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Identifying ECUs Using Inimitable Characteristics of Signals in Controller Area Networks [article]

Wonsuk Choi, Hyo Jin Jo, Samuel Woo, Ji Young Chun, Jooyoung Park, and Dong Hoon Lee
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Our method identifies ECUs using inimitable characteristics of signals enabling detection of a compromised or alien ECU being used in a replay attack.  ...  These electronic control units (ECUs) communicate with each other in an in-vehicle network that makes the vehicle both safer and easier to drive.  ...  Identifying ECUs Using Inimitable Characteristics of Signals in Controller Area Networks Wonsuk Choi, Hyo Jin Jo, Samuel Woo, Ji Young Chun, Jooyoung Park, and Dong Hoon Lee ( ) Abstract-In the last several  ... 
arXiv:1607.00497v1 fatcat:ysvsng3wxvfilhjtp7p36rj2x4

Linking Received Packet to the Transmitter Through Physical-Fingerprinting of Controller Area Network [article]

Omid Avatefipour, Azeem Hafeez, Muhammad Tayyab, Hafiz Malik
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The Controller Area Network (CAN) bus serves as a legacy protocol for in-vehicle data communication.  ...  Generally, the inimitable patterns of signals from each ECUs exist over the course of time that can manifest the stability of the proposed method.  ...  It can be observed from Table V In this study, we have demonstrated that for an identical CAN-Bus message, underlying physical channel leaves inimitable characteristic artifacts in the signals at the  ... 
arXiv:1801.09011v1 fatcat:k6p6crnrsjaiveo5gtetktm35e

Spectra: detecting attacks on in-vehicle networks through spectral analysis of CAN-message payloads

Wissam Aoudi, Nasser Nowdehi, Magnus Almgren, Tomas Olovsson
2021 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing  
Nowadays, vehicles have complex in-vehicle networks that have recently been shown to be increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks capable of taking control of the vehicles, thereby threatening the safety  ...  In this paper, we propose spectra, a datadriven anomaly-detection mechanism that is based on spectral analysis of CAN-message payloads.  ...  In particular, the Controller Area Network (CAN), by far the most prevailing bus technology in IVNs, is inherently insecure and lacks the necessary means of protecting against message tampering and spoofing  ... 
doi:10.1145/3412841.3442032 dblp:conf/sac/AoudiNAO21 fatcat:w4mphiwr7fggrjihrnunksf45q

Two-Point Voltage Fingerprinting: Increasing Detectability of ECU Masquerading Attacks [article]

Shabbir Ahmed
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Due to lack of native authentication in the CAN protocol, an approach to detect masquerading attacks is to use ECU voltage fingerprinting schemes to verify that the messages are sent by authentic ECUs.  ...  It is possible for an adversary to reach the underlying Control Area Network (CAN) through a compromised node or external-facing network interface, and launch masquerading attacks that can compromise road  ...  physical characteristics of the bus to uniquely identify each transmitting ECU.  ... 
arXiv:2102.10128v1 fatcat:hloynsnfercr7crajjovagso7i

CASAD: CAN-Aware Stealthy-Attack Detection for In-Vehicle Networks [article]

Nasser Nowdehi, Wissam Aoudi, Magnus Almgren, Tomas Olovsson
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Nowadays, vehicles have complex in-vehicle networks (IVNs) with millions of lines of code controlling almost every function in the vehicle including safety-critical functions.  ...  It has recently been shown that IVNs are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks capable of taking control of vehicles, thereby threatening the safety of the passengers.  ...  As a case in point, in order to remotely attack and control a Jeep Cherokee, Miller and Valasek [7] identified the message used by the Parking Assistant Module (PAM) ECU to control the steering wheel  ... 
arXiv:1909.08407v1 fatcat:2lwfezntcvbxxnhfhrdtv3zmgi

Hardware Fingerprinting for the ARINC 429 Avionic Bus [article]

Nimrod Gilboa Markevich, Avishai Wool
2020 arXiv   pre-print
ARINC 429 is the most common data bus in use today in civil avionics. However, the protocol lacks any form of source authentication.  ...  Our approach relies on the observation that changes in hardware, such as replacing a transmitter or a receiver with a rogue one, modify the electric signal of the transmission.  ...  One domain in particular is of special interest to us: controller area network (CAN bus) [33] , the most commonly used standard for in-vehicle communication in the automotive industry.  ... 
arXiv:2003.12456v1 fatcat:coog7awc6zar7byi2rkri3rayu

Digital Visions vs. Product Practices: Understanding Tensions in Incumbent Manufacturing Firms

Asif Akram, Magnus Bergquist, Maria Akesson
2014 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
The research identifies how the incumbent firm, the manufacturer of the vehicle, involved in the value network balanced generativity and control to take command of control positions in the network.  ...  This part also included developing the algorithms to read on-board signals obtained from sensors and ECUs already installed on the vehicles.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2014.562 dblp:conf/hicss/AkramBA14 fatcat:ljhxz44fkvdtjoeouyumxvq33i

