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How to Carve up the World: Learning and Collaboration for Structure Recommendation [chapter]

Mathias Verbeke, Ilija Subašić, Bettina Berendt
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Furthermore, we also illustrate how the presented method can be used to recommend structure to the user.  ...  Understanding the dynamics of large-scale structuring activities is a key prerequisite for theories of individual behaviour in collaborative settings as well as for applications such as recommender systems  ...  However, the grouping of new objects (and the continued learning of classifiers this entails) can also be used to recommend structure to a user.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-45392-2_1 fatcat:gqbbnman6zfwbbcwaqyqcberky

Common Worlding Pedagogies: Opening Up to Learning with Worlds

Affrica Taylor, Tatiana Zakharova, Maureen Cullen
2021 Journal of Childhood Studies  
It is also a deliberate move to open up education to worlds beyond narrow human preoccupations and concerns and beyond its standard framing as an exclusively social practice.  ...  In this article, we identify some of the guiding principles that underpin this approach and explain how they work out in practice.  ...  But even the brief details of this one eventful walk convey how the dynamic nature of the local environment captures the children's curiosity and draws them in to learn with it in collaborative, interactive  ... 
doi:10.18357/jcs464202120425 fatcat:nesv2o2epbakdnckaozdhq7u7i

The World Bank [chapter]

Uma Lele, Sambuddha Goswami
2021 Food for All  
This review of the World Bank's assistance to food and agriculture since the Bank's inception is a window on how that role and the view of agriculture's contributions to development have evolved in the  ...  The Bank also developed other tools for allocating capital to countries, establishing norms and standards for other international organizations.  ...  Much will depend on how budgeting is done and what incentives will be set up for cross-sectoral staff to collaborate in a solution mode.  ... 
doi:10.1093/oso/9780198755173.003.0009 fatcat:g5fk3izvzfazna2ejmfelly35y

Using Synthetic Worlds for Work and Learning

Ulrike Schultze, Starr R. Hiltz, Bonnie Nardi, Julie Rennecker, Susan Stucky
2008 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
The panelists will rely on their research, conducted in educational, corporate and game environments, to address questions about learning, working and playing in these new media spaces.  ...  In this panel, presented at the 2007 International Conference on Information Systems, we explore how the fluid work-play and reality-virtuality boundaries are negotiated and managed in practice.  ...  How Do the Rehearsal Services Learning Experiences (to Date) Stack Up?  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.02219 fatcat:hqqknitluve65ntcxqyyfsx5xi

The World Food Programme [chapter]

Uma Lele, Sambuddha Goswami
2021 Food for All  
The chapter explores how the need for emergency assistance has increased to meet growing humanitarian needs, and particularly its relationship to conflicts.  ...  The chapter shows how cooperation across international and bilateral organizations has evolved and where it needs to go in the future.  ...  Clearly, the pressure from the donors to collaborate has increased but fragmented, tied funding to each organization does not always enable them to play up to their comparative advantages.  ... 
doi:10.1093/oso/9780198755173.003.0013 fatcat:g4wasnlwmjblvau7rktyg4knwy

Notes Toward a World-Historical Data Resource

Patrick Manning
2016 Journal of World-Historical Information  
We almost always lack information on how local shocks and transformations add up at the global level.  ...  For the editorial staff, we build the publication strategy of the journal on assumptions at two levels: (1) in general, we assume the need for world-historical data, both for academic advance and to meet  ...  For inequality, if future studies were to lead to a scientific consensus and policy recommendations, one can be certain that powerful interests will refuse to implement research findings or take up an  ... 
doi:10.5195/jwhi.2015.32 fatcat:6nqhizpv3rbppasxto2olvgpjm

A World of Knowledge [chapter]

Thomas Grillot
2021 Rhapsodic Objects  
carve out (and defend) a specifically "Indian" domain in the art world.  ...  Such effigies were once carved out of cottonwood branches by Butch's ancestors to honor the memory of a horse of theirs that was wounded or killed in battle.  ...  Before drawing up a list of teachers, Butch emphasized long-term association with his home community of Cannonball, and the sheer multiplicity of individuals from which he learned how to make such and  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110757668-010 fatcat:jv5r5wx5yjbrzaioepowcsehee

Practicing Life Worlds: Theory and Reality in Teaching Design Anthropology Through Entrepreneur Collaboration

