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In-Vivo Hyperspectral Human Brain Image Database for Brain Cancer Detection

Himar Fabelo, Samuel Ortega, Adam Szolna, Diederik Bulters, Juan F. Pineiro, Silvester Kabwama, Aruma J-O'Shanahan, Harry Bulstrode, Sara Bisshopp, B. Ravi Kiran, Daniele Ravi, Raquel Lazcano (+16 others)
2019 IEEE Access  
In this paper, the methodology followed to generate the first hyperspectral database of in-vivo human brain tissues is presented.  ...  All the hyperspectral data has been made available in a public repository. INDEX TERMS Hyperspectral imaging, cancer detection, biomedical imaging, medical diagnostic imaging, image databases.  ...  Fabelo et al.: In-Vivo Hyperspectral Human Brain Image Database for Brain Cancer Detection  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2904788 fatcat:d2jcmy6qvveozbdyvyvcvhqx4q

Demo: HELICoiD tool demonstrator for real-time brain cancer detection

R. Salvador, H. Fabelo, R. Lazcano, S. Ortega, D. Madronal, G. M. Callico, E. Juarez, C. Sanz
2016 2016 Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP)  
An in-vivo human brain hyperspectral image data base, obtained at the University Hospital Doctor Negrin in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has been employed as input to different supervised classification  ...  The goal of this demonstration is to show how the combination of hyperspectral imaging and machine learning can be a potential solution to precise real-time detection of tumor tissues during surgical operations  ...  An in-vivo human brain hyperspectral image database has been obtained with the HELICoiD setup from 22 different patients at the University Hospital Doctor Negrin.  ... 
doi:10.1109/dasip.2016.7853831 dblp:conf/dasip/SalvadorFLOMCJS16 fatcat:m4pc5wef2ncelmigxuqmc4zrgy

In-Vivo and Ex-Vivo Tissue Analysis through Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques: Revealing the Invisible Features of Cancer

Martin Halicek, Himar Fabelo, Samuel Ortega, Gustavo M. Callico, Baowei Fei
2019 Cancers  
The most relevant, state-of-the-art studies that can be found in the literature using HSI for cancer analysis are presented and summarized, both in-vivo and ex-vivo.  ...  In this review, the use of HSI as an imaging tool for the analysis and detection of cancer is presented. The basic concepts related to this technology are detailed.  ...  The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cancers11060756 pmid:31151223 pmcid:PMC6627361 fatcat:wiihkhuvrvf2zjl5c3d4h42uxm

Improving the accuracy of brain tumor surgery via Raman-based technology

Todd Hollon, Spencer Lewis, Christian W. Freudiger, X. Sunney Xie, Daniel A. Orringer
2016 Neurosurgical Focus  
In addition, CRS microscopy has been shown to detect tumor in human surgical specimens with near-perfect agreement to standard H & E microscopy.  ...  The authors suggest that as the intraoperative application and instrumentation for Raman spectroscopy and imaging matures, it will become an essential component in the neurosurgical armamentarium for identifying  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Holly Wagner for manuscript editing.  ... 
doi:10.3171/2015.12.focus15557 pmid:26926067 pmcid:PMC4992579 fatcat:ywac32hs7bfptjwdza264sj6eu

Intraoperative multispectral and hyperspectral label-free imaging: a systematic review of in vivo clinical studies

J Shapey, Y Xie, E Nabavi, R Bradford, SR Saeed, S Ourselin, T Vercauteren
2019 Journal of Biophotonics  
Current in-vivo HSI systems generate an intraoperative tissue oxygenation map or enable tumour detection.  ...  Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging (HSI) are emerging optical imaging techniques with the potential to transform the way surgery is performed but it is not clear whether current systems are capable  ...  , colon [50] , and skin cancer [51] surgery and in vivo fluorescence-based HSI systems have been reported for guiding urological [52] and brain tumour surgery [53]  ... 
doi:10.1002/jbio.201800455 pmid:30859757 pmcid:PMC6736677 fatcat:k2kqrdni3jgh3kidvhpbi7rwlu

