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Identifying location in indonesian documents for geographic information retrieval

Mirna Adriani, Monica Lestari Paramita
2007 Proceedings of the 4th ACM workshop on Geographical information retrieval - GIR '07  
In this paper we identify location names that appear in queries written in Indonesian using geographic gazeeter.  ...  The result shows that identifying locations in the queries and applying the query expansion technique can help improve the retrieval effectiveness for certain queries.  ...  For each document, we identified the location where the event mentioned in the document occurred, and added the location information into the document's index entry.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1316948.1316955 dblp:conf/gir/AdrianiP07 fatcat:mw3yzrpc3zfylhfgouacvljeqm

Event Geoparser with Pseudo-Location Entity Identification and Numerical Argument Extraction Implementation and Evaluation in Indonesian News Domain

Agung Dewandaru, Dwi Hendratmo Widyantoro, Saiful Akbar
2020 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
Geoparser is a fundamental component of a Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) geoparser, which performs toponym recognition, disambiguation, and geographic coordinate resolution from unstructured text  ...  Throughout the proposed workflow and features, the geoparser is able to significantly improve the identification of pseudo-location entities, resulting in a 23.43% increase for weighted F1 score compared  ...  This in turn would be useful for many Geographical Information Retrieval applications, as suggested by the thematic map generation example only from a single document.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijgi9120712 fatcat:qvd2ltdwtjabdjwrh47oxnqrhe

Spatio-temporal Signal Recovery from Political Tweets in Indonesia

Anisha Mazumder, Arun Das, Nyunsu Kim, Sedat Gokalp, Arunabha Sen, Hasan Davulcu
2013 2013 International Conference on Social Computing  
We create the Heat Map of Indonesia by computing (i) the Radicalization Index and (ii) the Location Index of each Twitter user from Indonesia, who has expressed some radical sentiment in her tweets.  ...  Online social network community now provides an enormous volume of data for analyzing human sentiment about people, places, events and political activities.  ...  However, for the tweets of T i , we have no location information except for the general information that given a Declared Home Location for any user U v in our dataset as R a , the location distribution  ... 
doi:10.1109/socialcom.2013.46 dblp:conf/socialcom/MazumderDKGSD13 fatcat:ybkjdsmcqraodcqu6jrn5e2bcu

Determination of news biasedness using content sentiment analysis algorithm

Shri Bharathi SV, Angelina Geetha
2019 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
<span lang="EN-US">Nowadays, i</span><span lang="EN-US">dentifying news biases in the social media is one of the most fundamental problems.  ...  The proposed algorithm provides a method improves the determination of news biasedness, which in turn may help in providing impartial, unbiased and reliable information.</span>  ...  Her research interest includes Data Analytics, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Web mining.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v16.i2.pp882-889 fatcat:azbvyfxonvepfacr672cbqmjr4

Development of software for Ku-Band signal availability due to rain attenuation

Norsuzila Ya'acob, Noraisyah Tajudin, Muhammad Rezza Alui, Nani Fadzlina Naim, Murizah Kassim, Wan Norsyafizan Wan Muhamad
2019 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
The model provided a suitable baseline in developing a user interface software for weather prediction.</span>  ...  The rain attenuation in Ku-Band range and the rain rate were measured at satellite receiving dish, pointed towards the orbital slot 91.5 E over a one-year period in 2013.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors would like to thank Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) for their valuable support.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v13.i3.pp1252-1258 fatcat:t5gcgzwxefdxlgphqqzcxa7dna

A prototype of an integrated information system for geographic information produced during the rehabilitation and reconstruction process following the earthquakes and tsunami disasters in Aceh province, Indonesia

Nizamuddin, Hidehiro ISHIZUKA
2013 Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi  
However, AGDC has no integrated geographic information system (GIS). Therefore, the authors developed a prototype for an integrated GIS.  ...  After the RR process, the geographic information has been handed over to the Aceh Geospatial Data Center (AGDC), managing information services and supporting decision making for sustainable development  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to express our gratitude to: (1) The AGDC, SIM-C, BRR-GTF and Indonesian and international agencies, which have provided the geospatial data for this study,  ... 
doi:10.2964/jsik.23_47 fatcat:x7meevjuszchnjvembkwvbatmu

Digitalization of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Archives As Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Amri Hariri
2021 Khizanah al-Hikmah  
The results of this study answer four important issues, namely (1) digitization archive can be done by referring to IFLA policies; (2) ICH archives can be used for IPR submission in the communal ownership  ...  The data sources were scientific journal articles, books, and documents from trusted organizations.  ...  d) Indication of Geographic Potential The geographic potential is the original location of an area that has geographical factors, natural factors, or the combination of both that become the main factors  ... 
doi:10.24252/kah.v9i2a7 fatcat:zqi6qw5pevdsjhmsarpf4ifj7a