The writing on the wall: responses of Australian public universities to competition in global higher education

Donald J. Bradmore, Kosmas X. Smyrnios
2009 Higher Education Research and Development  
Contending that the concept of globalisation is still far from clear and ill-defined, van Damme (2001, p.1) identified its six key characteristics as (i) the rise of the "network" society, a society  ...  ( , 1991 (value, rareness, inimitability, and nonsubstitutability as characteristics of valuable resources); Day and Wensley (1988) (consideration of both customer and competitor orientations in assessing  ...  The Quest of the Australian … -275 - No use of the information you provide will be made in any published form without your prior written informed consent.  You will not be identified (either by name,  ... 
doi:10.1080/07294360903161154 fatcat:53ehnk6ef5gnzm3qdlqdcp4hnu

Jnanadeepa: Pune Journal of Religious Studies │ July-Dec 2000 (Vol 3/2)│ Formation of Religious Leaders

Kurien Kunnumpuram
2000 Zenodo  
and Formation of Priests and Religious in India: An Empirical Study Paul V.  ...  10.5281/zenodo.4289814 | Read Formation of Women Religious in the 21st Century Evelyn Monteiro, SC | (pp.105-117) | DOI: DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4289818 | Read Training of Priests in the 21st Century Errol  ...  However, an area of oppressive unfreedom not yet attended to is the societal and ecclesial patriarchal control that has not only stunted our womanhood but deprived us of fullness of life.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4289841 fatcat:acrhtk5qsrauzmdrmqvpskxzwi

How Effective is the Invisible Hand? Agricultural and Food Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Heinrich Hockmann, Stephan Brosig, Jozsef Popp, Jerzy Wilkin, Małgorzta Juchniewicz, Dominika Milczarek, Imre Ferto, Csaba Forgacs, Aniko Juhasz, Gyongyi Kurthy, Piret Hein, Jill E. Hobbs (+50 others)
2005 unpublished
In particular, rural areas can benefit from the development of this branch of the economy.  ...  an invisible hand, the allocation of resources, i.e., the structure of production and the intensity of input use in the various production processes.  ...  1 The research was conducted in the framework of "Regoverning Markets" Project. * Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, Email: ** Corvinus University  ... 
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.93018 fatcat:5nqk4yn7bbdxrfm2ltena2kexy


Radilov Dimitar, Stefan Dr, Vachkov, Dancho Dr, Danchev, Konstantin Dr, Kalinkov, Zoya Dr, Mladenova, Svetla Dr, Assoc Rakadzhijska, Violeta Dimitrova (+15 others)
still the Ecu); 4.  ...  The present-day version of the notion of "economic security" is complemented with such a characteristic as guaranteed competitiveness of the national economy in the global economic area.  ... 

United Nations Peace Operations and the Management of World Order

Kareem Alqaq Richard
The thesis concludes with a set of observations about the place of the UN in managing world order in the Southern hemisphere.  ...  wider political transformations underway in each context and the role of the UN in pursuing such ends.  ...  that was inimitable to US post-world war II strategic planning.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00033706 fatcat:7uwss52dhrblffxvk5ezifd5sq

Out of the Néant into the Everyday: A Rediscovery of Mallarmé's Poetics

Séverine Martin
As I show, some of these interrogations rejoin the aesthetic preoccupations of the major artistic currents of the time, such as Impressionism in France and the Decorative Arts in England.  ...  These movements were defining new norms for the representation of reality in reaction to the changes of nineteenth century society.  ...  ; out of the various poems sent to the right bank four areas stand out.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8qf8qth fatcat:uzrkdwcxgbfilgwisidd62ew2m

From Onegin to Ada: Nabokov's Canon and the Texture of Time

Marijeta Bozovic
Fears of marginalization are often expressed in terms of time: I use Pascale Casanova's World Republic of Letters to suggest a global context for the "belated" provinces and fashion-setting centers of  ...  I interrogate the implied trajectory for Russian belles lettres, culminating unexpectedly in a novel written in English and after fifty years of emigration.  ...  Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu also plays an important role in the intertextual network of the novel."  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8r210rs fatcat:uczwpo24dba7djazkk4q4zdb2q

"Puis que ainsi est." The material and rhetorical effects of book production on French Renaissance tales

Jenifer Branton-Desris
2014 unpublished
not have been the text intended by the author, it is important to recognize that these "faulty" versions have a logic of their own and, as such, have a lot to tell us about the history and poetics of  ...  The proposed "contracts" with the reader found in the beginning of the Nouvelles Récréations and the Propos rustiques and the iii Baliverneries d'Eutrapel are fulfilled in different ways in the alternate  ...  further in his transformation of Horatian poetics: not only is pleasure identified with laughter, but it is laughter as such that is "useful" to the reader.  ... 
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