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Experimental demonstration of titanium nitride plasmonic interconnects

N. Kinsey, M. Ferrera, G. V. Naik, V. E. Babicheva, V. M. Shalaev, A. Boltasseva
2014 Optics Express  
This work illustrates the potential of TiN as a realistic plasmonic material for practical solid-state, integrated nano-optic and hybrid photonic devices.  ...  .; Boltasseva, Alexandra Abstract: An insulator-metal-insulator plasmonic interconnect using TiN, a CMOS-compatible material, is proposed and investigated experimentally at the telecommunication wavelength  ...  Sergey Bozhevolnyi and Dr. Ashwani Kumar from the University of Southern Denmark for their assistance in preliminary investigations. We acknowledge support from the following grants:  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.22.012238 pmid:24921342 fatcat:v7pnstwfwrbbxawd7mbwqwipz4

Cmos-Compatible Plasmonic Nanocircuits For On-Chip Integration

Shiyang Zhu, G. Q. Lo, D. L. Kwong
2013 Zenodo  
One is the horizontal metal-insulator-Si-insulator-metal nanoplasmonic waveguide and the other is metal-insulator-Si hybrid plasmonic waveguide.  ...  Various passive and active photonic devices have been experimentally demonstrated based on these two plasmonic waveguide platforms.  ...  unified platform for driving photonic based telecommunications and for local photonic based interconnect [1] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1335648 fatcat:2yxu5w4qxvecxdtptiyod3tjo4

High-speed, compact silicon and hybrid plasmonic waveguides for signal processing

Yikai Su, Gan Zhou, Fei Li, Tao Wang
2011 Frontiers of Optoelectronics in China  
hybrid plasmonic waveguide.  ...  For the photonics industry, silicon becomes a competitive material of choice in the field of integrated optics for designing and implementing high-speed and compact photonic devices.  ...  Thus, silicon-based plasmonic devices show great promise for miniaturization and improvement of the spatial resolution of optically integrated devices [19] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12200-011-0218-x fatcat:4xlgxxdsfzdkpdhcsudecjp45e

Silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) integration and photonic multi-chip systems: Technologies for high-speed optical interconnects

C. Koos, W. Freude, J. Leuthold, L. R. Dalton, S. Wolf, H. Zwickel, T. Hoose, M. R. Billah, M. Lauermann, C. Weimann, W. Hartmann, A. Melikyan (+7 others)
2016 2016 IEEE Optical Interconnects Conference (OI)  
Keywords -Silicon photonics, silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) integration, plasmonic-organic hybrid (SOH) integration, multichip integration, photonic wire bonding, optical interconnects SUMMARY dia, including  ...  We give an overview on our recent progress regarding both siliconorganic hybrid (SOH) integration and multi-chip integration enabled by photonic wire bonding.  ...  We have also shown that the concept of SOH integration can be transferred to plasmonic waveguide structures, leading to plasmonic-organic hybrid (POH) devices [15] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/oic.2016.7483033 fatcat:nfwabooxyzgnbmshmdznbjn2se

2D materials integrated with metallic nanostructures: fundamentals and optoelectronic applications

Siqi Yan, Xiaolong Zhu, Jianji Dong, Yunhong Ding, Sanshui Xiao
2020 Nanophotonics  
The potentials of hybrid 2D materials plasmonic optoelectronic devices are finally summarized, giving the future research directions for applications in optical interconnects and optical communications  ...  In addition, an overview of ultraconfined acoustic-like plasmons in hybrid graphene–metal structures is given, discussing the nonlocal response and quantum mechanical features of the graphene plasmons  ...  improved by metallic nanostructures, paving a promising way to realize 2D materials plasmonic hybrid optoelectronic devices for future optical interconnects.  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2020-0074 fatcat:a6tyyvkjjrejnhrzas5o5yl4te

