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Improving functional density through run-time constant propagation

Michael J. Wirthlin, Brad L. Hutchings
1997 Proceedings of the 1997 ACM fifth international symposium on Field-programmable gate arrays - FPGA '97  
This metric will be used to justify runtime constant propagation as well as analyze the effects of recon guration time on run-time recon gured systems.  ...  To measure the bene ts of circuit specialization, a functional density metric is presented.  ...  The functional density of circuits employing run-time constant propagation is bound by the functional density of the same circuit that does not recon gure t config = 0.  ... 
doi:10.1145/258305.258316 dblp:conf/fpga/WirthlinH97 fatcat:7rkugn5njvgo3h3xycgl6nshie

Quasi-elastic light scattering from migrating chemotactic bands of Escherichia coli. III. Studies of band formation propagation and motility in oxygen and serine substrates

P.C. Wang, S.H. Chen
1986 Biophysical Journal  
A separate quasi-elastic scattering experiment has been made with a propagating band to obtain three microscopic motility parameters: mean twiddle time rl, mean run time r2, and mean run speed V2.  ...  From the band propagation experiment in the serine substrate the motility coefficient ,u and chemotactic coefficient a are determined.  ...  The band formation process and its propagation are recorded by a densitometer. The bacterial density distribution as a function of time are shown in "Study of Band Propagation."  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0006-3495(86)83749-3 pmid:3087435 pmcid:PMC1329704 fatcat:vs3sn3vvfrgwjljtpkk6uaobmi

TauRunner: A Public Python Program to Propagate Neutral and Charged Leptons [article]

Ibrahim Safa, Jeffrey Lazar, Alex Pizzuto, Oswaldo Vasquez, Carlos A. Argüelles, Justin Vandenbroucke
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We present TauRunner a PYTHON-based package that propagates neutral and charged leptons. TauRunner supports propagation between 10 GeV and 10^12 GeV.  ...  At such high energies, a new set of effects becomes relevant, which was not accounted for in the last generation of neutrino propagation software.  ...  Although TauRunner only supports spherical bodies, we may use a body of constant density along with a radial trajectory to propagate a particle through a slab of constant density.  ... 
arXiv:2110.14662v1 fatcat:bmxbekjjrbdhhosiuluaufewfa

Back to the Future: Predicting Traffic Shockwave Formation and Propagation Using a Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network [article]

Mohammadreza Khajeh-Hosseini, Alireza Talebpour
2019 arXiv   pre-print
time-space diagram.  ...  The main feature of the proposed methodology is the ability to extract the features embedded in the time-space diagram to predict the propagation of traffic shockwaves.  ...  Similar According to equation (6) , the averaged time-space matrix (T S) can be converted to the density time-space matrix (K) by a constant scalar.  ... 
arXiv:1905.02197v1 fatcat:jopeaeu6kfae3nl3kyu7olz5t4

Propagating the Fluid Model of Production Processes with Time Delay

Kenji Shirai, Yoshinori Amano Amano
2019 International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control  
In our previous report, the production process was treated as a propagating fluid, and its delay was assumed as a lead time delay.  ...  As a new perspective, the downstream process is delayed by restraining the propagation of the upstream process.  ...  Production materials are supplied through the inlet and the end-product is shipped from the outlet [3] . Propagation of production density.  ... 
doi:10.24507/ijicic.15.01.91 fatcat:guqzyot2qfghjkdzjwwxhkaf2y

Eigenfunction Concentration via Geodesic Beams

Yaiza Canzani, Jeffrey Galkowski
2021 Notices of the American Mathematical Society  
In this talk we will discuss how the growth of ( ) responds to the long-time behavior of the geodesics that run through .  ...  In broad terms, a geodesic beam is a piece of the eigenfunction that has been localized to a geodesic that runs through .  ...  In this talk we will discuss how the growth of ( ) responds to the long-time behavior of the geodesics that run through .  ... 
doi:10.1090/noti2247 fatcat:3cqbhojb35elhm4numcwjjdy3q

Evolution of Global Properties of Powerful Radio Sources. I. Hydrodynamical Simulations in a Constant Density Atmosphere and Comparison with Self‐similar Models

Joel C. Carvalho, Christopher P. O'Dea
2002 Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series  
We have carried out two-dimensional axisymmetric numerical simulations of light, supersonic jets propagating into constant density atmospheres over a broad range of parameter space.  ...  The radius of the jet head is a weak function of density ratio and a stronger function of Mach number, with higher Mach number jets tending to have smaller jet heads.  ...  O. received partial support from NASA through grant GO-07855.01-96A from the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under  ... 
doi:10.1086/340645 fatcat:thsz2m2anrh6pjjtpxutiu3gei

Imaginary-time time-dependent density functional theory and its application for robust convergence of electronic states [article]

