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Imperfectness of Data for STS-Based Physical Mapping [chapter]

Hiro Ito, Kazuo Iwama, Takeyuki Tamura
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing  
In the STS-based mapping, we are requested to obtain the correct order of probes in a DNA sequence from a given set of fragments or equivalently a hybridization matrix A.  ...  In this paper, we define a measure of such imperfectness of the data as a minimum amount of additional fragments which are needed to fix the probe order uniquely.  ...  Kasahara for their cooperation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/1-4020-8141-3_23 dblp:conf/ifipTCS/ItoIT04 fatcat:2tc6gduaa5grxdpydnvvfhh2s4

A YAC-based physical map of the mouse genome

Chad Nusbaum, Donna K. Slonim, Katrina L. Harris, Bruce W. Birren, Robert G. Steen, Lincoln D. Stein, Joyce Miller, William F. Dietrich, Robert Nahf, Victoria Wang, Olga Merport, Andrew B. Castle (+30 others)
1999 Nature Genetics  
The YAC-based physical map directly facilitates positional cloning of mouse mutations by providing ready access to most of the genome.  ...  A physical map of the mouse genome is an essential tool for both positional cloning and genomic sequencing in this key model system for biomedical research.  ...  The ordering of markers is consistent with the genetic map, but fine-structure order may be imperfect owing to imperfections in YAC-STS data.  ... 
doi:10.1038/11967 pmid:10431246 fatcat:ixybpgzc5vgzha47ugtr5gxviu

What Randomized Benchmarking Actually Measures

Timothy Proctor, Kenneth Rudinger, Kevin Young, Mohan Sarovar, Robin Blume-Kohout
2017 Physical Review Letters  
of the imperfect gates.  ...  We show that this quantity is not a well-defined property of a physical gateset.  ...  To fit the simulated RB data we use unweighted least squares minimization, and the fit is to the "1 st order" model (see above, or main text). This is because Refs.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.119.130502 pmid:29341688 fatcat:wu7taqro3rbm3i4fzeksmiy75a

Toward Consistent and Efficient Map-based Visual-inertial Localization: Theory Framework and Filter Design [article]

Zhuqing Zhang, Yang Song, Shoudong Huang, Rong Xiong, Yue Wang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This paper focuses on designing a consistent and efficient filter for map-based visual-inertial localization.  ...  the system that considers the uncertainty of the map information.  ...  /imperfect augmented system, and ground these theories to physical explanations. • Introduce a new Lie group and algebra, and propose a novel invariant EKF for the perfect augmented system based on this  ... 
arXiv:2204.12108v1 fatcat:rqpfjann4zgcffqdbl4oxbdxgq

Physical mapping of CSF2RA, ANT3 and STS on the pseudoautosomal region of bovine chromosome X

S. S. Moore, K. Byrne, S. E. Johnson, S. Kata, J. E. Womack
2001 Animal Genetics  
The high inputs required for physical and linkage mapping of genes has meant that relatively few have been mapped in live- stock.  ...  SHORT COMMUNICATION Physical mapping of CSF2RA, ANT3 and STS on the pseudoautosomal region of bovine chromosome X S. S. Moore*, K. Byrne’, S. E. Johnson’, S. Kata* and J. E.  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1365-2052.2001.00740.x pmid:11421947 fatcat:mmzd756rpzecfai2sjvmwaeps4

Benford's law and Theil transform of financial data

Paulette Clippe, Marcel Ausloos
2012 Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications  
In a second Appendix, an imperfect Benford's law-like form, - better suited for anomalous distributions, is presented.  ...  Therefore, as a further test, of both such data and Benford's law use, the yearly financial reports are nonlinearly remapped through a sort of Theil transformation, i.e. based on a log-transformation.  ...  Acknowledgements Great thanks to the COST Action MP0801 for financial support. Great thanks to reviewers for comments. Correspondence with T.A. Mir is acknowledged by MA.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.physa.2012.07.063 fatcat:uxa7nny6bzeovkeglxbf6bomxa

A Physical Map of Human Chromosome 7: An Integrated YAC Contig Map with Average STS Spacing of 79 kb

Gerard G. Bouffard, Jacquelyn R. Idol, Valerie V. Braden, Leslie M. Iyer, Aimee F. Cunningham, Lauren A. Weintraub, Jeffrey W. Touchman, Rose M. Mohr-Tidwell, Dale C. Peluso, Robert S. Fulton, Melinda S. Ueltzen, Jean Weissenbach (+2 others)
1997 Genome Research  
The physical map we report here exceeds the goal of 100-kb average STS spacing and should provide an excellent framework for systematic sequencing of the chromosome.  ...  Using a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC)-based sequence-tagged site (STS)-content mapping strategy, 2150 chromosome 7-specific STSs have been established and mapped to a collection of YACs highly enriched  ...  Our STS-based physical map provides an excellent starting point for deriving the necessary clones for large-scale sequencing.  ... 
doi:10.1101/gr.7.7.673 pmid:9253597 fatcat:ppc7ictvercdpo4fywgjwiyapu

Unsupervised Neural Sensor Models for Synthetic LiDAR Data Augmentation [article]

Ahmad El Sallab, Ibrahim Sobh, Mohamed Zahran, Mohamed Shawky
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Evaluation is performed on unseen real LiDAR frames from KITTI dataset, with different amounts of simulated data augmentation using the two proposed approaches, showing improvement of 6% mAP for the object  ...  Data scarcity is a bottleneck to machine learning-based perception modules, usually tackled by augmenting real data with synthetic data from simulators.  ...  The existence and maturity for similar models for other sensors like LiDAR is limited, or primitive to capture the real physical process that generates the real sensor data, and model the imperfect conditions  ... 
arXiv:1911.10575v1 fatcat:rd7mc5v5i5bazl43ezta2gij7q

