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Human Computation Must Be Reproducible

Praveen Paritosh
We argue that human computation has similar properties, and that the results of human computation must be reproducible , in the least, in order to be informative.  ...  We might additionally require the results of human computation to have high validity or high utility, but the results must be reproducible in order to measure the validity or utility to a degree better  ...  Each of the above might be true to a different degree for different human computation tasks.  ... 

Ten simple rules on how to create open access and reproducible molecular simulations of biological systems

Arne Elofsson, Berk Hess, Erik Lindahl, Alexey Onufriev, David van der Spoel, Anders Wallqvist, Scott Markel
2019 PLoS Computational Biology  
In particular, all published results should, in principle, be possible to reproduce independently by scientists in other labs using different tools.  ...  computations on biological molecules.  ...  These files must be provided in human-readable formats and should preferably be included as supplementary material. E.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006649 pmid:30653494 pmcid:PMC6336246 fatcat:y75fdin25fepljj2kfdpnypvx4

Human, Not Humanoid, Robots [chapter]

Domenico Parisi
2017 Robotics - Legal, Ethical and Socioeconomic Impacts  
robots must necessarily be physically realized, human robots may be just simulated in a computer.  ...  Robots that resemble human beings can be useful artefacts (humanoid robots) or they can be a new way of expressing scientific theories about human beings and human societies (human robots), and while humanoid  ...  Conclusion Unlike humanoid robots that are practically useful physical artefacts which have some resemblances to human beings, human robots are computer simulations that must reproduce everything that  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.70117 fatcat:qssaw5y6tffotnrjbbk53ypjhy

Trust Tools: Experiences in Reproducibility in Undergraduate Research [article]

Patrick Hesse
Computational results must be trustworthy to hold merit. As hardware and software evolve, results that were considered reproducible can no longer be obtained.  ...  After integrating reproducibility tools into a variety of computational workflows, our experience shows that these tools move the burden of executing common ad-hoc tasks from the human to the machine,  ...  Goals • Remove as many points of failure as possible • Recreate the environment an experiment was originally run in • Experiment should be dynamic to new environments • Should be at least as easy as current  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.19205283.v2 fatcat:jawi7nkynzhczm5b7m5vtmij7a

Reproducibility of grading systems for breast carcinoma

F Hartveit
1980 Journal of Clinical Pathology  
We think that it is extremely difficult, or even impossible, for any human being to reproducibly remember and strictly adhere to the characterisation of complex nuclear population textures.  ...  We have performed a study of reproducibility of nuclear morphometry using computers' and concluded that computerised nuclear morphometry can be a remarkably useful aid in helping the pathologist to more  ... 
doi:10.1136/jcp.33.7.700-a pmid:7430379 pmcid:PMC1146189 fatcat:j6o2eac2ojdipnkoefsh6z3hym

Implementing Reproducible Research

Brigid Wilson
2014 Journal of Statistical Software  
In such cases, the hurdles to reproducibility are computational rather than the physical, chemical, or biological hurdles of wet lab replication or the environmental and human hurdles of social science  ...  The last is presented in Bill Howe's chapter, "Reproducibility, Virtual Appliances, and Cloud Computing".  ...  To reward these risks of open science practitioners, they must be valued by the community.  ... 
doi:10.18637/jss.v061.b02 fatcat:wrcg6nb2tzftrj3gcw2sxfddqy

Reproducibility in Computing Research: An Empirical Study

Wullianallur Raghupathi, Viju Raghupathi, Jie Ren
2022 IEEE Access  
In computing, research findings are often anecdotally faulted for not being reproducible. Numerous empirical studies have analyzed the reproducibility of a variety of research.  ...  Meanwhile, researchers and publishers must increase their focus on the reproducibility aspects of their papers.  ...  In the meantime, the current -and unfortunate -state of reproducibility in computing research must be documented.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3158675 fatcat:kzblcgsns5cd3hth66fakbb5ti

