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Near-duplicate keyframe retrieval with visual keywords and semantic context

Xiao Wu, Wan-Lei Zhao, Chong-Wah Ngo
2007 Proceedings of the 6th ACM international conference on Image and video retrieval - CIVR '07  
Near-duplicate keyframes (NDK) play a unique role in large-scale video search, news topic detection and tracking.  ...  By linearly fusing both modalities, performance improvement is reported compared with the techniques with keypoint matching.  ...  In our recent work [13] , the one-to-one symmetric (OOS) keypoint matching was proposed to evaluate the degree of near-duplicate between keyframes.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1282280.1282309 dblp:conf/civr/WuZN07 fatcat:bgpbbelulvhu7dmxdzqrwrg3ha

Keyframe Retrieval by Keypoints: Can Point-to-Point Matching Help? [chapter]

Wanlei Zhao, Yu-Gang Jiang, Chong-Wah Ngo
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We conduct investigation on two tasks: near-duplicate keyframe (NDK) retrieval, and high-level concept classification, covering parts of TRECVID 2003 and 2005 datasets.  ...  In P2P matching, we propose a one-to-one symmetric keypoint matching strategy to diminish the noise effect during keyframe comparison.  ...  Experiment-I: Near-Duplicate Keyframe Retrieval We conduct experiments on the near-duplicate keyframe (NDK) dataset given by [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/11788034_8 fatcat:dwgnm5objndntlzks7mfizaaeu

Efficient Storage Support for Real-Time Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval [chapter]

Zhenhua Nie, Yu Hua, Dan Feng, Qiuyu Li, Yuanyuan Sun
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Near-duplicate video retrieval in a real-time manner is important to offer efficient storage services, and becomes more challenging due to dealing with the rapid growth of multimedia videos.  ...  The idea behind FastVR is to leverage space-efficient indexing structure and compact feature representation to facilitate keyframe based matching.  ...  These retrieval methods mainly address the exact-matching query in the metadata search, rather than the near-duplicate retrieval for videos in a real-time manner.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11194-0_24 fatcat:6mixvglrnngxrawppbntfii5rq

Fast tracking of near-duplicate keyframes in broadcast domain with transitivity propagation

Chong-Wah Ngo, Wan-Lei Zhao, Yu-Gang Jiang
2006 Proceedings of the 14th annual ACM international conference on Multimedia - MULTIMEDIA '06  
This paper explores the symmetric and transitive nature of near-duplicate for the effective detection and fast tracking of NDK pairs based upon the matching of local keypoints in frames.  ...  The identification of near-duplicate keyframe (NDK) pairs is a useful task for a variety of applications such as news story threading and content-based video search.  ...  The symmetric property states that if a keyframe k1 is a near-duplicate of k2, it implies that k2 is also a near-duplicate of k1.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1180639.1180827 dblp:conf/mm/NgoZJ06 fatcat:2eph3biqzndsxi76fu5n5dc2eq

On the Annotation of Web Videos by Efficient Near-Duplicate Search

Wan-Lei Zhao, Xiao Wu, Chong-Wah Ngo
2010 IEEE transactions on multimedia  
The significance of this paper lies in the addressing of two timely issues for annotating query videos. First, we provide a novel solution for fast near-duplicate video retrieval.  ...  A novel classifier-free video annotation framework is proposed by first retrieving visual duplicates and then suggesting representative tags.  ...  Visual Keywords (VK) and Inverted File Indexing To ensure a reliable retrieval, we adopt local keypoint descriptors as the features for near-duplicate retrieval.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmm.2010.2050651 fatcat:awgmbmsniraktfgmk37lf2u3tu

Visual word proximity and linguistics for semantic video indexing and near-duplicate retrieval

Yu-Gang Jiang, Chong-Wah Ngo
2009 Computer Vision and Image Understanding  
We demonstrate soft-weighting and CEMD on two tasks: video semantic indexing and near-duplicate keyframe retrieval.  ...  In addition, CEMD shows excellent performance compared to cosine similarity in near-duplicate retrieval.  ...  The authors also thank Eric Zavesky for his help on polishing the language of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cviu.2008.10.002 fatcat:l2i4s5bo7rdffpv32hrhnimtmu

Scalable detection of partial near-duplicate videos by visual-temporal consistency

Hung-Khoon Tan, Chong-Wah Ngo, Richard Hong, Tat-Seng Chua
2009 Proceedings of the seventeen ACM international conference on Multimedia - MM '09  
Most existing techniques either focus on the fast retrieval of full copies or near-duplicates, or consider localization in a heuristic manner.  ...  To precisely decide the boundaries of the overlapping segments, pair-wise constraints generated from keypoint matching can be added to the network to iteratively refine the localization result.  ...  To evaluate the performance of TNP, we compare it with two state-of-the-art methods for near-duplicate video retrieval.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1631272.1631295 dblp:conf/mm/TanNHC09 fatcat:guoy2xzq6bc2zexdeqsl4os35y

