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New Technologies Create Opportunities [chapter]

Sally Murray
2018 Industries without Smokestacks  
This chapter discusses how new technologies can be positively disruptive—to overcome drivers of weak comparative advantage in manufacturing, create new opportunities in 'industries without smokestacks'  ...  However, new technologies will not deliver these gains unaided: supportive policies are required to create an environment where these new technologies can deliver on their potential, and these are also  ...  The impact of new technologies on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa will depend on how far governments create enabling environments for them through investments in more 'boring' fundamentals such  ... 
doi:10.1093/oso/9780198821885.003.0002 fatcat:qapboayrsnc7ppvum5pj7rllnq

Designer Ecosystems for the Anthropocene—Deliberately Creating Novel Ecosystems in Cultural Landscapes

Jason Alexandra
2022 Sustainability  
Accepting that nature and culture are intricately co-evolved has profound implications for the ethical, legal, philosophical and pragmatic dimensions of social and environmental policy.  ...  The way we think about nature affects how we understand and manage ecosystems.  ...  These, coevolved and productive landscapes are widespread and diverse, sustaining communities from the deserts of Australia [3] to the rain-sodden Lake District of England [8] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14073952 fatcat:atllq2w645b35kspb3wr4rn5ve

Energy System Reform Creates Energy Internet Era

Feng Jianghua
2019 International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering  
As representing advanced productivity, the Energy Internet is expected to solve current energy problems, create a new field of energy service and help with the economic transformation in China.  ...  As the reformation of energy system is going further, there are currently different views on the future energy structure and "Internet + energy".  ...  In the cell architecture theory that was proposed early in Denmark, the microgrids are likened to individual cells.  ... 
doi:10.11648/j.ijepe.20190803.11 fatcat:5t4vzy26nfdpzdfugbfbfpitpa

A rewilding agenda for Europe: creating a network of experimental reserves

Paul Jepson
2015 Ecography  
The 'Fitness check' of European nature conservation legislation mandated in 2014 is a case of high politics.  ...  I argue the need for strategic investment in a European network of experimental rewilding sites.  ...  I thank my hosts, colleagues and students for their ideas, insights and discussions which have informed this article.  ... 
doi:10.1111/ecog.01602 fatcat:iudh4csl3vaujcxfkw6dtmkwju

Entrepreneurial ecosystems created by woman entrepreneurs in Botswana

Anastacia Mamabolo, Reitumetse Lekoko
2021 South African Journal of Business Management  
The aim of this study was to explore how woman entrepreneurs in a developing country context such as Botswana create their own entrepreneurial ecosystems that support their business-venturing activities  ...  Practical implications: In a context of limited entrepreneurial resources, woman entrepreneurs should build their own ecosystem by leveraging the existing social networks and collaborating with local and  ...  Botswana is a landlocked country in the southern part of Africa (Central Intelligence Agency, 2020), largely characterised by its desert landscape and expanses of grazing fields.  ... 
doi:10.4102/sajbm.v52i1.2228 fatcat:5uzadj3fcvfq7okfpwovsyvjy4

Fifty Shades of Gray Infrastructure: Land Use & the Failure to Create Resilient Cities

Jonathan D. Rosenbloom
2017 Social Science Research Network  
The article concludes with several examples where land use laws are relied upon to help build cost-effective, adaptive infrastructure to create more resilient communities.  ...  article describes how land use laws can enhance community resilience.  ...  One such process includes: AG can help build community resilience by providing local officials with a constant flow of relevant information on how important systems are changing and a process to adapt.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3013831 fatcat:7vixtng36nc6nhvf7mhqdcfcxq

Language as Shaped by the Brain [chapter]

Morten H. Christiansen, Nick Chater
2016 Creating Language  
Because the processes of language change are much more rapid than processes of genetic change, language constitutes a "moving target" both over time and across different human populations, and hence cannot  ...  It is widely assumed that human learning and the structure of human languages are intimately related.  ...  Ryskamp Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies and by the Santa Fe Institute; NC was supported by a Senior Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust.  ... 
doi:10.7551/mitpress/9780262034319.003.0002 fatcat:caqssxuqkne2nd7kcyshax7p4m

How Property Can Create, Maintain, or Destroy Community

Amnon Lehavi
2008 Theoretical Inquiries in Law  
Property law plays a crucial role in the ability of groups, especially ones composed of geographically-adjacent members, to establish and maintain significant forms of "community" around a shared social  ...  For each one of these types of communities, property law plays a very different role.  ...  Tiebout, A Pure Theory of Local Expenditures, 64 J. POL. ECON. 416 (1956). For a critical analysis of this theory, see Richard Briffault, Our Localism: Part II -Localism and Legal Theory, 90 COLUM.  ... 
doi:10.2202/1565-3404.1208 fatcat:ho2lw5kgh5f2ragnhpw6bczyd4

Thermally resilient communities: creating a socio-technical collaborative response to extreme temperatures

