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So Be It: The Discourse–Semantic Roles of So and It

1992 Journal of Semantics  
The aim of the article is to determine whether so and /' ( fulfil distinct discourse-building roles, in their predicate-and proposition-anaphoric guise.  ...  I shall argue for the latter analysis, indicating a range of factors (of a mainly semantic nature) which co-determine both the choice between these two anaphors, and their full utterance-level interpretation  ...  Acknowledgements This article is based on a paper entitled 'So and it: complementary distribution, or complementary anaphoric function?'  ... 
doi:10.1093/jos/9.2.163 fatcat:ufoq6x3p3nfc3dcnnvbthvro4a

The vagaries of subject it: can it serve as a style marker?

Helena Fišerová
2016 Linguistica Pragensia  
The functions of it analysed include anaphoric it, anticipatory it, empty it and it as the subject in a cleft sentence (focusing it).  ...  This article analyses the distribution of the different functions of the subject it in two text types: academic prose and fiction.  ...  In the analysis of anaphoric it, attention was paid to the realisation form and semantic role of the referent, as well as the location of the referent in relation to the pronoun.  ... 
doaj:c660b0f2b5644680aebd72887450875d fatcat:fdy265wwxzbcdhqyolhslzvt2y

Just listen to it, so the brain works automatically: the referential identifiability and accessibility of anaphors and ellipsis in discourse as it, this, that, do, do it, do this, and do that

Eri Kondo
2021 Zenodo  
Speakers can use the functions of anaphors and ellipsis when they are identifiable and accessible in thinking.  ...  The aims of this paper are to put forward that teachers should use listening textbooks in classrooms and to explore the analyses of the usages of anaphors and ellipsis in listening materials as our new  ...  Therefore, if it were not for the understanding, the anaphor of that or the function of deixis would not be established. Receptionist: I'll just check that for you, madam?  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5798991 fatcat:sq2djbtv2rh6va7fw5fb7s4pui

Processing of It and This in Written Narrative Discourse

Derya Çokal, Patrick Sturt, Fernanda Ferreira
2016 Discourse Processes  
Overall, findings show that the processing and use of anaphoric expressions is affected by the interaction between the lexical characteristics of referential forms and different types of referent.  ...  Two experiments explored the hypothesis that anaphors and demonstratives signal different procedural instructions: while the anaphor it brings a concrete entity into a reader's focus, the demonstrative  ...  Referential expressions such as job or book were used as disambiguators (e.g., it/this was a difficult job/read-referring to either Charlotte We assume that if readers exhibit a preference for it when  ... 
doi:10.1080/0163853x.2016.1236231 fatcat:6tqfxjkqsrartkrogeht5ry5mi

Switch-reference and its role in referential choice in Mbyá Guaraní narratives

Guillaume Thomas, Gregory Antono, Laurestine Bradford, Angelika Kiss, Darragh Winkelman
2021 Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory  
The present study probes this theory through an analysis of the role of switch-reference marking in multifactorial models of referential choice in Mbyá Guaraní.  ...  We argue that this result is compatible with the analysis of switch-reference as a referential aid, but also supports analyses that emphasize the multiplicity of its functions, beyond the disambiguation  ...  When there is a set of IPs to choose from, all of which are equally applicable, then NEARFIRST in section 3says that we establish the link with the nearest IP.  ... 
doi:10.1515/cllt-2020-0028 fatcat:7awawv5a3nd6fbhfvk4gi6zcyi

The passive of reflexive verbs and its implications for theories of binding and case

Florian Schäfer
2012 Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics  
Expressing this trivial aspect overtly with the help of a preposition opens the way for the semi-idiomatic meaning. 30 It seems then as if there were two cases of inherent reflexivity, one where we can  ...  This complex role is then assigned to the verb's external argument position. As a consequence, it should be impossible to focus only one of the two θ-roles independently of the other.  ...  one REFL then in.the basement in  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10828-013-9052-4 fatcat:jmesrpfqgjgv3p225luiwkiupa

The ways of referential deficiency: Impersonal on and its kin [article]

Milan Rezac, Mélanie Jouitteau
2016 Zenodo  
It leads to a theory of impersonal on as an indefinite DP whose content interacts with certain theories of phi-features, indefinites and definites, and anaphoric dependencies to give an explanatory account  ...  The work builds on the analysis of on and its kin in Cinque (1988), Chierchia (1995b), Egerland (2003b), Kayne (2010), and explores them in the Principles-and-Parameters approach to syntax and the "situated  ...  When I came here, ON ≈1+ persons warned me about the harshness of life. I can't remember who it was, but ON ≈they were very convincing.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5823634 fatcat:v4ie5x7xube2jokphozx4cvaau

Two-year-olds but not younger children comprehend it in ambiguous contexts: Evidence from preferential looking

2016 Journal of Child Language  
The aim of this study was to examine whether young children understand the anaphoric function of pronouns, focusing on the interpretation of the pronoun it in English-speaking children at 1;6 and 2;0.  ...  Results demonstrate that, like adults, two-year-olds understand that it refers to a previously introduced referent. There is no evidence that this knowledge is established in children at 1;6.  ...  If the participants understood the anaphoric function of it, their looks to the referent from the first scene were predicted to be higher in the pronoun than the silent condition.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0305000915000781 pmid:26763155 fatcat:7rkvaglczfggtityj36oz6mwpe

