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Simple Lossless Inductive Snubbers-Assisted Series Load Resonant Inverter Operating under ZCS-PDM Scheme for High-Frequency Induction Heating Fixed Roller

Koki Ogura, Srawouth Chandhaket, Mohan Lal Kolhe, Siraporn Sakphrom, Saad Mekhilef
2022 Applied Sciences  
This paper presents a high-frequency pulse-density-modulated (PDM) soft-switching series load resonant inverter for use in induction heating (IH) fixed roller applications, which is used in copy and printing  ...  resonant inverters with pulse frequency modulation or pulse width modulation control schemes.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Appl. Sci. 2022, 12, 1122  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12031122 fatcat:hnqxdnwuzfeftlcrxolekahewq

The state-of-the-art of power electronics in Japan

H. Akagi
1998 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
This paper mainly focuses on the state-of-the-art of power electronics technology and its medium to high-power applications because the author cannot survey the whole spectrum of power electronics ranging  ...  This paper also presents prospects and directions of power electronics in the 21st century, including the personal views and expectations of the author.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The author would like to thank Prof. J. G. Kassakian of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his suggestions and English-language editing.  ... 
doi:10.1109/63.662853 fatcat:tdtkq4qnmfd4dgwgpvmby42hry

A novel pulse density modulation with semi-bridgeless active rectifier in inductive power transfer system for rail vehicle

Manyi Fan, Liming Shi, Zhenggang Yin, Yaohua Li
2017 China Electrotechnical Society Transactions on Electrical Machines and Systems  
The overall efficiency of the system by PDM control is 74.2% which is improved by 4% compared with phase shift (PS) control at light load.  ...  The output power is regulated by changing the pulse density (PD) of the S-BAR since the it is almost linear proportional with the PD in high quality factor of pickup side.  ...  The switching power supply is a single-phase voltage-fed inverter using four IGBTs (S1-S4), the output of the inverter is connected to the series resonant tank circuit.  ... 
doi:10.23919/tems.2017.8241361 fatcat:l7prg3jtpvfojl5zikl4o5gyuu

IGBT Dynamic Loss Reduction through Device Level Soft Switching

Lan Ma, Hongbing Xu, Alex Huang, Jianxiao Zou, Kai Li
2018 Energies  
At last, another improved modulation and Highly Efficient and Reliable Inverter Concept (HERIC) inverter are given to validate the effectiveness of the device level hybrid soft switching method application  ...  It also can improve the efficiency when introducing to different applications [17, 18] .  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en11051182 fatcat:ezkbva3pjnh4li22wcwhtdyvyq

Power tracking of resonant inverter with soft-switching over full load range for induction heating applications

Lakshmi, P Saritha
2015 2015 International Conference on Circuits, Power and Computing Technologies [ICCPCT-2015]  
The soft-switching achieved over the entire load range improves the overall efficiency and the results are analyzed using MATLAB/Simulink.  ...  Induction heating (IH) is nowadays widely used in domestic, industrial and even medical applications because of its advantages such as cleanliness, direct and fast heating, better efficiency etc.  ...  Here a full-bridge high frequency series resonant inverter (SRI) is analysed using a full load range zero voltage switching modulation technique [4] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccpct.2015.7159415 fatcat:6a53vqvcdrby7ohknts6xcysdi

Pulsed-Power System for Leachate Treatment Applications

Sung-Roc Jang, Hong-Je Ryoo, Seung-Bok Ok
2011 Journal of Power Electronics (JPE)  
The specifications of the developed pulsed-power modulator are the pulsed output voltage, the output current, the pulse repetition rate (PRR), the pulse width, and an average output power of 60 kV max  ...  This paper presents a water treatment system for leachate from sewage-filled ground that uses a pulsed-power modulator developed based on semiconductor switches in order to realize a long life, a high  ...  Design of the Capacitor Charging Inverter In order to charge the 72 storage capacitors (1000 V, 120 uF), series resonant inverter discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) operation was used because of its current  ... 
doi:10.6113/jpe.2011.11.4.612 fatcat:gu7bxfzdhvgehlljapozmhjab4

Investigation on Performance of Various Power Control Strategies with Bifilar Coil for Induction Surface Melting Application

Alagarsamy Sureshkumar, Ramachandiran Gunabalan, Pradeep Vishnuram, Sridhar Ramsamy, Benedetto Nastasi
2022 Energies  
The efficiency of the system is 89% at a rated output power and is greater than 85% for pulse density modulation control with a fast heating rate.  ...  The performance of the system in terms of modular losses, heat rate, and efficiency is analyzed for various power methods such as pulse duty cycle control, phase shift control, pulse density modulation  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Energies 2022, 15, 3301  ... 
doi:10.3390/en15093301 fatcat:c4uapki46ff3nodh73zjcs2cze

