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Image processing optimization by genetic algorithm with a new coding scheme

D. Snyers, Y. Pétillot
1995 Pattern Recognition Letters  
An original coding scheme is introduced to take advantage of the two-dimensional structural information of images within the genetic algorithm framework.  ...  Results are presented showing that this new technique outperforms classical optimization methods for the optimization of 32 × 32 and 128 x 128 holograms.  ...  It augments the genetic algorithm with a new coding scheme that takes advantage of the particular two-dimensional topological structure.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0167-8655(95)00044-h fatcat:yunqi64gxzfonoad7bcge4isum

Optimizing codes for compressed ultrafast photography by the genetic algorithm

Chengshuai Yang, Dalong Qi, Xing Wang, Fengyan Cao, Yilin He, Wenlong Wen, Tianqing Jia, Jinshou Tian, Zhenrong Sun, Liang Gao, Shian Zhang, Lihong V. Wang
2018 Optica  
Here, we develop a new scheme to obtain the optimized codes by combining a genetic algorithm (GA) into the CUP technique.  ...  Herein, we propose an alternative scheme to optimize the encoding codes for the CUP system by combining a genetic algorithm (GA).  ...  Here, we develop a new scheme to obtain the optimized codes by combining a genetic algorithm (GA) into the CUP technique.  ... 
doi:10.1364/optica.5.000147 fatcat:xwdgbsmlffcjbd2uvawdzhvxn4

Decision-Making Model of Product Modeling Big Data Design Scheme Based on Neural Network Optimized by Genetic Algorithm

Ming Hu, Syed Hassan Ahmed
2021 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
The neural network optimized by genetic algorithm is studied, and the technical analysis of neural network algorithm before and after optimization is mainly carried out.  ...  The basic process of product modeling design model based on image processing under the background of big data is introduced.  ...  Acknowledgments is work was supported by Wuxi Taihu University.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/9315700 fatcat:a4xzz3h6mfcsvnmllpmdgesjaq

Image Representational Path of Regional Cultural and Creative Products Based on Genetic Algorithm

Baiying Wu, Ruiting Han, Rahim Khan
2022 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
In the field of image representation design of regional cultural and creative products, genetic coding, as a very important part of applying genetic algorithm, plays a very important role in its research  ...  As a highly parallel, random, and adaptive search algorithm, genetic algorithm has been widely used in personalized product design, conceptual design, product optimization design, and intelligent design  ...  scheme was optimized by means of interactive genetic algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/5112950 pmid:35330604 pmcid:PMC8940545 fatcat:heupat4iyfbmdgl75ryjvggmcm

Tuning and hybrid parallelization of a genetic-based multi-point statistics simulation code

Oscar Peredo, Julián M. Ortiz, José R. Herrero, Cristóbal Samaniego
2014 Parallel Computing  
In this work we propose code optimizations and parallelization schemes over a genetic-based MPS code with the aim of speeding up the execution time.  ...  One of the main difficulties using multi-point statistical (MPS) simulation based on annealing techniques or genetic algorithms concerns the excessive amount of time and memory that must be spent in order  ...  parallelization without code optimizations: average generation step (30 generations) of the genetic algorithm using a population of 1000 individuals, each one a 100 Â 100 and 1000 Â 1000 images respectively  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.parco.2014.04.005 fatcat:vav4cbtotndpfk35jojh7o3yzm

An enhanced Biometric-based Face Recognition System using Genetic and CRO Algorithms

Ola Surakhi, Mohammad Khanafseh, Yasser Jaffal
2018 Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems  
In this paper, a new technique is proposed by using meta-heuristic algorithm.  ...  A dataset with 371 images was used for evaluation. The results were conducted and compared with the original face recognition technique.  ...  Conclusions This paper presents a new methodology for face recognition by using two meta-heuristic algorithms: Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Chemical Reaction Optimization Algorithm (CRO).  ... 
doi:10.25046/aj030316 fatcat:hrghlyrwmbcpfo7pmdc3fv25bi

Guest editorial: bio-inspired information hiding

Jeng-Shyang Pan, Ajith Abraham
2008 Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications  
The first paper, "A Data Embedding Scheme for Color Images Based on Genetic Algorithm and Absolute Moment Block Truncation Coding," by Chang et al., considers the problem of optimized data embedding schemes  ...  The eighth paper entitled "A PM1 Steganography in JPEG Images using Genetic Algorithm," by Yu et al., utilizes an applicable scheme for image steganography.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00500-008-0325-9 fatcat:3zkpcexdrrgp5omdzz3fddisdi

Digital Image Encryption Algorithm Design Based on Genetic Hyperchaos

Jian Wang
2016 International Journal of Optics  
a image encryption algorithm based on genetic super chaotic system.  ...  The algorithm, by introducing clear feedback to the process of scrambling, makes the scrambling effect related to the initial chaos sequence and the clear text itself; it has realized the image features  ...  Acknowledgments This work is supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grants 61272466 and 61303233 and the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province under Grant F2014203062  ... 
doi:10.1155/2016/2053724 fatcat:qj3u6p4jkrfdrgsftr5gy7bnce

