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Dynamics of Key Management in Secure Satellite Multicast

M.P. Howarth, S. Iyengar, Z. Sun, H. Cruickshank
2004 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
We consider life cycle key management costs of a multicast connection, and show for a logical key hierarchy (LKH) how member preregistration and periodic admission reduces the initialization cost, and  ...  This improves network utilization, but encryption at the network layer can pose problems on satellite links.  ...  The number of keys transmitted to initialize users sums to which simplifies to Assuming , the minimum life cycle cost occurs at Fig. 1 . 1 Key hierarchies. (a) N pairwise keys.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsac.2003.819978 fatcat:cb7ljuz46zhtviqzurafk5bwce

A Hybrid Cryptosystem to Enhance Security in IoT Health Care System

Kavitha. S, Department of Computer Applications, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, TamilNadu, India, P.J. A.Alphonse
2019 International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies  
Single cryptographic algorithm based solution suffered to provide efficient security as its high probability of attacks.  ...  The technological innovation is important to guarantee the data protection and security among customer and devices, though it is vulnerable by various security assaults.  ...  Up to 9 rounds of AES, private key is used to process the cipher text, at the 10th round the public key is used to prepare the cipher text.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijwmt.2019.01.01 fatcat:gxq3ttkuu5chtgqtupxc5tl3ay

Optimized Homomorphic Scheme on Map Reduce for Data Privacy Preserving

Konan Martin, Wenyong Wang, Brighter Agyemang
2017 Journal of Information Security  
So there is a foremost need to enable particular sorts of calculations to be done on encrypted data and additionally optimize data processing at the Map stage.  ...  However private encryption key (DGHV) or key's parameters (Gen 10) are sent to untrusted cloud server which compromise the information security insurance.  ...  Therefore the traversal problem is how to calculate efficiently the authentication path for all leaves one after another starting with the first leaf up to the last leaf, for minimum amount of space-time  ... 
doi:10.4236/jis.2017.83017 fatcat:4tgsar4d3beshphdcwcrcde3jy

Data Security and Deduplication Framework for Securing and Deduplicating Users' Data in Public and Private Cloud Environment

K. Balaji, S. S. Manikandasaran
2022 Journal of Scientific Research  
The main research contribution of the framework is having enhanced the convergent encryption technique, key generation techniques, and deduplication mechanism for maintaining a single copy of data in the  ...  Maintaining the security of data stored in the public or private cloud is a more tedious task.  ...  The proposed work is an enhanced symmetric convergent encryption technique to maintain secure deduplication with convergent encryption in the cloud.  ... 
doi:10.3329/jsr.v14i1.54063 fatcat:ivzhbfaonzdzbjkb44qtabycmy

Enhanced Security Model for Cloud Using Ones compliment Recoding for Fast Scalar multiplication in ECC

Anusha K.P, Dr. Pritam Gajkumar Shah
2014 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
It has three security checkpoints: authentication, key generation and encryption of data.  ...  The security threats such as maintenance of data integrity, data hiding and data safety dominate our concerns when the issue of cloud security come up.  ...  The most important of these issues is the data security and how cloud providers assures it .Most effective technique to protect our data is its encryption.  ... 
doi:10.9790/0661-1632107112 fatcat:cus63swohncqzaye5cgczyy2g4

A Novel Approach for Secure Group Sharing in Public Cloud Computing

Preeti Gulab, Pratibha Dattu, Vishakha Ashok, Rashmi Deepak, Madhuri Bhausaheb
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
With the help of cloud servers, the enhanced TGDH scheme enables the group to update and negotiate group key pairs thus all group members need not to be online all the time.  ...  Framework is formed by combining Proxy signature, enhanced TGDH and proxy re-encryption together into protocol.  ...  The data storage can be provided in minimum cost at any time over the internet at the cloud computing platform.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2015906546 fatcat:yngludmdmjasvo7mgxkqzwohye

A Hybrid Approach of AES and File Encryption to Enhance The Cloud Security

Nisha Nisha, Naseeb Singh
To address the problem of security in untrusted cloud storage, we introduce a hybrid solution of AES and file encryption.  ...  In this dissertation, we identify security challenges that arise in integration of cloud-based services, and present a set of novel solutions to address them.  ...  No matter whether the data is in motion or at rest, it remains protected. The owner of the decryption keys maintains the security of that data and can decide who and what to allow access to the data.  ... 
doi:10.24297/ijct.v14i11.1813 fatcat:l45lhuspkjavbed5nuzstz3ivu

A Secure Cloud Computing Model based on Data Classification

Lo'ai Tawalbeh, Nour S. Darwazeh, Raad S. Al-Qassas, Fahd AlDosari
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
The existing solutions encrypt all data using the same key size without taking into consideration the confidentiality level of data which in turn will increase the cost and processing time.  ...  The proposed cloud model minimizes the overhead and processing time needed to secure data through using different security mechanisms with variable key sizes to provide the appropriate confidentiality  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank Deanship of Scientific Research at Umm Al-Qura University (project # 43408022) for the financial support.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.05.150 fatcat:oankmgbsxvbini65koluhb3rzu