Front Matter: Volume 10069

2017 Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XVII  
imaging of GCaMP6-labeled neurons in deep cortex and the hippocampus of the mouse brain (JenLab Young Investigator Award) [10069-92] 10069 2M Multimodal optical imaging database from tumour brain  ...  Tianyu Wang, Cornell University (United States), "Multimodal optical imaging database from tumor brain human tissue: endogenous fluorescence from glioma, metastasis and control tissues."  ...  , Raman, CARS, SRS and CRS microscopy and spectroscopy, single molecule, endoscopy, in vivo/intravital imaging, metabolism measurements including NADH, FAD, tryptophan in cells and tissues, and various  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2276744 fatcat:zcpachha45ax5mrenjyrjavw4e

Spatio-spectral classification of hyperspectral images for brain cancer detection during surgical operations

Himar Fabelo, Samuel Ortega, Daniele Ravi, B. Ravi Kiran, Coralia Sosa, Diederik Bulters, Gustavo M. Callicó, Harry Bulstrode, Adam Szolna, Juan F. Piñeiro, Silvester Kabwama, Daniel Madroñal (+11 others)
2018 PLoS ONE  
Surgery for brain cancer is a major problem in neurosurgery. The diffuse infiltration into the surrounding normal brain by these tumors makes their accurate identification by the naked eye difficult.  ...  Hyperspectral imaging is a noncontact, non-ionizing and non-invasive technique suitable for medical diagnosis.  ...  We also thank Paul Grundy and Victoria Wykes, neurosurgeons of the University Hospital of Southampton who helped in this research. Validation  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0193721 pmid:29554126 pmcid:PMC5858847 fatcat:gbvr7vjnzbgn5nqhi2ebm3u4ny

An Intraoperative Visualization System Using Hyperspectral Imaging to Aid in Brain Tumor Delineation

Himar Fabelo, Samuel Ortega, Raquel Lazcano, Daniel Madroñal, Gustavo M. Callicó, Eduardo Juárez, Rubén Salvador, Diederik Bulters, Harry Bulstrode, Adam Szolna, Juan Piñeiro, Coralia Sosa (+11 others)
2018 Sensors  
In this preliminary study, thematic maps obtained from a validation database of seven hyperspectral images of in vivo brain tissue captured and processed during neurosurgical operations demonstrate that  ...  Furthermore, a hardware accelerator connected to a control unit is used to speed up the hyperspectral brain cancer detection algorithm to achieve processing during the time of surgery.  ...  Acknowledgments: This work has been supported in part by the European Commission through the FP7 FET Open Programme ICT-2011.9.2 European Project HELICoiD "HypErspectral Imaging Cancer Detection" under  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18020430 pmid:29389893 pmcid:PMC5856119 fatcat:gsvrung6qvda5cleevhunggqnu

Deep Learning-Based Framework for In Vivo Identification of Glioblastoma Tumor using Hyperspectral Images of Human Brain

Himar Fabelo, Martin Halicek, Samuel Ortega, Maysam Shahedi, Adam Szolna, Juan Piñeiro, Coralia Sosa, Aruma O'Shanahan, Sara Bisshopp, Carlos Espino, Mariano Márquez, María Hernández (+5 others)
2019 Sensors  
In this work, we present a deep learning-based framework for processing hyperspectral images of in vivo human brain tissue.  ...  The proposed framework was evaluated by our human image database, which includes 26 in vivo hyperspectral cubes from 16 different patients, among which 258,810 pixels were labeled.  ...  The founding sponsors had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, and in the decision to publish the results.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19040920 fatcat:caw2lpoyyveylg5s625p5xfyhe

Manifold Embedding and Semantic Segmentation for Intraoperative Guidance With Hyperspectral Brain Imaging

