of a software system play a vital role in determining the quality of the system.  ...  Ambiguous and confusing identifier names lead developers to not only misunderstand the behavior of the code but also increases comprehension time and thereby causes a loss in productivity.  ...  In the same study, the authors proposed REPENT, an approach to first detect identifier renamings in the source code, and then analyze and classify the detected renamings based on their semantic change.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsme.2019.00103 dblp:conf/icsm/Peruma19 fatcat:zkbqnnqjurcbxcos2h3gt5kqzm

Static Analysis Based Support for Program Comprehension in Erlang

Melinda Tóth, István Bozó, Judit Kőszegi, Zoltán Horváth
2011 Acta Electrotechnica et Informatica  
The first task for a developer is to understand the structure and the behaviour of the program without considering the type of the changerefactoring, bugfix -must be performed on the source code.  ...  Understanding and debugging the source code is not straightforward in case of a dynamically typed functional programming language, like Erlang.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The Semantic Query Language was designed by the RefactorErl group. We want to thank for Lászlo Lövei for the initial design ideas and Lilla Hajós for the current im-plementation.  ... 
doi:10.2478/v10198-011-0022-y fatcat:u7iilal3rfeedc4meni2ba2ucu

The significance of user-defined identifiers in Java source code authorship identification [article]

Georgia Frantzeskou, Stephen G. MacDonell, Efstathios Stamatatos, Stelios Georgiou, Stefanos Gritzalis
2021 arXiv   pre-print
When writing source code, programmers have varying levels of freedom when it comes to the creation and use of identifiers.  ...  We do this through a sequence of experiments in which we disguise one type of identifier at a time. These experiments are performed using as a tool the Source Code Author Profiles (SCAP) method.  ...  REFERENCES [1] Krsul, I., and Spafford, E. H., Authorship analysis: Identifying the author of a program.  ... 
arXiv:2101.12384v1 fatcat:b25p4r2vsvdg3odrq4htj27uea

Understanding understanding source code with functional magnetic resonance imaging

Janet Siegmund, Christian Kästner, Sven Apel, Chris Parnin, Anja Bethmann, Thomas Leich, Gunter Saake, André Brechmann
2014 Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Software Engineering - ICSE 2014  
Our results encourage us and, hopefully, other researchers to use fMRI in future studies to measure program comprehension and, in the long run, answer questions, such as: Can we predict whether someone  ...  In a controlled experiment, we observed 17 participants inside an fMRI scanner while they were comprehending short source-code snippets, which we contrasted with locating syntax errors.  ...  We are grateful to all participants of our fMRI study and the pilot studies.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2568225.2568252 dblp:conf/icse/SiegmundKAPBLSB14 fatcat:vto2k254kvejphdyzj3w2baile

Deep code comment generation

Xing Hu, Ge Li, Xin Xia, David Lo, Zhi Jin
2018 Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Program Comprehension - ICPC '18  
During software maintenance, code comments help developers comprehend programs and reduce additional time spent on reading and navigating source code.  ...  We conduct experiments on a large-scale Java corpus built from 9,714 open source projects from GitHub. We evaluate the experimental results on a machine translation metric.  ...  These identifiers have a substantial influence on the vocabulary of language models. If we keep a regular vocabulary size for source code, there will be many unknown tokens.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3196321.3196334 dblp:conf/iwpc/HuLXLJ18 fatcat:kcbc6boulrgtpdnf4fhcu242bq

Relating Identifier Naming Flaws and Code Quality: An Empirical Study

Simon Butler, Michel Wermelinger, Yijun Yu, Helen Sharp
2009 2009 16th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering  
Studies have demonstrated the importance of good identifier names to program comprehension.  ...  We evaluated the quality of identifier names in 8 established open source Java applications libraries, using a set of 12 identifier naming guidelines.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thankÁlvaro Faria, coordinator of the Statistics Advisory Service at The Open University, for his help in choosing the statistical method.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wcre.2009.50 dblp:conf/wcre/ButlerWYS99a fatcat:ad4v5zorhnharcvbbut3xfkc3u

Page 500 of Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts: LLBA Vol. 25, Issue 2 [page]

1991 Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts: LLBA  
Howard—Aging and Memory Activation: The Priming of Semantic and Episodic Memories-reviews current research on the activation of long-term memory, in an attempt to identify sources of communication & memory  ...  An experiment was conducted to determine the influence of material length, phonological similarity, & articulatory suppression on short- term memory, Undergraduates (N = 24) were auditorily presented with  ... 