Zoé Hamstead, Paul Coseo, Saud AlKhaled, Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, David M. Hondula, Ariane Middel, Nicholas Rajkovich
2020 Buildings and Cities  
The research presented in this paper uses actor-network theory (ANT) to describe the planning phase framework of a socio-technical collaborative for managing thermal extremes.  ...  Two case studies indicate how this process was used to create capacities to protect vulnerable people from the impacts of extreme temperatures in two US cities: Tempe, Arizona, and Buffalo, New York.  ...  Local Initiatives Support Corporation; Paul Ray at the UB Regional Institute; Lauren Darcy at Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper; Will Siegner at the City of Surrey; Kelly Dixon at the Greater Buffalo Niagara  ... 
doi:10.5334/bc.15 fatcat:mvvpitzz4rbmlferhbqon6p3ae

Inventing Mapping: Creating Cultural Forms to Solve Collective Problems

Noel Enyedy
2005 Cognition and Instruction  
First, I demonstrate how the invention of representational forms by individuals occur as part of a larger social process of creating cultural conventions and negotiating a taken-as-shared understanding  ...  Sketches, diagrams, symbols, and so on, are a durable trace of our activity and thought that allow us to abstract, highlight, and coordinate salient aspects of the world around us.  ...  It is in interaction that resources are made to inform one another to create a rich web of meaning. A resource that plays a central role in my analysis is gesture.  ... 
doi:10.1207/s1532690xci2304_1 fatcat:ulbeiyudfvcx7l6ikjacgmakyq

How advertisers create affinity between destinations and American and British audiences: towards a theoretical framework

Eli Avraham
2021 Journal of Qualitative Research in Tourism  
Besides the theoretical contribution, a study of audience affinity that analyses many cases might be helpful for marketers and policy makers, giving them ideas of how to reach and touch specific audiences  ...  The purpose of this paper is to propose a theoretical framework that explores how advertisers attempt to establish affinity between destinations and British and American audiences.  ...  A Saudi Arabian ad showed a visual of a desert with the headline 'This is not Arizona, this is Saudi' (CNT 11/2019).  ... 
doi:10.4337/jqrt.2021.02.02 fatcat:ixgpirdyhje4ha7fxiwfhxv2si

Atmospheric conditions create freeways, detours and tailbacks for migrating birds

Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Felix Liechti, Wouter M. G. Vansteelant
2017 Journal of Comparative Physiology A. Sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology  
We could not cite all contributions of the past 16 years in this manuscript; we have put an online Dryad data repository (doi:10.5061/dryad.1c394) that provides a broader overview of the field.  ...  Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of interest The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.  ...  Landscape features are additional external factors that may influence how a bird responds to weather, for example responding differently to weather when travelling over what might be considered a safe  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00359-017-1181-9 pmid:28508130 pmcid:PMC5522504 fatcat:yibdhslcrbdzhm2zxyrewfa3cq

Subjective evaluations of ecosystem services and disservices: an approach to creating and analyzing robust survey scales

Kelli L. Larson, Elizabeth A. Corley, Riley Andrade, Sharon J. Hall, Abigail M. York, Sara Meerow, Paul Coseo, Daniel L. Childers, David M. Hondula
2019 Ecology and Society  
Composite survey scales for overall perceptions of services and disservices are presented, in addition to more distinctive dimensions of ES and EDS.  ...  Subjective evaluations of ecosystem services and disservices: an approach to creating and analyzing robust survey scales. Ecology and Society 24 (2):7. https://doi.ABSTRACT.  ...  Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendation expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF.  ... 
doi:10.5751/es-10888-240207 fatcat:4hvheia3evdkzgirb6orst6sbu


Michael Samuel
2014 International Journal of Educational Developement in Africa  
The first two groups were South African and the third a Mauritian audience. The audience responses show how they subverted, re-interpreted and jettisoned the message of the presentation.  ...  The three groups were academics attending an educational leadership conference, circuit managers as part of a post-project workshop, and a group of aspirant school rectors in a training diploma programme  ...  Of course the disease of econometry is perhaps more easily spread in a small island context where normative influence is easier to pervade their landscape.  ... 
doi:10.25159/2312-3540/4 fatcat:ahvlzhoqjrbadjlgrcmxctsgqi

Flip the Model: Strategies for Creating and Delivering Value

Brian Mathews
2014 The journal of academic librarianship  
A new art form had emerged. Talkies opened creative possibilities that had previously been unavailable and even unimaginable. Academic libraries are encountering a similar inflection point.  ...  The landscape is shifting around us, and the future of scholarship requires us to develop new skills, design new environments, and deliver new service capacities. In short, we need new models.  ...  Many of our ongoing conversations helped shape this paper, particularly the emerging roles of liaisons, the impact of digital research, and the ever-present theme of knowledge production.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2013.09.004 fatcat:gtbkjzjaajhgxe4qj6p7kqgwsy
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