Daniele Ravi, Himar Fabelo, Gustavo Marrero Callic, Guang-Zhong Yang
2017 IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging  
Index Terms-Manifold embedding, hyperspectral imaging, semantic segmentation, brain cancer detection.  ...  Working with hyperspectral images in vivo, however, is not straightforward as the high dimensionality of the data makes real-time processing challenging.  ...  Adam Szolna from the Hospital Doctor Negrín for their valuable contributions.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmi.2017.2695523 pmid:28436854 fatcat:2rgiiegzujekbklniz3emdmzqu

Applications of hyperspectral imaging in the detection and diagnosis of solid tumors

Yating Zhang, Xiaoqian Wu, Li He, Chan Meng, Shunda Du, Jie Bao, Yongchang Zheng
2020 Translational Cancer Research  
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is an emerging new technology in solid tumor diagnosis and detection.  ...  In particular, the advantages of HSI applied to solid tumors are highlighted to show its potential for clinical use.  ...  HSI applications in tumor detection The applications of HSI in tumor detection can be categorized into three groups (5, 19, 35) : in vitro imaging for pathological samples, in vivo imaging on shallow  ... 
doi:10.21037/tcr.2019.12.53 pmid:35117471 pmcid:PMC8798535 fatcat:2to5tff3tnde7jb4jqyccqj3yi

Hyperspectral Imaging for Glioblastoma Surgery: Improving Tumor Identification Using a Deep Spectral-Spatial Approach

Francesca Manni, Fons van der Sommen, Himar Fabelo, Svitlana Zinger, Caifeng Shan, Erik Edström, Adrian Elmi-Terander, Samuel Ortega, Gustavo Marrero Callicó, Peter H. N. de With
2020 Sensors  
HSI in twelve in vivo specimens.  ...  These results can serve as a basis for brain tumor classification using HSI, and may open future avenues for image-guided neurosurgical applications.  ...  In Vivo Human-Brain HS Dataset Within the context of the European project HELICoiD (HypErspectraL Imaging Cancer Detection) (Grant Agreement 618080), an in vivo human-brain HS database was collected, consisting  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20236955 pmid:33291409 fatcat:qiko5t64u5gxtpshtt6in2tpt4

Hyperspectral imaging solutions for brain tissue metabolic and hemodynamic monitoring: past, current and future developments

Luca Giannoni, Frédéric Lange, Ilias Tachtsidis
2018 Journal of Optics  
Finally, we introduce future perspectives of HSI of brain metabolism, including its potential use for imaging optical signals from molecules directly involved in cellular energy production.  ...  Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technologies have been used extensively in medical research, targeting various biological phenomena and multiple tissue types.  ...  also non-invasively in vivo on humans.  ... 
doi:10.1088/2040-8986/aab3a6 pmid:29854375 pmcid:PMC5964611 fatcat:b3ch45xoazc5vbkakonlltw67q

Classification of Hyperspectral In Vivo Brain Tissue Based on Linear Unmixing

Ines A. Cruz-Guerrero, Raquel Leon, Daniel U. Campos-Delgado, Samuel Ortega, Himar Fabelo, Gustavo M. Callico
2020 Applied Sciences  
In this study, we address the problem of tissue classification for intraoperative hyperspectral images of in vivo brain tissue.  ...  Hyperspectral imaging is a multidimensional optical technique with the potential of providing fast and accurate tissue classification.  ...  In [27] , five in vivo brain surface HS images with confirmed grade IV glioblastoma tumor were used for brain cancer detection.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10165686 fatcat:5yjl5c5qnbejpcrxqcoo73aule

Front Matter: Volume 9788

2016 Medical Imaging 2016: Biomedical Applications in Molecular, Structural, and Functional Imaging  
Please use the following format to cite material from these proceedings: Publication of record for individual papers is online in the SPIE Digital Library.  ...  Some conference presentations may not be available for publication. Additional papers and presentation recordings may be available online in the SPIE Digital Library at  ...  progression in a mouse model of oral carcinogenesis [9788-37] 9788 13 Superpixel-based spectral classification for the detection of head and neck cancer with hyperspectral imaging [9788-38] 9788  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2240426 dblp:conf/mibam/X16 fatcat:msxwbg54kbegriwgvgcw4dnzu4
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