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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Re-optimization [article]

Matthew Perron, Zeyuan Shang, Tim Kraska, Michael Stonebraker
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We demonstrate why we believe that a re-optimization mechanism is likely the most cost-effective way to improve end-to-end query performance.  ...  In this paper we investigate why this is still the case, despite decades of improvements to cost models, plan enumeration, and cardinality estimation.  ...  I. INTRODUCTION The basic structure of query optimizers dates to the pioneering paper in 1979 [1] and was adopted by essentially all commercial products.  ... 
arXiv:1902.08291v2 fatcat:kodfhpdykneejbmx5trjrqy5km

Feature Selection for Better Spectral Characterization or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love Ensembles [article]

Sankalp Gilda
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We address this problem using an iterative algorithm to sequentially prune redundant features from synthetic PHOENIX spectra, and arrive at an optimal set of wavelengths with the strongest correlation  ...  An ever-looming threat to astronomical applications of machine learning is the danger of over-fitting data, also known as the 'curse of dimensionality.'  ...  the proposed method to re-characterize stars observed with this instrument and compare the predicted parameter values to published ones.  ... 
arXiv:1902.07215v2 fatcat:pqk5hbieg5bkdahsg5bg2ccmuy

Teaching Wisdom in The Sound of Music in the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Yan-Hua ZHANG, Yu-Han ZHAO
2017 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
With her teaching wisdom, she wins the children's trust, respect and love.  ...  traits to meet with new challenges, how to resist frustration, how to build a harmonious relationship with students to construct a positive institution, and how to teach students more effectively, etc  ...  She tries to maintain her optimism, "I must stop these doubts all these worries. I'm seeking the courage I lack, the courage to serve them with reliance."  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/icesd2017/11559 fatcat:bhlr4b6uyfejfdbcrw55xohjiq

Page 7 of The Advancement of Science Vol. 25, Issue 123 [page]

1968 The Advancement of Science  
When you first learn about them, you’re scared. But they never go off, so you stop worrying about it.’  ...  together I am not shocked—I’m much too old for that—but I just wonder ‘ How si//y can you be ?’  ... 

Maximizing exposure therapy: An inhibitory learning approach

Michelle G. Craske, Michael Treanor, Christopher C. Conway, Tomislav Zbozinek, Bram Vervliet
2014 Behaviour Research and Therapy  
The primary aim of this paper is to provide examples to clinicians for how to apply this model to optimize exposure therapy with anxious clients, in ways that distinguish it from a 'fear habituation' approach  ...  Although evidence supports an inhibitory learning model of extinction, there has been little discussion of how to implement this model in clinical practice.  ...  The authors wish to acknowledge the very helpful comments from Katharina Kircanski in the manuscript preparation phase.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.brat.2014.04.006 pmid:24864005 pmcid:PMC4114726 fatcat:xh3m3evpw5c7zby7uz7oflllie

Teaching Philosophy Embedded in The Sound of Music

ZHANG Yan-hua
2015 Sino-US English Teaching  
, how to improve students' ability to resist frustration, how to understand students and build a harmonious relationship with them, and how to teach students with effective methods, etc., teachers can  ...  She leaves an Austrian convent to be a governess at Captain Georg von Trapp's home. With her kindness, honesty, and teaching wisdom, she wins the seven children's trust, respect, and love.  ...  "Why am I so scared?" She tries to maintain her optimism, "I must stop these doubts all these worries. I'm seeking the courage I lack, the courage to serve them with reliance."  ... 
doi:10.17265/1539-8072/2015.01.008 fatcat:5oblny7kkrfpbjd4tlxqt7nfny

Page 77 of Journal of Education Vol. 125, Issue 3 [page]

1942 Journal of Education  
I show Peggy how to do her solid geometry; I keep thinking about the new practice teacher, laden with his charts and «ores and psychological tests; I wish I could give him a word of rid; let: | d dou-  ...  features and so much room for growth that there should always be in dealing with them a feeling of exhilaration and optimism.  ... 