Fabio Mattioli, Harriette Richards
2020 Journal of Business Anthropology  
In the contemporary neoliberal university, practice-based learning is increasingly necessary as a means to foster dynamic thinking and bolster student employability.  ...  However, for students who feel like customers, this type of 'messy' practical experience is difficult to reconcile with their expectations and anxieties about the future.  ...  For their enthusiasm and critique, their insight and integrity, we couldn't have done this without them. Journal of Business Anthropology, 9(1), Spring 2020  ... 
doi:10.22439/jba.v9i1.5966 fatcat:3dl63ei4hfhafchd5gur7yzi6m

Critical Revolutionary Pedagogy is Made by Walking: In a World Where Many Worlds Coexist

Peter McLaren, Petar Jandric
2014 Policy Futures in Education  
It explores the main features of the emerging digital cultures, identifies underlying values and ideologies, and links them to the divisions between the global South and the global North.  ...  It analyses global changes in the structure of production, and juxtaposes the mass society shaped by one-way media such as television with the network society shaped by bi-directional communication powered  ...  Even if it wasn't, learning how to manipulate how we act and feel in social networks such as Facebook obviously has powerful potential for military attempts to control large populations via the Internet  ... 
doi:10.2304/pfie.2014.12.6.805 fatcat:xaojhsps2bfmnfc5t7nysebpgi

Advocacy research and the World Bank: Propositions for discussion

Jonathan Fox
2003 Development in Practice  
Acknowledgements This essay was first presented at the Presidential Session ' "Spank the Bank" and "  ...  For example, many have learned how to follow the money through the system, to figure out where possible pressure points are, and to begin to disentangle the respective roles of the World Bank and the national  ...  The 'good practices' policies are merely recommended, and advocate, for example, gender equality, collaboration with NGOs, and informed participation by poor people.  ... 
doi:10.1080/0961452032000166447 fatcat:qsx2twt4hfhxrbnffsoxndijiu

No Small World: Visions and Revisions of World Literature

Michael Thomas Carroll
1998 College composition and communication  
of Western culture; to suggest new genres and perspectives; to consider specific curricular and pedagogical issues; and to introduce "new" texts for consideration.  ...  The 15 essays and their authors are: (1) "Richard Moulton and the Idea of World  ...  as the "strategic points" recommended for the study of world literature.  ... 
doi:10.2307/358566 fatcat:nw7r6vr3irdrbnftcpeuxuwe34

Stories that Change Our World? Narratives of the Sustainable Economy

Anna-Lena Guske, Klaus Jacob, Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers, Jan Peuckert, Stefan Schridde, Sven Stinner, Franziska Wolff, Dominik Zahrnt, Florence Ziesemer
2019 Sustainability  
Narratives are shaping our understanding of the world. They convey values and norms and point to desirable future developments.  ...  The paper carves out the visions for the future that have been underlying the research projects conducted within the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funding programme "The Sustainable  ...  Stefan Seuring for his critical comments and helpful remarks. The publication of this article was funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, grant number 01UT1501C.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su11216163 fatcat:ouy75fvz7badrceyb53daumf3y

The Arctic Highlights Our Failure to Act in a Rapidly Changing World

Peter Schlosser, Hajo Eicken, Vera Metcalf, Stephanie Pfirman, Maribeth S. Murray, Clea Edwards
2022 Sustainability  
In this perspective on the future of the Arctic, we explore actions taken to mitigate warming and adapt to change since the Paris agreement on the temperature threshold that should not be exceeded in order  ...  We are now in the decisive decade concerning the future we leave behind for the next generations.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14031882 fatcat:fvm4acqai5fibphjjwb7j4sbra

Trade policy and health: from conflicting interests to policy coherence

Chantal Blouin
2007 Bulletin of the World Health Organization  
Focusing on the national policy-making process, we make recommendations regarding five conditions that are necessary, but not sufficient, to ensure that international trade policies are coherent with national  ...  These conditions are: space for dialogue and joint fact-finding; leadership by ministries of health; institutional mechanisms for coordination; meaningful engagement with stakeholders; and a strong evidence  ...  Acknowledgements The author would like to thank Nick Drager (World Health Organization) and Jody Heymann (Institute for Social Policy and Health) for their collaboration on the Trade and Health Policy  ... 
doi:10.2471/blt.06.037413 pmid:17486206 pmcid:PMC2636226 fatcat:shteszybfngrjcznkmtxcqtbf4

The British Empire and the Muslim World [chapter]

1999 The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume IV: The Twentieth Century  
For the most part Muslims wanted to take over the state structure that British rule had created for them. Where they did not, it was because they felt these structures left them too disadvantaged.  ...  They needed to be able to play a role in the affairs of the colonial state, so he made sure that they knew how to debate Cambridge Union style, how to play cricket, and how to behave at tea parties.  ... 
doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198205647.003.0017 fatcat:7oy6ot46yffwfbvdvld2nnppse
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