Dual use power supply development

Alan C. Kolb, Bryan E. Strickland
1995 AIP Conference Proceedings  
These applications required improvements in power density, efficiency, regulation, reliability and cost effectiveness to be successful.  ...  One of NASA's first programs at Auburn and Maxwell was a high frequency, series resonant power converter optimized for co~mnercial applications.  ...  Edmond Chu, Maxwell Laboratories, as well as all of the Power Supply Team members at Maxwell for their dedication in achieving the success of the CCDS power supplies and the NASA CCDS program.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.47257 fatcat:d7wkxx6p35e5jiaxuab674ztk4

High Power Density Capacitor Charging Power Supply Development for Repetitive Pulsed Power

M. M. McQuage, V.P. McDowell, F.E. Peterkin, J. A. Pasour
2006 International Power Modulator Symposium and High-Voltage Workshop  
Changes in pulse rate frequency or number of pulses significantly impact the design of the power conditioning system.  ...  In order to push the limits of output power, numerous resonant converter parameters were examined.  ...  An inverter board contains the IGBTs, gate drive circuits and the discrete portion of the resonant circuit. A HV tank houses the transformer, rectifier and voltage divider circuit for HV feedback.  ... 
doi:10.1109/modsym.2006.365261 fatcat:3edamstuinecdjts36frbjssga

Silicon carbide benefits and advantages for power electronics circuits and systems

A. Elasser, T.P. Chow
2002 Proceedings of the IEEE  
This paper looks at the benefits of using SiC in power electronics applications, reviews the current state of the art, and shows how SiC can be a strong and viable candidate for future power electronics  ...  SiC is by far the most advanced material and, hence, is the subject of attention from power electronics and systems designers.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank D. Radack of DARPA MTO and G. Campisi of ONR for their support.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jproc.2002.1021562 fatcat:ylz3aqs2bjgfrelhvattukjf5m

Recent developments of high power converters for industry and traction applications

S. Bernet
2000 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
The introduction of new high power devices like IGCTs and high voltage IGBTs accelerates the broad use of PWM voltage source converters in industrial and traction applications.  ...  This paper summarizes the state-of-the-art of power semiconductors. The characteristics of Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs) and high voltage IGBTs are described in detail.  ...  Taking the necessary series connection of IGBT modules into consideration the 3.3kV IGCT converter uses only 34.5% (GCT) and 29% (inverse diode) of the active silicon area of IGBTs and diodes in the 3.3kV  ... 
doi:10.1109/63.892825 fatcat:ctt5iyperbgyrebeptgmknqbe4

IPEMC - ECCE Asia 2020 Author Index

2020 2020 IEEE 9th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (IPEMC2020-ECCE Asia)  
Drive System 2239 Tao Meng Analysis and Implementation of an Output-Series Flyback Converter 2336 A Gate Driving Circuit Based on Single Pulse Transformer for the Input-Series Converters 2664  ...  in Dual Active Bridge 2402 Lixin Yang Time-Domain Efficiency Optimization Evaluation for Series Resonant Converter with Variable Frequency plus Shift Phase Control 558 2080 M 3039 3092  ... 
doi:10.1109/ipemc-ecceasia48364.2020.9368053 fatcat:nkonperim5h47b6dl5iokvmg5y


The advantages of Series Resonant Inverter are being its high power density with high efficiency for wide input and output load range.  ...  Different control methods like fixed and variable -frequency operations on Series Resonant Inverter(SRI) that are used in Induction Heating applications are reviewed in this paper.  ...  [14]-[15] Pulse Density Modu Control lation In Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) control, the inverter should be operated at resonant frequency and missed gate pulses should be made proportional to the  ... 
doi:10.34218/ijeet.11.5.2020.006 fatcat:sdsqwoukqzazdk6cl3cfezq3na

ECCE 2020 Index

2020 2020 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)  
Gate Driver for Crosstalk Suppression of SiC MOSFET [#0254] 203 Li, Hongchang A Dual Phase Shedding Method for the Improvement of Efficiency and Reduction of Regulating Requirements in Series-Series Inductive  ...  with Loosely Coupled Resonant Dual-Active-Bridge Converters [#0345] 3972 Lee, Seung-Hyeon Vibration Prediction using the Relative Permeance of IPMSM [#0458] 759 Improvement in Torque Density by Ferrofluid  ... 
doi:10.1109/ecce44975.2020.9236355 fatcat:sbl4a4gonrf77kylohb3nbmhqa

Loss Characteristics of Input-Series Output-Parallel SiC DC-DC Converter Used in Auxiliary Power Systems

Xianjin Huang, Juan Zhao, Fenglu Li, Fei Lin
2019 IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications  
An improved input voltage sharing control method is applied to improve the system rapidity and stability of the ISOP converter.  ...  A converter with a higher capacity density, smaller volume, and lower weight was developed to improve the vehicle layout design and transport capability.  ...  In this paper, the samples and test data were recorded with the strong support of CRRC QINGDAO SIFANG CO., LTD. We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to them.  ... 
doi:10.1541/ieejjia.8.677 fatcat:amji77kpufb3njymbn65nnuwsu
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