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On approximately identifying concept classes in the limit [chapter]

Satoshi Kobayashi, Takashi Yokomori
1995 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present some characterization theorems for approximately identiability.  ...  The results obtained in this paper are essentially related to the closure property of concept classes under innite intersections (or innite unions).  ...  Acknowledgement We would like to thank Noriyuki Tanida for his helpful comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-60454-5_47 fatcat:vjf3ltqyjvebxg4hvvbfounxvu

Rasch analysis of consumer attitudes towards the mountain product label

Ivana Bassi, Matteo Carzedda, Enrico Gori, Luca Iseppi
2022 Agricultural and Food Economics  
For the purpose of this research, the Rasch model was used since its properties make it suitable to identify the measure of interest.  ...  The tables contain also values of Separation and Reliability indexes, both for items and persons.  ...  Looking at Age classes, highest appreciation for the dimension LA is observed in the average classes 35-44, 45-54, with attitudes 2.86 and 2.62, while the youngest classes show the lowest level (1.48 and  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40100-022-00218-7 fatcat:jb2ohrh5zjenraciidwwvjdlwq

High-speed CMOS circuits with parallel dynamic logic and speed-enhanced skewed static logic

Chulwoo Kim, Seong-Ook Jung, Kwang-Hyun Baek, Sung-Mo Kang
2002 IEEE transactions on circuits and systems - 2, Analog and digital signal processing  
Index Terms-Adder, dynamic logic, low-power, skewed logic.  ...  PDL uses only parallel-connected transistors for fast logic evaluation and is a good candidate for high-speed low-voltage operation.  ...  In these equations, the symbols 1 and represent an AND operation gi =ai 1 bi; pi = ai 8 bi ; si = pi 8 ci ; c0 = cin c k = k j=1 gj01 1 k01 i=1 pi01 1 cin 1 k i=1 pi01 With respect to the indexes, these  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsii.2002.802960 fatcat:p22jqi46kzblznwry3qf5lnqei

An Improved ILMI Method for Static Output Feedback Control With Application to Multivariable PID Control

Y. He, Q.-G. Wang
2006 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
Index Terms- control, linear matrix inequality (LMI), multivariable PID control, stabilization, static output feedback (SOF).  ...  An improved iterative linear matrix inequality (ILMI) algorithm for static output feedback (SOF) stabilization problem without introducing any additional variables is proposed in this note.  ...  CONCLUSION This note presents a systematic procedure for estimating the attracting set of a class of nonlinear systems called the extended Lurie system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tac.2006.883029 fatcat:v2sucqnnx5dahceqwc7minncta

On the Clifford sequence of a general k-gonal curve

Seonja Kim
1997 Indagationes mathematicae  
Suppose the general k-gonal curve C has a IDI in A(C) such that the degree of (pi01 is equal to n and the genus of C' is y.  ...  And any k-gonal curve C of genus g has the r-Clifford index of C with the in-equality cliff,(C) 5 r(k -2) for r < [(g -1)/k]. since dim Irgi j 2 r.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0019-3577(97)89121-5 fatcat:2qfdlxmyfrbmbaqunbk6ny324y

Optimized Excess-Green Image Binarization for Accurate Estimation of Lettuce Seedling Leaf-Area in a Plant Factory

Takaho UENO, Shogo NAGANO, Shogo MORIYUKI, Taiki HAYASHI, Hirokazu FUKUDA
2022 Environment Control in Biology  
Projected leaf area (PLA) based on seedling top-view images is a useful growth index, and easy to measure continuously for large seedling populations.  ...  Therefore, we developed a technique for determining PLA on nursery-grown lettuce seedlings.  ...  ., for allowing us to access their cultivation facilities, and the Beta System LLC, for the construction of an MPI system.  ... 
doi:10.2525/ecb.60.153 fatcat:o445qitxpfaohpt6lgfozsg2j4

All multipliers for repeated monotone nonlinearities

V.V. Kulkarni, M.G. Safonov
2001 Proceedings of the 2001 American Control Conference. (Cat. No.01CH37148)  
We have also derived the time varying counterpart of this class of operators. Index Terms-Integral quadratic constraint (IQC), repeated nonlinearities, stability.  ...  We have derived the largest class of bounded linear time-invariant operators that preserve positivity of repeated monotone nonlinearities.  ...  A shorthand notation for (2) is N = diag(). The class N RS odd is defined by replacing N in the definition of N RS by N odd .  ... 
doi:10.1109/acc.2001.946092 fatcat:gzwzqfzrprgtrdfy6zxkf6h24a

Back to Intuition: Proposal for a Performance Indicators Framework to Facilitate Eco-factories Management and Benchmarking

Paola Fantini, Claudio Palasciano, Marco Taisch
2015 Procedia CIRP  
Experts and scholars have developed more and more indicators, usually referred to as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as a mean for steering and controlling the complex factory systems, characterized  ...  Other composite indexes are proposed for technology assessment [15] .  ...  Indicators frameworks As new metrics are developed in order to address global and specific sustainability dimensions, there is an increasing interest in the potential for synthetic, comprehensive indexes  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procir.2014.07.099 fatcat:vxi7hz37uvgt3nt6srsbndsa5e

