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3次元イメージファクシミリの試作 : 遠隔地間の3次元物体多人数共有システム(高臨場感ディスプレイフォーラム2009臨場感とは何か?)
Prototype of Image-based 3D Telecopier : A System for Sharing a 3D Object by Multiple Groups of People at Remote Locations

Yutaka KUNITA, Yoshifumi KITAMURA
2009 ITE Technical Report  
A. bstract We prepose a system that allows 皿 ulUple groups ofu 記 rs at remote loca 紅ons to nat 嘸 lly share a 3D image ofreal o 切 ec 偲 .  ...  Us θ[s at one placejus Φ し It the real Qbject on their imaging system to capture a set of its ijnages f } om sparse vi 閃 )ohlts around it ;other groups of mUltiple users at remote places connected by networks  ...  6 に 示 一 5 一 N 工 工 一 Eleotronio Library The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers  ... 
doi:10.11485/itetr.33.47.0_1 fatcat:g4sp5qutcfhodjkcvblfp644ri

Populist Placemaking: Spatial Regulating to Advance Open Government-Citizen Discourse

Michael N. Widener
2017 Social Science Research Network  
"privatiz[ed]" through domination by any homogenous group of people.  ...  Drones can also identify vegetation in remote locations without disturbing fragile habitats, for example along a riverbank or a slope prone to erosion.  ...  INNs (following their location by referendum of the voters) can be implemented through application of a zoning ordinance's permissible floating zones. 255 A community's general plan may identify numerous  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3087689 fatcat:l4lcjzhwuja33pqz3tt5uvdy5a

The Paperless Letter of Credit and Related Documents of Title

Boris Kozolchyk
1992 Law & Contemporary Problems  
A data field is "a single piece of information, the smallest unit normally manipulated by a data base management system." Webster's at 145 (cited in note 27).  ...  logged into the SWIFT system for at least seven hours on normal working days between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. 4 8 In order to use the system, a receiving bank must have a computer or group of computers equipped  ... 
doi:10.2307/1191864 fatcat:j5k2ejflk5hcrag55koacqqggm

Teleports, sweatshops, and cocoons : an analysis of telecommuting

James Gregory Yardley
Telecommuting is a practice in which a person works at home with a computer terminal and communicates with their place of employment by telephone line or data link.  ...  Telecommuting is a relatively recent phenomenon, originating during the mid-1970's as a means for lowering energy consumption by reducing the need to commute between home and the workplace.  ...  images between any given set of locations.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0098587 fatcat:2xgw4fvwhvglrnrqxebduekvne

UKnowledge Charles Fassler Repository Citation UK CLE Limited Liability Companies in Kentucky

Scott Dolson, Greenebaum Doll, Mcdonald Pllc, Thomas Rutledge, Ogden Newell, Welch Melony, J Lane, Ogden Newell, Welch, Scott Dolson, Charles Fassler, Thomas Rutledge (+4 others)
1999 unpublished
MAP's retail marketing system comprises approximately 5,400 locations in 20 states, more than half of which are brand locations.  ...  MAP's retail marketing system comprises approximately 5,400 locations in 20 states, more than half of which are brand locations.  ...  the rovisions of this Section 10.01), to either, at Ashland's o tion, (i) register under the Securities Act all or a ortion orsuch Securities for purposes of a public offering by Ash f' and of such Securities  ...