High-Frequency Dynamics Modulated by Collective Magnetization Reversal in Artificial Spin Ice

Matthias B. Jungfleisch, Joseph Sklenar, Junjia Ding, Jungsik Park, John E. Pearson, Valentine Novosad, Peter Schiffer, Axel Hoffmann
2017 Physical Review Applied  
Our results open the possibility of designing reconfigurable microwave oscillators and magnetoresistive devices based on connected networks of nanomagnets.  ...  The methodology to detect the resonance is based on the anisotropic magnetoresistance, which is the change in the electrical resistance due to different orientations of the magnetization.  ...  Please note that the polarity of the simulated intensity was manually mirrored for negative fields to better match the experimental findings (which are detected based on ST-FMR).  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevapplied.8.064026 fatcat:6gt3pghkbrdh5eersnf67e56he

Accessibility Based on User Perception of Rehabilitation Center for People with Physical Disabilities (BRSPDF) Wirajaya Makassar

Mutmainna - Mansyur, Triyatni Martosenjoyo, Edward Syarif
2021 EPI International Journal of Engineering  
In designing, the perception of the environment is important, The Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Physical Disabilities (BRSPDF) Wirajaya is a rehabilitation center for people with physical  ...  Based on this, this study aims to analyze the level of conformity of accessibility elements to the principle of facilities and accessibility.  ...  City Map, (b) BRSPDF Wirajaya Makassar location map, (c) BRSPDF Wirajaya Makassar floor plan Field Data: From the results of observations at BRSPDF Wirajaya Makassar, there are several signs and markings  ... 
doi:10.25042/epi-ije.022021.14 fatcat:uuvrwwxwundi3e6v6itfiupw2u

An integrated map of chromosome 18 CAG trinucleotide repeat loci

Andy J Grierson, Marjon van Groenigen, Nancy PB Groot, Kerstin Lindblad, Jan MN Hoovers, Martin Schalling, Jackie de Belleroche, Frank Baas
1999 European Journal of Human Genetics  
These mapped trinucleotide loci will be useful in the investigation of chromosome 18 in neurodegenerative or psychiatric conditions, and will serve to integrate physical and radiation hybrid maps of chromosome  ...  Characterisation of these loci involved repeat flank sequencing, estimation of polymorphism frequency and mapping using FISH as well as radiation hybrid panels.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the YAC Screening Service at Leiden for use of their Biomek robot when replicating the cosmid library.  ... 
doi:10.1038/sj.ejhg.5200246 pmid:10094186 fatcat:lthyhlyxunaxvjwntuzcodfezq

Effect of scatter correction when comparing attenuation maps: Application to brain PET/MR

Ninon Burgos, Kris Thielemans, M. Jorge Cardoso, Pawel Markiewicz, Jieqing Jiao, John Dickson, John S. Duncan, David Atkinson, Simon R. Arridge, Brian F. Hutton, Sebastien Ourselin
2014 2014 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC)  
In this paper, we investigate the effects of imperfect attenuation mapsmaps) on the scatter correction in a simulation setting.  ...  We focused our study on three µmaps: the reference µmap derived from a CT image, and two MR-based methods.  ...  Examples of MR-based µmaps (pCT (a) and UTE (b)), PET images corrected for attenuation using the CT µmap, PET images corrected for attenuation using the MR-based µmap and differences between CT and MR-based  ... 
doi:10.1109/nssmic.2014.7430775 fatcat:yjkpsrhd7ncc5o7f2ltntawgrm

Data and Image Prior Integration for Image Reconstruction Using Consensus Equilibrium [article]

Muhammad Usman Ghani, W. Clem Karl
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, a principled approach is presented allowing the unified integration of both data and image domain priors for improved image reconstruction.  ...  The overall result produces combined estimates of both the data and the reconstructed image that is consistent with the physical models and prior models being utilized.  ...  operator A as follows: where y obs is the physically observed data, A obs captures the physical map from the underlying image x (image) to the observed data, and A unobs reflects the mapping of the image  ... 
arXiv:2009.00092v1 fatcat:rgzxatqwhzgydiryzngvcmrtum

Fruit Senescence and Decay Simulation

Joseph T. Kider, Samantha Raja, Norman I. Badler
2011 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
Aging and imperfections provide important visual cues for realism. We present a novel physically-based approach for simulating the biological aging and decay process in fruits.  ...  We present a novel physically-based approach for simulating the biological aging and decay process in fruits. This method simulates interactions between multiple processes.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank NVIDIA for the donation of the graphics hardware, and Autodesk for their donation of Maya.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2011.01857.x fatcat:skko2ne2zvgpljbrmmpyvop7py

Spin Physics at COSY (2021-2024 and beyond) – Pathfinder investigations toward an EDM storage ring and Spin-for-FAIR [article]

R. Gebel, V. Hejny, A. Kacharava, A. Lehrach, P. Lenisa, A. Nass, J. Pretz, F. Rathmann, H. Ströher, I. Keshelashvili, E.J. Stephenson, A. Wrońska Y. Filatov (+15 others)
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The role of COSY as a R&D facility and for initial (static and oscillating) EDM measurements can hardly be overestimated.  ...  These experiments, briefly described in this document along with an estimate of the beam time required, serve as pathfinder investigations toward an EDM storage ring and Spin for FAIR.  ...  Systematic studies on ring imperfections and spin dynamics [17] [18] [19] [20] , beam-based alignment [21] , and techniques that allow for the systematic evaluation of uncertainties [22] completed  ... 
arXiv:2108.13933v1 fatcat:ryrncc4s2rck3axq5ds7mruojy
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