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Predictive structure and the learnability of inflectional paradigms: investigating whether low i-complexity benefits human learners and neural networks [article]

Tamar Johnson, University Of Edinburgh, Kenny Smith, Hugh Rabagliati, Jennifer Culbertson
Research on cross-linguistic differences in morphological paradigms reveals a wide range of variation on many dimensions, including the number of categories expressed, the number of unique forms, and the  ...  While it has been suggested that i-complexity affects the task of producing unknown forms (the Paradigm Cell Filling Problem, Ackerman, James P.  ...  While some of the variation in natural languages can be theoretically explained by the simplicity-informativeness trade-off (number of inflectional categories as measured by Bickel and Nichols (2013)  ... 
doi:10.7488/era/1850 fatcat:hn6ijiu7ofaija332f3milu4nq