Front Matter: Volume 9753

2016 Optical Interconnects XVI  
Publication of record for individual papers is online in the SPIE Digital Library. Paper Numbering: Proceedings of SPIE follow an e-First publication model.  ...  Utilization of CIDs allows articles to be fully citable as soon as they are published online, and connects the same identifier to all online and print versions of the publication.  ...  -nm high SOI waveguides [9753-37] iv Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9753 975301-4 SESSION 9 HYBRID DEVICE INTEGRATION APPROACHES FOR SILICON PHOTONICS CHIPS 9753 15 Low-power chip-level optical interconnects  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2240147 fatcat:mj2vdgduq5bcraeki7t3syjhmi

Efficient broadband energy transfer via momentum matching at hybrid junctions of guided-waves

Charles Lin, Herman M. K. Wong, Benedict Lau, Mohamed A. Swillam, Amr S. Helmy
2012 Applied Physics Letters  
This taperless hybrid junction reduces PSW-based device footprint and enhances device tolerance to temperature and fabrication process variations, serving as a potential platform for hybrid silicon-plasmonic  ...  We demonstrate a nanoscale orthogonal junction coupler between 50 nm air-filled plasmonic slot waveguides (PSWs) and 450 nm silicon rib waveguides.  ...  serves as an effective platform for the realization of optoelectronic devices on Si that enables the next generations of optical interconnects.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.4753985 fatcat:vrexy7awnnbfpiqga3lebgjibu

Integrated Vivaldi antennas, an enabling technology for optical wireless networks on chip

Giovanna Calò, Gaetano Bellanca, Ali Emre Kaplan, Franco Fuschini, Marina Barbiroli, Michele Bozzetti, Paolo Bassi, Vincenzo Petruzzelli
2018 Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Interconnect Solutions and Technologies for Emerging Computing Systems - AISTECS '18  
CCS CONCEPTS • Hardware → Photonic and optical interconnect; Wireless devices; Radio frequency and wireless interconnect; KEYWORDS  ...  In this paper, we propose an integrated Vivaldi antenna, coupled to a silicon waveguide, for wireless Optical Network-on-Chip applications.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research was supported by MIUR through the PRIN 2015 "Wireless Networks through on-chip Optical Technology -WiNOT" Project and by Apulia region project "Regional laboratory for synthesis  ... 
doi:10.1145/3186608.3186609 dblp:conf/hipeac/CaloBKFBBBP18 fatcat:f7mm3ke6hvgjxly5kefhcocfiu

Merging Plasmonics and Silicon Photonics Towards Greener and Faster "Network-on-Chip" Solutions for Data Centers and High-Performance Computing Systems [chapter]

Sotirios Papaioannou, Konstantinos Vyrsokinos, Dimitrios Kalavrouziotis, Giannis Giannoulis, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, Hercules Avramopoulos, Filimon Zacharatos, Karim Hassan, Jean-Claude Weeber, Laurent Markey, Alain Dereux, Ashwani Kumar (+9 others)
2012 Plasmonics - Principles and Applications  
The emerging discipline of plasmonics has started to gain ground as the "beyond photonics" chip-scale platform that can enter the interconnect area [12]-[14], holding a great promise for additional reductions  ...  Among the various plasmonic waveguide structures proposed so far (i.e. band-gap structures [26], metallic nanowires [27], V-groove waveguides [28]), the low-energy credentials of plasmonics has been mainly  ...  for chip-to-chip and on-chip optical interconnects.  ... 
doi:10.5772/51853 fatcat:ecdrbt7rrrdixndehmjxjlog64

MEMS Plasmonics and Memristive Plasmonics for Optical Communications

Juerg Leuthold, Bojun Cheng, Mila Lewerenz, Elias Passerini, Yuriy Fedoryshyn, Ueli Koch, Alexandros Emboras, Mathieu Luisier, Fangqing Xie, Thomas Schimmel, Christian Haffner
2020 2020 European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC)  
Here, we show how plasmonics allows for an unprecedented downscaling of the classical MEMS and even of emerging memristive approaches.  ...  Plasmonics allows for an unmatched miniaturization. Along with the shrinking comes power efficient operation.  ...  Acknowledgements Funding by the Werner Siemens foundation (WSS) for the Center for Single-Atom Electronics and Photonics, as well as funding by the ERC PLASILOR (grant 670478) and the EU project plaCMOS  ... 
doi:10.1109/ecoc48923.2020.9333368 fatcat:datnke4jlvcx5kuoc5r6qwpseu