The evolution of the Computers and Writing Conference, the second decade

Lisa Gerard
2006 Computers and Composition  
Many of our values have stayed the same; however, we are optimistic about the place of technology in our work and in the culture at large, we love to experiment, and we routinely weave ideas from other  ...  Computers and writing has become an institution. At the same time, we sometimes worry about losing control over our teaching and can feel overwhelmed by the size of the task we undertake.  ...  Then in the early 1990s, we stopped worrying that computers would manipulate our students' writing.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compcom.2006.02.003 fatcat:p4bt4vuh2bcixa2uefyesgben4

Dimensions and modulators of behavioural and mental-health changes during the Covid-19 pandemic: an N=343,017 study [article]

Adam Hampshire, Peter Hellyer, Eyal Soreq, William Trender, Mitul A Mehta, Konstantinos Ioannidis, Jon E Grant, Samuel R Chamberlain
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
To mitigate the risks and capitalise on opportunities for positive change, we must understand how the impact has been mediated by sociodemographics, mental disorders, personality traits, life circumstances  ...  and the coping measures people choose to take.  ...  we are bombarded with. x stop watching the government briefings and news for a while x stop reading, watching, listening to the news and stop worrying. x stop watching news so much. government briefing  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.06.18.20134635 fatcat:3tifh34o2ja4rkrk254uec6g4i

Bracing Later and Coping Better: Benefits of Mindfulness During a Stressful Waiting Period

Kate Sweeny, Jennifer L. Howell
2017 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin  
Additionally, participants who were low in dispositional optimism and high in intolerance of uncertainty benefited most from mindfulness (relative to control) meditation.  ...  These findings point to a simple and effective way to wait better, particularly for those most vulnerable to distress.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors wish to thank Angelica Falkenstein and Sara E.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0146167217713490 pmid:28918715 fatcat:6lrtydikmzhx7k5d3aynu3jcke

The Case of Sharon Considered from the Vantage Point of Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy

Kenneth L. Critchfield, Julia Dobner-Pereira, Eliza Stucker
2021 Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy  
Additionally, the "gift of love" (GOL) hypothesis posits that motivation to repeat maladaptive ways is linked to the wish to receive love and acceptance from specific internalized attachment figures by  ...  Using the IRT lens, psychopathology is understood as reflecting attempts to adapt to current environments using maladaptive rules and values that were learned and internalized in the context of close attachment  ...  that optimal learning process.  ... 
doi:10.14713/pcsp.v17i1.2087 fatcat:litoxd5cdbhpnk5esrekoo5w6i

Editorial: Reflections on being a new nurse: 10 insights after four weeks as a registered nurse

Emma Pascale Blakey, Debra Jackson
2016 Journal of Clinical Nursing  
I am conflicted as to whether I want people to know how new I am.  ...  I think I want to know my colleagues around me will be supportive; however, I do not want patients or their loved ones worrying that I may not be doing as good a job as more experienced colleagues.  ... 
doi:10.1111/jocn.13310 pmid:27061074 fatcat:eshkpq23g5cdrpsflfl2imjqq4

A critique of fashion in medical education: some thoughts on the GPEP report

I C Roddie
1986 New York state journal of medicine  
Personally, I do not worry too much about that. The best way to learn about learning is to study in depth and it is not impossible to teach the liberal arts through the sciences.  ...  Independent learning, whatever that may be, can only be a pale and lonely substitute for learning from good teachers who have spent their lives working at and adding to the subject they love.  ... 
pmid:3463889 fatcat:kw25wsms4ze3nemcawnor5c7ii

(Re)discovering Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Christopher Darius Stonebanks
2021 LEARNing Landscapes  
Through the lived experience of engaging with community in the James Bay Cree territories and Malawi, the question is asked as to who owns Freire's rebellious call to action.  ...  This article chronicles a crisis of alignment regarding Critical Pedagogy due to the top-down power structures of White authority that is pervasive in the theory's North American academic environment.  ...  a span of 10 years, if we stopped coming and they made local decisions on how to best use funds.  ... 
doi:10.36510/learnland.v14i1.1054 fatcat:37hnkpjnyfea5egsqktnm54rcu

Examining emotional intelligence within the context of positive psychology interventions

Kyle Talbot, Shelby Claman, Tammy Gregersen, Peter D. MacIntyre, Kate Hein Finegan
2014 Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching  
learned optimism.  ...  This paper shows how both the learner and teacher employed emotional intelligence to understand and integrate their experiences inside and outside the classroom as part of the language learning and teaching  ...  How do you inter- pret it? What are the consequences, or re- sults, of your beliefs? How do these beliefs affect you and others?  ... 
doi:10.14746/ssllt.2014.4.2.8 fatcat:266fm62wo5cihmntrseo5zatdy
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