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How Shall I Drive? Interaction Modeling and Motion Planning towards Empathetic and Socially-Graceful Driving [article]

Yi Ren, Steven Elliott, Yiwei Wang, Yezhou Yang, Wenlong Zhang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In the setting of a two-player game, we propose model predictive control based on social gracefulness, which is measured by the discrepancy between the actions taken by the AV and those that could have  ...  While intelligence of autonomous vehicles (AVs) has significantly advanced in recent years, accidents involving AVs suggest that these autonomous systems lack gracefulness in driving when interacting with  ...  motion planning objectives enabled by intent inference. intents, and evaluate how these strategies influence the actual social gracefulness and social efficiency of an interaction between H and M.  ... 
arXiv:1901.10013v1 fatcat:o6a6txslzjdpvbuf6t3gowskiy

How Sustainable Enterprises Can Drive The Sustainable Development

Patrizia Gazzola, Eka Sepashvili, Roberta Pezzetti
2018 European Scientific Journal  
, and direction in the course of this study.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the contract No. APVV-15-0294.  ...  This leads to use of models that allow all the elements mentioned to interact.  ... 
doi:10.19044/esj.2018.c3p3 fatcat:bfdk5wm6wvbg5ann2tzuymivdq

Vision Screening in Adults Across the Life Span

Helen S. Cohen, Jasmine Stitz, Haleh Sangi-Haghpeykar, Susan P. Williams
2018 Southern medical journal (Birmingham, Ala. Print)  
Would you address the driving issue and if so, how? What would you communicate to the patient? Patients like Mrs. Simon and Mr. Evans are becoming more common in physi cians' practices.  ...  Simons admits to feeling less confident when driving and wants to know if you think she should stop driving. What is your opinion? Mr.  ...  Acknowledgements This Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers is the product of a cooperative agreement between the American Medical Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety  ... 
doi:10.14423/smj.0000000000000762 pmid:29394428 pmcid:PMC5798005 fatcat:v2k63uj4k5bphbkcgkcfkswaze

A feminist Fourth Amendment?: Consent, care, privacy, and social meaning in Ferguson v. City of Charleston

Andrew E Taslitz
2002 Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy  
., and Professors Martha Chamallas and Robert Mosteller for their comments on earlier drafts of this article, as well as his research assistants,  ...  Those assumptions will forever affect the way that others behave toward, and conceive of, the child and how she in turn behaves toward others and conceives of herself. 468 Those conceptions are both  ...  , social attitudes concerning each crime's seriousness vary with the conduct at issue. 513 A comparison between social attitudes toward drunk driving versus drug abuse illustrates the point. 1.  ... 
pmid:14986665 fatcat:ibw75n3yvjcvhpvjx2ldiv3ide

Sexual Commodification and Memory in "L'Éducation sentimentale"

Salah J. Khan
2013 Studi francesi  
There Rosanette, one of the two main female characters, tells the story of how she was sold into prostitution by her family as a child.  ...  In the process, it contests L'éducation sentimentale's famous conclusion where the two main male characters, Frédéric and Deslauriers, reflect on their lives in general and on their dealings with prostitutes  ...  DE BIASI and I. WASSENAAR, What is a Literary Draft?  ... 
doi:10.4000/studifrancesi.2946 fatcat:anuv3zbrhbeijhff4yxcfpe25a

An Overview of Empathy

James Hardee
2003 The Permanente Journal  
Acknowledgments Suzanne Ivey, BS; Glenn Y Furuya, MA; and Chris Lutz, BS, MBA were consultants on leadership and systems improvement.  ...  The sponsors (Table 1) strongly believe KP's future delivery model should drive overall care delivery IT invest- ment and design.  ...  I accept both compliments and criticism with grace. Both once embarrassed me, but that too has passed with advancing time. I've learned the value of communication.  ... 
doi:10.7812/tpp/03-072 fatcat:nju7jrduqzf3xaljlgskymtcei

8th European Federation for Primatology Meeting

2019 Folia primatologica  
in primates and other social animals.  ...  At present, the ecological and geographic forces driving this species radiation are unknown.  ...  In my talk, I shall give examples of such challenges and how they can be avoided by a careful planning of the observations to be made and/or included in the analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000502392 pmid:31487734 fatcat:lzryxmot2jeqzemspeubyssiem