Cedric Flamant, Grigory Kolesov, Efstratios Manousakis, Efthimios Kaxiras
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Reliable and robust convergence to the electronic ground state within density functional theory (DFT) Kohn-Sham (KS) calculations remains a thorny issue in many systems of interest.  ...  In addition, through the van Leeuwen theorem, we affirm the physical meaningfulness of imaginary time TDDFT, justifying its use in certain topics of statistical mechanics such as in computing imaginary  ...  (b), use more traditional iterative methods based on diagonalization of the KS Hamiltonian in conjunction with iterative improvements of the ground state charge density through mixing.  ... 
arXiv:1903.00766v2 fatcat:nc3f3h4a5rblzmxgejpbrq2nxi

On the Importance of Spatial and Velocity Resolution in the Hybrid-Vlasov Modeling of Collisionless Shocks

Yann Pfau-Kempf, Markus Battarbee, Urs Ganse, Sanni Hoilijoki, Lucile Turc, Sebastian von Alfthan, Rami Vainio, Minna Palmroth
2018 Frontiers in Physics  
In hybrid-Vlasov plasma modeling, the ion velocity distribution function is propagated using the Vlasov equation while electrons are considered a charge-neutralizing fluid.  ...  Past a certain level, decreasing the phase space density threshold bears a large computational weight without clear physical improvement in the setup used here.  ...  Additionally, a set of test-Vlasov runs are performed, that is runs in which only the proton velocity distribution function is propagated while the electric and magnetic fields are kept constant at their  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphy.2018.00044 fatcat:dw2tlwu4n5d4bl576qeozb5mia

Mitigating the hosing instability in relativistic laser-plasma interactions

L Ceurvorst, N Ratan, M C Levy, M F Kasim, J Sadler, R H H Scott, R M G M Trines, T W Huang, M Skramic, M Vranic, L O Silva, P A Norreys
2016 New Journal of Physics  
To accomplish this, additional simulations were run using identical profiles to the radial density profiles in section 6.  ...  Simulation Validation The simulations in section 6 utilized cell sizes of approximately three times the Debye length and density profiles that increased towards the absorbing walls of the simulation window  ...  This behavior will be more evident at higher intensities even if the initial density profile as a function of º g n n n c is kept constant between scenarios.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/18/5/053023 fatcat:dem5zu5znvgwxmjnydfqpqf4gi

Supernovae, the equation of state and phase transitions

J. Cooperstein
1993 Nuclear Physics A  
and width of the mixed phase region and high density limiting behaviour.  ...  The resulting EOS's make neutron stars sufficiently massive to satisfy observations and may be used to follow the evolution of a supernova through the formation of a neutron star.  ...  FIG. 4 . 4 Propagation of the shock wave for Runs 020 and 021. The top two figures show the position of the shock wave as a function of t − t b , the time after bounce in seconds.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0375-9474(93)90350-7 fatcat:pxme4b3cj5ctvgilajmkw2sewq

Finite Temperature Landau Gauge Lattice Quark Propagator [article]

Orlando Oliveira, Paulo J. Silva
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Significant differences between the functional behaviour below and above T_c are observed both for the quark wave function and the running quark mass.  ...  The quark propagator at finite temperature is investigated using quenched gauge configurations.  ...  The form factors ω, Z and σ can be accessed by computing traces of the propagator times gamma matrices.  ... 
arXiv:1903.00263v1 fatcat:dqrczbny3bhkjnindhycnp6jhe


J.P. Sierra, A.S. Arcilla, J.J. Egozcue, J.L. Monso
1988 Coastal Engineering Proceedings  
This paper intends to study the propagation effects on the wave time-series and on the corresponding spectral density functions in order to gain insight on both the spectral description of waves and irregular  ...  wave propagation.  ...  After the run of the propagation model, the result will be another time series r)*(<), which conveniently processed will give way to another spectral density function S'(ui).  ... 
doi:10.9753/icce.v21.24 fatcat:rez7k6jd75genomis3tdvwfdeq

Analysis of Optical Pulse Distortion Through Clouds for Satellite to Earth Adaptive Optical Communication

S. Arnon, D. Sadot, N.S. Kopeika
1994 Journal of Modern Optics  
Here, based upon Monte Carlo simulations, mathematical models are developed for the temporal characteristics of optical pulse propagation through clouds .  ...  In addition, the simulation results strongly support the use of the double gamma function model to best describe optical pulse spread through clouds .  ...  Bode analysis carried out on the cloud transfer function can enable the design of filters and equalizers in order to improve the received signal after propagating through the cloud channel .  ... 
doi:10.1080/09500349414552431 fatcat:jdominvfxzdt7p4lytmbcz4zvi

Searching for modified gravity in the astrophysical gravitational wave background: Application to ground-based interferometers

Rafael C. Nunes
2020 Physical Review D  
as a function of the amplitude of the running of the Planck mass for two different scenarios.  ...  We find that for observation time period ≳5 yrs and ≳1 yr, we can have a significant signal of the AGWB in the band [1-100] Hz from the ET and CE sensitivity, respectively.  ...  This case is generally featured by an effective time variable gravitational constant, which will affect the propagation of the GWs along the cosmic expansion. See [74] for a review.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevd.102.024071 fatcat:uzh7i5l7qfdjxnyfgn5cnmr634
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