Genetic Algorithm Works for Vectoring Image Outlines of Generic Shapes

Misbah Irshad, Muhammad Sarfraz, Malik Zawwar Hussain
2013 Journal of Software Engineering and Applications  
An evolutionary optimization technique namely Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to solve the problem of curve fitting with a cubic spline function.  ...  The underlying scheme comprises of various phases including data of the image outlines, detection of corner points, using GA for optimal values of shape parameters, and fitting curve using cubic spline  ...  A generalized cubic spline curve scheme is given in Section 3. Genetic Algorithm is explained in Section 4, Section 5 discusses the proposed scheme which is demonstrated with examples in Section 6.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jsea.2013.67041 fatcat:kyvpefxzgzg3nj274vk2l2wjbi

A filter banks design using a multiobjecive genetic algorithm for an image coding scheme

A. Boukhobza, A. Bounoua, A. Taleb Ahmed, N. Taleb
2009 2009 16th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)  
In this paper, we present a global optimisation method based on a multi-objective Genetic Algorithm (GA) for the design of filter banks in a lossy image coding scheme.  ...  MOTS-CLÉS : filter banks design, image coding, multi-objective optimization, genetic algorithms.  ...  In this work, a method based on genetic algorithm was presented for the optimization of filter banks for a lossy image coding scheme.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icip.2009.5413533 dblp:conf/icip/BoukhobzaBTT09 fatcat:p2vpnvuxxbg3bmgbimbcxhlbva

Image transformation and information hiding technology based on genetic algorithm

Xiaowei Gu, Yiqin Sun
2018 EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing  
Based on the genetic algorithm, this paper studies the image information hiding technology based on genetic algorithm, performs image simulation on different types of mothers, and displays the results.  ...  Compared with the Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique, this method has a larger peak signal-to-noise.  ...  As a non-deterministic quasi natural algorithm, genetic algorithm provides a new method for the optimization of complex systems and has proved to be effective.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13640-018-0348-9 fatcat:eys6avvhybdfxl646phrkwv7sa

Optimal Management of the Multimedia Application

A. Fathi, N. Abduljabbar
2020 Journal of Management and Accounting Studies  
This scheme works by classifying an image into blocks and uses Contractive Mapping.  ...  Some of FICs advantages can be expressed as follows: comparing with other standard compression techniques, it has a good interchange between PNSR and compression ratio and it zooms the image without reducing  ...  In this paper, Genetic algorithm with Huffman coding is used for fractal image compression.  ... 
doi:10.24200/jmas.vol8iss4pp30-33 fatcat:ci2gzxb765chhnv6jzdybnzkhy

A technique for image magnification using partitioned iterative function system

Suman K. Mitra, C.A. Murthy, Malay K. Kundu
2000 Pattern Recognition  
But we have used here a cost effective Genetic Algorithm (GA) based technique to find PIFS code to propose a new magnification technique.  ...  Genetic Algorithms Genetic Algorithms (GAs) [11, 12, 13] are highly parallel and adaptive search and machine learning processes based on a natural selection mechanism of biological genetic system.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0031-3203(99)00108-9 fatcat:a2jpluer5zhzhcaq5fohu3b5py

Image Compression and Edge Extraction Using Fractal Technique and Genetic Algorithm [chapter]

Suman K. Mitra, C. A. Murthy, M. K. Kundu
2000 Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing  
Along with the reconstructed image, an edge image is obtained as a by-product.  ...  The present chapter is focused on two algorithms. In the first algorithm a fractal based image compression technique using genetic algorithms has been suggested.  ...  The final output edge image is thus obtained from PIFS code by applying a decoding scheme with penalty function (see Section 3) followed by the edge linking algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-7908-1858-1_4 fatcat:n66bv4uvwjdvdlqijzeurxkxce

Adaptive Robust Blind Watermarking Scheme Improved by Entropy-Based SVM and Optimized Quantum Genetic Algorithm

Jun Zhang, Xiaoyi Zhou, Jilin Yang, Chunjie Cao, Jixin Ma
2019 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Therefore, quantum genetic algorithm, which serves as an intelligent optimized scheme combined with biological genetic mechanism and quantum computing, is widely used in various fields.  ...  In this study, an adaptive robust blind watermarking algorithm by means of optimized quantum genetics (OQGA) and entropy classification-based SVM (support vector machine) is proposed.  ...  [14] proposed a real coded quantum genetic algorithm (RQGA) to replace the binary code with real code and the rotation gate with the approximation operator. e stability, convergence, and global optimization  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/7817809 fatcat:ei5qfts7mbfsvngitxtb3dd6m4
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