When Domain-General Learning Fails and When It Succeeds: Identifying the Contribution of Domain Specificity

Lisa Pearl, Jeffrey Lidz
2009 Language Learning and Development  
However, when this procedure is paired with a domain-specific filter on data intake, then it succeeds.  ...  With these in mind, we model the acquisition of the English anaphoric pronoun one. We show first that an unconstrained domain-general updating procedure fails to learn anaphoric one.  ...  group at the University of Maryland, the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language lab at the University of Maryland, the Center for Language Sciences at the University of Rochester, and three anonymous reviewers  ... 
doi:10.1080/15475440902979907 fatcat:shteoaugtrfalgowd5fxh7sg6q

From anaphoric pronoun to grammatical agreement marker: Why objects don't make it

Anna Siewierska
1999 Folia linguistica  
The endpoint of the historical evolution of agreement marker from anaphoric person pronoun is the loss of referentiality on the part of the person marker and the obligatory presence of the nominal argument  ...  with which it agrees.  ...  If it is not an O, then all Os in Roviana may be seen as exhibiting agreement. This agreement will then be a paradigm case of ambiguous agreement.  ... 
doi:10.1515/flin.1999.33.1-2.225 fatcat:svql62jexfhzxpefz7cmq5b7ny

Centering: A Parametric Theory and Its Instantiations

Massimo Poesio, Rosemary Stevenson, Barbara Di Eugenio, Janet Hitzeman
2004 Computational Linguistics  
"), it holds only if indirect realization is allowed, and is violated by between 20% and 25% of utterances in our corpus even with the most favorable instantiations.  ...  1-a claim about (entity) coherence and CB uniqueness-is much more instantiation-dependent: It is not verified if the parameters are instantiated according to very mainstream views ("vanilla instantiation  ...  Acknowledgments Special thanks to Nikiforos Karamanis, Alistair Knott, Mark Liberman, Ruslan Mitkov, Jon Oberlander, Tim Rakow, and the other members of the GNOME project: Kees van Deemter, Renate  ... 
doi:10.1162/0891201041850911 fatcat:2fvdgnolcrfcnmfbmm3pckqvie

The Distribution of the Copula shi and its Implications on the Analysis of Chinese Sluicing

Myung-Kwan Park, Li Zhen-Xuan
2013 Studies in Generative Grammar  
It is suggested that Katz's (1996) cognitive concept of existence in time and space between pronouns and copulas is what relates the demonstrative pronoun shi to a copula, while the verbal form shi occurring  ...  This paper discusses the proposals of Li and Thompson (1977 ), Yen (1986 ), and Feng (1993 in relation to the development of the Chinese copula and argues that Li and Thompson's suggestion of a topic mechanism  ...  When these two properties were unified in the demonstrative pronoun shi, it became an anaphoric verb; its anaphoric function then gradually disappeared, and it finally developed into a copula.  ... 
doi:10.15860/sigg.23.4.201312.775 fatcat:nwzwowz34zgqdpomwvvtcjqpqy

The Demonstrative Particle ḏālika and its Anaphoric Function in the Qurʾān

Yehudit Dror
2016 Studia Orientalia Electronica  
of the same segment, and intimating that what was previously said is evidence of God's might.  ...  The demonstrative pronoun ḏālika in the Qurʾān is of interest for two principal reasons: first, it is deictic only in three cases; secondly, it is marked for gender (m) and number (sg), yet it refers to  ...  Then if you are in safety and whosoever enjoys the visitation until the pilgrimage, let his offering be such as may be feasible, but if he cannot afford it, he should fast three days during the pilgrimage  ... 
doaj:1d646218a6864c518acbd620151ffb86 fatcat:defqpffrqrdeno335ubvjw64vm

Flexibility of frequent clause openers in talk-in-interaction: Det 'it, that' and så 'then' in the prefield in Danish

Rasmus Puggaard
2019 Nordic Journal of Linguistics  
The dominating frequency of the most frequent clause openers goes largely unmentioned in previous accounts of the prefield, and the use of det 'it, that' and så 'then' challenges the popular notion that  ...  AbstractThrough in-depth analysis of the use of det 'it, that' and så 'then' occupying the first clausal position (the prefield) in Danish talk-in-interaction, this paper investigates how speakers use  ...  Finally, I would like to thank the editors at Nordic Journal of Linguistics as well as three anonymous reviewers for helping a great deal to present the current results in the best and clearest possible  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0332586519000088 fatcat:zffidlfwcbbdph3w6dzhxkvgiq

Accent on nouns and its reference coding in Siwi Berber (Egypt) [chapter]

Valentina Schiattarella
2020 Zenodo  
In Siwi, the role of the accent placed on nouns goes beyond the field of phonology: an analysis of original data from both spontaneous discourse and elicitations will show its functions in terms of attribution  ...  The aim of this article is to investigate the position of the accent on nouns in Siwi, a Berber language spoken in the oasis of Siwa, Egypt, and to see how its alternation on the last or penultimate syllable  ...  Abbreviations . man.SG.M 'There were a woman and a man. ' This is also the case for the preposition ɣuṛ 'at' + pronoun, when it expresses possession and the referent is generic: has a lot of palm trees  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4049686 fatcat:pbixhqt6dnbihdyo3cdp2k24xe
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