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A Lossless Compression Algorithm Based On Predictive Coding For Volumetric Medical Datasets

Mnica Dez-Garca, Carlos Alberola-Lpez, Federico Simmross-Wattenberg
2005 Zenodo  
Schelkens for providing the experimental data and to Mr. Rafael Redondo for his support on wavelet coders evaluation .  ...  Predictive coding methods are founded on a coding process of residuals together with the prediction model employed, instead of directly perform image data coding.  ...  INTRODUCTION An important problem in medical imaging is that of efficient volumetric image compression, since the amount of medical data would easily overwhelm the storage and transmission systems.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.38996 fatcat:4nmibflayvetfb2uy6pfm2zu2y

A review of predictive coding algorithms

M.W. Spratling
2017 Brain and Cognition  
Predictive coding is a leading theory of how the brain performs probabilistic inference. However, there are a number of distinct algorithms which are described by the term "predictive coding".  ...  Five algorithms are covered: linear predictive coding which has a long and influential history in the signal processing literature; the first neuroscience-related application of predictive coding to explaining  ...  Another difference is that some predictive coding algorithms are concerned with finding the coefficients which encode the underlying causes of the sensory data (see sections 2 and 5), while others are  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bandc.2015.11.003 pmid:26809759 fatcat:ycpkrfuamfg7tlj26jzoatruhm

Predicting Faces In Video Sequences Using Eigenspace Update Algorithms

Hctor J. Prez-Iglesias, Adriana Dapena
2005 Zenodo  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank Roger Piqué and Luis Torres for their help with video coding using PCA.  ...  Figure 1 : Face coding scheme. x i w i u ix i E[(x i −x i ) 2 ] > e FACE CODING SCHEME We consider the video coding scheme shown in Figure 1 which is formed by a frame predictor followed by a image  ...  The 2-D image of M pixels is treated as an 1-D vector of dimension denoted by x i , i = 1, 2, ... The first image, x 1 is full coded and it is used to obtain the first eigenface, u 1 .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.39033 fatcat:bekrmkishjhurfntafcmn4kknq

Parallel Compression Based on Prediction Algorithm of Hyper-spectral Imagery

Wenbin Wu, Yue Wu, Xu Qiao, J. Heled, A. Yuan
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The experiment shows that, the parallel predictive compression algorithm can improve the efficiency of compression effectively.  ...  In this paper, we improve the efficiency of the parallel prediction compression algorithm, to meet the needs of the rapid compression.  ...  It receives errors by coding the restructured values and fore values to achieve compression. Differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) and its improved algorithm are used constantly.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201817303070 fatcat:hpreu7c4dzfn5kpro4k3jclhcm

Motion-compensated prediction based algorithm for medical image sequence compression

Seyfullah H. Oǧuz, Ömer N. Gerek, A.Enis Çetin
1995 Signal processing. Image communication  
A method for irreversible compression of medical image sequences is described.  ...  The method relies on discrete cosine transform and motion-compensated prediction to reduce intra-and inter-frame redundancies in medical image sequences.  ...  The algorithm relies on DCT-based compression within a medical image and 'motion-compensated' prediction [6] to remove redundancies between images in the sequence. dom access points are determined by the  ... 
doi:10.1016/0923-5965(95)00027-t fatcat:zuhoyrvdvre7bjvpvy2pcjaqgu

Lossless Compression of Grayscale Digital Image Based on Two-Dimensional Differential Prediction Algorithm

Wei LIANG, Guangxian ZHANG, Liang TAO
2013 Sensors & Transducers  
Rice algorithm, which has been recommended by Consultative Committee for Space Data System (CCSDS) for space telescope image lossless compression, is studied.  ...  Due to the similarity, this algorithm is applied on lossless compression of X-ray digital image after improvement and a satisfying compression rate is obtained.  ...  − + × − − (1) Based on the predicted value ˆ( , ) x i j , the prediction error mapper converts each prediction error i ∆ , to an n-bit nonnegative integer δ i , suitable for processing by the entropy coder  ... 
doaj:018d80d679db4119ac1a4c4287ed7273 fatcat:pmef6v7zfrftxlbrdxaunejkhe

Lossless Compression Algorithm and Architecture for Reduced Memory Bandwidth Requirement with Improved Prediction Based on the Multiple DPCM Golomb-Rice Algorithm

Imjae Hwang, Juwon Yun, Woonam Chung, Jaeshin Lee, Cheong-Ghil Kim, Youngsik Kim, Woo-Chan Park
2021 Journal of Web Engineering  
This paper proposes a lossless compression algorithm with a multiple differential pulse-code modulation variable sign code Golomb-Rice to reduce the memory bandwidth requirement.  ...  The experimental results show compression ratio of 1.99 for high-efficiency video coding image sequences and that the proposed lossless compression hardware can reduce the bus bandwidth requirement.  ...  It consists of the prediction stage and entropy coding of prediction error results. The size of the input pixels' data can be reduced using the spatial locality characteristics of the image.  ... 
doi:10.13052/jwe1540-9589.2065 fatcat:ptjt5vgtgjezrme45yhclxfdcq

Intra Prediction Based Measurement Coding Algorithm for Block-Based Compressive Sensing Images

