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Swarm Intelligence in Engineering

Baozhen Yao, Rui Mu, Bin Yu
2013 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
"Direct index method of beam damage location detection based on difference theory of strain modal shapes and the genetic algorithms application" applies direct index method SMSD and the Genetic Algorithms  ...  's "Daily commute time prediction based on genetic algorithm" presents a joint discrete-continuous model for activity-travel time allocation by employing the ordered probit model for departure time choice  ...  "Direct index method of beam damage location detection based on difference theory of strain modal shapes and the genetic algorithms application" applies direct index method SMSD and the Genetic Algorithms  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/835251 fatcat:ywsswmzdhzgd5pqvkkf63bonmu

Standard Deviation Method Based PSO

Arindam Majumder, Abhishek Majumder
2016 International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research  
Therefore, to overcome this problem in this study a SDM based PSO algorithm is proposed for optimizing the manufacturing process having multi attribute.  ...  In this proposed approach the SDM is used to convert multi attributes into single attribute, named as multi performance index, while the optimal value of this multi performance index is predicted by PSO  ...  Khan et. al (1996) have compared the results of non-gradient based optimization algorithms such as Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithm, Continuous simulated Annealing with each other as well as with  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijsir.2016040102 fatcat:riymuqpourf6rafahrzicbpq7a

A Model of Continuous Improvement of Data Quality in Modelling and Simulation

Zhijun Han
2017 DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research  
the curve between investments and quality index values by Pearl forecasting model, and lastly gets the optimized outlay distribution based on GA upon the condition of fixed total investment, realizing  ...  the continuous improvement of data quality and helping to the promotion of reliability for large-scale simulation system.  ...  based on the fund allocation model of genetic algorithm, and promoted the continuous improvement of the data quality, further improved credibility of the large-scale large simulation system.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtetr/apetc2017/10946 fatcat:7ymvtiqhmzclvfu6pfdnxan4zi

Real options approach to evaluating genetic algorithms

Sunisa Rimcharoen, Daricha Sutivong, Prabhas Chongstitvatana
2009 Applied Soft Computing  
This paper employs the optimal stopping policy derived from real options approach to analyze and evaluate genetic algorithms, specifically for the new branches namely Estimation of Distribution Algorithms  ...  These observations are useful in answering the question "which algorithm is suitable for a particular problem".  ...  Fortunately, there are similarities in the problem of finding an optimal stopping time in genetic algorithms and finding optimal exercise rules for financial options.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.asoc.2008.11.002 fatcat:lrv4z5a4tzff5kanqfwgeaj6mi

Study on an improved algorithm for optimization of PID parameters

Shaofei Wu
2016 International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)  
Simulation results show that PID optimization based on improved ant colony algorithm can greatly improve the dynamic performance of the control system.  ...  The improved ant colony algorithm is the hybrid algorithm consisting of the genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm convergence.  ...  PID Setting Steps Based on the Improved Algorithm Optimization of the PID parameters is a continuous domain of the function optimization problems in applications of ant colony algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.3991/ijoe.v12i02.5050 fatcat:46paestuuredxnx5hhkdcnbhya

Genetic algorithm based reactive power dispatch for voltage stability improvement

D. Devaraj, J. Preetha Roselyn
2010 International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems  
This paper presents an improved Genetic algorithm (GA) approach for voltage stability enhancement. The proposed technique is based on the minimization of the maximum of L-indices of load buses.  ...  Generator voltages, switchable VAR sources and transformer tap changers are used as optimization variables of this problem.  ...  In this paper, the problem of voltage stability enhancement is formulated as a non-linear optimization problem and a genetic algorithm-based approach is proposed to obtain the optimal settings of reactive  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijepes.2010.06.014 fatcat:kzccaivwire3llb42so4rtbw7a

Improved Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing TSP Problem

Yong-Fei CHEN, Xiao-Hua WU
2017 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
Based on the analysis of the existing characteristics of genetic algorithm and traditional genetic algorithm in the problem, proposed to solve the traveling salesman problem by genetic algorithm framework  ...  and mutation the probability of selection, the final verification of the superiority of the improved genetic algorithm in the optimization problem in TSP.  ...  evaluation index, he selected 5 special function for genetic algorithm numerical experiment is still in frequent use, he on-line and off-line index are still the main means to optimize the performance  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/iced2017/15154 fatcat:7bpbwzjq6vde3fztxesn3d5ne4

An Improved Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Vehicle Scheduling for Relief Efforts