Suppression of overflow limit cycles in LDI all-pass/lattice filters

L. Harnefors, J. Holmberg, S. Signell
2000 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I Fundamental Theory and Applications  
This holds for any filter order, provided that saturation overflow characteristics are used at the input of each delay and for certain restrictions for the multiplier values.  ...  In this paper it is shown that zero-input overflow limit cycles can be suppressed in a class of lossless digital integrator (LDI) all-pass filters, namely, that introduced in [1].  ...  ;N: (15) Now, applying (15) to (8) , we obtain for i = 1 p 1 p2 2 ) 2 0 1 2 ) 1 + 2 2: but from (10) we have pi01 = ipi and pi+1 = i+1pi, so (17) can be written as 2pi (i + i+1)pi ) i + i+1 2  ... 
doi:10.1109/81.841864 fatcat:4h4jwtmitbgsrlfkz2pqpwfiau

Bacterial Community Succession in Pine-Wood Decomposition

Anna M. Kielak, Tanja R. Scheublin, Lucas W. Mendes, Johannes A. van Veen, Eiko E. Kuramae
2016 Frontiers in Microbiology  
bacteria (class level for Proteobacteria) and at the order level for fungi.  ...  The number of OTUs per sample varied between 35 for sample Pi01 with the highest wood density (0.5 g/cm 3 ), and 237 for sample Pi17 in the late stage of decomposition and wood density of 0.19 g/cm 3 .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2016.00231 pmid:26973611 pmcid:PMC4771932 fatcat:zm7ntxwqxfchhjp7ygqnkxkc3m

Dietary indexes, food patterns and incidence of metabolic syndrome in a Mediterranean cohort: The SUN project

Adriano M. Pimenta, Estefanía Toledo, Maria C. Rodriguez-Diez, Alfredo Gea, Roberto Lopez-Iracheta, Nitin Shivappa, James R. Hébert, Miguel A. Martinez-Gonzalez
2015 Clinical Nutrition  
We calculated the adherence to thirteen different a priori defined food patterns or dietary indexes. MetS was classified according to the updated harmonizing criteria.  ...  Among women, an inverse association with the PVEG was significant not only for a moderate adherence (IRR = 0.54, 95% CI = 0.36-0.82), but also for higher adherence (IRR = 0.63, 95% CI = 0.43 -0.93).  ...  Finally, we computed the Diet Quality Index-International [21] ; the Healthy Eating Index [22] ; the Alternate Healthy Eating Index [23] ; the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Adherence Index [24]  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.clnu.2014.06.002 pmid:24975512 pmcid:PMC4870043 fatcat:chbxpqunevb65aegss645lyywa

A decomposition of the manipulator inertia matrix

S.K. Saha
1997 IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation  
Bi;i01~i01 and~i01 pi01 i01 +~i01;i02 is the n 2 n identity matrix and the n-dimensional vectors, k and k , are defined by Trans.  ...  Index Terms-Articulated-body inertia, Kalman filtering, reverse Gaussian elimination (RGE), serial manipulator, symbolic decomposition. I.  ... 
doi:10.1109/70.563652 fatcat:7kdxtzhpdjavdomwuy3bt2w2ca

Hotel websites characterisation framework for consumer's information needs

Célia M. Q. Ramos, Marisol B. Correia
2016 Tourism & Management Studies  
The framework allowed to identify a set of exhaustive indicators for hotel website characterisation, which were then grouped into ten fundamental information dimensions.  ...  Online presence is essential for tourism organisations, and the quality of websites can influence customers.  ...  WM06 Help/online assistance Link for a direct contact with the online assistance. WM07 Sitemap/index Page Presents a sitemap and/or an index page.  ... 
doi:10.18089/tms.2016.12103 fatcat:henxcaq57bf4xikvqkuuzfm2b4

Building Expression into Virtual Characters [article]

V. Vinayagamoorthy, M. Gillies, A. Steed, E. Tanguy, X. Pan, C. Loscos, M. Slater
2006 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
In entertainment or training applications, virtual characters might be one of the main mechanisms for creating and developing content and scenarios.  ...  We cover models of individual characters' emotion and personality, models of interpersonal behaviour and methods for generating expression.  ...  We divide the use of nonverbal communication for social behaviour into two broad classes. The first class is connected with the details of social interaction and conversation.  ... 
doi:10.2312/egst.20061052 fatcat:hps7ewshhrdi3jbi5ros57lf2q

Association between dietary carbohydrate intake quality and micronutrient intake adequacy in a Mediterranean cohort: the SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra) Project

Itziar Zazpe, Ana Sánchez-Taínta, Susana Santiago, Carmen de la Fuente-Arrillaga, Maira Bes-Rastrollo, J. Alfredo Martínez, Miguel Ángel Martínez-González
2014 British Journal of Nutrition  
We created a new index to evaluate CHO quality for the following four criteria: dietary fibre intake; glycaemic index; whole grains:total grains ratio; solid CHO:total CHO ratio.  ...  Logistic regression analysis was used to assess the nutritional adequacy according to the CHO quality index (CQI).  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank the SUN cohort members for their enthusiastic collaboration and participation. They also thank the other members of the SUN study group: A. Alonso  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0007114513004364 pmid:24666554 fatcat:ijyfa65hg5gv5lpougsp3734d4
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