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How do Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Requirements Engineering Research? [article]

Xavier Franch and Daniel Mendez and Andreas Vogelsang and Rogardt Heldal and Eric Knauss and Marc Oriol and Guilherme H. Travassos and Jeffrey C. Carver and Thomas Zimmermann
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The relevance of Requirements Engineering (RE) research to practitioners is vital for a long-term dissemination of research results to everyday practice.  ...  The participants rated the perceived relevance of 435 scientific papers presented at five top RE-related conferences. The 153 participants provided a total of 2,164 ratings.  ...  Based on 2,164 ratings from 153 respondents, we answer the following questions: • How do practitioners perceive the relevance of RE research?  ... 
arXiv:2011.05106v1 fatcat:6pmduno3d5evdd747dy7jc4tbu

How do Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Requirements Engineering Research? An Ongoing Study [article]

X. Franch, D. Méndez Fernández, M. Oriol, A. Vogelsang, R. Heldal, E. Knauss, G. Horta Travassos, J. C. Carver, O. Dieste, T. Zimmermann
2017 arXiv   pre-print
The relevance of Requirements Engineering (RE) research to practitioners is a prerequisite for problem-driven research in the area and key for a long-term dissemination of research results to everyday  ...  To better understand how industry practitioners perceive the practical relevance of RE research, we have initiated the RE-Pract project, an international collaboration conducting an empirical study.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This study has been partially funded by the project TIN2016-79269-R.  ... 
arXiv:1705.06013v3 fatcat:zsjmeoqev5dqnnhyt6gs2wfvpy

How do Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Requirements Engineering Research? An Ongoing Study

Xavier Franch, Daniel Mendez Fernandez, Marc Oriol, Andreas Vogelsang, Rogardt Heldal, Eric Knauss, Guilherme Horta Travassos, Jeffrey C. Carver, Oscar Dieste, Thomas Zimmermann
2017 2017 IEEE 25th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE)  
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This study has been partially funded by the project TIN2016-79269-R.  ...  characterize Ɣ with respect to the perceived practical relevance Ɣ from the point of view of Software Engineering practitioners (requirements engineers, architects, testers, etc.) dealing with requirements  ...  [1] performed a study to assess how practitioners at Microsoft perceive the relevance of software engineering papers published at ICSE, ESEC/FSE and FSE from 2009 to 2014.  ... 
doi:10.1109/re.2017.17 dblp:conf/re/FranchFOVHKTCD017 fatcat:cop6q7wn7vbubppqqgcca7i5xa

How Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of ESEM Research

Jeffrey C. Carver, Oscar Dieste, Nicholas A. Kraft, David Lo, Thomas Zimmermann
2016 Proceedings of the 10th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement - ESEM '16  
Aims: The goal of this work is to understand how ESEM research is perceived within the practitioner community and provide feedback to the ESEM community ensure our research remains relevant.  ...  The relevance of ESEM research to industry practitioners is key to the long-term health of the conference.  ...  Acknowledgments Thanks to the researchers who contributed paper summaries and to everyone who responded to our survey!  ... 
doi:10.1145/2961111.2962597 dblp:conf/esem/CarverDKL016 fatcat:2zxzd2fz2bbazi7oj3qfhnky5m

How practitioners perceive the relevance of software engineering research

David Lo, Nachiappan Nagappan, Thomas Zimmermann
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 10th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software Engineering - ESEC/FSE 2015  
An important question here is: how relevant is software engineering research to practitioners in the field?  ...  The number of software engineering research papers over the last few years has grown significantly.  ...  In this paper, we propose a lightweight technique to gather rapid feedback on how practitioners perceive the relevance of software engineering research.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2786805.2786809 dblp:conf/sigsoft/LoNZ15 fatcat:dl62rnzx4zaqlbdgd7iocm6oee

Software engineering research

Elaine J. Weyuker
2007 Proceedings of the the 6th joint meeting of the European software engineering conference and the ACM SIGSOFT symposium on The foundations of software engineering - ESEC-FSE '07  
was followed when doing this type of software engineering research.  ...  We follow the project from problem inception (cradle) to productization (grave), describing each of the intermediate stages to try to give a picture of why such research takes so long, and also why it  ...  INTRODUCTION One of the primary concerns in the software engineering research community in recent years has been the relevancy and the impact of the work we do.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1287624.1287667 dblp:conf/sigsoft/Weyuker07 fatcat:z5zpyotmhnha5iqogda3lzst24

Research Relevance-You Get What You Reward

Murray E. Jennex
2001 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
This article argues that IS research is not relevant to the practitioner community due to the tenure-based reward system.  ...  It is suggested that publishing requirements be loosened to allow more of our work to be published in practitioner-oriented or lower level journals and conferences.  ...  than the Association for Information Systems must be honored. Abstracting with credit is permitted.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.00613 fatcat:bphyykx5q5biljxurnkct7ot5i

Who Are We Doing Global Software Engineering Research For?