Stability, Transition, and Regime Approval in Post-Fidel Cuba

2012 Political science quarterly  
I would like say thank you to my parents for the love and guidance that they always give me in whatever I pursue. They are the ultimate role models.  ...  divisions; the school administrators and stakeholders of the Integrated Schools in Ilocos Norte and Laoag City, for their hospitality and for sharing their precious time with the researchers during the  ...  Constantly refer back to the initial theme and concept, and make decisions about the feedforward to drive it towards them.  ... 
doi:10.1002/j.1538-165x.2012.tb00721.x fatcat:lr25vmkb2zf2tm2bcb4264u5ta

Flourishing [chapter]

David Blockley
2020 Creativity, Problem Solving, and Aesthetics in Engineering  
So, if we build a skyscraper how might it fail? If we write new social media software how might it be used?  ...  Secondly, common consent to work with a particular model of the structure of the interactions between the holons.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-38257-5_9 fatcat:kn34gxsywfdh7gcdarnrvd2bgu

Post-Cinematic Affect: On Grace Jones, Boarding Gate and Southland Tales

Steven Shaviro
2010 Film-Philosophy  
I am interested here in how the practices of what Deleuze calls the 'control society,' and the mechanisms of digital media, participate in, and are themselves in turn affected by, the social construction  ...  And usually I interact with other people in the same superficial way. Now, in general this is a good thing.  ... 
doi:10.3366/film.2010.0001 fatcat:npsgzicn4ffbxavxi2vyjwoxca

Is Art as Valuable to Society as Science?

Dr. Daniel Shorkend
2022 Saudi Journal of Engineering and Technology  
I believe this is a timely and necessary argument to be made in an increasingly technocratic and materialistic society where philosophical speculation and art as "deep" are often overlooked.  ...  I base this on the principles that art is well appointed to teach morality; as an educational tool; to foster empathy; enabling abstract thought through form and play and governed by aesthetic principles  ...  Thus, the question to which I shall respond is both timely and significant, since in arguing that indeed art has a value on a par with and perhaps exceeding scientific research and development suggests  ... 
doi:10.36348/sjet.2022.v07i02.003 fatcat:azkwkliu6vdxtg7gnb27lpw6py

The Role of Time in Art Reading: Cubism and Futurism [chapter]

Caterina Toschi
2016 Time, Space and the Human Body  
for Sustainable Development -CSD, Macedonia, in cooperation with: Co-Plan, Albania; School of Urban practices, Serbia; URBEGO, Denmark and Block 74, Netherlands, and mentored by Ms.  ...  Acknowledgement This research has been conducted as part of the project 'The Initiator, the Artist, his Advocate and the Urbanist (IAAU)-a platform for culture and city-making', implemented by Coalition  ...  social planning of the neighbourhoods.  ... 
doi:10.1163/9781848884922_006 fatcat:eztfqqani5cdrg5grxpjbkhsgq

The Person/Patient-Provider/Clinician Relationship [chapter]

2018 Serious Mental Illness  
She became very demanding, belligerent and intrusive. These symptoms impacted her excellent social graces and interpersonal style. Her mood became P, Gask L.  ...  Similarly, teaching service users how to track their own participation in planned treatment and progress towards personal goals can serve to better invest them in their own recovery process, and to view  ...  Planned motivational activities play a part in moving towards readiness.  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315384054-16 fatcat:yukrftjvqfecfd3jg5ldzmrbma

Interactions between Medicine and the Arts

Wolfgang Schütz
2020 Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift  
This orientation towards cell-to-cell interactions and, subsequently, towards molecular structures strengthened the focus on biological mechanisms but entailed little or no emphasis on the social dimensions  ...  Lansing, Gracely, and Banzett in an important paper in 2009 propose a multidimensional model of breathlessness taking its lead from pain studies [28] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00508-020-01706-w pmid:32885285 fatcat:j67dk5juxfcnlo2uldlmxvwnhi

Experiences of outdoor nature-based therapeutic recreation programs for persons with a mental illness

Caroline Picton, Ritin Fernandez, Lorna Moxham, Christopher F. Patterson
2020 JBI Evidence Synthesis  
The intentionally structured social milieu enhances the formation of social relationships and meaningful connections for persons with mental illness.  ...  Congruent with the literature, TR offers a socially inclusive and psychologically safe environment.  ...  ; grace and force of movement; spontaneity and intensity of feeling; formal similarity of the observed structures of awareness, motion and feeling in the whole; lack of contradiction of the several meanings  ... 
doi:10.11124/jbisrir-d-19-00263 pmid:32813402 fatcat:6py3gpmv3nfdznvsktwewtszt4
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