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Radar mapping of Isunnguata Sermia, Greenland

K. Jezek, X. Wu, J. Paden, C. Leuschen
2013 Journal of Glaciology  
, but is also only weakly coupled to the detailed bed topography save for the deepest troughs.  ...  Ice thickness estimates using advanced nadir sounding and tomographic radar processing techniques are compared and combined in a study of Isunnguata Sermia glacier, Greenland.  ...  The University of Kansas also received support from the US National Science Foundation through the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets.  ... 
doi:10.3189/2013jog12j248 fatcat:hntkqk6o6bhqdk5b2rgxuv72b4

Advances in Information Extraction of Surface Parameters Using Tomographic SAR

Zhen LI, Ping ZHANG, Haiwei QIAO, Changjun ZHAO, Jianmin ZHOU, Lei HUANG
2021 Journal of Radars  
With the advancement of SAR system and its processing technology, tomographic SAR systems obtain multiple data along the height direction to construct the high-dimensional synthetic aperture, and use array  ...  Further, the application potential and existing problems related to the vegetation height with canopy structure, glacier thickness with internal structure, snow thickness with stratification, and urban  ...  Ice sheet bed mapping with airborne SAR tomography[J].  ... 
doi:10.12000/jr20095 doaj:41872b827cfc4257907dacd6705ebe4b fatcat:pgntfn3lmvc2ba66atnsgk7exe

High-resolution bed topography mapping of Russell Glacier, Greenland, inferred from Operation IceBridge data

M. Morlighem, E. Rignot, J. Mouginot, X. Wu, H. Seroussi, E. Larour, J. Paden
2013 Journal of Glaciology  
Detailed maps of bed elevation and ice thickness are essential for understanding and projecting the evolution of the ice sheets.  ...  KR yields a standard error in bed elevation of 35 m, but large errors (>300 m a−1) in flux divergence when combined with ice motion data.  ...  We acknowledge the use of data and/or data products from CReSIS generated with support from US National Science Foundation grant ANT-0424589 and NASA grant NNX10AT68G.  ... 
doi:10.3189/2013jog12j235 fatcat:n42kgmmhzrdbxbdaf4keizgd4e

A new bed elevation dataset for Greenland

J. L. Bamber, J. A. Griggs, R. T. W. L. Hurkmans, J. A. Dowdeswell, S. P. Gogineni, I. Howat, J. Mouginot, J. Paden, S. Palmer, E. Rignot, D. Steinhage
2013 The Cryosphere  
The airborne data were combined with satellite-derived elevations for non-glaciated terrain to produce a consistent bed digital elevation model (DEM) over the entire island including across the glaciated–ice  ...  </strong> We present a new bed elevation dataset for Greenland derived from a combination of multiple airborne ice thickness surveys undertaken between the 1970s and 2012.  ...  The authors would like to thank Bea Csatho (SUNY) for providing the coastline map and the NASA OIB project for their provision of data to the community.  ... 
doi:10.5194/tc-7-499-2013 fatcat:5nj53j5cvzdbxdfcinf7pgdguq

Direction-of-Arrival Analysis of Airborne Ice Depth Sounder Data

Ulrik Nielsen, Jie-Bang Yan, Sivaprasad Gogineni, Jorgen Dall
2017 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
In this paper, we analyze the direction of arrival (DOA) of the ice sheet data collected over Jakobshavn Glacier with the airborne Multi-Channel Radar Depth Sounder (MCRDS) during the 2006 field season  ...  We also estimated ice-bed roughness and bed slope from the combined analysis of the DOA and radar waveforms.  ...  During the Ph.D. he worked on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) tomography techniques for radar ice sounding. Since March 2015, he has been with IHFood A/S developing computer vision technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tgrs.2016.2639510 fatcat:bzbegjysdbgkddk6pivxlmdfwq

Low-frequency radar sounding of ice in East Antarctica and southern Greenland

J. Mouginot, E. Rignot, Y. Gim, D. Kirchner, E. Le Meur
2014 Annals of Glaciology  
We discuss a decameter-wavelength airborne radar sounder, the Warm Ice Sounding Explorer (WISE), that provides ice thickness in areas where radar signal penetration at higher frequencies is expected to  ...  Comparisons with higher-frequency radar data indicate an accuracy of ±55 m for ice-thickness measurements in Greenland and ±25 m in Antarctica.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This work was performed at the Department of Earth System Science, University of California Irvine, and at the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory under a contract with  ... 
doi:10.3189/2014aog67a089 fatcat:2zevzekdpzhkjmzljpj54c2iz4

Multi-angle, Frequency and Polarization Radar Measurement of Ice Sheets

Jie-Bang Yan, Linfeng Li, Joshua Nunn, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Charles O'Neill, Ryan Taylor, Christopher Simpson, Shashank Wattal, Daniel Steinhage, Prasad Gogineni, Heinrich Miller, Olaf Eisen
2020 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
Radio echo sounding of polar ice sheets provides important information on the ice bed topography and internal layers.  ...  These data have been used by scientists to create 3-D maps of polar ice sheets for climate modeling as well as to reconstruct the climate history that dates back to hundreds of thousands of years.  ...  EGRIP is directed and organized by the Center of Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute. It is supported by funding agencies and institutions in Denmark (A. P.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2020.2991682 fatcat:vlda6oobefbudbwdhbgdotnxku

2005 Index

2005 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
Katartzis, A., + , T-GRS Mar 05 548-558 operational map-guided classification of SAR sea ice imagery.  ...  Davenport, I.J., + , T-GRS Jun 05 1304-1316 I Ice surface props. of ice sheets from satellite microwave data, inversion.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tgrs.2005.861474 fatcat:peucpnumgfchhhwbn665yvx7ue