Zhou You, Sun Lecheng, Zhou Xu, Parmar Milan, Wang Liupu
2019 International Journal of Performability Engineering  
In this paper, we propose an improved genetic algorithm and apply it to solve the vehicle scheduling problem for relief efforts in the equipment technical area.  ...  The vehicle scheduling problem is a typical multi-objective optimization problem. It is a core logistics dispatching problem and the key to realize system optimization.  ...  Conclusions Based on the description of the vehicle scheduling problem and the improved genetic algorithm, this paper constructs a problem model with innovative thinking for the actual problem of vehicle  ... 
doi:10.23940/ijpe.19.09.p8.23562363 fatcat:6fl4jmonrzfhdlndbc3spqt2hy

A Comparative Study On The Performance CharacteristicsOf Sudoku Solving Algorithms

Sankhadeep Chatterjee, Saubhik Paladhi, Raktim Chakraborty
2014 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
Solving Sudoku, a NP-Complete combinatorial optimization problem has been carried out using the optimized Graph Referencing Algorithm (GRA),Genetic Algorithm (GA), Simulated Annealing (SA), Harmony Search  ...  (HS) and Brute Force algorithm.  ...  A novel meta-heuristic algorithm for continuous optimization problem has been put forwarded by Lee et al. [9] .  ... 
doi:10.9790/0661-16566977 fatcat:lwz6bgkeyjarhj5ty23ia6yqjy

An Improved Immune Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Computer- aided Landscape Design

Wang Yao-Kuan, Liu Yu-Hong
2014 Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal  
Next, the landscape design evaluation results can be obtained by SVM, the parameters of which can be optimized by the proposed modified immune genetic algorithm.  ...  After analyzing the related works and the flow chart of the standard immune genetic algorithm, an improved immune genetic algorithm is designed.  ...  In addition to parameter optimization, immune genetic algorithms are also suggested for solving problems in creative design, such as combining components in a novel, creative mode.  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874110x014080101082 fatcat:pfvwfuodd5gwpmq45ssgwpbp2i

An improved adaptive genetic algorithm

Shifen Han, Li Xiao, S. Zhao
2022 SHS Web of Conferences  
Based on the specific running steps of genetic algorithm, aiming at the shortcomings of genetic algorithm, an improved adaptive genetic algorithm is proposed.  ...  Genetic algorithm is a classic intelligent bionic algorithm, which is evolved according to the genetic evolution process of organisms in nature, and has strong global optimization ability.  ...  This project is supported by the guiding project of the scientific research plan of Hubei Provincial Department of education in 2018, Project Name: Research on production scheduling problem based on Intelligent  ... 
doi:10.1051/shsconf/202214001044 fatcat:5bk34e76rja2jjhswgdqyzrjyy

Research on the Hybrid Algorithm on the Basis of BP Neural Network and the Improved Genetic Algorithm

Ge Hong
2015 Open Automation and Control Systems Journal  
In this thesis, a BP neural network based GA (Genetic Algorithm) is proposed to take advantage of their complementary ability of local and global search for optimum solutions.  ...  data processing problems.  ...  Genetic algorithm is a search algorithm based on natural selection and genetic mechanisms for groups, and simulates the course of reproduction, and the interbreeding in the process of a natural and genetic  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874444301507011094 fatcat:boufpqrsffh4jozo227zdqszwq

A Review on Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch

Vismay Loriya, Vishnu Patel
The ORPD problem has been solved as a single objective as well as multi-objective optimization problem using various conventional techniques as well as recent techniques including genetic algorithm, artificial  ...  In recent years, several evolutionary computing based optimization techniques are proposed and practiced to solve various issues involved in optimal reactive power dispatch problem.  ...  Attempts made by many countries like US, UK, Australia for optimal reactive power management is also discussed.  ... 
doi:10.17148/ijireeice.2016.4120 fatcat:62w7vce3yfcbna7tl4miywqwte

Teaching Evaluation of Single Chip Microcomputer based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

2017 Revista Técnica de la Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad del Zulia  
, based on support vector machine classification with high accuracy performance and combined with the robustness of genetic algorithm, the monolithic machine teaching evaluation index were quantitative  ...  In recent years, with the continuous deepening of SCM teaching, to meet the needs of the community to the relevant needs, for the continuous development of the community to provide high-quality professional  ...  On the sample index data using SVM algorithm to classify and rating prediction, due to the selection of SVM parameters is subjective, therefore the introduction of genetic algorithm to optimize the prediction  ... 
doi:10.21311/ fatcat:gddwbcx26nfd5b6r5byv65tzca

The Construction of Urban Park Green Infrastructure Network Based on Genetic Algorithm

Hui Wang, Wei Li, Yinfeng Hou, Ma Li, Shi-Young Lee, Aruna K K
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
green infrastructure network model and corresponding algorithm of a city park and improve and compare the genetic algorithm and Tabu search algorithm.  ...  Genetic algorithm has a potential application prospect in the construction of urban park green infrastructure network.  ...  Compared with general algorithms, genetic algorithm is more suitable for optimizing complex nonlinear problems.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/9719633 fatcat:srad2mx2nrgv5f32dljtvt3hpi
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