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Inclosures, Vagueness, and Self-Reference

Graham Priest
2010 Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic  
In this paper, I start by showing that sorites paradoxes are inclosure paradoxes. That is, they fit the Inclosure Scheme which characterizes the paradoxes of self-reference.  ...  "higher order" vagueness.  ...  Acknowledgments This paper was facilitated by discussions of a working group on vagueness at the University of Sydney and funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (grant number DP0666020  ... 
doi:10.1215/00294527-2010-005 fatcat:nflr2xmr5zgmtlvsauxxpnfv4e

Tolerating Gluts

Z. Weber, D. Ripley, G. Priest, D. Hyde, M. Colyvan
2014 Mind  
In so far as it aspires to explain all the usual paradoxes of self-reference and sorites paradoxes, inclosure very nicely accords with, for example, Kitcher's idea of 9 For example, in Smith 2008, Ch.  ...  between sorites paradoxes and the paradoxes of self-reference) at the 2007 meeting of the Australasian Association of Philosophy.  ... 
doi:10.1093/mind/fzu057 fatcat:hhx5bifn75bm3hvz3ar3hx2adq

Page 672 of Current Opinion Vol. 76, Issue 5 [page]

1924 Current Opinion  
The idea began to burn it- self into her consciousness that, though she might spend a lifetime in honest toil there, she would always be referred to as “one of that Hudsill tribe.”  ...  Inex- plicably, a vague dissatisfaction awoke within her.  ... 

Paraconsistency: Introduction [chapter]

Koji Tanaka, Francesco Berto, Edwin Mares, Francesco Paoli
2012 Paraconsistency: Logic and Applications  
In this volume, Graham Priest's essay Vague Inclosures shows how the Sorites can fit into Priest's general 'Inclosure Schema' for the paradoxes of self-reference.  ...  In fact, also the connections between the paradoxes of self-reference (taken by dialetheists, as we have claimed, as a decisive motivation for their view) and the paradoxes of vagueness may be quite tighter  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-4438-7_1 fatcat:j4kvirr5lnavrhkratabxmnpci

Page 898 of Scientific American Supplement Vol. 67, Issue 1746 [page]

1909 Scientific American Supplement  
But this is a vague expression and unsatisfactory even in its vagueness, since—in view of the ideas outlined above—it may be quite possible that mechanical agitation of a fluid metal at a temperature very  ...  On the other hand, in such various articles as crank-shafts, gun-tubes and rails, instances have been observed both by the writer and others where the presence of inclosures in stee] has, in unfavorable  ... 

The Date and Authorship of the 'Examination of Complaints' attributed to William Stafford

1891 English Historical Review  
The change from definiteness to vagueness is here more strongly marked.  ...  For such inclosure is very beneficial to the commonwealth.' M The good side of inclosures is discussed by the doctor and the knight in the first dialogue.  ... 
doi:10.1093/ehr/vi.xxii.284 fatcat:mdnud2jbhvchnnbmjki4tpy2oe

The Rise of an English Country Family: Peter and John Temple, to 1603

Edwin F. Gay
1938 The Huntington Library Quarterly  
the inclosure.  ...  . ‘© His son, Sir Thomas, in his Wool Account Book refers to John’s “Books of Receipts” (dorso of p. 2), and also made “Notes on the expenses of Mr.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3815836 fatcat:2xwrs5x375bnrl4ngpnxflw72y

Page 148 of Literary World Vol. 8, Issue 212 [page]

1851 Literary World  
Under their federal system, the roquois flourished in independence, and capa- ble of self-protection, long after the New England and Virginia races had surrendered their jurisdictions, and fallen into  ...  , and not the least curious, their beliefs in reference to the immortality of the soul, and its future place of abiding: of which the reader has a singular illustration in the honors assigned to our own  ... 

On butchers and butchery

Jane Green
1938 Notes and Queries  
Fuller and Butler and Dryden refer to this exclusion casually and without question as to its propriety.  ...  of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century by his arguments, he also hints vaguely that the increment of living organisms is the true gain of wealth, even as the Physiocrats plainly said at a  ... 
doi:10.1093/nq/174.5.80 fatcat:vm5c5toji5ajnmmopza2hnguxa

What is a Town?

Thomas Kerslake
1877 The Archaeological Journal  
How then does it happen that the very class of the concentrated communities which are self-grown, and essentially open and neutral, should not only be called by a word which is understood to mean an inclosure  ...  Exeter, for example, presents accessions of different ages and nations in the names of the churches ; and a reference to a plan in this Journal 2 will shew the churches accumulated near the arterial centre  ... 
doi:10.1080/00665983.1877.10851777 fatcat:cin3m4crefhstg6v3wrbvrwmse

Articulation and Liars

Sergi Oms
2017 Disputatio  
In this paper I argue that Tappenden's strategy cannot be successfully applied to truth and the Liar.  ...  Jamie Tappenden was one of the first authors to entertain the possibility of a common treatment for the Liar and the Sorites paradoxes.  ...  First, self-reference (in some or other fashion) seems to play a crucial role in the former but not in the latter; second, on the other hand, truth does not seem to be a vague predicate.  ... 
doi:10.1515/disp-2017-0011 fatcat:famlrnwfxbcijjtnfaf3kptday

Certain Social Effects of Individualistic Industry

Theodore H. Boggs
1915 American Journal of Sociology  
posterity with a vague suggestion of squalor and turbulence."'  ...  Curiously enough, little if any reference has been made to the analogy between the status of the British yeoman, gradually dispossessed of his landholdings and reduced to the lot of a wageearner, and that  ... 

Certain Social Effects of Individualistic Industry

Theodore H. Boggs
1915 American Journal of Sociology  
posterity with a vague suggestion of squalor and turbulence.’* Slightly altered in detail to fit modern conditions, this would serve equally as a characterization of the industrial society of today.  ...  Curiously enough, little if any reference has been made to the analogy between the status of the British yeoman, gradually dis- possessed of his landholdings and reduced to the lot of a wage- earner, and  ... 
doi:10.1086/212505 fatcat:iosqfxjjszbtnmjjqgmymoj5ju

Les paradoxes i la filosofia: tres visions contemporànies

Jordi Valor Abad
2015 Quaderns de Filosofia  
Jordi Valor of self-reference, a family of paradoxes (sharing some structural features) which have had a deep impact in the development of science during the twentieth century.  ...  Vull agrair els comentaris d'Enric Casaban Moya i José Martínez Fernández a algunes idees arreplegades en aquest treball, que ha rebut el suport del projecte "Reference, Self-Reference, and Empirical Data  ...  According to the dialetheist view, the conclusion of some paradoxical reasonings is both, true and false, what means that there must be some true (and false) contradictions.  ... 
doi:10.7203/qfia.2.2.7083 fatcat:sfvauhfgs5cfxgs7qaxkqnavba

What If? The Exploration of an Idea

Graham Priest
2017 The Australasian Journal of Logic  
The work is simply an extended exploration of the strategy, its strengths, its weaknesses, and the various dierent ways in which it may be implemented.  ...  It is 14 And to Conclude... Which of Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 do I think a better approach to the paradoxes of self-reference?  ...  Part 3, and 17.2. 88 So I do not think that the sentence referred to by g is an inclosure paradox, contra his fn. 19.  ... 
doi:10.26686/ajl.v14i1.4028 fatcat:jm44vv4zdraadigc7rury4bjtm
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