Computer literature searches on dengue

G Kuno
1993 Bulletin of the World Health Organization  
Differences in the rate of retrieval among data-bases were apparent, depending on the main subject of publication as well as on the geographical location of the publisher.  ...  For the global surveillance of dengue, which has increased in intensity and spread to many countries because of increased international travel, the development of a new database emphasizing tropical geographic  ...  In this analysis, retrieval in vector biology and control, since it registered according to the geographical location of the publithe highest retrieval in that subject category. shers (but not the authors  ... 
pmid:8490978 pmcid:PMC2393464 fatcat:tm4k3ch4bvdf7odi7fvzvyn4ce

Mapping the online songbird trade in Indonesia

Christoph Fink, Tuuli Toivonen, Ricardo A. Correia, Enrico Di Minin
2021 Applied Geography  
In this contribution, we explored the use of digital data to investigate the online market for songbirds in Indonesia, where keeping pet songbirds is a deeply rooted cultural practice.  ...  We found that, geographically, these three stages of the songbird supply chain did not overlap, which potentially hints at the roles extended transport networks and commercial captive breeding play for  ...  We also thank two anonymous reviewers for the careful review and constructive suggestions. C.F. thanks the University of Helsinki for a grant to E.D.M. T.T. thanks the  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apgeog.2021.102505 fatcat:3ubpt77vlzczzmnws56rw56ur4

Geographic Information System for Higher Education via Data Scrapping

Agung Alfiansyah, Anas Azhar, R.H. Setyobudi, E. Alasaarela, F. Pasila, G. Chan, S.-G. Lee
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The result of this research is one database that is ready to be integrated in more complex geographic information system.  ...  This paper aims to build a database that can be used as the most important part of a geographic information system by using data from reliable sources.  ...  For data bound by geographic location, map visualization is often considered attractive to use.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201816401001 fatcat:5odkeor72reidoi7zi2tlmkf4y

Supervised Entity Tagger for Indonesian Labor Strike Tweets using Oversampling Technique and Low Resource Features

Ayu Purwarianti, Lisa Madlberger, Mochammad Ibrahim
2016 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
The aim of the tagger is to extract the date, location and the person/organization involved in the strike.  ...  We propose an entity tagger for Indonesian tweets sent during labor strike events using supervised learning methods.  ...  and the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH).  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v14i4.3876 fatcat:alurimcynraopf7q4b4isffjbe

Traffic and road conditions monitoring system using extracted information from Twitter

Prabu Kresna Putra, Rahmad Mahendra, Indra Budi
2022 Journal of Big Data  
into Geographic Information System.  ...  The methods include Tweet classification for filtering relevant data, location information extraction, and geocoding in order to convert text-based location into coordinate information that can be deployed  ...  The low accuracy of the location extraction model is because of lack of publicly available NER data set for Indonesian Twitter domain. We suggest the work on this resource for Indonesian language.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40537-022-00621-3 fatcat:s4tqe5da3bdezl7ezm676lfj2e

The local and provincial archival collections on Java from the colonial era; The preliminary results of the inventorization project

Nadia F. Dwiandari, Johan Van Langen
2019 Wacana: Journal of the Humanities of Indonesia  
The collections encountered during the research for this project date from the last days of the Dutch East India Company to the Japanese invasion and the years of the Indonesian National Revolution.  ...  In some cases the colonial collections seem to have disappeared, and in others, the records seem to have survived the years almost intact.  ...  Locating and identifying these archives is an initial step to solving this problem.  ... 
doi:10.17510/wacana.v20i2.734 fatcat:ecuojmarnffcviwgwozqlbinnm

Cross-lingual C*ST*RD

Anton Leuski, Chin-Yew Lin, Liang Zhou, Ulrich Germann, Franz Josef Och, Eduard Hovy
2003 ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing  
We present C*ST*RD, a cross-language information delivery system that supports cross-language information retrieval, information space visualization and navigation, machine translation, and text summarization  ...  of single documents and clusters of documents.  ...  We use BBN's IdentiFinder [Bikel et al. 1997 ] to detect the names of geographic locations in the document set.  ... 
doi:10.1145/979872.979877 fatcat:cuxnlb7lqrd5reuqk3d4dvzlfe

Contextual Text Analytics Framework for Citizen Report Classification: A Case Study Using the Indonesian Language

Evaristus Didik Madyatmadja, Bernardo Nugroho Yahya, Cristofer Wijaya
2022 IEEE Access  
Citizen science has emerged in many countries to contribute to the prompt resolution of individual field problems and has been shifted toward Information System (IS) research.  ...  Subsequently, the n-gram language models together with the Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency schemes were performed to build the features.  ...  Text classification is one part of the classification that aims to classify text documents or natural language into a set of predefined categories and is often used in the fields of information retrieval  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3158940 fatcat:etyz6iaiongjpn7o4k6j2isgbi
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