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Implicit Factoring with Shared Most Significant and Middle Bits [chapter]

Jean-Charles Faugère, Raphaël Marinier, Guénaël Renault
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Our contribution consists of a novel and rigorous lattice-based method that address the implicit factoring problem when p 1 and p 2 share most significant bits.  ...  Indeed, our work shows that when t ≥ 2α +3, it is as hard to factorize N 1 = p 1 q 1 , as generating N 2 = p 2 q 2 with p 2 sharing t most significant bits with p 1 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-13013-7_5 fatcat:mt2ky53k4fg6bdzoshvpz2lyhe

Further results on implicit factoring in polynomial time

Subhamoy Maitra, Santanu Sarkar
2009 Advances in Mathematics of Communications  
May and Ritzenhofen proposed a strategy to factorize both N1, N2 in poly(log N ) time (N is an integer with same bit-size as N1, N2) with the implicit information that p1, p2 share certain amount of LSBs  ...  In a general framework, our method works when implicit information is available related to Least Significant as well as Most Significant Bits (MSBs).  ...  The first author likes to acknowledge the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India for supporting his research fellowship.  ... 
doi:10.3934/amc.2009.3.205 fatcat:e2uegppyrbhtljiulvm344l7zu

Implicit factorization of unbalanced RSA moduli

Abderrahmane Nitaj, Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin
2014 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing  
In 2009, May and Ritzenhofen proposed a method to factor N1 and N2 given the implicit information that p1 and p2 share an amount of least significant bits.  ...  In this paper, we propose a generalization of their attack as follows: suppose that some unknown multiples a1p1 and a2p2 of the prime factors p1 and p2 share an amount of their Most Significant Bits (MSBs  ...  If a 1 p 1 and a 2 p 2 share t most significant bits with t ≥ 2α + 2β + 1, then one can factor N 1 and N 2 in polynomial time. Proof.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12190-014-0806-1 fatcat:iieh5qiokbclxoczcge4mkoicq

Attacking (EC)DSA Given Only an Implicit Hint [chapter]

Jean-Charles Faugère, Christopher Goyet, Guénaël Renault
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We show that this method can work when ephemeral keys share certain amount of MSBs and/or LSBs, as well as contiguous blocks of shared bits in the middle.  ...  Inspired by the implicit oracle of May and Ritzenhofen presented in the context of RSA (PKC2009), we assume that the ephemeral keys share a certain amount of bits without knowing the value of the shared  ...  We first present the case when most significant bits (MSB) and/or less significant bits (LSB) are shared and next the case when blocks of bits are shared.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-35999-6_17 fatcat:aqvkqbcxxrg6nci7t6ul2edpou

A Simple Improvement for Integer Factorizations with Implicit Hints

2016 IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences  
In this paper, we describe an improvement of integer factorization of k RSA moduli N i = p i q i (1 ≤ i ≤ k) with implicit hints, namely all p i share their t least significant bits.  ...  s method works smoothly with higher probability. We further verify the efficiency of our method by computer experiments for various parameters. key words: integer factorization with implicit hints  ...  Let α denote the bit-length of q and suppose all p i share their t least significant bits. For this experiments, we set the bitlength of N as 1000 bit.  ... 
doi:10.1587/transfun.e99.a.1090 fatcat:fcpab2sw55ewhl7zrxmogitcr4

Towards Optimal Bounds for Implicit Factorization Problem [chapter]

Yao Lu, Liqiang Peng, Rui Zhang, Lei Hu, Dongdai Lin
2016 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We propose a new algorithm to solve the Implicit Factorization Problem, which was introduced by May and Ritzenhofen at PKC'09.  ...  Additionally, for the first time, we can experimentally handle the implicit factorization for the case of balanced RSA moduli.  ...  Suppose that primes p 1 , . . . , p k share certain amount of most significant bits (MSBs).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-31301-6_26 fatcat:42ydbifsqffoxn5uvzrnifegxe

Factors Affecting Articulation Skills in Children with Velocardiofacial Syndrome and Children with Cleft Palate or Velopharyngeal Dysfunction: A Preliminary Report

Adriane L. Baylis, Benjamin Munson, Karlind T. Moller
2008 The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal  
Objective-To examine the influence of speech perception, cognition, and implicit phonological learning on articulation skills of children with Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS) and children with cleft palate  ...  There were no significant group differences in speech perception skills. For the implicit priming task, both groups of children were more accurate in producing primed nonwords than unprimed nonwords.  ...  We would like to thank Nicholas Schaefer for creating the nonword stimuli used in the Implicit Priming task, and Loraine Obler, Ph.D., for providing permission to use several pictures from the Action Naming  ... 
doi:10.1597/06-012.1 pmid:18333642 pmcid:PMC2921929 fatcat:dspy64nihjgzbeo6crzfjhy72i

GateNet: Gating-Enhanced Deep Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction [article]