Thermal boundary conditions on western Greenland: Observational constraints and impacts on the modeled thermomechanical state

Toby W. Meierbachtol, Joel T. Harper, Jesse V. Johnson, Neil F. Humphrey, Douglas J. Brinkerhoff
2015 Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface  
ice sheet is highly sensitive to near-surface effects.  ...  The surface and basal boundary conditions exert an important control on the thermodynamic state of the Greenland Ice Sheet, but their representation in numerical ice sheet models is poorly constrained  ...  Due to the lack of direct measurements, maps of heat flux at the ice sheet scale are commonly utilized.  ... 
doi:10.1002/2014jf003375 fatcat:jgw4mlfqvrfarlls3wovrb7ur4

Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity—Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces

Angela Lausch, Michael E. Schaepman, Andrew K. Skidmore, Sina C. Truckenbrodt, Jörg M. Hacker, Jussi Baade, Lutz Bannehr, Erik Borg, Jan Bumberger, Peter Dietrich, Cornelia Gläßer, Dagmar Haase (+23 others)
2020 Remote Sensing  
The use of spectral traits (ST) and spectral trait variation (STV) approaches with RS enable the status, changes, and disturbances of geomorphic diversity to be monitored.  ...  Other systems are airborne and spaceborne SAR (synthetic aperture RADAR) and InSAR systems (interferometric SAR, [72] ) that enable geomorphology to be monitored with accuracy levels to the mm.  ...  Other systems are airborne and spaceborne SAR (synthetic aperture RADAR) and InSAR systems (interferometric SAR, [72] ) that enable geomorphology to be monitored with accuracy levels to the mm.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs12223690 fatcat:tlzccauqivacbcskrygfonuxni

Remote sensing of the mountain cryosphere: Current capabilities and future opportunities for research

Liam S Taylor, Duncan J Quincey, Mark W Smith, Celia A Baumhoer, Malcolm McMillan, Damien T Mansell
2021 Progress in physical geography  
Sensors and platforms are becoming more bespoke, with innovation being driven by the commercial sector, and image repositories are more frequently open access, leading to the democratisation of data analysis  ...  SAR Wavelength Frequency Band (cm) (GHz) Missions Applications P L 30-100 15-30 0.3-1.0 Biomass*, ICESAR2012 y 1.0-2.0 NISAR*, ROSE-L*, SeaSat y , SRTM y , JERS-1 y , ALOS y Tomography Tomography, velocity  ...  However, the challenges associated with imaging areas of high relief are great, and the success of techniques that are now routinely applied over ice sheets (e.g. altimetry, gravimetry) has been limited  ... 
doi:10.1177/03091333211023690 fatcat:7rab5xsxcrhfhpv2rwiwznysuy

TanDEM-X: 10 Years of Formation Flying Bistatic SAR Interferometry

Manfred Zink, Alberto Moreira, Irena Hajnsek, Paola Rizzoli, Markus Bachmann, Ralph Kahle, Thomas Fritz, Martin Huber, Gerhard Krieger, Marie Lachaise, Michele Martone, Edith Maurer (+1 others)
2021 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
Comparisons of the TanDEM-X DEM with that of SRTM, or among multitemporal TanDEM-X data, revealed dramatic, ongoing, changes in Earth's topography, especially over ice and forests.  ...  Therefore, bistatic operations continue with a focus on changes in the cryosphere, biosphere, and densely populated urban areas.  ...  Under his leadership, the DLR airborne SAR system has been upgraded to operate in innovative imaging modes like polarimetric SAR interferometry, tomography, and holography.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2021.3062286 fatcat:tpcukwphrjdkrahcpabs35pryy

Synergistic Use of Single-Pass Interferometry and Radar Altimetry to Measure Mass Loss of NEGIS Outlet Glaciers between 2011 and 2014

Lukas Krieger, Undine Strößenreuther, Veit Helm, Dana Floricioiu, Martin Horwath
2020 Remote Sensing  
On ice sheets, volume changes have been measured predominantly with radar and laser altimeters but InSAR DEM differencing has also been applied on smaller ice bodies.  ...  zones in the ice sheet interior.  ...  A SAR tomography study with X-C-and L-band over the percolation zone [55] confirmed that the fresh and dry snow layer is generally transparent to the radar and that the scattering takes place at the  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs12060996 fatcat:4pglws2mcreuxngxnacvbxtelm

2014 Scar Open Science Conference And Comnap Symposium: Abstracts [article]

Bryan Storey
2016 Zenodo  
the grounding line of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.  ...  The geomorphological map shows two types of elements: landforms and superficial deposits.  ...  Advances in understanding the bed of the ice sheet: 1. ice-penetrating radar data collection and processing (SAR, SWATH); 2. use of satellite remote sensing in understanding subglacial systems Duncan A  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.53123 fatcat:tycti5b3n5cdfmrrwlibgmyhvq

Seven decades of uninterrupted advance of Good Friday Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, Arctic Canada

2019 Journal of Glaciology  
This behaviour contrasts with the regional trend of glacier retreat over this period.  ...  Based on present-day ice velocity and glacier geometry patterns in the terminus region, we reconstruct the evolution of ice motion throughout the advance, and suggest that what has previously been interpreted  ...  We use bed elevation data from airborne radar measurements from the Centre for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) Multichannel Coherent Data Depth Sounder (MCoRDS) operating at a frequency range of  ... 
doi:10.1017/jog.2019.21 fatcat:jft5ffzyvzesfcedg6mpgpnfam
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