Near-duplicate keyframe retrieval by nonrigid image matching

Jianke Zhu, Steven C.H. Hoi, Michael R. Lyu, Shuicheng Yan
2008 Proceeding of the 16th ACM international conference on Multimedia - MM '08  
In this paper, we propose a novel and effective Nonrigid Image Matching (NIM) approach to tackle the task of near-duplicate keyframe retrieval from real-world video corpora.  ...  Near-duplicate image retrieval plays an important role in many real-world multimedia applications. Most previous approaches have some limitations.  ...  Zhao for providing their results and the fruitful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1459359.1459366 dblp:conf/mm/ZhuHLY08 fatcat:lt7abqo2yra5tjfugjnv25pxiy

Near-duplicate keyframe retrieval by semi-supervised learning and nonrigid image matching

Jianke Zhu, Steven C. H. Hoi, Michael R. Lyu, Shuicheng Yan
2011 ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP)  
The promising results indicate that our proposed method is more effective than other state-of-the-art approaches for near-duplicate keyframe retrieval.  ...  Near-duplicate keyframe (NDK) retrieval techniques are critical to many real-world multimedia applications.  ...  Zhao for providing their experimental results. The authors also thank the reviewers and associate editor for their helpful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1870121.1870125 fatcat:iq27vvj6gfe7vnoyc37zuupupm

Practical elimination of near-duplicates from web video search

Xiao Wu, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Chong-Wah Ngo
2007 Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Multimedia - MULTIMEDIA '07  
A search on typical popular video often returns many duplicate and near-duplicate videos in the top results.  ...  Only when a video cannot be clearly classified as novel or nearduplicate using global signatures, we apply a more expensive local feature based near-duplicate detection which provides very accurate duplicate  ...  keypoints for detecting near-duplicate web videos.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1291233.1291280 dblp:conf/mm/WuHN07a fatcat:vr6iqrapfvdwdjtqhwk3mrxx3a

Efficient Mining of Multiple Partial Near-Duplicate Alignments by Temporal Network

Hung-Khoon Tan, Chong-Wah Ngo, Tat-Seng Chua
2010 IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology (Print)  
This paper considers the mining and localization of near-duplicate segments at arbitrary positions of partial nearduplicate videos in a corpus.  ...  Frame-level matching is further integrated in the temporal network for alignment verification.  ...  Previous methods [27] have mainly considered near-duplicates as redundant and focus on detecting and removing them from the retrieval list.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsvt.2010.2077531 fatcat:2kvw2qdrbjfxpbbuhm4vvs2igy

The use of temporal, semantic and visual partitioning model for efficient near-duplicate keyframe detection in large scale news corpus

Yan-Tao Zheng, Shi-Yong Neo, Tat-Seng Chua, Qi Tian
2007 Proceedings of the 6th ACM international conference on Image and video retrieval - CIVR '07  
Near-duplicate keyframes (NDKs) are important visual cues to link news stories from different TV channel, time, language, etc.  ...  In each visual group, we detect NDK pairs by exploiting our proposed SIFT-based fast keypoint matching scheme based on local color information of keypoints.  ...  Some scale invariance methods can be explored to tackle this problem. Figure 1 : 1 Examples of near-duplicate keyframes from TRECVID06.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1282280.1282341 dblp:conf/civr/ZhengNCT07 fatcat:73eldsy6lfbbrlrcc7qb4wdhsm

Near-duplicate video retrieval

Jiajun Liu, Zi Huang, Hongyun Cai, Heng Tao Shen, Chong Wah Ngo, Wei Wang
2013 ACM Computing Surveys  
As discovered in recent works, latest improvements and progress in near-duplicate video retrieval, as well as related topics including low-level feature extraction, signature generation, and high-dimensional  ...  As we survey the works in near-duplicate video retrieval, we comparatively investigate existing variants of the definition of near-duplicate video, describe a generic framework, summarize state-of-the-art  ...  Different from existing near-duplicate video retrieval approaches which are based on video content similarity, some new dimensions for near-duplicate video retrieval can be further exploited.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2501654.2501658 fatcat:7x5th32fijhhbne5jb4oyovjgy


Aysha Mol K S .
2014 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Sparse-codes of the input video are compared with the sparse-codes stored in video database to identify the near duplicate videos.  ...  It also improves the detection accuracy.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Authors would like to thank the Department Head and Group Tutor for their constructive comments and informative suggestions that have helped them to improve this paper.  ... 
doi:10.15623/ijret.2014.0308042 fatcat:4osucdyzu5hntcsqkbv4ynvlr4

Metadata enrichment for news video retrieval

Kong-Wah Wan, Wei-Yun Yau, Sujoy Roy
2013 Proceedings of the 21st ACM international conference on Multimedia - MM '13  
Compared to a baseline method that only uses the ASR text, significant improvement in precision has been obtained, indicating that retrieval has benefited from the ingestion of the external labels.  ...  Capitalizing on the enriched metadata, we find that videos are more amenable to the Wikipedia-based Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA), resulting in better support for subtopic news video retrieval.  ...  to retrieve all matching keyframe pairs.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2502081.2508122 dblp:conf/mm/WanYR13 fatcat:i4gowmnlfvcx7cokqmlgymtv5y
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