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Industrial experiences from multi-paradigmatic modelling of signal processing

Håkan Burden, Rogardt Heldal, Martin Lundqvist
2012 Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling - MPM '12  
doi:10.1145/2508443.2508445 dblp:conf/models/BurdenHL12 fatcat:aapsgcsjzzbppkknqwpgmttl3u

Paradigms in service research

Bård Tronvoll, Stephen W. Brown, Dwayne D. Gremler, Bo Edvardsson, Kiane Goudarzi
2011 Journal of Service Management  
Purpose -Recent discussions of the service-dominant logic (S-D logic) and the creation of a multidisciplinary service science highlight the need for a paradigmatic discussion that provides directions for  ...  Design/methodology/approach -Using the proposed framework, an assessment of 60 selected award-winning and most cited articles is categorized using the paradigmatic framework.  ...  behaviors that signal whether customers will remain with or defect from a company.  ... 
doi:10.1108/09564231111174951 fatcat:rk4caobmpnewxmhybwg2a5djve

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Technological Convergence?

Anne-Laure Mention, João José Pinto Ferreira, Marko Torkkeli
2018 Journal of Innovation Management  
In this regard, open innovation which involves harnessing wisdom of the crowds at the fuzzy front-end of the innovation process has increasingly been promoted as a pragmatic mechanism for accessing widely  ...  Wisdom of the crowds, Technological capabilities and Functional alignment, which when recognised and utilised in innovation processes, can unlock the ability to source, develop and commercialise ideas  ...  Routines are a way to signal firm's appetite for learning from local and distance experiences or events (Nelson & Winter, 1982) and when treated as building blocks of organisation's core capabilities  ... 
doi:10.24840/2183-0606_006.003_0001 fatcat:qkv4m5wuqjfm7nhhsgyudrh4p4

Multi-paradigm modelling for cyber–physical systems: a descriptive framework

Moussa Amrani, Dominique Blouin, Robert Heinrich, Arend Rensink, Hans Vangheluwe, Andreas Wortmann
2021 Journal of Software and Systems Modeling  
This work is set in the context of Multi-Paradigm Modelling (MPM), which is based on the principle to model every part and aspect of a system explicitly, at the most appropriate level(s) of abstraction  ...  One crucial part of the framework is the ability to capture the structural essence of a paradigm through the concept of a paradigmatic structure.  ...  processes (control, signal processing, logical inference, planning, etc.) that typically interact with a highly uncertain environment, including human actors, in a socio-economic context.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10270-021-00876-z fatcat:t3qxjickmrc4fivk2zjsrdsxmy

Connectors of smart design and smart systems

Imre Horváth
2021 Artificial intelligence for engineering design, analysis and manufacturing  
The third part presents and elaborates on a conceptual model of AI-based couplings of smart design and smart systems.  ...  The second part exposes the paradigmatic features and system engineering issues of smart systems, which are equipped with application-specific synthetic system knowledge and reasoning mechanisms.  ...  While useful products and manageable processes were in the focus of industrial design engineering before and in the 1950, the attention shifted to multi-disciplinary systems and related services in the  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0890060421000068 fatcat:iiwokbapsrhtfdwfoy3qbywvny

Method of Paradigmatic Analysis of Programming Languages and Systems

Lidiya V. Gorodnyaya
2019 Conference on Scientific Services & Internet  
The proposed method can be used to assess the complexity of programming, especially if supplemented by dividing the requirements of setting tasks in the fields of application into academic and industrial  ...  The purpose of the article is to describe the method of comparison of programming languages, convenient for assessing the expressive power of languages and the complexity of the programming systems.  ...  from the set N and Table 4 . 4 Paradigmatic scale of IPP semantics.  ... 
dblp:conf/ssi/Gorodnyaya19 fatcat:7xeogemsbfg7lauz2o4cg2f5ay

Bionics in patents – semantic-based analysis for the exploitation of bionic principles in patents

Lothar Walter, Ralf Isenmann, Martin G. Moehrle
2011 Procedia Engineering  
Other fields of technological applications, however, apparently do not make use of bionic ideas for solving inventive problems.  ...  A case study of US-based patents between 1976 and 2006 clearly shows that most bionic inventions are patented as medical applications in the area of surgery.  ...  Paradigmatic perspective and basic methodology The paradigmatic perspective of bionics is the refreshingly different perspective of understanding nature as a model, compared to the orthodox behaviour in  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.03.147 fatcat:a6vnoxttzvdkjg2gnvcbsvzv6y

Adapting Recording Studio Audio Technologies for Language Labs

Rachida Salama Primov, John Czechowicz
2000 IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies  
Patch panel diagram Our experience with DHAS speaks to the feasibility of expanding the technological horizons of language labs by adapting from other industries and application sectors.  ...  As a consequence, the lab staff decided to capitalize on the experience of one of its members in the professional studio recording industry to explore the possibility of adapting a distributed headphone  ... 
doi:10.17161/iallt.v32i1.8309 fatcat:7flpvzlytrgvrmu5ma36x7d6pm