Exploring the Influence of Identifier Names on Code Quality: An Empirical Study

S Butler, M Wermelinger, Yijun Yu, H Sharp
2010 2010 14th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering  
This in turn makes it possible to, secondly, apply existing method-level quality and readability metrics, and see that flawed identifiers still impact on this richer notion of code quality and comprehension  ...  Given the importance of identifier names and the value of naming conventions to program comprehension, we speculated in previous work whether a connection exists between the quality of identifier names  ...  We also thank Ray Buse and Westley Weimer of the University of Virginia for allowing us to use their readability metric tool.  ... 
doi:10.1109/csmr.2010.27 dblp:conf/csmr/ButlerWYS10 fatcat:towyjtdczja5lmthrz3ajxorqi

Identifying Code Clones with RefactorErl

Viktória Fördős, Melinda Tóth
2016 Acta Cybernetica  
Code clones, the results of "copy&paste programming", have a negative impact on software maintenance. Therefore several tools and techniques have been developed to identify them in the source code.  ...  Most of them concentrate on imperative, well known languages, while in this paper, we give an AST/metric based clone detection algorithm for the functional programming language Erlang.  ...  Conclusion and future works Duplicated code detection is a special static analysis, where code clones are identified in the source code.  ... 
doi:10.14232/actacyb.22.3.2016.1 fatcat:pzg6pdpvungwdnw35czrhxkvsm

Summarizing Source Code with Transferred API Knowledge

Xing Hu, Ge Li, Xin Xia, David Lo, Shuai Lu, Zhi Jin
2018 Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
Code summarization, aiming to generate succinct natural language description of source code, is extremely useful for code search and code comprehension.  ...  about the functionality of the source code.  ...  Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence  ... 
doi:10.24963/ijcai.2018/314 dblp:conf/ijcai/HuLXLLJ18 fatcat:yp6doniv2jd7njektw2skowimi

Semantic clustering: Identifying topics in source code

Adrian Kuhn, Stéphane Ducasse, Tudor Gîrba
2007 Information and Software Technology  
This paper proposes the use of information retrieval to exploit linguistic information found in source code, such as identifier names and comments.  ...  However, by analyzing formal information the informal semantics contained in the vocabulary of source code are overlooked.  ...  Conclusions Source code bears the semantics of an application in the names of identifiers and comments.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.infsof.2006.10.017 fatcat:vfpzcn2jizcgvkludhvod5vneq

A Survey of Automatic Software Vulnerability Detection, Program Repair, and Defect Prediction Techniques

Zhidong Shen, Si Chen, Luigi Coppolino
2020 Security and Communication Networks  
Together with the large-scale increase in the number of software and the increase in complexity, the traditional manual methods to deal with these security issues are inefficient and cannot meet the current  ...  The development of deep learning technology has brought new opportunities for the study of potential security issues in software, and researchers have successively proposed many automation methods.  ...  At the same time, writer studies the influence of different lengths of hash code on clone detection performance of CDLH measured by F1 value, and F1 values of CDLH with respect to different code lengths  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/8858010 fatcat:obeiw4p7afan5m24ydmdkmyhbm

Latent semantic analysis for text-based research

Peter W. Foltz
1996 Behavoir research methods, instruments & computers  
One of the primary goals in text-comprehension research is to understand what factors influence a reader's ability to extract and retain information from textual material.  ...  The third experiment describes using LSAto measure the coherence and comprehensibility of texts.  ...  On average, the raters identified the source of information as coming from 2.1 documents, with a range of0 to 8.  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03204765 fatcat:mm5jqph3frbh3okp2s3rqxsoza
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