Sarah Beecham, Padraig OLeary, Ita Richardson, Sean Baker, John Noll
2013 2013 IEEE 8th International Conference on Global Software Engineering  
Twelve years ago a group of practitioners and researchers came together to try to solve problems relating specifically to Global Software Engineering (GSE) practice.  ...  This paper aims to assess whether the many hundreds of GSE research papers written over this period have had an impact on practice.  ...  This study was also supported in part by Science Foundation Ireland grant 10/CE/I1855 to Lero -the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (  ... 
doi:10.1109/icgse.2013.14 dblp:conf/icgse/BeechamORBN13 fatcat:ms3ryqytvfbxheak6dks7el2aq

Promoting Relevance in IS Research: An Informing System for Design Science Research

William Kuechler, Vijay Vaishnavi
2011 Informing Science  
The relevance gap between academic research and the world of practice is a perennial topic of discussion in all fields, including the information technology disciplines.  ...  In this article we overview the relevance gap in information technology research and then introduce design science research (DSR), first as it is practiced in multiple fields and then as it has been refined  ...  According to a widely cited empirical study utilizing multiple large organizations, "Perceived usefulness [of research] requires far more than simply doing research in interesting [to the practitioner]  ... 
doi:10.28945/1498 fatcat:hxil3kfn4femhcfsglpzoj2zri

Linguistic Research Strategies Versus Quantitative Research Strategies--Different Roles, Different Results

Joseph Yeager, Linda Sommer
2015 The Qualitative Report  
Inferential statistical studies often discuss how the findings "explain" the results of the study.  ...  Statistical explanations do not explain anything in terms of the actual behavior at issue and do not lead to subsequent interventions about the motivated choices for a target group.  ...  People are required to perform, and that performance requirement also applies to the use of properly framed research strategies.  ... 
doi:10.46743/2160-3715/2007.1612 fatcat:zas2fm4hwvdz7lyye7dd5zruta

English version: Research education for diversity in educational research

Andrew Brown
2008 Práxis Educativa  
Concern expressed by government and other funding agencies and consumers of research, about the quality and relevance of research in the field of education affects not only the kind of research is conducted  ...  This will involve exploration of both an overarching framework for thinking about the processes of doing research and specific examples of practice.  ...  for teaching: how do we give students an understanding of this diverse range of ways of doing research.  ... 
doaj:07ac39b4a25940478f74f7db00db26cc fatcat:nitju3fpyfhlbo7wk4qxbamhv4

Software Startups - A Research Agenda

Michael Unterkalmsteiner, Pekka Abrahamsson, Wang XiaoFeng, Anh Nguyen-Duc, Syed Shah, Sohaib Shahid Bajwa, Guido H. Baltes, Kieran Conboy, Eoin Cullina, Denis Dennehy, Henry Edison, Carlos Fernandez-Sanchez (+15 others)
2016 e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal  
This paper's research agenda focuses on software engineering in startups, identifying, in particular, 70+ research questions in the areas of supporting startup engineering activities, startup evolution  ...  While all authors of this research agenda have their main background in Software Engineering or Computer Science, their interest in software startups broadens the perspective to the challenges, but also  ...  Prototypes can be used to communicate with customers to elicit requirements (Section 3.1.4), while product innovation assessment (Section 3.1.3) is relevant in the context of analysing the customers' perceived  ... 
doi:10.5277/e-inf160105 dblp:journals/eInformatica/Unterkalmsteiner16 fatcat:wov4bsy665bztaoovnv7qbmuzu

Analyzing a practitioner perspective on relevance of published empirical research in Requirements Engineering [article]

Niek Tax
2014 arXiv   pre-print
Relevance to industry and scientific rigor have long been an area of friction in IS research. However little work has been done on how to evaluate IS research relevance.  ...  Aim: To analyze the practitioner/consultant perspective checklist1 for relevance in order to evaluate its comprehensibility and applicability from the point of view of the practitioner/consultant in the  ...  At the time of executing this study, the practitioners were participants in the Advanced Requirements Engineering course at the University of Twente.  ... 
arXiv:1403.1112v1 fatcat:g3hiowm24zguvjounk3xwpuhlm

The Last Research Mile: Achieving Both Rigor and Relevance in Information Systems Research

Jay F. Nunamaker, Robert O. Briggs, Douglas C. Derrick, Gerhard Schwabe
2015 Journal of Management Information Systems  
The last research mile ends only when practitioners routinely use a solution in the field.  ...  The last research mile ends only when practitioners routinely use a solution in the field.  ...  • How do you think that our assessment of your credibility will work out for you today?  ... 
doi:10.1080/07421222.2015.1094961 fatcat:vdf6coxxhzc3lcpvts2puy3wya

Perceptions of Creativity in Software Engineering Research and Practice

Rahul Mohanani, Prabhat Ram, Ahmed Lasisi, Paul Ralph, Burak Turhan
2017 2017 43rd Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA)  
However, practitioners and researchers appear to perceive creativity differently, hindering knowledge transfer.  ...  Software engineering, especially design and requirements engineering, is intensely creative.  ...  This argument motivates the following research question: Research Question: How is creativity perceived both in the software engineering research literature and by software engineering practitioners?  ... 
doi:10.1109/seaa.2017.21 dblp:conf/euromicro/MohananiRLRT17 fatcat:gfljgtlanbbmxhi34wwv5564ay
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