Urban Growth Control DSS Techniques for De-Sprinkling Process in Italy

Bernardino Romano, Lorena Fiorini, Francesco Zullo, Alessandro Marucci
2017 Sustainability  
This concept was developed from research concluded in 2016, referring to 50 years of urban evolution in Italy, that investigated and diagnosed the forms of urban growth focusing on the Italian model.  ...  This article relates to the concept of urban expansion reduction in limited areas, called "de-sprinkling districts", and methods of designation of their range, as well as modelling and management of their  ...  The indicators used were developed within the SUNLIFE project (LIFE 13/NAT/IT/371-Strategy for the Natura 2000 Network of the Umbria Region).  ... 
doi:10.3390/su9101852 fatcat:eynocqhl75ayncu5oufuxphgie

Mobile Banking and Brokerage Systems ) Managing IS Risks in the Beginning 21st Century

Elke Wolf
2003 Bled eConference  
The mobile banking channel is focused as one example of banks´ business processes involving new technology. 24 banks are identified from the list of the 100 largest German banks that offer mobile services  ...  Starting from an outline of new challenges of the 21st century, the situation of banks being particularly exposed to these conditions is described.  ...  Their starting position has been characterized by the advantage of having learned from failures of other companies during the hype while having already a wide experience with system development as well  ... 
dblp:conf/bled/Wolf03 fatcat:lnmtyc7hsncuxlbfbwwkvsri3m


M. Olszewska-Placha, D.Gryglewski, W. Wojtasiak, M. Celuch
2021 Zenodo  
The presented approach joins the design methodologies of both, active and passive component of the microwave oven to deliver to the heating system designers and manufacturers a full advantage of the opportunities  ...  The combined active and passive methodology is experimentally validated in the industrial laboratory environment for dual-aperture microwave oven prototype and the results are discussed.  ...  QWED team further acknowledges the funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement NanoBat No 861962.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5913143 fatcat:5c2qrmhhtjgtlgz46drc7qm3su

Language, games and language games

Mihnea Moldoveanu
2002 The Journal of Socio-Economics  
Starting from the premise that discourses of social analysis affect the ways in which social norms develop and proliferate, this article models the evolution of professional codes and dialects using Wittgenstein's  ...  The idea of a language game is extended to explore ways in which certain disciplines can establish cognitive jurisdiction over particular phenomena, starting from a particular set of codes, and thereby  ...  Thus, we might expect-as Baum (1999) finds-that multi-paradigmatic disciplines 'strategy' are net importers of theories from several different mono-paradigmatic disciplines 'economics,' just as mono-paradigmatic  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1053-5357(02)00118-x fatcat:dzh5s2b5cnfqzofaay54rhegy4

The discourses of marketing and development: towards 'critical transformative marketing research'

Mark Tadajewski, Jessica Chelekis, Benet DeBerry-Spence, Bernardo Figueiredo, Olga Kravets, Krittinee Nuttavuthisit, Lisa Peñaloza, Johanna Moisander
2014 Journal of Marketing Management  
Chelekis is currently starting a new research project on addictive consumption that centres on questions of neoliberal freedom and agency.  ...  Trained as a cultural anthropologist at Indiana University, her main areas of research are economic anthropology, gender and household economies, microentrepreneurship, and markets and consumption studies  ...  analysis along the lines of the three stage process of multi-paradigmatic critical reflection encouraged in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1080/0267257x.2014.952660 fatcat:qsbh6puiwndcnaorfiabncq6g4

USC SDR, an easy-to-program, high data rate, real time software radio platform

Horia Vlad Balan, Marcelo Segura, Suvil Deora, Antonios Michaloliakos, Ryan Rogalin, Konstantinos Psounis, Giuseppe Caire
2013 Proceedings of the second workshop on Software radio implementation forum - SRIF '13  
The hardware is supported by a real-time software architecture where signal processing tasks, PHY and MAC layer algorithms can be programmed as user-level applications.  ...  to run real-time experiments for a long time.  ...  However, this is now fully supported by the latest generation of Xilinx evaluation boards, through a standardized interface that effectively decouples the RF components from the baseband signal processing  ... 
doi:10.1145/2491246.2491254 dblp:conf/sigcomm/BalanSDMRPC13 fatcat:bxay2aeyrzf5tetzrfyivhbc7m

FPGA Based Powertrain Control for Electric Vehicles [chapter]

Ricardo de, Rui Esteves, Diamantino Freitas
2011 Electric Vehicles - Modelling and Simulations  
much of the processing demands from the soft processor to the FPGA logic.  ...  The special modulation hardware blocks that multi-level converters demand is a paradigmatic example of the limitations present in the fixed DSP architecture.  ...  Mathematical models for electrical vehicles and their components were introduced and merged together to make this book a guide for industry, academia and policy makers.  ... 
doi:10.5772/18491 fatcat:ppxphch3n5dzpicq4zhxuwfjhu
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