Grand challenges in modeling and simulation

Simon J.E. Taylor, Osman Balci, Wentong Cai, Margaret L. Loper, David M. Nicol, George Riley
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSIM conference on Principles of advanced discrete simulation - SIGSIM-PADS '13  
Themes include big simulation, coordinated modeling, large scale systems modeling, human behavioral modelling, composability, funding availability, cloud-based M&S, engineering replicability into computational  ...  For all but the simplest of simulations, this means that users must be able to easily access and manage high performance computing resources, databases of input and output, and visualizations for decision  ...  But to promote the collaboration of the community, standard ontologies and data models must be adopted.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2486092.2486151 dblp:conf/pads/TaylorBCLNR13 fatcat:rtitt6jd7nc37kklzid7qkfg34

Page 944 of Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Vol. 15, Issue 7 [page]

2003 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
The maximum p value was computed using the average of \ estimates Reproducibility Maps Given an optimal threshold, the truly active voxels must be strongly reproducible (i.e., R,/M above 90%).  ...  With the ROC approach, the optimal threshold must be selected for each contrast.  ... 


Katherina Bujang, Ahmad Faiz Ahmad Nazri, Ahmad Fidaudin Ahmad Azam, Jamaluddin Mahmud
2015 Jurnal Teknologi  
The results are promising, where the variances are found to be less than 1% for both repeatability and reproducibility analysis.  ...  However, its motion capture capability in terms of repeatability and reproducibility is still not well addressed.  ...  The subjects must be healthy and fit as well as free from any physical conditions. Firstly, protocol is developed as part of the procedure to systematically capture the motion of human subjects.  ... 
doi:10.11113/jt.v76.5917 fatcat:yjwpfpuutzafxeyyeoc22g663m

Debugging Mobile Agent Systems

Masayuki Higashino, Shin Osaki, Shinya Otagaki, Kenichi Takahashi, Takao Kawamura, Kazunori Sugahara
2013 Proceedings of International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services - IIWAS '13  
A mobile agent is an autonomous software module that can migrate between different computers.  ...  A mobile agent is designed and implemented like a human, and mobile agents work together by interactions among them like a human community.  ...  Logging Function In order to reproduces a bug, the environments of not only mobile agents but also AREs must be reproduced.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2539150.2539261 dblp:conf/iiwas/HigashinoOOTKS13 fatcat:k5m5stbd3neglkwofhjzahc6xy

The authors reply

B. Stenkvist
1980 Journal of Clinical Pathology  
We think that it is extremely difficult, or even impossible, for any human being to reproducibly remember and strictly adhere to the characterisation of complex nuclear population textures.  ...  We have performed a study of reproducibility of nuclear morphometry using computers' and concluded that computerised nuclear morphometry can be a remarkably useful aid in helping the pathologist to more  ... 
doi:10.1136/jcp.33.7.700-b pmcid:PMC1146190 fatcat:c4il6emmhngfpmi4n6jaxzbwoe

Examining the Challenges of Scientific Workflows

Yolanda Gil, Ewa Deelman, Mark Ellisman, Thomas Fahringer, Geoffrey Fox, Dennis Gannon, Carole Goble, Miron Livny, Luc Moreau, Jim Myers
2007 Computer  
This paper reports on the discussions and recommendations of the workshop, the full report can be found at  ...  Workflows have recently emerged as a paradigm for representing and managing complex distributed scientific computations and therefore accelerate the pace of scientific progress.  ...  Provenance must be associated and stored with the new data products and contain enough details to enable reproducibility.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2007.421 fatcat:2lhu5j6snngvxj4a5uu335v4ja

The Virtual Painting Paintbox [article]

D. Sobczyk, V. Boyer, J-J. Bourdin
2003 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
Our 3D model is designed to accurately reproduce the painting process, stroke per stroke.  ...  It includes a model for the simulation of physic dynamics involved in the painting process and a human-machine interface to manage the position and the moves of the user.  ...  This interface is designed to reproduce accurately painter's movements. To improve this human-machine interface, an eye gaze tracking will be developed.  ... 
doi:10.2312/egs.20031059 fatcat:g6yh5mauazbdxfpi3pvumxzibm

Page 357 of Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery Vol. 4, Issue 3 [page]

1957 Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery  
Since the program must operate in real-time, these syn:hetic inputs must be implemented in time synchronization and must not affect normal program operation.  ...  wishes to send,to the control devices or which is to be made available, in one form or alll to the human controllers.  ... 
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