Jirayu Peetakul, Yibo Fan, Jinjia Zhou
2021 IEEE Access  
INDEX TERMS Compressive sensing; Measurement coding algorithm; Intra prediction;  ...  Block-based compressive image sensor (BCIS) captures light and represents them as compressed data called measurement.  ...  I. INTRODUCTION O VER the past few years, block-based compressive image sensor (BCIS) has gained significant interest in imaging technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3068579 fatcat:o5rpu2yfcjbcrhz6lal5l6xnoi

Fast prediction algorithm for multiview video coding

Abdelrahman Abdelazim, Stephen James Mein, Martin Roy Varley, Djamel Ait-Boudaoud
2013 Optical Engineering: The Journal of SPIE  
This has been accomplished by defining situations that relate macro-blocks' motion characteristics to the mode selection and the inter-view prediction processes.  ...  The inter-view statistical dependencies are utilized and an inter-view prediction is employed to provide more efficient coding; however, this increases the overall encoding complexity.  ...  H.264 Multiview Coding MVC is an extension to the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video compression standard developed with joint efforts by moving picture experts group (MPEG)/video coding experts group to enable efficient  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.oe.52.3.037401 fatcat:qfqhue5spvg53iuex6l7sigeye

Efficient Pixel Prediction Algorithm for Reversible Data Hiding

K. Bharanitharan, Chin-Chen Chang, Yang Hai Rui, Zhi-Hui Wang
2016 International Journal of Network Security  
In this paper, we propose a nearest neighborhood pixel prediction algorithm (NNP 2 ) for reversible data hiding algorithms based on Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT), in which a rhombus prediction is applied  ...  in NNP 2 , and prediction errors, the difference between pixels and predictions, are modified to embed data.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the National Nature Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 61201385.  ... 
dblp:journals/ijnsec/BharanitharanCR16 fatcat:rd2s2fo4rvf4tly5tv6bisul7i

Hybrid Algorithm for Medical Image Sequences using Super-Spatial Structure Prediction with LZ8

M. FerniUkrit, G. R. Suresh
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Hence lossless image compression is needed to reproduce the original quality of the image without any loss of information. To exploit the correlation a new algorithm is proposed in this paper.  ...  The proposed compression method combines Super-Spatial Structure Prediction with motion estimation and motion compensation to achieve higher compression ratio.  ...  This is based on LOCO-I (Low Complexity Lossless Compression for Images) algorithm [7] using adaptive prediction, context, modeling and Golomb coding.  ... 
doi:10.5120/15028-3344 fatcat:jn36atytfnfileom65myvytxjq

The Hyper-spectral Image Compression Based on K-Means Clustering and Parallel Prediction Algorithm*

Wu Wenbin, Yue Wu, Jintao Li, J. Heled, A. Yuan
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
We use the adaptive prediction compression algorithm based on the absolute ratio to compress the two dimensional sub images.  ...  In this paper, we propose a lossless compression algorithm for hyper-spectral images with the help of the K-Means clustering and parallel prediction.  ...  Costing time of different numbers of clusters: By K-Means clustering, we get some sub images. The sub images can be compressed by the parallel compression algorithm based on prediction.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201817303071 fatcat:4dkxlo5xmrcbnls223fvfdigi4

Neural Markovian Predictive Compression: An Algorithm for Online Lossless Data Compression

Erez Shermer, Mireille Avigal, Dana Shapira
2010 2010 Data Compression Conference  
This work proposes a novel practical and general-purpose lossless compression algorithm named Neural Markovian Predictive Compression (NMPC), based on a novel combination of Bayesian Neural Networks (BNNs  ...  Though not limited for such uses, when used for online compression (compressing streaming inputs without the latency of collecting blocks) it often produces superior results compared to other algorithms  ...  A similar idea of cluster prediction was used by the same researches in 2000 [?] to compress bit images using a Bayesian network (not a neural network).  ... 
doi:10.1109/dcc.2010.26 dblp:conf/dcc/ShermerAS10 fatcat:f4ovjsi5xjf7bi62dkp6zmjtiq

Improving Lossy Image Compression Wavelet Transform Based Algorithms By Predicting Discarded Coefficients

Roberto Gil Pita, Manuel Rosa Zurera, F. Pérez-Cruz
2002 Zenodo  
When implementing the prediction, we alter many values that are distributed by the first three scales and, therefore, we modify the high frequencies in most of the image shaping out most of the hardest  ...  To calculate the prediction value of a non-significant coefficient, its eight neighbors will be taken and multiplied by certain a i coefficients to obtain the normalized reconstruction value.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.37828 fatcat:pvsuqoju7jardpyxulllh4x75e

A Novel Rate Control Algorithm for Onboard Predictive Coding of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images

Diego Valsesia, Enrico Magli
2014 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
Predictive coding is attractive for compression onboard of spacecrafts thanks to its low computational complexity, modest memory requirements and the ability to accurately control quality on a pixel-by-pixel  ...  Traditionally, predictive compression focused on the lossless and near-lossless modes of operation where the maximum error can be bounded but the rate of the compressed image is variable.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank Ian Blanes from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona for precious support on using the Delta software developed by the Group on Interactive Coding of Images.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tgrs.2013.2296329 fatcat:fzcvihjyb5hxndfb2tfq4fk2me
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