Tongwen Huang, Qingyun She, Zhiqiang Wang, Junlin Zhang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In recent years, many neural network based CTR models have been proposed and achieved success such as Factorization-Machine Supported Neural Networks, DeepFM and xDeepFM.  ...  Advertising and feed ranking are essential to many Internet companies such as Facebook.  ...  The DNN model with feature embedding gate and DNN model with hidden gate are depicted as the middle and right in Figure 1 .  ... 
arXiv:2007.03519v1 fatcat:wnhvljsshnfkti75lrvxqdq65i

Approximate Integer Common Divisor Problem Relates to Implicit Factorization

Santanu Sarkar, Subhamoy Maitra
2011 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory  
Our strategy can be applied to the implicit factorization problem in a general framework considering the equality of (i) Most Significant Bits (MSBs), (ii) Least Significant Bits (LSBs) and (iii) MSBs  ...  This has been introduced by May and Ritzenhofen in PKC 2009 and studied under the assumption that some of Least Significant Bits (LSBs) of certain primes are same.  ...  Thus, for k = 2, we need smaller number of bit sharing in LSBs for implicit factorization than the number of bit sharing in LSBs achieved in [MAY09] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tit.2011.2137270 fatcat:shfgabaa3jd6vpzv4ifxeg4pfu

Bit Contracting and FDI Impact in the GCC Countries

Wasseem Mina
2008 Social Science Research Network  
The paper finds that while ratified BITs with high income non-OECD countries have a positive impact on FDI, ratified BITs with upper middle income countries have a surprisingly negative impact.  ...  This paper empirically examines the short term and long term impact BITs contracting on FDI and distinguishes it by the income level of the contracting partner country.  ...  However, the impact of BITs was most statistically significant for the share of a home country partner to a BIT in a host country's total inflows, and for the share of a particular host country in a home  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1806624 fatcat:levsnfldwncivj6ucqgbdlh4qi

Research on the Model Construction of Teachers' Tacit Knowledge Sharing Based on Social Software

Xiaoyan Zhong, Kun Qu
2012 Procedia Engineering  
' tacit knowledge, through the survey and analyses on the prevailing situation of teachers' tacit knowledge sharing in primary and middle schools.  ...  Teachers' knowledge sharing, especially the sharing of tacit knowledge is not only the purpose but also the main content of teachers' professional development.  ...  With wide application of information technology in education field, the knowledge-intensiveness of educational activities stands out bit by bit.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.12.698 fatcat:7k7cfhfor5gfnnpemsjkknzrmm

Revisiting context-based authentication in IoT

Markus Miettinen, Thien Duc Nguyen, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, N. Asokan
2018 Proceedings of the 55th Annual Design Automation Conference on - DAC '18  
In this paper, we analyze these context-based authentication solutions with regard to their security and requirements on context quality.  ...  Recent works propose to use contextual information about ambient physical properties of devices' surroundings as a shared secret to mutually authenticate devices that are co-located, e.g., the same room  ...  Man-in-the-Middle.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3195970.3196106 dblp:conf/dac/MiettinenNSA18 fatcat:6qjhvgtmfvgxfmkv47arr27fxa

A super-efficient adaptable bit-reversal algorithm for multithreaded architectures

Anne C. Elster, Jan C. Meyer
2009 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Processing  
Fast bit-reversal algorithms have been of strong interest for many decades, especially after Cooley and Tukey introduced their FFT implementation in 1965.  ...  Our bit-reversal algorithm takes advantage of recursive calls combined with the fact that it only generates pairs of indices for which the corresponding elements need to be exchanges, thereby avoiding  ...  The masks address two bits at a time, beginning with the MSB/LSB pair and shifting inwards towards the middle.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ipdps.2009.5161105 dblp:conf/ipps/ElsterM09 fatcat:c6i5yeoebfe2zp2shgcxbsqx6q

DangKiller: Eliminating Dangling Pointers Efficiently via Implicit Identifier [article]

Daliang Xu and Dongwei Chen and Chun Yang and KangSun and Xu Cheng and Dong Tong
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Thus, this paper maintains the same implicit identifier with each memory object and its corresponding referent.  ...  We first demonstrate the MinFat Pointer, which can calculate unique implicit ID for each object and pointer quickly, and use hash algorithm to obtain metadata.  ...  Most of the internal caches of the processor use some bits in the middle of the pointer as the index and find the corresponding cache lines ,which is similar to DangSan's lookup table.  ... 
arXiv:2003.00175v1 fatcat:urguvhh6xbfodeewh7dayimo7a

Economic Growth and Social Equity in Developing Countries. Irma Adelman , Cynthia Taft Morris

Benjamin Higgins
1975 Economic development and cultural change  
Direct government inter- vention was a bit more effective—significant in four countries and most significant in two. Urbanization appears only once and was most significant in no country.  ...  Modernization of industry was significant in two countries, most significant in none. If the question were asked, ““What are the factors which improve income distribution?”  ... 
doi:10.1086/450858 fatcat:oukic5rqmfdglkd7r3t2ni7f6m
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