The Design of CMOS-Compatible Plasmonic Waveguides for Intra-Chip Communication

Yan Liu, Lu Ding, Yu Cao, Dongyang Wan, Guanghui Yuan, Baohu Huang, Aaron Voon-Yew Thean, Ting Mei, Thirumalai Venkatesan, Christian A. Nijhuis, Soojin Chua
2020 IEEE Photonics Journal  
For device-level consideration, we demonstrated through simulations that Cu (1450 nm pitch) and PLD-TiN (900 nm pitch) plasmonic waveguides symmetrically sandwiched by SiO2 with much smaller and hence  ...  This design of plasmonic waveguide can bridge the CMOS circuitry and high-speed communication at optical frequencies within chip.  ...  Arseniy from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE, A*STAR) who has kindly supported for this work.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jphot.2020.3024119 fatcat:ozxivytjvrdrvdqctgoczm7wjy

MO detector (MOD): a dual-function optical modulator-detector for on-chip communication

Shuai Sun, Ruoyu Zhang, Jiaxin Peng, Vikram K. Narayana, Hamed Dalir, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Volker J. Sorger
2018 Optics Express  
Here we show a novel design of an integrated broadband photonic-plasmonic hybrid device termed MODetector featuring dual light modulation and detection function to act as an optical transceiver in the  ...  Physical challenges at the device and interconnect level limit both network and computing energy efficiency.  ...  Acknowledgements This work is supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) award number FA9550-15-1-0447 which is part of the Dynamic Data-Driven Applications System (DDDAS) program and  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.26.008252 pmid:29715794 fatcat:nwm7iy4hkjhmzawj7rsw37xuqq

Benchmarking system-level performance of passive and active plasmonic components: integrated circuits approach [article]

Alexey V. Krasavin, Anatoly V. Zayats
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The figure of merit for passive plasmonic interconnects has been derived in terms of the system level performance of the plasmonic circuitry, emphasising the bandwidth and power consumption densities.  ...  A figure of merit for active photonic- or plasmonic-based electro-optical, thermo-optical and all-optical modulators is also derived to reflect the same benchmarking principles.  ...  Acknowledgement This work was supported by EPSRC (UK), Royal Society, the Wolfson Foundation and US Army Research Office (W911NF-12-1-0533).  ... 
arXiv:1510.05931v2 fatcat:kk7e42tbmbfovjx5mdpj7vxoyu

Design of a plasmonic-organic hybrid slot waveguide integrated with a bowtie-antenna for terahertz wave detection [article]

Xingyu Zhang, Chi-Jui Chung, Harish Subbaraman, Zeyu Pan, Chin-Ta Chen, Ray T. Chen
2016 arXiv   pre-print
This antenna-coupled plasmonic-organic hybrid (POH) structure is designed to provide an ultra-small RC constant, a large overlap between plasmonic mode and RF field, and strong electric field enhancement  ...  To the best of our knowledge, this is the first POH device for photonic terahertz wave detection.  ...  This plasmonic-organic hybrid (POH) integration [29] have recently become a hot topic, enabling some high- performance devices such as high-speed modulators [30] and even modulator array for optical  ... 
arXiv:1604.00567v1 fatcat:neswiilkh5gmpf62cdzfsdou2i

Benchmarking System-Level Performance of Passive and Active Plasmonic Components: Integrated Circuit Approach

Alexey V. Krasavin, Anatoly V. Zayats
2016 Proceedings of the IEEE  
The figure of merit for passive plasmonic interconnects has been derived in terms of the system level performance of the plasmonic circuitry, emphasising the bandwidth and power consumption densities.  ...  A figure of merit for active photonicor plasmonic-based electro-optical, thermo-optical and all-optical modulators is also derived to reflect the same benchmarking principles.  ...  Acknowledgement This work was supported by EPSRC (UK), Royal Society, the Wolfson Foundation and US Army Research Office (W911NF-12-1-0533).  ... 
doi:10.1109/jproc.2016.2603118 fatcat:pfdvogtv3vhvbkrbqu46ipwdei
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