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Learning in relational databases: an attribute-oriented approach

1991 Computational intelligence  
Key words: machine learning, relational database systems, knowledge-based systems, knowledge discovery in databases, data-driven approach, inductive learning, learning from examples.  ...  with the learning process and provides a simple and efficient way of learning from databases.  ...  Acknowledgements The work was supported in part by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada under operating grants A-4309 and A-3723 and a research grant from Centre for Systems  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8640.1991.tb00387.x fatcat:ck744g26jzcn3lnkmt3qioggaa

Visualization techniques for mining large databases: a comparison

D.A. Keim, H.-P. Kriegel
1996 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering  
to testing the visualization techniques using real data, we developed a testing environment for database visualizations similar to the benchmark approach used for comparing the performance of database systems  ...  The major goal of this article is to evaluate our visual data mining techniques and to compare them to other well-known visualization techniques for multidimensional data: the parallel coordinate and stick  ...  The human handles vague descriptions and imprecise knowledge easier and better than today's computer systems and, using general knowledge, easily draws complex conclusions.  ... 
doi:10.1109/69.553159 fatcat:mjlnlfmw5vhkpn74aifa6xkr7u

Data Mining: Trends in Research and Development [chapter]

Jitender S. Deogun, Vijay V. Raghavan, Amartya Sarkar, Hayri Sever
1997 Rough Sets and Data Mining  
Data mining is an interdisciplinary research area spanning several disciplines such as database systems, machine learning, intelligent information systems, statistics, and expert systems.  ...  In this chapter, we discuss the theory and foundational issues in data mining, describe data mining methods and algorithms, and review data mining applications.  ...  INLEN-1, the rst stage of implementing the INLEN system, was built on a knowledge base of simple decision rules, a relational database, and a useroriented and menu based graphical interface.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4613-1461-5_2 fatcat:ol3ojnjsvzfali3jnpmsfyjari

Database Issues in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Chris Rainsford, John Roddick
1999 Australasian Journal of Information Systems  
This paper surveys, from the standpoint of the database systems community, current issues in data mining research by examining the architectural and process models adopted by knowledge discovery systems  ...  , the different types of discovered knowledge, the way knowledge discovery systems operate on different data types, various techniques for knowledge discovery and the ways in which discovered knowledge  ...  The FACT system employs a user interface that allows queries for associations to be easily defined.  ... 
doi:10.3127/ajis.v6i2.310 fatcat:57zzkqzw2bdgndhjp5tumgicd4

Data Mining using Learning Classifier Systems [chapter]

Alwyn Barry, John Holmes, Xavier Llorà
2004 Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing  
DBLearn [47] ). They can produce these representations with reasonable computational effort, and the representations are relatively easy to explain and examine.  ...  computation time.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-39925-4_2 fatcat:psic3csbjfh7zn4gx5alwebppa

Efficiently determining aggregrate proximity relationships in spatial data mining

Edwin M. Knorr
Pointwise operations are then performed to compute the aggregate proximity statistics, and to rank the features.  ...  and scalability.  ...  Data mining has tremendous potential, and is likely to be a valuable component of any strategic database system. The DBLearn system [Han et ai, 1992 is a good example of a data mining system.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0051404 fatcat:744qrpuvuvdvrgn7otytbhebne

DBKDA 2012 Committee DBKDA Advisory Chairs DBKDA 2012 Technical Program Committee

Friedrich Laux, Aris Ouksel, Lena Strömbäck, Sweden Smhi, Miranda, Friedrich Laux, Aris Ouksel, Lena Strömbäck, Sweden Smhi, Miranda, Nipun Agarwal, Suad Alagic (+38 others)
High-speed communications and computations, large storage capacities, and load-balancing for distributed databases access allow new approaches for content processing with incomplete patterns, advanced  ...  Evolution on e-business, e-health and telemedicine, bioinformatics, finance and marketing, geographical positioning systems put pressure on database communities to push the 'de facto' methods to support  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT We would like to thank all the people who helped directly and indirectly the development of this work so far.  ... 

Εξόρυξη δεδομένων για την δυναμική ενσωμάτωσης γνώσης σε πολυπρακτορικά συστήματα συστήματα

Ανδρέας Λ. Συμεωνίδης
Within the context of this thesis a unified methodology for building agents and multi-agent systems is presented.  ...  Agents and agent systems developed following the proposed methodology have the ability of dynamically incorporating knowledge, extracted by the use of data mining (DM) techniques on application and agent  ...  X 2 is LX 2 (k) and...and X n is LX n (k) Then Υ is LΥ(l), k=1..3, l=1..q,όπου Χ i οι είσοδοι του συστήµατος, LX i (k) οι αντίστοιχες ασαφείς τιµές, Υ η έξοδος του συστήµατος, LY i (l) η ασαφής τιµή της  ... 
doi:10.26262/ fatcat:i5bbqyyeifc3rccwknwukdtefu