Nisha Nisha, Naseeb Singh
In this paper the attempt to secure data from unauthorized access. The Method of data security is AES algorithm for providing data security by encrypting the given data based on the AES.  ...  It permits the users to approach their personal files at any computer with internet access. The cloud computing flexibility is a function of the allocation of resources on authority's request.  ...  OBJECTIVES  To enhance the security in cloud computing of AES Algorithm.  To enhance the integrity of data. Hardware cost is decreased because lesser operations will be applied.  ... 
doi:10.24297/ijct.v14i6.1916 fatcat:gcteutz7f5dejkui2w6no6vto4

An Elliptic Curve Based Schnorr Cloud Security Model in Distributed Environment

Vinothkumar Muthurajan, Balaji Narayanasamy
2016 The Scientific World Journal  
The symmetric key mechanisms (pseudorandom function) provide minimum protection level compared to asymmetric key (RSA, AES, and ECC) schemes.  ...  In general, key-based encryption/decryption (symmetric and asymmetric) mechanisms ensure the secure data transfer between the devices.  ...  Conflict of Interests The authors proclaim that there is no conflict of interests concerning the publication of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2016/4913015 pmid:26981584 pmcid:PMC4770155 fatcat:kz4umm7sgvcahitidu5pr6tm3q

A Review on Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Climbable Knowledge Sharing in Cloud Storage

Priyanka Kale, Mrunali Vaidya
2016 International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications  
We also describe other application of our schemes. In particular, our schemes give the first public-key patient controlled encryption for flexible hierarchy, which was yet to be known.  ...  The Data sharing is an important functionality in cloud storage. In this article, we show how to securely, efficiently, and flexibly share data with others in cloud storage.  ...  The question is how can the encrypted data is to be shared. The user must provide the access rights to the other user as the data is encrypted and the decryption key should be send securely.  ... 
doi:10.7753/ijsea0502.1004 fatcat:u7cudvgvirh6pazbus62ntzuk4

NHCA: Developing New Hybrid Cryptography Algorithm for Cloud Computing Environment

Ali Abdulridha, Diaa Salama, Khalid M
2017 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
The need of an encryption algorithm that guarantee transmitting data speedily and in a secure manner become a must.  ...  The aim of the research is to encrypt and decrypt data efficiently and effectively protect the transmitted data. This research paper presents a model for encrypting transmitted cloud data.  ...  a public key and other is private key.  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2017.081158 fatcat:kwopmlmxkbhe3oiip7tclnhb5u

Practical and Scalable Sharing of Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage with Key Aggregation

Hung Dang, Yun Long Chong, Francois Brun, Ee-Chien Chang
2016 Proceedings of the 4th ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security - IH&MMSec '16  
We propose an algorithmic enhancement and two heuristics to improve KAC's key reconstruction cost, while preserving its provable security.  ...  Existing solutions, such as Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) and Key Aggregation Cryptosystem (KAC), can be utilized to address the challenge, but only to a certain extent.  ...  An interesting question to consider is how to find a computation plan that evaluates all ρis with the minimum computation cost (i.e., the least number of multiplications) for an arbitrary query.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2909827.2930795 dblp:conf/ih/DangCBC16 fatcat:7ccv27hxgjd5ronkxk4wuxpzd4

Selective Image Time Computation Chaotic with Confusion v/s 3SEMCS Encryption Algorithm in Cryptography

Manraj Singh
2017 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
At every pixel, the attacker has to find the salt key for decrypting for each level of 3SEMCS and not possible to decrypt.  ...  text encryption enhancing the byte level of image security consuming time in seconds.  ...  It will reduce the cost effectiveness of the algorithm and provide securable system encrypted in Minimum Time. Fig 1 .( 1 Process for Encryption of the Selective Image II.  ... 
doi:10.17577/ijertv6is010142 fatcat:zw43prh4p5cunefx6ny4qoc76m

Secure and Effectual Cloud Data Deduplication Verification

Lingeshwaran. B, Tamilselvan. V, Vigneshwaran. V
2018 International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development  
Secure search techniques over encrypted cloud data allow an authorized user to query data files of interest by submitting encrypted query keywords to the cloud server in a privacy-preserving manner.  ...  Furthermore, a short signature technique with extremely small storage cost is proposed to guarantee the authenticity of verification object and a verification object request technique is presented to allow  ...  Later, many searchable encryption schemes that are necessary for its enhancement were proposed based on symmetric key and public-key setting to strengthen security and improve query efficiency with the  ... 
doi:10.31142/ijtsrd11501 fatcat:5zzluojwyrerpo2lrfd2ff42p4
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